Episode #261: Why the wage gap SHOULD exist



For the last 10 years or so the issue of this “wage gap” has gained considerable steam. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the wage gap narrative it states that for every dollar a man makes a woman makes only 77 cents. We all know the wage gap is bullshit but THE WAGE GAP SHOULD EXIST!



People have bought into the bullshit and have pushed the issue front and center. Politicians talk about it all the time, Hillary Clinton used it on her campaign to get the female vote, and of course it’s all over social media and on TV.

But there is no “wage gap”....lemme go ahead and debunk the wage gap myth without using charts or studies or statistics because it’s actually very simple:

1: Men work higher paying jobs, many of them blue collar (bridge builders, road graders, welders, millwright, etc.) Women are neither capable, nor are they interested in doing this kind of work. They’d rather sit in a temperature controlled building all day

2: Men work longer hours, hence more pay.

3: If a man and a woman work at the same company and do the same job and the man makes more, it’s because he has more experience, and been with the company longer.

 There you go….wage gap myth debunked

But when people talk about this “problem” they use apex fallacies. In other words they look at the salaries of women just out of college with zero experience who just started working at a company and compare it with a man who’s been there for a decade…..and most people know this. Most people know the statics they use to perpetuate this wage gap bullshit are bullshit.

Even still the wage gap myth continues to be a hot button issue like every other “issue” they bitch about.  It’s as though they want this gap to be real so women can continue to bitch what they don’t have despite living the best lives of any class of human being in the world.

Well I’m gonna give them their wish because i think that there SHOULD be a wage gap. And my proposed wage gap is even wider. Fuck this 77 cents bullshit, we’re talkin’ 60, 65 cents on the dollar and the reason it’s that high is so they can keep a roof over their heads.

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for the last 10 years or so the issue of

this quote wage gap it's gained

considerable steam and for those of you

who aren't really familiar with the wage

gap narrative it's basically it says

that for every dollar a man makes a

woman makes only 77 cents so basically

it says that women make 77 cents on the

dollar as compared you know compared to

men now people have bought into the

bullshit and have pushed the issue to

the forefront I mean the issue is front

and center politicians talk about it all

the time Hillary Clinton used it on her

campaign trail to get the female vote

and of course we all know it's all over

social media and television etc etc but

guys here's the thing there is no wage

gap all right well I'll tell you what

guys let me go ahead and debunk the wage

mat the wage gap myth without using any

charts without using any studies or

statistics and statistics because it's

actually very simple let's go ahead and

do this right now

number one men work higher paying jobs

many of those higher paying jobs are

blue-collar jobs they're bridge builders

road Raiders welders millerite etc guys

women are neither capable nor are they

interested in doing this kind of work

nor they should be nor should they be

they'd rather sit at a

temperature-controlled building all day

that's exactly what they're designed to

do they're not designed to be out there

working like men well here's the the

issue is is that these jobs are

dangerous so they pay more higher risk

higher return number two men work longer

hours okay hence more pay look guys if

you work over 40 hours the laws in this

country is that you get time and a half

if you work at a construction job or

whatever job you have if you were going

to construct a construction job and you

work in and you work overtime you get

time and a half so if you're making

twenty bucks an hour every hour you work

over 40 you make 30 bucks an hour

women don't work as women don't work

nearly as much overtime as men that's

another reason why men make more than

women and number three if a man and a

woman were to work at the same company

and do the same job and the man makes

more guess why he makes more it's

because he has more experience and has

probably been with the company longer

there you go guys dude the the wage gap

the wage gap myth has been completely

debunked but when people talk about the

problem they use apex fallacies in other

words they look at the salaries of women

who are just at a college with zero

experience who just started working at

the company at a company then they

compare that with a man who's been there

for a decade who has a master's degree

in that particular field and most people

know this most people know the

statistics they use to perpetuate the

wage gap or bullshit

they know that it's bullshit even still

this wage gap myth continues to be a

hot-button issue just like every other

issue they like to bitch about it's it's

almost as especially women it's almost

as though they want the wage gap to be

real so that women have an excuse to bit

to further bitch about what they don't

have despite living the best lives of

any class of human being on the planet

well I'm gonna give him their wish today

gentlemen because uncle Donovan thinks

that there should be a wage gap and

listen my proposed wage gap is even

wider dude fuck the 77 cents on the

dollar bullshit we're talking 65 maybe

60 cents on the dollar and the reason

it's even that high is because listen

they just have to have a roof over their

head right so we got to give him

something that being said I'm gonna give

you the reasons why there should be a

wage gap the reason why the reasons why

men should earn more than women let's go

ahead and get to the first one women are

always late guys women are late to

everything early to birthday parties

dude they're late to doctor's

appointments and then they're so then

they're surprised that oh my god they do

oh my god I was late to my doctor's

appointment if they didn't and

reschedule me well this is what happens

sweetheart you're always late they're

late to their kids soccer games listen

if there is a designated time that a

woman has to be someplace they are going

to be late it is in their nature guys

listen being late is one of the few

things we can actually count on women to

do consistently work is no different

chicks have every excuse under the Sun

as to why they're perpetually tardy my

cat was sick my alarm didn't go off the

Sun didn't come up and so forth guys

it's always something they're never at

work on time consistently and it's never

their fault if any employee gentleman

man or woman is

late they should be warned reprimanded

and then fired but since we know that it

takes a bit it basically takes an office

shooting right to have grounds to

terminate a female and even then she'll

probably collect unemployment the

situation here is to docker pay pay her

markedly less than the men who actually

show up to work on time every day here's

another reason men should earn more than

women why the wage gap should exist

women are never the same two days in a

row guys females are never chemically

identical from one day to the next okay

we as men we are chemically identical

all the time right I mean dude we feel

the same we are the same all day every

day because we're men

females that the female nature combined

with their hormones combined with their

monthly ovulation cycle guys it makes

their work performance inconsistent any

given woman on any given at any given

you know in any given workforce will go

through five different variations of

five different moods during a week right

Monday she's on cloud nine because Derek

the guy she met at the club on Friday

night has a ten inch dick likes to eat

pussy and swears that he doesn't want to

be a player anymore

so guess what she's gonna be super

productive she's gonna get a lot of work

done now Tuesday she'll be pissed off

because her sister asked her to borrow

money again she didn't hear from Derek

last night she's anxious because she

forgot to take her valium again and

she's irritable because she's PMSing and

about to start her period so what

happens to work gonna be a little bit

erratic Wednesday she's in a good mood

again but she's tired this time because

Derek apologized came over and kept her

up till 2:00 o'clock last night two

o'clock in the morning this morning so

she's probably not gonna get much work


Thursday she's depressed again because

her birth control is fucking with her

hormones again she found out Derek does

indeed have a girlfriend and her cramps

are killed her because she started her

period during work and forgot to bring

tampons so her work performance will be

distracted Friday she's in a good mood

again because guess what Kevin and sales

just happened to tell her that he likes

to have sex with women on on their

periods he does it all the time he says

he doesn't mind he'll if he doesn't mind

you know drinking a little bit of red

wine right he also said that he'd be

happy to give her a ride to the company

building team building happy hour after

work guys the state of woman is never

static it is never the same

it is never I'd ever identical from one

day today women are a woman I'll put it

to you like this

if if men and women had IP addresses ok

the IP address of men would be static

the IP address of a woman would be

dynamic one day a woman will have an IP

address in I don't know Canada the next

day she's got it in Antarctica then the

next day she has it in Atlanta Georgia

the next day it's in Saudi Arabia women

are all over the map ok now some women

will say well I know women who's

consistent and bla bla bla bla bla oh


well she may be the same on the outside

to you every day but take a look at her

day-to-day work performance and you will

see the same consistencies number 3

here's a third reason why the wage gap

should exist they have a period every

month yes gentlemen you heard correctly

women should be paid less women should

be paid less than men because they have

a period every month even when their

body chemistry is in a rare state of

calm in an in a rare state of

consistency for them for a few hours

women are still a pain in the ass to

deal with but when they start

menstruating when they start going

through that monthly ovulation cycle

they're impossible and guys that's not

counting the days leading up to their

periods PMS guys women are straight up

bitches on PMS guys the the the

irritability the emotional mood swings

all that caused by their periods affects

their work performances badly women

simply should not be paid the same as

paid the same as a man whose work

performance is consistent while there's

a solid 10 maybe 11 days out of the

month when they go completely sideways

because of their because of their

menstrual cycle pay them less because

they have a period let's take a look at

the chat see who is see who is in the


okay but yes Captain Crunch 420 backs up

what my girl says this is yeah Photoshop

is a process memory whore yeah I have

that on for whatever reason I can't seem

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to now that I'm that and man I mean dude

my my bitrate is really really high so

I'm probably probably blowing through my

blowing through my blowing through my

plant I'll probably have to upgrade my

plan I'll either have to upgrade my plan

or I'm just gonna have to increase my

internet speed but but as far I mean as

far as I'm seeing man like the the

stream is absolutely it is absolutely

flawless right now but like I said if

you guys get any buffering at all let me

know in the chat just just type in

buffering right I'm not gonna take it

personally this isn't my software right

I'm not I didn't build it I didn't

design it this is just how it is

Cap'n Crunch 420 says if the wage gap

was true they would be hiring women

instead of Ben exactly if women may if

women really work 23% cheaper than men

then companies would hire women all the

time because now you've got 23 you got

20 your paper your payroll is 23 percent

less it would just make economic listen

this is again we all wonder why

companies ship jobs overseas because the

workers are cheaper the workforce is

much less expensive this is what gives

companies the incentive to take jobs to

China or take jobs to Mexico well if the

wage gap really exists just like Captain

Crunch 420 said

then guess what they wouldn't have to

take the jobs overseas they could just

hire women hey you want a 23% discount

and in hiring your workforce bring in an

all-woman workforce that that's what

tells us the wage gap is bullshit if the

wage gap really existed then companies

would be hiring women by them by the

Dozen by the drill by the truckload good

observation man good observation

Miami Jay says the real linchpin on this

issue is that 1000 of these quote pay

gap surveys calculate housewives is

making zero and report it only in the

raw data not the study summaries the

springing down the averages this is what

I'm saying guys dude listen the data and

the studies they're all flawed I did I

hadn't even thought about that right

like look what I pointed out you know

force men working overtime men working

higher paying jobs that's I mean that's

accurate data but you can't say that I'm

event that it's not fair that a woman

makes more than a man bitch he works at

his job is more dangerous he makes 38

bucks an hour and he works 28 hours

overtime every week what's not fair

about that there's no wage gap there's a

work gap there's a motivation gap

there's a danger gap that's not a wage

gap sweetheart but what Miami J just

pointed out is that if these surveys

calculate housewives is making zero I

had no idea so that brings the averages

down unbelievable masculine says yeah

why would you ever hire a men if you can

get the same work for 25% off exactly I

would do the same

I would josh says pay gap do the same

amount of work done ladies absolutely

you listen if you want equal pay do weak


masc says dammit I keep losing the feed

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pretty good signal okay I'll take a look

at that again keep me apprised keep me

apprised guys let me know what's let let

me know if you lose if you lose the feed

whatever the case may be all like I said

I'll continue to make steady

improvements and try to get this thing

dialed in so it's a nice smooth stream

today was today

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processors probably doing a lot of work

right now so over the next couple weeks

you guys might you know the video

quality may improve or decrease but as

soon as we get this dialed and

everything should be good shout out to

mr. mink good to see you in here one of

the TSR OGIS miami jay says have

compared person a person's same

experience in qualifications same time

at the company and same title women

actually make exponentially more than

men thanks to the betas and feminists at

HR tucker carlson actually actually

talked about this there's a video

circulating around tucker carlson by the

way works for works for the it works of

the fox news channel he did an interview

with jordan peterson and so just look up

just google or or youtube tucker carlson

interview with jordan Peterson and the

introduction the intro to that

particular show was extraordinarily

eye-opening and he talked about the wage

gap myth women actually make eight

percent more than men for doing the same

where at least the novice ops were doing

the same for doing the same works as

work as men


Josh dropping some game knowledge in

here says I like what a friend does to

his girlfriend when going out he says if

you're not ready by X that I'm leaving

without you then he actually leaves good

freelance Ronin shout out to you says

women always have an excuse to avoid

work at the job it's annoying as fuck

I'll get to that later

masculine hate to lose you dude hate to

lose you men sorry about that sorry

about that


freelance Ronan says Kevin and Tails

told her he likes ketchup on the hotdogs

freelance running says peace out he

can't stay he's gonna he's gonna catch

the the replay when he gets back in


shout-out to freelance runnin for making

an appearance alright let's move right

along to the next reason why donovan

sharp believes that the wage gap should

exist why men should make more than

women for doing the same work they take

maternity leave now currently paid

maternity leave is required in the state

of California Washington State New

Jersey and New York but you can bet your

ass that that number will increase if

things continue to go the way they are


which again will give will give women

another decided advantage in the

workforce when this happens gentlemen

and it will women are gonna get paid for

sitting at home and stuffing their faces

with pizza and ice cream and doughnuts

and fucking fried chicken all day if

they happen to become pregnant even if

they're not paid her job is still

waiting for him for her when she decides

to return to work so let's say that she

doesn't work in any of these states you

know California Washington New Jersey

New York right and she decides to go off

and have a baby they can't get rid of

her because if she does then guess what

now she's now she's got a wrongful

termination now the company's got a

wrongful termination lawsuit on their

hands if she doesn't get unemployment so

so there's no consequence for Ned listen

this is this is why women shouldn't be

in the workforce anyway and that's

listen that's a show for a whole nother

day but you see what kind of issues that

women bring to a company you hire a

woman you're at you're on the hook no

matter what and if she becomes pregnant

now you're paying her for sitting at

home and stuffing her face with six

thousand calories a day to grow the baby

now in the meantime while she's out

somebody's got to pick up the slack

because her work isn't gonna do itself

right further while her job is being

held for her a qualified applicant who

has zero chance to become pregnant yes

Amen misses out on an opportunity

because the United States is doing its

best to stamp out male privilege so a

man who is qualified for that job has

zero chance to get that job because

they're holding their holding suzi sluts

job who's pregnant for the second time

in two years right and by the way she's

not really sure who the baby daddy is

guys hiring a woman comes in with the

built-in risk of her missing 25 percent

of the calendar work year due to

pregnancy rather than keeping her on the

payroll for doing nothing

holding her job or holding her job hey

her less you take the salary you were

gonna pay her you multiply it by 0.75

which is 75% right and the reason it's

75% is because she's gonna miss 25% if

she 25% of the of the work year if she

happens to become pregnant then divide

that by 12 and that's her

brand-new celery oh my god Donovan

that's so unfair that's why it's called

a wage gap sweetheart number five

they're a distraction anytime a woman


a male space no matter what it is

whether it's sports some type of club a

hobby work chaos ensues it's inevitable

the American workplace gentlemen is no

different but by the time by the time

any given female gets her work station

set up at her new job she has already

decided who she's gonna hook up with who

she's gonna get fired okay who she's

gonna get her free marijuana from which

one of her female co-workers she's gonna

hate the most and start sabotaging which

one of her female co-workers she's gonna

become besties with which person's job

she's gonna steal and which manager

she's gonna fuck to get raises and

promotions and by the way that cute guy

in sales Kevin just happened to wink at

her on her first day now how do women

accomplish these things drama and lots

of it if they're not in the sales

department every 15 minutes flirt with

Kevin they're either starting rumors

about other women or they're at HR for

the third time this week filing yet

another sexual harassment claim because

Frank in accounting attempted to

sexually assaults her by telling her

hello when he got coffee that morning

all of these shenanigans gentlemen

reduce everyone's productivity including

her own so take it out of her pay the

last and final reason why women should

be paid markedly less than men for doing

the same work

is that they hardly work yes women are

on the clock yes they get paid but their

noses are always in their phones

scrolling through their mindless

Facebook feeds setting up their three

new tinder cocks for the upcoming

weekend two of which are on the same day

maybe at the same time and shopping for

the usual useless shit they throw their

money away on whether that when they

actually turned their attention to their

monitors they're on the company chat

software talking to everybody about

everything non-work-related like whether

or not Kevin went to lunch with Alison

again or where they're going for happy

hour later on for team-building the

bottom line here guys is that women just

aren't as productive than men that's all

there is to it so pay him less at the

end of the day guys the vast majority of

women are flat-out useless liabilities

in today's workforce yes there are a few

exceptions to the rule but by and large

the average female will end up costing a

company a hell of a lot more than the

average man because of all of the

built-in baggage they bring in to work

with them as listen and that's before

they start up with all their nonsense

so guys well we know that there isn't

really a wage gap there definitely

should be without a doubt all right


okay let's see it we got here in the


Miami Jay says they try to travel they

try to level the maternity leave issue

off by instituting paternity leave real

men don't take this shit dude right like

dude it like yeah well your wife is

gonna have a baby so we're gonna give

you paternity leave what so he can go

home and get fat along with his wife no

fuck that he's gonna work dude the

on-duty you oh my god you're gonna give

a man three months off so he can put up

with his whiny bitchy

farting crying complaining pregnant wife

or woman dude fuck that don't listen

don't give me paternity leave man give

me overtime fuck dad oh my god

Miami Jay says the distraction is the

main reason the infancy of the infantry

doesn't allow women despite their best


Wow Cap'n Crunch for 20 cosines he says

other countries have both maternity and

paternity leave except ours

oh yeah I had no idea about paternity

leave man

color me ignorant on that one for sure

Jesus Christ that's gonna do it for this

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