Episode #248: Why we shame sluts: The "slut double standard" myth


Back in the day women didn’t sleep around. They stayed virgins until they were married, they had kids, took care of the family, and lived happily ever after. Women who slept around were few and far between because they were shunned from their communities...given the scarlet letter and labeled as outcasts. If a woman without a husband were to get pregnant, they would be destitute...life was effectively over for them because the community looked down on this kind of behavior and ostracized and basically put these women in exile.

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Then the sexual revolution came which started to make it okay for women to sleep around. Instead of being shamed for slutty behavior they were actually encouraged and praised when they exercised their right to have sex with whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and as many as they wanted.

In the beginning these sluts weren’t shamed because this was a new thing….a new concept. It had always been one way but giving women permission to sleep around wasn’t something people were familiar with and because it was characterized as something progressive and actually good for women, nobody batted an eye when a girl admitted to having sex with 3 guys in 3 days.

Well fast forward a few decades where women are sleeping with men into the triple digits before they’re 25 and people are no longer silent about the promiscuous behavior of women. Sleeping with 3 or 4 guys before getting married was still bad for women but it didn’t damage them beyond repair. But slutty behavior of women has far surpassed anything anyone could imagine during the sexual revolution. It’s one thing to sleep with a few guys but women these days are sleeping with men at a rate that is so high that by the time they decide to settle down they don’t even enjoy sex anymore. It’s not a novelty. It’s as though the fun has been fucked out of them.

Well these kinds of women get shamed and ridiculed for engaging in this behavior and men who engage in the same behavior aren’t looked down on. In fact they’re admired and praised for being able to sleep with a lot of different women. And that’s what begs the question, why are studs praised and why are sluts shamed?

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