Episode #248: Why we shame sluts: The "slut double standard" myth


Back in the day women didn’t sleep around. They stayed virgins until they were married, they had kids, took care of the family, and lived happily ever after. Women who slept around were few and far between because they were shunned from their communities...given the scarlet letter and labeled as outcasts. If a woman without a husband were to get pregnant, they would be destitute...life was effectively over for them because the community looked down on this kind of behavior and ostracized and basically put these women in exile.

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Then the sexual revolution came which started to make it okay for women to sleep around. Instead of being shamed for slutty behavior they were actually encouraged and praised when they exercised their right to have sex with whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and as many as they wanted.

In the beginning these sluts weren’t shamed because this was a new thing….a new concept. It had always been one way but giving women permission to sleep around wasn’t something people were familiar with and because it was characterized as something progressive and actually good for women, nobody batted an eye when a girl admitted to having sex with 3 guys in 3 days.

Well fast forward a few decades where women are sleeping with men into the triple digits before they’re 25 and people are no longer silent about the promiscuous behavior of women. Sleeping with 3 or 4 guys before getting married was still bad for women but it didn’t damage them beyond repair. But slutty behavior of women has far surpassed anything anyone could imagine during the sexual revolution. It’s one thing to sleep with a few guys but women these days are sleeping with men at a rate that is so high that by the time they decide to settle down they don’t even enjoy sex anymore. It’s not a novelty. It’s as though the fun has been fucked out of them.

Well these kinds of women get shamed and ridiculed for engaging in this behavior and men who engage in the same behavior aren’t looked down on. In fact they’re admired and praised for being able to sleep with a lot of different women. And that’s what begs the question, why are studs praised and why are sluts shamed?

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you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go boom

the deadlift is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut



and awareness it is Thursday May 3rd

2018 very interesting very interesting

discussion in the live free show QA on

Facebook live and Instagram for those of

you guys who missed it had a guy in

there and again and I want and I'm not

saying this to make fun of this guy or a

clown this guy but this this this just

goes to show that even men who consume

red pill content I assume this guy was

consumes red pill content on the regular

even men who consume red pill content

and listen to guys like me on the

regular are still in the dark about

women and their true nature and how to

handle them and what and what and what

circumstances to stay away from so I had

a guy ask me a couple of questions he

said first of all he asked me about

dating a single mother and turns out the

single mother is 36 years old

good-looking white girl as he says it 36

years old has a 13 year old daughter

okay didn't pass judgment so then I

asked him well does she have full

custody or does she have split custody

she has full custody and maybe I don't

know maybe this guy just found me but

you guys all know my stance on single

mothers any woman who has full custody

of a kid

fucker and chucker nail-and-bail pump

and dump

do not get into a relationship with

these women do not commit to these women

they are only good for sex that's it now

if you happen to find a woman who has

split custody at that point you can

consider her to be your girlfriend but

she's got to be thin she's got to be

beautiful she has to abide by

traditional gender and sex roles she has

to give you sex when you want it keep

herself in shape etc etc so just because

a woman has split custody of a kid that

doesn't automatically qualify her to be

with you the aspiring five percenter the

red pillar

okay okay so she has split custody all

right that's a start

does she look good does she have nice

tits that she have a nice ass does she

take care of herself

okay does she listen does does she take

pride in her personal appearance can she

cook does she does she a but listen does

she listen does she get out of pocket

does she have baby daddy drama she might

have split custody she might still have

baby daddy drama right where does she

work who does she work with has she ever

fucked her boss like again these are all

questions that you still have to ask

dating women with kids dating women as

it is that is a risky proposition in and

of itself but when you are dating a

woman who has a child or a kid teenage

or whatever you're opening up yourself

to a what a whole other set of

circumstance that you don't want to be a

part of not not the least of which are

possible false accusations he raped my

kid he touched my kid he sexually abused

my kid

if there's even an accusation your life

is over okay you don't have listen you

don't have to be convicted of a sex

crime against a child for your life to

be ruined

you don't even have to be arrested all

it takes is for somebody to find out

donovan sharp is being investigated for

possible indecencies with a

nine-year-old boy or girl right well how

did this happen well the single mom that

he was dating says that he touched his

little girl

dude guilty - proven innocent even if

the cops say you know what mr. sharp

there's obviously there's no evidence

here we're gonna leave you alone does it

matter the investigation was still out

there people are already talking right

if that gets to your job your friends

your family all because you decided to

fuck with a single mom

his Excuse later on was well listen it's

hard to find women without kids in st.

Louis you know what

welcome to the red pill fucking life man

like this is how it is

and again this guy again did listen this

guy obviously came to me for answers

right and I had to give it to him the

hard way but this is how it is yes it is

hard to find childless women out here in

these streets most women have kids

because women are sluts and women don't

like using condoms and when you're a

slut and you don't like use condoms

eventually you're gonna have a kid well

five percenters we don't date women with

kids man like it does not work that way

his second inquiry was about unprotected

sex so his question was Donovan when do

you ask her to get on birth control the

first second or third time you smash and

I'm thinking oh my god oh my god dude

like this guy again asking a woman to

get on birth control even and again I

didn't ask my girl to get on birth


I told her to and when the birth control

was being applied I'm there I did the

same thing with a Mexican girl I was

dating down in Vegas okay she wanted to

have unprotected sex I said all right

cool no problem but you're gonna get the

shot and when the shot is administered I

am going to be there I check the needle

got cleared of course she had to clear

him to be in there with her watched her

pull her pants down watch the doctor put

needle and ass plunge down the plunger

and we were good to go

dated her for eight months dated her for

eight months and during the time she was

on birth control used a condom not once

no pregnancies and dude I fucked this

girl relentlessly I fucked her all the

time but that was because I took the I

took the measures necessary to make sure

to protect myself never ever ever trust

a woman to get to get on and stay on

birth control when do you ask a woman to

be on birth control so I told them look

dude use a condom if you're gonna be out

here fucking bitches use a condom this

guy and again this guy wants to date a

single mom okay number one he's looking

so he's looking for potential long-term

relationship with a single mom who is 36

with a 13 year old girl

with a 13 year old daughter and then he

wants to ask her to get on birth control

he wouldn't he wouldn't be asking about

birth control if he was thinking about a

long-term relationship with a 36 year

old single mom dude what are you doing

what are you doing

Oh chase LeBeau says he's getting a

low-volume for me probably because the

mic is not as close how's that is that


can you guys hear me a little bit better


you guys good can you hear me I want to

make sure I want to make sure that

everybody can hear me

I know I'm on I know you guys are on a

20-second delay all right well I'm gonna

continue I'm gonna go ahead and continue

but this just goes to show gentleman

that even men who are even men who are

awakened right or even begun to be

awakened by the red pill okay even then

man even still guys are still like

godlike guys are still out here wanting

to be in long-term relationships with

women with children right

well she's 13 so in five years she'll be

out of the house you don't know that do

you know she's gonna be out of the house

by the time she's by the time she's um

okay I'm gonna move the bike a little

further away cuz I'm very uncomfortable

with being on the mic so now that the

mic is a little bit further away from me

can you guys still hear me cuz I don't I

don't wanna I don't want to have to yell

cuz if I yell too much I'm gonna give

myself a headache and I know this is bad

radio for you know for my for my audio

audience but I want to make sure I want

to make sure I'm getting this right I

might actually have to invest in a

better mic here pretty soon a better

microphone which will allow the which

will allow me to not have to sit quite

so close to the mic I love this mic it's

it's served me well since the beginning

but um anyway but yeah it just goes to

show that even even men who supposedly

even men even men who supposedly are red

pill aware even men like this are even

men like this are still in the dark

they're still thinking that they can

like very go thank you thank you thank

you they're still thinking they still

think that they can they they're still

thinking that they can date single moms

with 13 year old daughters dude in five

years that 36 year old she's gonna be 41

so what you're gonna have at you're

gonna have exclusive access to the pussy

you're gonna have our undivided

attention you're gonna have the you're

gonna have her undivided attention when

she's 41

she's already past the wall with a kid

and now you want a raw dog the bitch and

get this the kid is mixed so he's a

black guy this girl is a white girl she

already has a kid with a black guy

unbelievable it is unbelievable and dude

mud sharks are the sluttiest females out

there listen

black women they are the sluttiest

females out there black women are black

women will fuck a nigga on a whim white

girls who fuck only black dudes fuck

even more niggas okay because niggas are

stateless I'm one of them niggas too

right niggas stay China fuck white girls

and once white girls figure out that

niggas are checking form they hop on

every niggas dick they can find on the


so that's that's my opening diatribe

there so yeah guys listen get out on

those live pre-show Q&A; s men you know

you never you never know when you get

one like today all right well let's move

on to today's topic

topic at hand it which is why we shame

sluts the slut double-standard myth

debunked I'm going to address that today

now there are a few topics that always

spark debate and get people talking did

oj do it who's who's the greatest of all

time MJ or LeBron Donald Trump 9/11 you

name I mean you know there there are

certain there are certain topics that

get people talking no matter what

well one such topic is why are men who

sleep with a lot of women's studs but

girls who sleep with a lot of guys sluts

in other words why is there a quote

unquote double standard well

back in the day okay well actually let's

let's take a turn here

the reason this question is asked is

because the word stud generally has a

positive connotation the word stud is

used along with words like Ladykiller

player ladies man etc etc while the

while the word slut has negative

connotations and so and so most people

who ask this question you know why does

this slut double-standard myth exit

where why does the selectable standard

exist they're always women because women

understand that sluts are bad and studs

are good now back in the day gentlemen

women didn't sleep around okay for the

most part they stayed virgins until they

were married they had kids they took

care of the family lived happily ever

after women who slept around were few

and far between back in those days

because they were shunned from their

communities they were given the scarlet

letter they were labeled as outcasts if

she was a slut or a harlot or a tart or

a floozy whatever the words they were

using in those days if a woman without a

husband were to get pregnant she'd be

destitute right her life was effectively

over because the community looked down

on this kind of behavior and ostracize

and bitten literally basically I guess

put these women in exile like hey get

out of here

you know your kind is not welcome here

we don't want you around our husbands

then the sexual revolution came in the

1960s which started to make it okay for

women to sleep around so instead of

instead of women being shamed for their

slighty behavior which they used to be

they were actually encouraged and

praised when they exercised their right

actually I'm not gonna put that in air

quotes their right to sleep with whoever

they wanted whenever they wanted and as

many and as many guys as they wanted now

in the beginning during the sexual

revolution those sluts

weren't really shamed because this was a

new thing right it was a new concept no

one had ever heard of this before it had

always been one way what which I talked

about before being a virgin till you're

married having kids with one man living

happily ever after but giving women

permission to sleep around that wasn't

something people were

earlier with and because it was because

it was more or less characterized as

something progressive and and

free-thinking and new and and

forward-thinking and good for women

nobody really paid any attention at that

time when a girl admitted to having sex

with three guys in three days well fast

forward a few decades where women these

days are sleeping with men into the

triple digits before they're 25 years

old and people are no longer silent

about the promiscuous slutty behavior of

women sleeping with three or four guys

before getting married that was still

bad for women don't get me wrong but it

didn't damage them beyond repair right

even today for girls if a girl really

truly sleeps with three maybe four guys

before she gets married she still has a

chance to be a dutiful wife have kids

pair bond with her husband and not cheat

on her husband okay

even still right even though that's

listen we don't want that we listen

obviously the best thing is for you to

be the virgin bride but even still right

sleeping with three four guys that

wasn't really that but didn't damage

them beyond repair but the slutty

behavior of women today has far

surpassed anything anyone could have

ever imagined back then during the

sexual revolution it's one thing to

sleep with a few guys gentlemen but

women these days are sleeping with guys

at a rate that is so high that by the

time they actually decide to settle down

they don't really enjoy sex anymore okay

sex is not a novelty anymore it's as

though the fun and innocence has been

fucked out of them you Everett listen

you ever made a girl who wants just

absolutely raunchy super rough

debauchery dude I used to date oh my god

dude I used to date a girl who used to

who used to want me to ass fucker from

behind while choking her what choking

with my lap I'm left-handed took her

with my left hand pulling her hair

calling her names and spitting in her

face like dude she got off on that stuff

it was like that is dude that was as

unbelievable as it got like I mean like

you are like she oh my god like she used

to tell me I want you to degrade me

tonight I want you to treat me like less

than human treat me like garbage treat

me like trash don't care about my

well-being no safe word I used oh my god

dude nice to do the nastiest dirtiest

shit to this girl and she could not get

enough you want to know why because

she's probably fucked guys into the

quadruple digits her notch count is

probably over a thousand guys and women

who fuck a lot of guys they need they

need rougher and more exciting sex just

to feel something well these days these

kinds of women they get shamed and they

get ridiculed for engaging in this kind

of behavior slutty behavior now men who

engage in that same behavior sleeping

around with girls we're not looked down

on okay in fact guys like me we're

admired and we are praised for being

able to sleep with a lot of different

women and that's what begs the question

why are sluts praised why are sluts

shamed now for the record this question

as far as I'm concerned this is

disingenuous because it is so obvious as

to why this double standard exists but

women don't want to admit it

they listened in fact I would submit

this to you guys

most slut-shaming comes from women

why does most slut-shaming come from

women because women inherently know that

fucking a bunch of guys is not good for

them no matter what they say dude

bitches can go on slut walks they can

talk about I can fuck whoever whenever

okay my past doesn't define me really is

that why you slut shame the girl for

fucking seven guys in three days is that

way slut shame the girl for heaven for

having a gangbang with the football team

right is that way you slut shamed your

roommate because she hooked up with two

tinder guys in two hours these are the

same women who go on slut walks most of

slut-shaming comes from sluts themselves

from women

so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna talk

about the two biggest elements in terms

of explaining why the slut double

standard is as absolutely a myth okay

I'm gonna break this down from two

angles I'm gonna break it down

biologically and I'm gonna break it down

sexually let me check the chat here

before we get started

masculine says men are so fucking dumb

we're pussies concerned like this dude

like this dude was slate this dude was

like and he kept asking me questions

well oh and then oh my god I forgot to

tell you about guys about this then he

says to me I just think it's possible to

trust a woman I said dude you can't

trust women then he says well listen my

girl and I I'm 33 I don't have any kids

my girl and I went to Planned Parenthood

she got some sort of implant everything

was good bruh that's the exception to

the rule man right and I get it I

understand where he's coming from he had

a girlfriend he had a girlfriend and got

used to hitting it raw right like dude

when you're hitting it raw it sucks to

have to use condoms again man if

something listen if anything ever

happens between me and my girl it's

gonna do it it's gonna suck to have to

use condoms after fucking her without a

condom for so long but guess what I

don't want any kids so I'll sacrifice a

little more enjoyment for a little more

freedom right


Denis Brandt says married women hate

sluts and whores yes they do back in the

day when sluts were actually shamed

women hated these women hated sluts

because guess what we're men we're like

coke shit

you mean I can have easy I can I can

have easy sex with a woman and she's

just gonna disappear yeah come here

let's do this right

he wasn't gonna go he was gonna leave

her but yeah

women didn't listen wives didn't want

other men want horse or sluts around

little temptresses little suck Eunice's

whiskey - Don says too many miles on

their pussy totally agree totally agree

let's continue so let's break this down

again I'm gonna talk about why we should

continue to shame sluts and we should

continue to praise studs so why is it

that sluts are bad and studs are good

well here's the first reason as far as

biology is concerned sperm is cheap and

eggs are not as men we can reproduce

until death we are capable of fathering

an infinite amount of children

I could I could father an infinite

amount of children I could have sex with

ten girls a day and pregnat them all

until the day I died even when up dude

even if I make it God willing if I make

it to 85 years old guess what I'm still

gonna have the salty swimmers if I if I

raw dog a girl I'm gonna be a dad at 85

okay not only that men we're much more

and I'll get into this little bit later

we are much less discriminate about the

women we have sex with and I'm kind of

jumping the gun here but the point is is

that sperm is cheap it's plentiful we

can reproduce from birth well we can

reproduce from I don't know from when we

can start producing sperm I guess the

first time a kid jerks off until the day

we die so our reproductive life two

decades 60 70 years women on the other

hand can only reproduce for a finite

amount of time when a woman is born when

a female is born she already has the

number of eggs for the rest of her life

she's born with all of her eggs okay and

even if a woman was born with infinite

eggs she can only reproduce for a

certain amount of time because at a

certain age I don't know like mid to

late 40s maybe 50s probably even later

than that women go through menopause and

let's take it back even if women didn't

go through menopause guess what guys

aren't trying to fuck 60 year old broads

unless they're sick in the head unless

of course there's six year old men the

point is is that there is far more sperm

available than there are eggs women can

only have a certain amount of kids for a

certain amount of time once a woman gets

pregnant she's out of commission for a


she has the kid then she's got to wait

another three months or whatever I mean

I don't have a kid so I don't know two

three months before she can fuck again

even if she fucks them even if she fucks

them immediately now okay she's pregnant

that's another nine months as a man dude

I can fuck abroad get her pregnant in

the very next hour fuck another broad

you know pregnant

there's no wait time between my

reproductive cycle

I can I can father an infinite amount of

children no doubt about it for this


men are designed to be polygamous and

women are Zion are designed to be

monogamous biologically speaking okay

this is why again the reason why men are

designed to be polygamous is because we

can father an infinite amount of

children this is what we were given this

ability for lions tigers you know

animals the male's want to spread their

seed as much as possible why are humans

any less different well on niggas ain't

shit they're always cheating okay that's

fine and cheating I guess on some level

is wrong but this is the way we're made

like we're made we are designed to go

out and fuck them as many pretty girls

as possible and put as many babies in as

many pretty girls as we can now of

course the state sees to it that we pay

for our transgressions you know in the

way of child support but again on a

biological level this is how our baby

this is why men commit to women who have

only slept with a few with a few men if

any of course the virgin bride and women

are attracted to men who have a lot of

sexual experience with women okay don't

get me wrong guys yes men will fuck

sluts yes they will I'm fuck sluts right

and women will date men without having

sex with them but their commitment okay

high-value men and high value and high

value women the commitment of a high

value man and a high value women a high

value woman their commitment is reserved

for virginal not a virgin women because

they're not many of those anymore their

commitment is reserved for virginal

women and experienced men I talked about

it yesterday experience I talked about

the aging process why men are happier

than women because we age better

experience looks better on us you know

having battle scars having

gone through it it's the same thing with

sex the more sexual experience a man has

the more attractive he is to women the

more sexual experience a woman has the

less attractive he is to men outside of

just a roll in the hay just bucket her

okay so she's a slut all right well

she's not gonna be the mother my kids

but I can fuck her for a little while

and move on the next girl this is the

reason that men are far less

discriminate the women we sleep with it

comes down to contribution as far as our

contribution to the reproductive cycle a

woman's contribution and a mans

contribution is we fuck a girl we're all

daughter we shoot our lo dinner that's

it okay that's all we have to contribute

there's no investment all we invest is

the load that we shoot our orgasm okay

we don't have to carry the baby we don't

have any physical investment outside of

getting the girl pregnant that's our

contribution me blowing my load women

have to be extra discriminate because if

they get pregnant that is a nine dude

that is a nine plus month investment

that is a 9-month physical investment

dude all of the changes she has to go

through she's gaining weight she has to

slather cocoa butter armor on her

stomach to avoid stretch marks right she

has to eat properly if she has any vices

like drinking or smoking she's got to

stop those her hormones are out of

control her dude she's shittin all over

the place dude a woman dude your breasts

are sagging because they're filling with

mother's milk okay

pregnancy temporarily ruins a woman's

body yes it does once a woman has a baby

her body is never really quite the same

as it was then before she had the baby

so you had all that to the fact that

they got to carry the baby then they got

to have the baby which is an ordeal in

and of itself then you gotta get sewn up

then there's physical recovery you're

out of commission and then you have to

take care of the baby the breastfeeding

the point is is there is so much more at

stake sexually for women than men this

is why women are much more discriminant

than men sexually right if we happen to

be in another city do war on dog a bitch

right wait listen and listen man I got

on that guy for raw doggin for talking

about raw doggin dude when I was hitting

on older women older business travelers

at this at Caesar's Palace let you spot

him a mile away you see her over there

sitting on the bench she's got her

pantsuit on her a dejay she's got her

laptop up and a whatever apple martini

dude she's got blonde hair big tits you

welcome to say hello dude I didn't use

condoms on those bitches every time fuck

no I mean she was going back to Portland

or Phoenix wherever the fuck she was


whatever but where do you live Baton

Rouge Louisiana all right cool boom boom

boom boom that was that right now of

course I'm very fortunate never to have

caught an STD the point is is that I'm

not discriminate in that way because I'm

not worried about not gonna be job right

even if I did she's in Louisiana she has

to deal it she'd probably get an

abortion anyway which again is another

cost but but again to circle back this

is why men are so much less discriminate

than women sexually because there's no

physical cost

for procreation our physical

contribution is the load we blow there's

much more at stake for women so

biologically women have to be more

selective because they only have so they

only have so many eggs they don't want

to be impregnated by some by some fuck

bass like me right they don't want to be

impregnated by some loser right so they

have to be more discriminant they have

to be more selective men we have an

infinite amount of sperm so we can stick

art dude we can stick our dicks in

anything consequences be damned right we

are programmed to spread our seed now

again I say that with a caveat right if

child support laws didn't exist and

everything was like it was back then

dude again we'd be fucking every fucking

every bitch that was fucking every bitch

we could but because now we are required

to pay for the seed that we spread and

men have to be a little bit we got to be

careful we're not discriminate right

we'll still stick our dick in a bunch of

it just but we'll put on condoms you

know birth control etc etc but again

sperm is cheap eggs are not this is why

women have to be discriminant the way

men not so much women are designed to

seek out the best genes for their for

their babies okay now of course birth

control and abortion has completely this

is and again this is where we are this

is this is where the argument ends this

is where the argument is so I just

talked about how discriminant women have

to be because they only have so many so

many kids or they can only have so many

kids they can only reproduce for so long

well guess what guys birth control and

abortion has completely removed the need

to be discriminatory about the men that

they sleep with if there's no listen and

again if there's no risk of pregnancy if

they can just get an abortion if they

can get the shot or take the pill take

him throw caution to the wind and fuck

whoever they want they're not gonna get


sluts give away what should be reserved

for one man that is their vaginas their

flowers as it were women who act like

men should sexually okay women and again

women who act like men right women who

act like men biologically in other words

having sex with a bunch of people that

is they you know they they they sleep

around right women who act like men

should act sexually that is sleep around

you know you know with relationships and

things like that just like men who act

like women should sexually in the sexual

marketplace and again what I mean to say

is that this is why the sexual

marketplace is fucked up because we have

women acting like men and men acting

like women well women who act like men

in other words if they sleep around a

bunch they're not gonna get commitment

from high value went from high value men

men who act like women that is they

don't sleep with a bunch of girls some

of some of it isn't you know most of it

is involuntary but many don't but women

men who don't have experience with a lot

of women they don't get the commitment

from high value women okay they're not

worth committing to as far as these

women are concerned women who act like

men and men who act like women repulse

the opposite sex if you're a slut and

you sleep around like men are designed

to do will fuck you but we're not we're

not gonna commit to you if you're a man

acting like a woman who should be

reserving you're a sexual loyalty for

one person if you act like that you're

gonna repulse women women I think what

the fuck is wrong with you if you're not

getting laid so the very first reason

why studs are good sluts are bad is

because sperm is cheap and eggs are not

yo yo abscess what am i calling myself

fuck face yeah yeah just like Dennis

from France says yeah we're all fuck

face is right whatever yeah I mean you

know I don't I don't take myself I don't

take myself too seriously that's just

how it goes all right I'll call myself a

fuckface douche bag whatever and again

and again the fact that these fucking

like married businesswomen would let me

rub them says something about my alpha

cred like they're like ah right Saul let

this guy rod on me not like they're

looking to have babies but women don't

have unprotected sex with men that they

are not attracted to right so but I'll

put a scenario to you here like this

right man and a woman get together a

woman has fucked a lot of guys

man has not fucked so many guys and both

people note this the man knows that the

woman has a lot of experience the woman

knows the man not so much experience do

you think that she is gonna have

unprotected sex with him fuck no she's

gonna say wrap your dick because she

doesn't want to get impregnated by some

beta loser okay

he/she has something that he wants money

provisions a nice car the ability to

take care of her kids she's not letting

you dude she's not letting him raw dog

her no I'm sorry you've had sex with two

women and one of them doesn't count

because she jerked you off I don't know

no put on a condom honey that's how

we're gonna do this let's reverse the

scenario let's say that there is a man

who has a lot of sexual experience and a

woman who that who doesn't have quite so

much sexual experience so now the man is

feverishly attracted to this girl

because she doesn't have that much

sexual experience the girl with little

sexual experience oh my god he's fucked

you know he's fucked 58 girls Oh

you think she's gonna ask him to put on

the condom no she doesn't mind yeah I'll

let him Rob dog me he's got experience

he's alpha and again they're not

thinking about this on a on a conscious

level this is subconscious the the

experienced woman who's having sex with

the inexperienced man dude it's like an

auto put on a condom but the

inexperienced girl who was having sex

with a man who has clearly experienced

with women she doesn't even think about

it she just lets it happen and if she

gets pregnant oh well I'm having a baby

with good genes and I will I can keep

him I can change him that's how that


let's get into the sexual the sexual

reason sexually the reason why sluts are

bad studs are good

this one's easy guys getting dick is

easy getting pussy is not guys getting

pussy is hard guys and let's double back

girls know that getting laid is easy

unattractive women get far more dick

than attractive men let me say this

again unattractive women get more dick

than attractive men get pussy okay dude

as as many girls as I have fucked as a

dude and I I lost count a long time ago

I fucked a lot of girls but as many

women as I have fucked there's a six or

a seven out there who has fucked three

times as many guys

I guarantee it I use this example all

the time for every girl I have in my

phone who I could have come over and you

know suck my dick in three texts or less

every one of those girls has ten guys

that would do the same thing for her

getting laid for girls is easy all they

have to be is they're all she has to be

his female and be willing and she can

get the dick now getting laid for a man

that is difficult okay and I'll put it

to you this way guys

even if a man is in great shape drives a

nice car runs airtight game his chances

are still slim you listen you never know

what it could be with women it could be

something he's again it could be

something he said it could be his scent

what like her hurt you know her up his

cologne reminds her of her ex in a bad

way maybe a beta X it could be that time

of the month she might not be ovulating

she I mean dude you could do everything

right everything right the girl could

have a boyfriend she could be it dude a

man could do everything right and still

not get laid with airtight game all the

girl has to do is show up she can say

all the wrong things all the right all

the wrong lines and just be careless

guess what she's still getting the dick

the guy is still going to fuck her if


wanted to

a man who gets laid has to hit on a lot

of chicks guys the very last episode I

did before my YouTube channel got shut

down was if you want to fuck superhot

girls it is a full-time job you listen

you have to be an approach machine guys

always say Donovan man you're getting

laid so much and you're this and that in

the other ok give me credit I have game

but the single biggest factor and me

fucking as many women as I fucked was

just the sheer volume of women I talk to

and I use this example I use this

example all the time any given day a man

with airtight game you go out you talk

to ten girls up those ten girls seven of

them give you their phone number of

those seven who give you their phone

number four of them are going to text

back of those four two are going to

agree to a meet-up

and at least one of them is going to

flake on you

and if you and if one doesn't flake on

you Neb now you're now you have chance

to have sex with one girl so if so if

you actually managed to have sex with

one and attend girls guys you're a

fucking god

you are king dingaling you are captain

cock ten percent guys one out of ten

that's this is how difficult it is for

guys to get laid

I'll put it to you this way a man who is

a 10 on the law on the scale and of

course it's not just looks with girls

it's you know it's looks and you know

everything else a man who is a 10 will

have much will have a much more

difficult time fucking a female 6 then a

female who is a 5 has fucking a male 8

let me repeat that again let's say

there's a man who's a 10 and he starts

chatting up a girl who's a six right

that 10 male is gonna have a harder time

fucking the six female then the female

who is a five has fucking the male 8 I

can't put it any simpler than that this

is how easier this is how easy it is for

girls to get laid

here's another example female version

female threes fours and fives in other

words female shoes are threes female

look at oh she's a three oh she's a four

who she's a five they get infinitely

more dick than male versions of three

fours and fives get pussy and guess what

male versions of threes fours and fives

guys they're not getting laid men if

dude if you're a guy if you're not at

least a six dude you're getting no pussy

not in this environment not in 2018

you're not the bottom line here guys is

that being a slut is easy girls know

that it is very very girls low it's

extremely easy to sleep with a lot of

guys this is exactly and I said this in

my pre-show Q&A; this is exactly why the

overwhelming majority of slut-shaming

comes from females females know how easy

it is to get dick they know how he

listen we as men we can sit here and say

oh man it's easy for females to get to

get dick dude we will never know how

easy we will never know truly just how

easy it is for women to get laid

we may think we know but trust me it's a

lot easier than even we think and women

know this I can guarantee you women all

the time these guys think okay so guys

slut Jam it's because being a slut is

easy but they have no idea just how easy

it is to get dick a female who brags

about all the guys she's fucking is like

a dude bragging that he woke up and

brushed his teeth getting dick is easier

than breathing for a lot of chicks Rollo

Tomassi famously said that women are the

gatekeepers of sex and that men are the

gatekeepers of commitment okay this is

why men want more and again stay with me

here because there is this as 100% truth

what Rollo just said here women are the

gatekeepers to sex men are the

gatekeepers of commitment this very

axiom is the reason why men want more

than anything they want more than

anything to learn how to sleep with

beautiful women on the regular and women

what what do women want more than

anything they want to get married they

want commitment they want that long-term

boyfriend right that's what we want the

most we as men we want sex with a lot of

girls women what they want the most they

want marriage they want kids you know

they want that long-term boyfriend okay

worth we want what we're not the

gatekeepers of again it's easy for women

to get the dick right like it's easy for

women to get dick but getting him but

getting a man to commit to her long-term

that's the real challenge you want to

show me a quote she's a great girl she

can she can fuck any guy she wants nah

man that doesn't mean she's a quality

girl and the trick is keeping him around

getting him to commit and this is why

women shame each other for being slutty

but congratulate her for locking down a

man right this is how it works so girls

are sitting around oh my god I fucked

you know my fifth guy and you know my

fifth guy in five days oh girl you're

such a slob la blah blah but then the

next friend shows up I'm engaged

the girls congratulate her because

getting dick is easy getting commitment

is not

it's the same with men but it's the

other way around

see we as men we know that it's easy to

date around we know it's easy to get a

girl to wanna marry us because that's

what they want but what do we but we

don't congratulate each other for

getting married or engaged oh we

congratulate each other for sleeping

around getting a girl to want to marry

you that's easy every girl wants to get


fucking pretty girls on the regular

that's the trick so we congratulate oh

my god you know Brad you know we fucked

it you know fuck ten girls this month a

congratulations Brad but then when our

buddy Steve comes in okay he tells us

well I'm getting married oh my god it's

the ball and chain all of his boys are

like dude what are you doing we're

trying to talk him out of it we we you

know we make jokes you know we try to

talk about a bit we you know we joke

about his life is over oh you're never

gonna get your dick wet again guys this

is that this is how this works men

congratulate each other for sleeping

with pretty girls and we admonished

getting married because it's hard to

sleep with pretty girls easy to get a

woman to want to marry you women shame

each other for slutty behavior because

it's easy to get dick they congratulate

each other for getting married because

getting a man's commitment of value

that's the hard part men of value don't

commit to sluts guys for obvious reasons

they're sluts

on the flip side women aren't attracted

to men who want to commit to soon a man

who goes out with a woman I'll give you

two examples a man goes out with a woman

on a date first date he fucks her on the

first date guess what she is she's a


okay even if she says well I don't

normally do this yeah that's what they

all say

right before I stick my dick down their

throat he knows she's a slut because she

fucked him on the first date well let's

take another situation if a woman goes

out with a man on the first date and at

the end of the day says hey you know I

really had a good time would you like to

be my girlfriend that gentleman that is

the male version of a slut

both are unattractive men aren't gonna

commit to women who give up the pussy

too easy women aren't gonna commit to

men who give up the commitment too



men and women okay men who give away

commitment to early women who give away

the pussy to early dare giving away

what's easy for them to give away okay

women are the gatekeepers to sex but

they're but if they give it away so


what's there to respect men were the

gatekeepers of commitment if we're

giving it away so freely what value is

there to it right women are the

gatekeepers to sex because that's

valuable that should be valuable to them

we as men we're gatekeepers of

commitment so we give away our

commitment so easily that means it's not

really as valuable oh my god you want to

be my boyfriend already well how

valuable is your commitment oh you gave

me the pussy already how valuable is

your pussy you must give it out a lot

women are the gatekeepers to sex and

shouldn't give it away so easily and

freely men we're the gatekeepers to

commitment and we shouldn't give that

away so easily when men do that when

women give away sex too easily when men

give away commitment too easily it's

unattractive to the opposite sex yes

okay a woman might say all right I'll be

your girlfriend because she has nothing

better to do at that point but she's not

gonna stay with that guy she's gonna

study she's gonna shoot have any steady

fucking other guys oh my god why did she

cheat on me because you committed to

soon yeah a man might fuck a slut for a

little while okay first date I fucked

her might fuck her up but he's not

committing to her no way

the bottom line here guys people are

shamed for doing what is easy and then

bragging about it as though it takes

effort this is why sluts are shamed man

oh my god I fucked 15 guys this month

bitch it's easy for you to fuck 15 guys

you're gonna sit here and brag about

fucking guys and when it's as easy for

you to get dick butts get the fuck out

of here on the other hand people are

praised for accomplishing what is

difficult namely fucking pretty girls on

the regular getting dick is and listen

I've said it 100 times getting dick is

easy for women getting pussy for men is

not this is why sluts are this is why

studs are praised and sluts are shamed

this is why studs are admired and sluts

are admonished because getting dick is

easy we're not gonna praise you for

doing what's easy oh I wrote my name


so I drink a glass of water today so I

discovered a new treatment for cancer

whoa that couldn't be an easy

congratulations right it's the same

thing a guy comes in well I got another

girlfriend like dude you've had four

girlfriends this month like what the

fuck like when you're gonna slow down

it's like the girl coming there well I

fucked my fourth guy this month ooh girl

your slut get the fuck out of here but

when a man comes in and says yeah you

know I fucked seven girls as month it's

been a good but yeah congratulations

high five Steve go talk to Kevin and

sales sake and thank him for all the

game he gave you then when a girl walks

into work and says she gets the


guys this is the D fit this is the

definitive conclusion as to why sluts

are bad studs are good I think I've

driven that point home pretty goddamn



whiskey - Don says biological game 101

damn right

day says hashtag real talk yep yep you

guys are feeling it you guys know what's

up you guys know what's up Miami jay

says they know getting fucked is easy

but we'll never admit it and we'll try

to play it off then when you try to

prove how easy it is they get angry

hashtag classic feminism exactly this is

why feminists

this is why feminists don't like guys

like us because we are exploiting just

how easy it is for women oh my god it's

so hard to be a slut no it's not all you

have to be is a woman in breathing you

know what dude women don't even have to

leave their houses to be sluts just

swipe right on Tim you can have cock

after cock on it honestly you don't have

to leave the house to be a slut who the

fuck is calling me

oh this is O'Shea hold up man

hold up hey O'Shea

hey hey hey hold up hey you there

nah hey brah I'm on the air man yeah

Javier answered the phone on the Earth's

always you and I just you know hey oh by

the way O'Shea I've got your plaque in

the background I got my Negro Menace

fear plaque so I appreciate that

hey hey we'll listen will do I can only

talk for a few minutes because me and my

girl have a spin class right at six

o'clock so I'm gonna call you when I get

off the air and then and then and then

we'll talk and I gotta go all right bro

later all right

okay all right so O'Shea right now is in

Brazil and he was actually support we

had we had a conversation earlier today

he told me he was gonna call me in a

half an hour which usually means a half

a day that's O'Shea time but um but yeah

like this is how it works

mr. meek says women have no game if

women had to close the deal without the

promise of sex they would get nothing

exactly exactly

you know that's okay right like it's

okay that it's easy for women to get

laid but don't act like it's some that

some arduous feat like don't act like

don't act like it's some accomplishment

to be a slut bitch are you kidding me

fuck out of here with that

chase LeBeau says here in the South

threes and fours get crazy amounts of

dick goddamn

yes chase says so yes so true fives and

sixes an eight in h-town are considered

times of ups in that's what I'm sayin

man you got all these thirsty niggas

running around talking about yo bitches

like wifey material boo that bitch is a

six like this she's got saggy titties

and a flat ass I've got two here with


the thirst is real well um I got spin

class tonight with my girl um I was

gonna do it this morning actually

actually got pretty good results from

doing my spin class on Tuesday morning I

normally spin at night because spin

class normally wipes me completely out

but the spin class that I did on Tuesday

didn't necessarily wipe me out like I

was I was actually pretty good so it

looks like I'm looks like I'm certainly

getting a little bit better at spin

class getting into getting into better

shape etc etc which is which is very

very good which is very very good but um

but yep got the got the spin class

tonight with my girl and then tomorrow

of course I have Brazilian Jujitsu

well that's going to do it for this

edition of TS are live with Donovan

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