Why women NEED Men to cheat + Why do black Men catch so much hate for dating white girls? (Episode 339)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party even the football team

they're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a what's up guys it's a man

Donovan sharp and welcome to be three

hundred and thirty ninth edition of CSR

live your morning cup of red pill truth

wisdom and awareness I've already got

kind of a delay I don't know if anything

is I don't think anything is running in

the background there we go we're on

point now as always we are brought to

you by 1821 man-made calm your one-stop

shop for all of your beard grooming

needs let's get right to it guys a

common trope in the manosphere in terms

of how to deal with women is never

believe what a woman says watch what she

does now there are varying degrees to

this particular statement but by and

large most people seem to understand

that it aligns with the old adage

actions speak louder than words we've

all we've all heard that before

now one could say that the same probably

applies to both sexes and it would be

right most of the time in life in work

and business non-sexual social

interaction or any other circumstance

you can think of actions do speak louder

than words we go us a talk is cheap

anyone over the age of 10 knows and

understands us very very clearly but

this does not apply to men as far as

intersexual dynamics are concerned the

sexual marketplace you see guys men are

very clear about what we want in women

we want listen we want attractive women

who stay attractive we want women who

cook women who clean women who take care

of us as men sexual loyalty obedience

and by the way guys

when I say attractive I don't mean nines

or tens right listen women use this

while men are only looking for nines and

tens men are looking for stick figures

as far as the standard of beauty is

concerned listen guys there are plenty

of women who have average to below

average looking faces Devyn for example

she is she has an above average looking

face obviously she has an above average

looking body but Devon's not a ten right

I'm with her I'm donovan sharp know that

listen we're not looking for perfection

plenty of women have above-average looks

average to below average looking faces

but they have their choice in men

because they have tight bodies they keep

their bodies tight that's what we would

we as men we don't require our women to

hit the genetic lottery we listen we

want our women to be physically

attractive meaning staying fit and not

getting fat women on the other hand they

know exactly what they want they know

exactly what they need but because of

feminism and social pressure they can't

really say it out loud they say they

want men who are sensitive non

aggressive best friend types who listen

to all of our problems hopes and dreams

over lattes while watching rom-coms but

they're not sleeping with those guys

they're not in relationships with those

men well at least not until they're in

their mid to late 30s after being passed

around by dudes like me for a couple of

decades during their fertile years women

consistently show us what they want in

men they want aggressive ballsy fearless

men who smacked their asses in public

and private who were unafraid to voice

their expectations of them and don't put

up with their emotional shenanigans or

their ridiculous mind games I'm gonna

take it one step further women also want

and need us to cheat on them now before

you guys start freaking out before you

guys start freaking out don't mistake me

here okay I'm not talking about women

who have the potential to be high

quality with the right training I'm not

talking about long-term relationships

I'm not talking about girlfriends or

wives who actually do what they need to

do to keep men like us around listen man

I get all kinds of emails Donovan how do

I organize a threesome with my girl

you're a idiot

having a threesome with your girlfriend

is a stupid idea

don't do it

I'll probably do an episode on that have

a threesome with your buddy have a

free have a threesome with your

buddy and a girl that you and a girl

that you slept with on a one-night stand

don't have a threesome with your

girlfriend don't have a threesome with

your wife oh but I know guys who are

swingers in this no no no no no they say

they're swingers that listen those

aren't those aren't good relationships

anyway I don't want to get off topic

here quality women obviously they'd like

to know that we could cheat on them that

doesn't mean they actually want us to

cheat they do not want us to cheat no no

I'm talking about damaged women who have

slept with more men in a week than most

men have slept with in a lifetime I'm

talking about the who have cheated

on every boyfriend since they were 16

years old I'm talking about the

low-quality women who punished good

treatment and reward bad treatment so

why am i doing an episode like this

right why am i talking about cheating on

low quality going on low quality women

Donovan you told us not to wife up

you tell us not to make a your

girlfriend you say not to commit to

you wanna know why because plenty of you

men out there there are plenty of you

guys out there guys watching right now I

know you guys are watching who were

stupid enough to come into a lot of

you guys out there gave up the

commitment too soon to a low-quality

woman and now you're a relation now

you're in a relationship with a girl who

either has is or will cheat on you well

today I'm gonna give you I'm gonna tell

you why you need to turn the tables on

these low-quality and cheat with

impunity cheating on a low quality

that you dumbass made the egregious

mistake of getting into a relationship

with is what she wants and what she


it's the torture they cannot live

without and if you don't draw first


she will not respect you it is Friday

September 28 2018 so happy Friday

everybody good to have you guys in here

this morning the Los Angeles Rams BD


Vikings yesterday in a shootout 38-31

Kirk Cousins 36 450 422 yards three

touchdowns Jared Goff 26 of 33 465 yards

and five touchdowns guys this just did

Jared Goff is the real deal he is

absolutely the real deal some of the

throws he made last night some of the

throws he made on Sunday were just


remember this is Goths this is Goths

third year because this is Carson

Wentz's third year and I remember a lot

of guys we're talking about the fact

that looks like I got cut off there all

right looks like my looks like my what

you call it my BlogTalkRadio got cut off

there a lot of guys were saying in Jared

Goths first year and pay no attention to

that blog talk dialing and or whatever

then that's just gonna be that way a lot

of guys were saying that Jared Goff is a

bust because he had a very bad first

year well the problem is is Jared Goff

head coach was Jeff Fisher and Jeff

Fisher is primarily a defensive guy and

quarterbacks do not do well with

defensive guys quarterbacks do well when

they have the right situation listen oh

look at Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

in his second year before he got hurt

against the Rams last season he was the

he was your MVP 33 touchdowns seven

interceptions due to 110 straight starts

110 straight starts I mean listen it was

all it was all good it was all rolling

why because his head coach is Doug

Peterson Doug Peterson was a quarterback

matter of fact Doug Peterson backed up

Donovan McNabb for a couple years in

Philly his offensive coordinator Frank

Reich who was also a quarterback Frank

right by the way who orchestrated v-2

biggest comebacks in both NFL history

and college football history Frank Reich

went to the University of Maryland

orchestrated the greatest comeback in

college football history I forget who

was against overcame like a thirty five

point deficit in 1992 I was a kid I was

watching this game the Houston Oilers

led by Warren Moon they were up thirty

five to three at the half thirty five to

three Frank Reich came in and led the

bills all the way back Steve Christie

kicked the game-winning field goal in

overtime the point is is that Carson

Wentz is surrounded

by quarterbacks he has an offensive

coach a lot of guys get a lot of guys

get on Mark Sanchez well Mark Sanchez

was a bust yeah he was but look who

drafted him it was Rex Ryan Rex Ryan is

a defensive guys the defensive genius

not an offensive coach I've met listen

you can't be a good coach without good

players can't be a good player without

good coaches a lot of guys say yeah Phil

Jackson if not for Michael Jordan and

Mike not for Kobe he wouldn't had those

rings then people say well Michael

Jordan wouldn't have those six rings

without Phil Jackson listen he need each

other this is how this goes

I've got a forty six point lead on Rollo

Tomassi in my fantasy league so that was

also an added bonus in my fantasy league

in other news I don't know if you guys

heard about this but the red pill read

it has been quarantined the red pill

reddit has been quarantined gentlemen

and what this what this means guys is

that as far as I know I don't think you

can act I don't think you can access the

red pill reddit like I can still access

it I think via the internet but I don't

think you can I don't think you can

access it on

I don't thinking an asset access it on

the on the app anymore and the reason

why the Red Bull reddit has been

quarantined in their words is because

shocking and offensive content and

that's why they are taking the red pill

write it down so it's only a matter of

time as far as I know until the Red Bull

reddit is completely taken down listen

man the shocking and offensive content

listen this is what we're up against

guys any time any time anybody tells the

truth about women tells the truth about

a woman's a female's true nature that

stuff is not going to that stuff it's

not gonna stick around I'm having a

little bit of trouble with BlogTalkRadio

I don't really understand what's going

on there but I'm going to end that and

try again in a few minutes this is why I

got taken down off of YouTube in part as

far as I know guys like Tommy Sotomayor

can't stay on YouTube now those and

there are plenty of women out there who

say yeah how to manipulate men how to

get how to get men this and that in the

other but when we told the truth about

women when we told the truth about women

we get our stuff taken down guys this is


the red pill reddit being quarantined on

dude I'm telling you man I'm telling you

I said this I said this almost over to

almost two years ago we are on the brink

of a civil war I've actually talked I'm

not talk this is not hyperbole guys I'm

not saying this to be mr. shock jock no

there's about to be a civil war

masculinity versus everybody and you're

gonna have to pick a side you are going

to have to pick a side in this Civil War

I think rooster Oh a I think he wrote an

e-book called culture war and you know

it was interesting I read part of it but

he used to have a culture war podcast

with with Quintus with Quintus courteous

and they they talked about the culture

war and I wanted to get in on that but

for whatever for whatever reason I

couldn't make it I think it was probably

traveling at the time but we're on the

brink of a civil war now in all honesty

like tongue-in-cheek it'll be a short

one one side of the Civil War we've got

all the testosterone and all the guns

the other side estrogen soy and avocado


I will credit that to black label logic

for droppin that Jim on us stay tuned

men stay tuned man listen the red pill

reddit being quarantined that is that's

the tip of the iceberg guys that's the

tip of the iceberg so we'll we'll see

how long they allow me to to stay on the

air and listen if I get taken off the

air they can't take me off the air

that's how that goes

Eric Reid has signed a one-year deal

with the Carolina Panthers for those of

you who aren't familiar with who Eric

Reid is Eric Reid used to be Colin

Kaepernick's teammate and San Francisco

Eric Reid is the other guy who is

prominently kneeling before the national

anthem now the reason why the Panthers

signed Eric Reid this isn't about social

justice warrior ism the Carolina

Panthers needed help in the secondary

and Erica Reed was the best available

player stephenie's Smith of course says

well somebody needs to give Kaepernick a

job okay listen man

maybe they don't need to give Kaepernick

a job if he's good enough that's how it

goes but it's gonna be a circus now it's

funny that the Panthers signed Eric Reid

because the Carolina Panthers have a bye

week this week so they're not gonna have

to they're not gonna have to not gonna

have to answer those questions but there

are coming they're coming Eric Reid is

listen listen he was a good football

player but it was cliff listen it became

very clear to me that the reason why he

hadn't been signed yet is because of the

stance he took kneeling for the national

anthem I don't let I'm not I'm not gonna

get all into that I've that's that's

been done to death I'm not getting into


that's just news and notes as a side

note my sister has been invited to

Fashion Week in Paris I talked about her

briefly on the show you scribbs gonna do

a little bit of family gloating my

sister is a fashion designer she designs

bags she designs fashion accessories and

and she's been invited to at a Fashion

Week in Paris she's worked very very

hard so congratulations to my sister for

getting invited to that she's probably

anywhere between six months to a year

between getting a brick-and-mortar a

brick-and-mortar location I think she's

gonna have like a retail location she'll

have a crew in the back making her stuff

I don't know maybe you'll be a it's not

gonna be a sweatshop because my sister

is a social justice warrior feminist to

the highest degree and of course we have

many spirited conversations but I love

my sister I'm very very glad that she is

experiencing success of congratulations

to her HBO is out of the boxing game I

don't know if you guys heard about this

HBO is carry boxing was the staple of

HBO for decades any time there was a big

time price fight HBO was on the


dude look it up on YouTube they actually

have a series called legendary nights

the biggest fights in the last 30 years

on HBO

this to me is indicative of boxing kind

of dying out listen man the UFC and

mixed martial arts they've taken over

listen give it listen given the choice

listen I'll watch a-bomb if I had to

watch boxing or MMA I like I like boxing

I'm a boxing

I call me crazy but listen I like the

you know I'd like to see you guys throw

hands to me it's the sweet science and

thanks to the advent of YouTube I have

watched just about every fight that has

ever been fought and in just about every

weight class I've watched a lot of

fights but HBO getting out of the boxing

game get HBO getting out of the fight

game that's big-time news man that to me

speaks to where we're we're boxing is

gone of course we know boxing doesn't

have any courage you know it doesn't

have a governing body to show time

there's HBO pay-per-view but HBO I mean

dude if you had some of the legendary

fights man Sugar Ray Leonard versus

Marvin Hagler Hagler herbes eight

minutes of hell dude look that up you

guys want to see an action fight YouTube

Hagler hurts

eight minutes a hell that was apps dude

that was a war that was unbelievable

Julio Cesar Chavez versus Meldrick

Taylor in 1990 it up at the time I think

Julio Cesar Chavez was 65 and OH with 57


Meldrick Taylor dominated Chavez for 14

and 14 15th some around and right at the

last second Shabbos hits him with a

right that floors Meldrick Taylor and

Richard Steele calls the fight

unbelievable one of the most

controversial decisions in boxing


Meldrick Taylor was the better fighter

but but Chavez hit him with some blows

that kind of took his wind took his

heart I think Meldrick Taylor was

coughing up blood at the end of the 15th

round so as a side note it was weird

Taylor was clearly ahead on everybody's

scorecards but for whatever reason his

corner was telling him hey you need to

knock him out to win this fight Meldrick

Taylor did not need to back out Chavez

to win that fight but for whatever

reason this corner all sorts of watch

that legendary fights legendary fights

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor

on HBO very very nice love that stuff

love that stuff I got watch that stuff

forever had the brother pill podcast

last night and we're gonna have another

one tonight the brother pill podcast was

straight fire we were on the air for

three and a half hours last night's

episode on the brother pill podcast is

actually the reason

the second half of this episode why do

black men catch so much heat from black

men and of course black women for dating

white girls we had oh it was listen man

it was it was an absolute slugfest it

was knock-down drag-out I had to check a

couple of bit I had to check a couple of

women which was funny and of course

women came with the hamstring they tried

to call us all kinds of names self-hate

and all that you guys definitely you

guys definitely damn it you guys

definitely need to check that out we're

gonna be on again tonight talking about

why black men cannot have Bonnie issues

Devon's in trouble tonight gentlemen she

is in big big trouble Devon is my

girlfriend good-looking white girl you

guys all know what she looks like check

my social media feed we haven't had sex

the last two nights because of course

I've been on the brother pill podcast

the last two days I've done

what is this Friday Wednesday I did four

hours of radio I did two hours of radio

here then I did another two over at the

brother pill podcast completely wiped me

out I didn't want to do anything last

night two hours of two hours of radio

here then another three and a half on

the brother pill podcast well tonight my

balls are heavy so here's what I

actually have what Devon's uniform is

for tonight's destruction of course

we've got the we've got the collar

we've got the stripper heels here we've

got the barely-there thong we've got the

we've got the wrist restraints complete

with the lock oh yeah actually let me

point this out yeah this this this

see-through whatever yeah

see-through sleeky whatever you know all

that stuff I'm gonna get her nice and

drunk tonight I'm gonna get her a nice

and drunk tonight I'm going to restrain

her and I am going to the soul out

of this chick she has no idea what's

coming like my dude my balls are so

heavy I feel like I'm sinking down on my

chair like as I hear his horribly my

balls are oh there we are

had to go down a scooch let me adjust

this Devon's in trouble this is what

she's wearing

I don't know maybe y'all

maybe I'll post the pictures shoutout to

JP for the $20 contribution a couple

days ago JP is a long time come true a

long time contributor the show I always

appreciate it when he contributes to the

show I want to say I think he is from

overseas if I'm not mistaken and I know

there's a little bit of a lip sync

because I'm trying to connect up here

with grant talk radio trying to get the

phone lines going but of course if you

want to contribute to the show you can

do so on my PayPal link on Donovan sharp

comm you can go to

www.mptv.org/outdoorwisconsin - you're

on live at Donovan go ahead hey what's

going on brother how you doing man I

actually mentions you on the brother

pill podcast man I used I actually used

some of what you and I talked about as

ammunition for yesterday's vodka our

yesterday's brother pill podcast so I

appreciate you helping me out there man

yeah no problem um

I'm not two points again now John you

got it the first one okay so the first

one I have is all the Brett Kavanaugh

thing you know the Supreme Court nominee

yeah did you have until you heard about

that contract yes we have you did

testimony and everything absolutely yeah

oh yeah uh okay the politics of Merrill

is here but we'll play devil's advocate

for a second but you'll see why okay you

know we've had four accusers already

right before accusers and you know and I

think it kind of brought me back to when

your these episodes we talked about the

fake alphas and the reason why I say

that is because you know he seems to

have a drinking problem and Donovan you

get you've been in Las Vegas I've been

to Las Vegas I know guys like that where

did the nicest guys would ever go when

they get drunk you just out of control

you get what I'm saying yeah call these

the alcoholic alpha it's the stakeout oh

yeah yeah absolutely Simona so so not I

think my my my logic here is that look

hey my things ran around you know raping

a whole bunch women no but I've seen too

many guys like that you go out with this

guy once like you can't take this guy

out it's just want to get strong

yeah I'm saying not only this room in

for everybody yeah I'm saying yep yeah

I'm saying you might get you in trouble

with it what I'm saying

yeah and I kind of feel like you know

they misfired on this by the way I'm the

independents on my Democrat Oracle and

I'll just watch it I just kind of came

to me like you know what this guy gives

man a bad name right I'll talk about

real men I'm talking about you no no I

agree so you know yeah yeah so don't

worry you're wrong am I saying this

guy's running around raping a week no

but I just seen too many guys Donovan

where it's just like you know you know

improbably was clear about something

this can apply it's like any type of

drug or oh yes guys you could any

function yeah yeah oh yeah guys you talk

about we so it kind of you think looking

through that lens not at all just got

like a fake alpha because also you know

yeah like a tether net problem my hands

have any problems no like just kind of

off the rails men aren't supposed to do

that right and combined with the

drinking you know ourselves you know

just get this guy

so somebody on you know I'm saying yeah

yeah I agree the thing is uh yeah cuz he

was just like dude he's got to say

counselors well you know just hit camp

you need to know somebody god I don't

show you how to catch it on a periphery

he just kept talking about beer there's

beer that beer beer beer

a fan is supposed to have self-control

right right no I agree yeah he kept it

was almost like he was kind of making

and you know he was he was he was kind

of making a joke out of it because they

were trying to make the beer thing a

little bit bigger than he thought they

were but what they were trying to

establish is that he had a drinking

problem but go ahead go ahead go ahead

with your go with your uh your second

point but Don you know this is a job

that give you this is it you know this

isn't kind of make jokes but she odd you

up against the odds up against but to me

you know he kind of came off like you

know which one is it dude are you look

liable or you get what I'm saying yeah

who's one yes right yeah and listen

before you make your second point this

this this just goes to show this cuz

this just goes to show that that true


I guess real men they don't get accused

of this stuff because they do pick a

lane women respect dominance even that

even if that dominance makes them a

little bit uncomfortable I think Brett

Kavanaugh is in this position because of

exactly what you said he's a fake alpha

he comes off one way when he's sober but

when he's drunk he he doesn't have the

balls to be who he really wants to be

when he is sober so he gets a little bit

lathered up and now all of a sudden he's

this different person or this monster as

they're as they're trying to portray him

I think that if he were the same person

sober then as drunk and nobody's the

same sober and drunk but if he had that

domineering personality I don't think if

you had that domineering personality

without the alcohol I don't think he'd

be in this predicament today so you make

a very good point had not thought of it

that way

this to you to give away from me that

this guy I'm saying he was a pretender

he was on the feels on Fox News talking

about the I was a virgin all throughout



to exclude it all you've really sat down

if you look a lot that's dispatch he was

on right right right

think about this Donovan he was on Fox

News you get your home court

yeah I'm saying you're right court so

you stole she's no reason you know I was

a virgin all through college and you

know opened up even past college I was a

cop okay in the second thing is you said

you said the UFC's replacing a boxing I

think to degree okay I think I'll submit

this to you just up submit this to you

well to me it still seems like boxing

just draws the biggest part it does man

it really really does you know I think

you will t know let's be clear now

Kuchar is brighter it's looking like you

would say you know I'm ready well big

boxing way better I'm casual but I like

boxing labor to the UFC absolute all

that's just from a layman's perspective

sure wait to me I still find it

interesting that boxing still draws so

has the way bigger purses yeah yeah if

we pick a person's than us see I agree

with you actually you're actually a very

good caller you make me you make me

think about things differently yeah

maybe I misspoke I don't think I think

in terms of the future of the the future

of the UFC the future of the UFC appears

to be brighter but by the same token

boxing always draws the some of the

dudes the biggest purses in pay-per-view

history are all I mean they're all

they're all heavy they're all boxing

matches De La Hoya Mayweather set

records then then Mayweather Pacquiao

broke that record then of course

Mayweather McGregor broke that record

can you know Alvarez triple G but on

both times they didn't break any records

but again we're still talking about what


nine-figure nine-figure profits and

things of that nature so I agree with

you I like boxing more I think the

public eye

I don't box he has so many issues it's

so it's so corrupt man and I can't even

get into that I know not that not that

UFC doesn't have some sort of corruption

on some level but there's so many

there's so there's so many seedy things

that go on that keep the best matches

from from happening I think people are

just disenfranchised with boxing

is like the Alpha boyfriend that the

girl wants to civilize and if boxing

ever comes back and keeps it real

he's gonna get the girl man I don't

think they ever will hopefully I promise

it just to the point though I kind of

feel like also uh you know I think I

think one of the problems with USC it's

just that you know date and white

there's too much control it's it sounds

like it there what's behind the scenes

you know it kind of its kind of like the

table where one bags are too much

control get rid of plain you know the

interesting problems and I feel like you

know they're going for example very oh

man many weather in McGregor's right he

completely breaks

what's-his-name's prayers on regret his

first we were talking about 20 million I

mean we can finally you know that is a

you different say I heard Magritte I

mean I heard a the white which is taking

it to the cleaners and you think it's

what that's my minister who came all

right thanks for the call 702 yeah he

brings up he brings up some very good

points I haven't heard about the numbers

as far as Dana White split with with

Conor McGregor I'll ask I'll ask Doctore

about that cuz he keeps up with the UFC

on that all the time as far as the Brett

Kavanaugh thing is concerned I will say

this okay

you know people say yeah he's had four

accusers that doesn't make him guilty

the fact that he's an alcoholic like

Winston wolf said that doesn't make him

guilty either okay so he probably lied

about his virginity in college that

doesn't make him guilty

this whole thing stinks of a whit Sean I

don't believe I don't believe one iota

of this Christine Ford this happened 30

years ago she doesn't have any witnesses

she doesn't the and here's the thing

just because they say they're witnesses

doesn't mean they're going to be

truthful so this is you know again I'm

not gonna get into that cuz that's not

really my Lane but it's obvious that

it's obvious that this Cavanaugh thing

it is just this is politics man this is

Democrats versus Republicans I think

that's what it is

let's go back to the phone lines let's

go back to Vegas area code 702 part to

your online McDonough man go ahead how's

it going Donovan spine yeah what's going

on by night you and then not much not

much I wanted to hit on the separate

second topic you were bringing up my

damaged girls want you to cheat on them

all right let's do them in I just saw I

just saw

and have a little experience in this one

okay so one of our previous exes will

call our Christine for sake of argument

right she uh she was quite the mess she

came from when I got a whole cur her

previous fiance had passed away so I

guess she drank one too many energy

drinks and had a heart attack so whoa

she's so favorite favorite from those

things all right well anyway at by the

time I got ahold of her I didn't know

that she was this Backpage hooker and

all kinds of other crazy well so

long story short she was a mess

but then I started to realize I know why

she wanted me to cheat because she kept

two cubes in me out of it and I'd look

at other girls and she freaked out

because she likes the emotional roller

coaster you know he's addicted to it I

mean they need that they need that

emotional high and low and pay now

either they torture man they go Granger

yeah they love it and they hate that

they love it man they hate that they

love this torture well it's funny pine

because women don't it they can never

really admit their true nature they just

can't admit that oh my god I love this

torture but because of course it doesn't

like you know I remember I had a

conversation with one girl well I don't

need a man I desire when I'm like

sweetheart needing a man doesn't make

you weak it makes you a woman yeah but

and you know needing that emotion

emotional spike makes you an addict yeah

I agree Ally yeah I yeah I mean listen


you know I orchid I like it it to this

one-night-stands hookups tender etc etc

that's crack right well regular

relationships that's weed that's not

even cocaine so they've had the crack

they've had the crystal meth it had

they've had the high everything feels

great it looks great etc etc but then

when they get into long-term

relationships it's just not as fun as an

exciting anymore you know there's no

emotional roller coaster there's no

mystery there's no fun there's no

there's nothing this is why girls cheat

this is one of the reasons why they want

you to cheat yeah absolutely

what is it well because women will share

a successful man

rather than be saddled to aphasia video

man there you go

yeah women would rather share an alpha

then then they'd rather shutter and

alpha than have a beta all to themselves

I think that's I think that's pretty

obvious these days yeah absolutely man

well no I just wanted to pop in and

touch in on that because I got a little

bit experiencing the crazy ex-girlfriend

arena man absolutely I can't wait for

the 24 for the 21 convention we can swap

some stories about dude saw some of the

crazies and some of the Vegas days man

absolutely we have we got some white

powder stories to share so take it easy

man we'll talk tomorrow all right

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like ryan sullivan who does not think

that Brett Kavanaugh will get to the

bench 911 for two oh five five three

five six six let's go back to the phone

lines I've got someone calling from a

private number let's say you what up man

it's Jonathan yes the world's number one

quote uncle

mcdowell Jonathan from modern life

dating of course we see that

tongue-in-cheek we kid because we care

how's it going good man I just want to

say watching this insane Brett Kavanaugh

from a bar

it totally is a fabrication yes yes this

bitch was all traumatized

why did she not say anything for 30

years that's what I'm saying

30 years let me see that's 30 Super

Bowls right right wait 30 wait wait hold

on hold on let's do the math here thirty

Super Bowls right so we're getting ready

to have Super Bowl 53 so this would be

Super Bowl 23 this is the the 49ers beat

the Cincinnati Bengals 22 16 Joe Montana

throws the game-winning touchdown pass

to John Taylor to win Super Bowl 23

Montana's 3rd he would win Super Bowl

24:55 to 10 over the Denver Broncos the

next year so apparently Brett Kavanaugh

waggled his waggled his in front of

Christine Ford's face traumatized her as

the 49ers were winning their third or

fourth Super Bowls of that decade

unbelievable man 30 years and now you

want to say something out of here

with that nonsense man that's what I'm

saying I just you guys if you guys

cannot clearly see this for the agenda

that it is that's probably why you're

having trouble dating women as well oh

wow indeed what dating does it teaches

you to see through or you know

a girl will tell you one thing and then

you'll realize the other she'll be like

listen I'll come your house but we're

not gonna have sex you know that means

we are gonna like I want to

you and you start to see through

and all the sharp guys that's

funny actually you should call your

audience the sharp guys all the sharp

guys they they can see through the ruse

they can see this is just complete

like they're just afraid of

this guy getting confirmed and yeah I

just wanted to throw that out there just

looking from afar over here in Tokyo

that I think dude is like picking how

be so traumatized that you don't say

anything for 30 years right exactly

exactly you don't say anything to

anybody for 30 years I did it I actually

did a podcast on and I forget what I

forget I've done hundreds of these but I

did a podcast and I talked about how to

tell a rape accusation is false or and

again now I know this is funny let me

let me just sidetrack this here let's

all make sure that we know we're talking

about here he's being accused of sexual


the thing with sexual assault Jonathan

is it's not clear-cut it's very

subjective it has a very wide definition

rape is rape rape is having sex with a

woman without her consent meaning she is

saying no I do not want to have sex

please stop having sex with me right

sexual assault could mean anything he

looked at my ass he he asked me to

coffee the sexual assault the definition

of sexual assault has been broadened so

much we now have women coming out of the

Woodworks thirty years later three

decades later and they want us to

believe that she was sexually assaulted

in college during a drinking game with

two college guys I mean what's the way

to lie where do I go complain where I've

been sexually assaulted where's my

victim card right some of these fame and

fortune I get section I mean if you

can't see the clear-cut agenda against

men in general and the only reason

there's an agenda against men is because

men are the only ones who can stop these

people yes yes absolutely absolutely

tell ya gotta see you gotta see it for

what it is that's my opinion

that's the whole reason I teach dating

and everything for guys to graduate from

this and then move on and like

actually make the world a better place

and like this whole Cavanaugh situation

is it's such the fact

that it's like trending on Twitter he

everybody knows that the Twitter

trending is fake it's all it's all

controlled by Twitter anyways right

right now I just wanted to get my sense

on that and just see where you thought

you know

stanzin I didn't know it was rape but I

didn't I mean I didn't know whose sexual

assault right though a sexual assault

nut she said I thought he was gonna rape

me sweetheart

just because here's the thing and before

late cuz I know you got to go she says I

thought he was going to rape me and and

it's so funny how she says that people

again you make such a good point

Jonathan is that men who were not red

pill aware have no they can't see

through the they're actually

taking this woman at her word but think

about what she said I thought he was

going to rape me

which means he did not number one number

two just because you tell us you thought

he was going to rape you does not mean

that you actually thought he was going

to rape you this accusation is based

clearly on hearsay something happened in

a room 30 years ago and you want to wait

till now to bring it out again going

back to what I talked about one of the

click one of the clear-cut telltale

signs of the false rape or sexual

assault accusation if she tells more

than one person but does not tell the


she's gone to the police yet Jonathan if

he is guilty and there's no statute of

limitations on sexual assault so why

hasn't she been why hasn't she gone to

the why isn't she gone to the cops yet

looks like Jonathan from modern life

dating has dropped off thank you for the


check them out on modern life dating com

let's go back to the phone lines

area code nine one six you're on live

with Donna been good here code nine one

six are you there yeah hey what's up

brother I think I saw you in the chat

yesterday the brother bill men I know

that's not Jemaine but I just got a

comment about that looking at the

difference between men and women

psychological theory called six pages of

moral development

no I have none no okay so in the six

stages of moral development

most men are on stage

Thanks there's like you know we develop

our own moral cold code which may or may

not be according to the law but usually

is higher than the law like for real

moral people women on the other hand

don't have they don't develop beyond

stage three okay and that stage

basically says that they seek the

approval of others to know what's right

and what's wrong

be kind of the difference between you

know the accuser she's doing what she

thinks people think think is right and

that's why she's pacifying she's not

really telling the truth she's just

doing what people approve of and Brett

Kavanaugh this guy I mean he's a he's a

justice based a little next you know

that that is my friend he's my sixth age

that's just one thing that I noticed in

that situation another thing that I

wanted to talk about what why black men

catch heat retained white girls okay and

I want to come at angle I want to come

at it from the angle of American black

women having you for black men that big

white one and it's because of this black

women are are sexual marketplace social

they do not want to compete they do not

want to reform themselves they they want

their rights of refusal yes they want

the right listen they want no less hold

on they want the right of first refusal

without having earned the right of first

refusal and that that's impossible you

can't do that I just get my take he's

doing a great job on the show and I'll

keep doing it in appreciate it man

thanks for the call yeah he makes um

again he makes some very good points


in terms of it like I said just like

Jonathan said with this whole Brent

Cavanaugh thing it is absolutely it is

absolutely amazing that we

having hearings on Capitol Hill about an

accusation a woman makes that allegedly

happened 30 years ago and there was no

rape or sexual contact involved it's

just it blows my mind it blows my mind

it's I'll never understand it I'll never

understand it I mean you know feminism

is what it is but hey yeah

this is a witch-hunt I think it's I

think it's I think it's fairly obvious

you know that goes one thing I could

definitely say about the one-on-one

testimonials with Donovan is that he

gets clear-cut pragmatic I came to him


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stay on the air that's what's necessary

later on than the show I'm gonna talk

about why black men catch so much heat

from the black quote-unquote community

about dating white girls but before we

do that let's hit the chat see who was

in the house here Winston wolf is in the

house CDA God seems to be pretty bummed

about the fact that he wasn't the first

in here chase Lobo good to see you in

here Ronnie Brooks and Nell is in the

house Eastside gypsy said the brother

fell last night was fire Yemen yeah yeah

see ba got apparently is dealing with a

medical assistant with a fat ass dr.

sinister said I missed the brother pill

gotta catch the replay yeah it was crazy

man it was crazy

yes myself in Miami Jay are gonna do a

we're gonna try a like like a football

preview show we're gonna do that at

11:30 Eastern 8:30 Pacific right here on

YouTube myself at Miami Jay are gonna do

a football preview show we're not



we just kind of give the we just kind of

give the every man's we give the every

man's opinion on you know on football so

I don't know amateur hour well we'll

check it out I love I love talking

football red Jedi good to see when here

a Salaam Eddie says didn't know I was

back I never left

I just left YouTube Bruno goat says

women don't mind if you cheat on them

physically that depends that depends

listen my girl listen my girlfriend

Devon she doesn't want me to cheat right

but if I did but again you know one of

the main rules and I talked about the

ten side-chick of ma'am it just don't

get caught cheating if you're gonna

cheat don't get caught

right and she elation she says listen if

you're gonna I don't want to know I

don't want to know it I don't want you

to cheat but if you cheat I don't want

to know about it use a cut dude use a

condom don't get her pregnant don't

catch any diseases don't her here

and that definitely that that makes all

the sense in the world

Nathan Francis says love those decks

desk ornaments them shoes Rock yep yep

that's uh that's gonna be Devon's

uniform for tonight's plundering Miami J

apparently he's playing against a guy

who at Cooper Cup last night the jack

man in the house may Tamils wants to

know what I think about Mitch Travis ki

yeah mister Biscay appeared he that he's

not gonna be a bust but I think mister

Biscay is basically I think he's Blake

bortles he has he has limitations and

what a lot of people don't understand is

that mister Biscay he only started

thirteen college football games this is

why he doesn't really look as good as

Baker Baker Mayfield played 48 college

football games mister Biscay has started

he started thirteen so he's got listen

he's got the physical tools but I don't

know he's he's bull a he's below average

Ronnie brooke says Ohanyan is a simp

he's the one that married Serena

Williams Annelle says let's go Panthers

muni says the studio office set up a

Stipe Rishi pet

hey cuz ghost says white guys get even

more hell for dating black women I did

not know that I did not know that white

guys catch hell for Dayton for Dayton

black women I did not know that huh how

about that I did not know that Ronnie

Burke says Donovan the dominant that's

right talking of course about my talking

about my wrist restraints yeah I'm gonna

restrain our wrists of course I you know

I lock it you know have a nice little

lockdown there so she can go anywhere so

yeah Devon's gonna get the she's

gonna get the goddamn I'm gonna the

blonde off of her tell you that right

now mr. big says Donovan is the Rain Man

of stats I just have a really good

memory man I do not forget I don't

forget everything spins E says is the

brother pill on patreon or YouTube yeah

go to O'Shea Duke O'Shea Duke Jackson

O'Shea detections vlog Channel that's

where you will find the brother pill

Ryan Sullivan says the only benefit of

cheating is validating your sexual

market value which seamlessly segues

into today's first topics gentlemen

Western females simply do not respond

well to good treatment from their

significant others I think we all know

and understand that if you call her

beautiful she gets big-headed she stops

trying to look good for you it starts

packing on the pounds etc etc talked

about that and girlfriends are better

than wives if you're attentive to her

needs she calls you clingy right take

down some of that base there if you send

her good morning texts every day and

reseed all her responses become less

frequent further apart the list goes on

and on but you guys get the idea now on

the flip side if you tell her she looks

alright if you're completely selfish by

ignoring her needs in favor of your owns

or texting every few hours or whatever

the you feel like it it makes your

vagina buzz like a bee hive while awhile

eliciting the kind of loyal behavior

that we used to dream of back in the day

when we were sexless beta boys too

up society we live in guys

feminism suck

infidelity gentlemen is the ultimate

slap in the face to men and women alike

however the effect is very very

different between the sexes most of us

here know and understand how a cheating

woman affects us as men

it literally guts us from the inside out

I have been the victim of cheating many

many times and it sucks the truth is the

fallout but actually females on the

other end there they're affected very

differently by infidelity they're

affected very differently by cheating

and the hard truth is the fallout for a

cheating man actually works in his favor

more than he realizes

so I'm gonna give you the three most

advantageous reasons for a man to step

out on a low-quality woman this is for

you guys this is for you guys who have

committed to

oh my god Donovan I committed to a

what the am I gonna do well here's

what here's why you need to cheat on her

number one she needs to know you have

balls most men in America most men in

this part of the world with their

girlfriends they won't so much as

verbally disagree with his woman or even

raise his voice at her now men like this

they are filler they are fearful of the

proverbial shitstorm that they're sure

that they're almost sure that's gonna

happen if they upset the applecart right

for this reason men like this live in a

perpetual state of discontentment caused

by this fear they're paralyzed by this

fear now a man in a relationship where

he's afraid to check his woman for any

reason will lose the single most

important element in keeping her loyal

that is respect a woman cannot love a

man she does not respect guys it cannot

be done and if a man doesn't have any

backbone his woman can't respect him let

alone love him now let's look at this

from the other side now according to

women the two worst things a man can do

to a woman within the context of a

sexual relationship is physical abuse

and infidelity but knowing what we know

about women and about what they tell us

is that these two crimes keep

a hell of a lot longer than the opposite

i've actually addressed the effects of

physical abuse towards women and a past

post why women are more loyal to abusive

men listen men nobody here condones

hitting women nobody here condones being

abusive towards women but the hard truth

you want to if I'm keeping it 100 guess

what women respect their abusers more

than any man in their lives and it's as

simple as that

a man who will not put his hands on a

female this is it's sad for me to say

this I can't believe I'm saying this

this is a sad truth it is very very sad

for me to say and know that a man who

won't put his hands on a female will not

get as much respect from a female as a

man who does that said he got men put

their hands on females all the time

those women respect those men this is

what a up society we live in

incidentally enough infidelity works

exactly the same way if your woman

doesn't think that you'll cheat on her

or worse doesn't think you could she

loses respect and attraction for you

right like it's almost like it's it's

it's similar to raising your voice at

her or being physically abusive not that

we're condoning that but what that does

is that it it shows her that you had the

ability to grab your balls and show some

testicular fortitude that and that you

will not hesitate to do so if the

situation warrants no she's not gonna

like it

when she finds out that you were balls

deep in your side chick last night yes

she's gonna cry and scream and throw it

and throw a tantrum yes she's gonna

throw things at you yes she's gonna say

she hates you she's got that she's gonna

do all that but guess what guys if

she's a low quality woman if she's a

who's cheated she's got a knock

count the triple figures that woman will

be infinitely more loyal to you than her

ex who told you he'd never dream of

cheating on her because he loved her

more than life itself said

number two the second reason why

low-quality women want and need you to

cheat on them is something I call host

selection now men who watch my show men

who listen to me on other podcasts read

my work you guys are familiar with the

concept of pre selection where listen

we're well aware of the fact that if a

woman sees that you have the respect and

adoration of attractive women she'll

become more attracted to you because she

sees that high-value women have signed

off on you right I've actually written

about the concept of post selection and

how it can sometimes post selection and

how can sometimes hinder a man's

endeavors with other women including my

own basically pre selection works

wonders before the hookup right before

you hook up with the girl she sees other

girls want to see you that's all well

and good but postal post selection can

and will burn you if you don't take them

if you do not take the necessary

measures measures to avoid your side

chicks your your your buddies if

you don't avoid all that stuff you don't

eat listen any man can be a

bunch of girls the key is to do it

without them knowing about each other

especially not your main chick now

listen let's keep it real guys even the

best relationships they get a little

stale at some point it listen it could

be because weight gain by by either you

were both you like guys might be being

around each other too much general

boredom could be any number of reasons

what such reason that relationships get

bored is that her attraction to you has

dwindled because she hasn't seen any of

that pre selection that drew her to you

in the first place guys she hasn't seen

that lately you've been so focused on

her and only her you don't take the

flirting with other girls in front of

her or exhibit that domineering persona

that grabs and holds the attention of

attractive yet females at some

point guys that hamster is gonna start

to spin and subconsciously puts thoughts

into her head like well is he really the

best I can do or is he really as

attractive as I thought he was sticking

your dick and another chick indirectly

makes both of those answers a resounding

yes your girl finding out

you've been around that will

remind her that she is not the only

woman who finds you attractive enough to

sleep with and if your side chick is

attractive that only solidifies the fact

that yeah you are the best she can do

again guys she's gonna cry she's gonna

scream she's gonna call you names she's

gonna do all that stuff she may even

break up with you but you can bet your

bottom dollar that as she is crying into

the arms of her bata orbiter she's

wishing his arms were yours she won't

admit it but she wishes those arms were

hers were yours and if you are a

high-value male with great game you're

in good shape you can just about

guarantee that she'll be best she will

be back and she will have a hell of a

lot more loyalty and appreciation for


a lot more than you than she ever did

before you stepped out on her let's take

a look at the chat here before we get to

number three sir tricks a lot says go

Broncos that's funny ganja 88 says sup

I'm purposely going to these streams 30

minutes late yeah I mean I like to do

some commentaries you know less anywhere

between 45 and 45 minute or 30 and 45

minutes and of course most callers call

in at the you know at the the front part

of the show I saw somebody calling in

from area code six one four I don't know

what happened if you want to call back

in feel free and when I get a break in

the action I'll put you on the air and

Al says there is a dude named Kim one

two three in the comment section

trolling you hard last night on the

brother pill I told this punk ass to

call in but don't know if he will miss

that was being trolled by all kinds of

people last night man this is how that

was man that dude the brother pill is

straight dude it was crazy was crazy

we're gonna talk about we're gonna talk

about those a little bit later on

James Martinez says the brother pill

yesterday was fire yes it was random

store ball I haven't seen you in a while

says it's a healthy fear yeah absolutely

absolutely Hashim Abdullah says make

sure that side chick is more attractive

than her yeah

listen dude if the number one you should

never get caught cheating right but if

you get caught getting caught cheating

is bad enough but if your side chick is

ugly or unattractive oh my god oh my god

Annelle has noticed my black girl magic

sign yeah that's my way of trolling Ryan

Sullivan says what is black girl magic

speaking out on the side again right

this is your right

you know black girl magic is is the

black woman's way of saying we're magic

we're special because they know they're

not black women know that they're at the

bottom of the sexual totem pole they

know it's their fault so they made up

this narrative this falsehood called

black girl magic as if somehow being

with them is magical well no it's

magically stupid it's ridiculous

Brandon's story ball says my girl acts

tough with me because she knows that the

government will have our sign and

arguments absolutely absolutely

number three the third reason you should

cheat on your low quality of a

girlfriend soon-to-be ex girlfriend

drama dred guys drama and dread should

be those are those are your those are

your greatest tools in your toolbox

any man who regularly sleeps with

beautiful women knows that if there's no

drama she's bored it's like a collar

you know the pine talked about the

emotional rollercoaster now men like

this also knows that if she feels secure

in the relationship she gets complacent

boredom and complacency listen guys that

is a recipe for all sorts of shenanigans

weight gain bitchiness granny panties

cheating etc those are all floating at


surface but if your relationship becomes

bored and mundane she will find a way to

change that by any means possible and

the way they normally do that is by

cheating other girls and

allowing her to find out that is a

hundred percent certain to create both

drama and dread when she finds out about

your affair there's gonna be plenty of

fireworks like I talked about before

in addition she'll tell anyone who will

listen to her drone on about her

douchebag scumbag boyfriend who cheated

on me with that and she'll tail

that tail as dramatically as a Broadway

actress you can count on it

well cheating also activates dread in my

personal experience nothing and I mean

nothing has been more effective than

keeping women in line - then good

old-fashioned read game there are

actually a few levels to Dredd game and

again this is this is next level game

and again it just depends on your

relationship so level one is flirting

with other chicks in front of your girl

now when she sees you on that when she

sees you engaging this behavior she may

call you out on it she may not but

she'll be motivated to step up her game

because she sees that you can and will

replace her if she doesn't keep her

together I had a consultation last week

with a young guy 21 year old young sharp

guy probably has more game probably has

more game at his age then a lot of us

did at his age he wanted his girlfriend

to suck his dick or he's like suck my

dick again I don't feel like he's

alright that's cool

but check this out I'm going out tonight

and I'm not making any promises and I

don't jerk off what are you saying I'm

not saying anything what I'm saying is

that I'm going out tonight anything can

happen and I'm that jerking off guess

what his bitch sucked his dick now

that's not that that might not be the

approach right the verbal dread game

that I would have taken but guess what

it was effective in her mind she said oh

she did the math well he doesn't jerk

off he's going out I don't want some

other bitch sucking his dick so let me

do that that's how that works

that's level one

level two is talking or texting on the

phone to other girls in front of your


this is a bold move guys but again if

she ain't acting right she needs to be

reminded that you could skate at any

time guys

just like listen just use the age-old oh

she's just a friend relax it's not like

I'm her then pause for like one

second and then say yet well looking a

right in the eye with a slight smirk and

I can guarantee you she will suck the

soul out of your nutsack that night

trust and believe 12 number three the

level three of Jared game is of course

cheap this is maximum level dread game

it's one thing to flirt with other

chicks in front of her it's one thing to

text other girls it is quite literally

another to do the dirty deed with one of

them now

this sensor a method to see here's the

thing flirting with girls sends her a

message that you could other girls

other girls confirms it I've

said it twice and I'll say it again guys

let's see girls gonna cry she's gonna

scream she's gonna call you names she's

gonna dump you she's gonna throw things

at you she's gonna rue the day she met

you but when the smoke clears and that

could take a few days she will still she

will love and respect you tenfold listen

guys and I want to make this clear the

reality of infidelity is that it could

end your relationship in a hurry I mean

listen let's let's not mistake this yeah

you might have your respect and

adoration for Evan the balls to step out

on her but the fact of the matter is it

could still blow up in your face at

least initially but who cares she's a

there's no listen if you if if your

significant other is a and she

leaves you trust me that's you're not

losing there

looks like the chat is still blowing up

chase LeBeau says black girls are magic

then make yourself disappear right black

girl magic that guy there trying so hard

they're trying so hard they really are

like seriously we've all heard stories

about you know about this girl or that

saying that cheating bastard

despite her friends telling her to leave

well you should leave him bla bla bla

bla bla well one of the many reasons she

will not leave her cheating bastard of a

boyfriend is because he's exhibiting the

kind of masculinity and fearlessness

only a small percentage of men can show

these days I'm not gonna tell you that

your woman will never leave you or that

she won't go and somebody else

because you wouldn't him to the

girl cheating on your girl could result

in some unintended consequences there's

no doubt about that but in the end of

the day gentlemen females respect admire

and obsess over men who show them that

they are utterly unafraid of them and

they don't sweat it if this so-called

relationship ends in a world wind of

drama and tweet and tears because of

infidelity or abuse if nothing else if

nothing else we know that there are a

hell of a lot loyal to those men than

the beta males who end things amicably

would never lay a hand on them or would

never dream of looking at another woman

Randy Sargent says those women from last

night are probably still wet yeah they

probably are that was some funny

last night man I'm 10 so now we're gonna

talk about why black men catch so much

heat from the black community for datin

white girls and and again let's let's

let's make this clear guys it's not

sometimes when up when black women are

black made black men don't care if other

black men date Latinas or or Asians or

Indian girls whatever it's the white

girls that burn

among black women yeah they don't like

it when you date any other race of woman

other than black girls but they give you

a little bit more of a pass with other

colored girls well white girls oh my god

they hate that they hate they hate

when niggas date white girls oh they

hate it they hate it this would be the

time to call it if you have a reason if

you have a reason or a theory as to why

black men catch so much heat from the

black community for Nate and white girls

give me a call 911 for two oh five five

three five six or hit me in the chat dee

wheeze points it out it's only white men

and black women who don't like it I

agree I agree black see here's the thing

I'll go to my first reason the reason

why black men don't like it when black

men date white girls this is hate listen

people are often jealous of what they

don't have

third flinging monkey openly made fun of

me for for for liking for admitting that

I like having sex with actual event

earthling monkey has a relationship with

a sex doll out of a problem debt but

then to go make fun of me for having sex

with actual women that's where I draw

the line I challenge up to a debate yes

and go find that on YouTube he never

showed bah bah blah blah but people make

fun of what they can't have

turn flinging monkey he doesn't want to

a sex doll he wants to a human

girl but he can't so he makes fun of

those who do it's like fat girls making

fun of thin girls I look at her she

probably doesn't even she's probably

hungry right now she's probably anorexic

no no no you wish you were anorexic the

reason why black men are dick policing

black women who date white girls is

because they're not anybody if

you were anybody who wouldn't

worry about who I'm but Dee Wiis

makes a very good point

white men and black women definitely

don't like it when when they see black

men with white women they hate that

James Martinez wants to know how you

have a relationship with a sex doll ask

TFM man he's the one that knows oh I'm


oh I'm sorry Ryan Sullivan corrects me

turn flinging monkey doesn't have a sex

doll he has a white boob that's right my

mistake my mistake D we is also makes a

very good point but black women love the

show scandal this reminds me a caller of

a caller that we had last night and you

guys have to go listen you guys have to

go listen to this episode it was Jay

with shenanigans City right out of the

gate I actually had two callers I had

two callers I had one woman call me and

tell me well I'm going to dispel the

myth that black women can't have white

men I said okay go ahead she says well I

have had my options and white men my

whole life I have dated white men

aye-aye-aye aye-aye-aye hung up on her

why because the exception doesn't make

the rule just because you tell me that

you have options and black men even if

you were telling the truth the exception

doesn't make the rules we tart you can

never argue

you can never rebuttal a macro argument

with a micro argument you can't point

out the exception to disagree with the

rule doesn't work that way that was

disingenuous so I hung up on her but

back to what Dee we said about black

women loving the show scandal this

reminds me of another caller this woman

called me up and said yeah where we live

I live up here she I think she I think

she also lived this she says I live in

Seattle and black women swirl all the

time got all these black women datin

white boys not three minutes later she

got in her feeling she got emotional and

she showed her hand what she said was

that you are dating the enemy's daughter

you date white girls I said well hold up

so let me get this straight

let me get this straight it's okay for

you guys to swirl so when you swirl the

enemy's son he's no longer the enemy's

son right or you might just be sleeping

with the enemy so when you swirl you're

not sleeping with the enemy but when we

his daughters we're sleeping with

the enemy's daughter in other words it's

okay for you to date white guys but it's

not okay for us to date white girls I

don't have a problem with I don't have a

problem with black women dating white

guys if you can make white guys dude be

my guest I don't care well we don't want

you in a way fine I don't want y'all

either cool like I like seriously I'm

not mad at you but you're not gonna come

on the air and tell me like the first

words out of her mouth well we got black

women swirling all over the place what

that showed me is that was is that she

was hurt when black women here cuz we

had all kinds of black women say we'll

just go date a white guy no sweetheart

listen it's not that simple white guys

don't watch all they don't and black

women hate that they don't so what they

do is they say well I know someone or I

date Wagner we I know all these black

women who date white guys no the

you don't you don't

it's okay listen take it personally I

don't give a but you're not gonna

tell me that it's okay I'm not gonna

brag about dating white guys and then

tell me that by dating white girls I'm

dating the enemy's daughter

I am a race traitor bitch you with

the sickest one get the out of here

with that nonsense hung up on her dumb

ass to 911 for two oh five five three

five six is the number to call if you

want to get in on the show area code 205

you're on live at Donovan go ahead hey

what's up how you doing what's going on

brother here's the thing and I want to

you know kind of get your opinion I've

been listening to you for a while and so

here's the huge difference that black

women I think they know they just

refused to admit okay you can ingrate

you think you've done at mushara can

ingratiate yourself to any community I'm

in Atlanta Georgia right now been here

for a couple of weeks I have never seen

so much fun career in my life yeah

and so how you

in Gracie you see like Dave massage

erase is not a walk in the park for

quality women outside race especially

white women oh yes so you cannot just

walk in there and and fit in so you have

to learn you have to know the language

right and I think you know what I mean

oh you know they don't know the length

when I listen to this when I see this

that I see right now it's not

possible it's literally not possible

because why would chat I'm not even

talking about the funk ass hair weaves

and the front edge attitudes they just

don't like white culture right so they

can't know I didn't want to get your

take on this yeah listen and and thanks

for the call haricots 205 yeah he's

absolutely right a lot of people in the

chat last night that refers exactly to

what era co2 if I was talking about they

said well you bait white girls because

it's low-hanging fruit no no no no no no

no no white girls for black men are not

low-hanging fruit listen man listen you

may know of a black man who can who can

slay who can slay white girls without

trying those are the exceptions to the

rule those are the rappers those are the

recording artists those are the

professional athletes right Jarvis

Landry I'm sure has every white

girl in Cleveland I'm sure he

every white girl down in Miami

tio do tio every white girl in

San Francisco Philadelphia Dallas and

Cincinnati those are professional

athletes so those are the exceptions to

the rule

Russell Westbrook I'm sure he's

every white girl in Oklahoma City those

are the exceptions to the rule but for

the rest of us the for the for the rest

of us everyday guys high-quality

dude even low-quality white girls that's

not a walk in the park you still gotta

have game why because white girls prefer

white guys at least they do in the

beginning just like see black men we

prefer black women in the beginning but

if we don't get what we're needing out

of black women we jump what's the

same thing with white girls white girls

prefer white guys most of the time but

when they're not getting what they want

or need from white guys they jump

and this it's so funny how the the

parallels and the juxtapositions just

mirror each other

black men we jump ship because we're not

getting enough femininity from black

women white girls jump ship because

they're not getting enough masculinity

from white men ain't that's something

but then the white guys and the black

women who aren't exhibiting enough

masculinity or femininity now they want

to get mad well the reason you're mad is

because you know you're a net you know

you know you're inadequate

that's why but back to what 205 was

talking about listen black women just

don't speak the language they just don't

well I know of a black woman who know

white guys don't want you they might use

you for a one-night stand and even if

they do you have to be an exquisite

specimen I mean unless you're stacey

dash zoe saldana Halle Berry Serena

Williams who is probably has more

testosterone in her system than I do

unless you were a top one percenter

Paula Patton Megan good what's it what's

the girl's name that plays in scandal

mary did not be awesome wha I can't

believe I can't I can't believe I don't

know her name right now Wow

Kerry Washington unless you are that

caliber of black woman dude white dudes

ain't checking for you

Tiffany Haddish tried to bang Leonardo

DiCaprio he curbed her white dudes don't

want black women they just don't they

don't and they hate it sees the thing

black women don't want white men they

don't the first choice of black women is

black men but the high quality black men

are jumping ships what they're trying to

do is they're trying to lure spick and

look at us we can date white guys look

listen fine do you get the out of

here I don't care they want us they they

want us to know they want us to think

they date white guy so give me the no no

no no don't date white guys we're still

here we're still quality now bitch do

you do you but he's right high quality

black men we speak the language men we

can ingratiate ourselves and here's the

thing we don't even have to ingratiate

ourselves with white culture an area

code 404 I see you when the Cuban it

gets you in a second they can see we

don't have to ingratiate ourselves all

we have to do is be masculine all we

have to do is show dominance listen the

hardware is different the software is

the same women come

completely and wholly submit to absolute

dominance black women don't like

dominant men the more dominant you act

around black women the more dominant

they act around you

ain't nobody true this is a nobody

trying to ain't nobody trying to be with

a dominant woman or want to be dominant

one I'm not trying to do it very good

call my haricots oh fitness for life

that's what that was him okay

very very good let's go back to the

phone lines

area code 404 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hey gamez good is take

the boat CB what's going on Jason okay

it's all good I didn't want to go and

touch on the subject about black guys

getting white girls and whiter check so

much heat and can you hear it myself

yeah I have older parents so they grew

up around during the civil rights era oh


okay and from them yeah so from there I

see hear it all the time okay you miss

with a white girls gonna end up like a

material little white girls go wound up

getting messed up my son adjusting I'll

get you they're gonna do this they don't

do that whatever whatever so a lot of

that comes from what a bit of a racial

element because of what happened to

Emmett Till and other black me and

they've got it oh you want to know some

that like person check this out you want

to know something that's legit like

listen your parents grew up where they

had the fire hoses on the black people

you know what I'm saying

like I get it I understand but this is

2018 mm-hmm yeah that's what they don't

understand is like it's not 1965 anymore

and then all you got to do is take one

stroll around Midtown and once you get

past the LGBT group you see so many

interracial couples like if they don't

even it's not even the same thing


right yes but you can't be Pro black if

you have a light-skinned or a white

chick on your that's the dumbest

dude it's like you can't be pro black

well guess what I guess I'm not

Pro black and by the way the definition

of Crow black it's fake Pro black is

taking the side of black people no

matter what never mind the fact that

black people in some cases might be

responsible for the bad that

happens to them nah

it was race as it moves all the white


long I get out of here with that man yes

listen yes we are victims of systematic

racism but that does not mean that we do

not lay a hand in some of the up

that we've been in right and that's

the thing and then another thing I found

out is that like you say they don't

speak the language yeah that's true

because I can notice that when I see a

lot of black people and white people

yell at my job you know you see them

steel section themselves off is very few

that know how to listen there's very few

black people that know how to be social

around any situations around any person

right and it just feel out of place

right some people hadn't even live on

Decatur oh they go to outrunning like

one there all the time

damn listen listen we got niggas ain't

even been on a win at County right right

they've been to Quitman County

Dehlia no-goodnik county exist about a

thing I remember years ago I got to

arguing with a guy because he thought

got a job in Roswell and he kept saying

like I can't go out of town I can't go

out of town you know Martin gold

mandates right here it is out of town

this is how narrow-minded get that world

God you gotta be kidding me and black

women are the same way this again this

this to me is in and again like I don't

blame black women for being upset I'd be

pissed off too if my only option it to

me I would be I would be I would I would

be pissed off as well if my only option

were not wanting to date me anymore but

they got nobody to blame but themselves

chase thanks for the calm and I

appreciate you calling and you're

welcome to call in any time and L says

like lar said last night black women

date white men out of spite black men

date white women because they can very

good Sean C says all those black women

with the African husbands missed the

point last night yeah we had a woman

call him from Philly talking about oh

I'm married to an African man and this

not the other so if you're married to an

African man why are you calling into our

show like again like if you're happily

married and I remain we kept telling her

we want femininity she said I'm feminine

we're like no sweetheart you are you're

not feminine that's all

Juanes feminity man and just like la our

movement said last night man like we are

giving you the answers to the test we

are giving you the open book test black

women could corner the market black

women have already cornered the market

on most black men but what they're mad

about is that niggas like me ain't

checking for them anymore

listen there's not a high-value black

guy man I'm in shape I'm good-looking

I'm educated I got money I got money

saved up I'm doing good for myself think

i'ma share that with someone who's not

feminine unappreciative that one

girl actually called up and says listen

you have to go where you wanted black

women didn't want me in the past all

right cool I didn't sweat it I said all

right well guess what there's white

girls there's latina girls if black

girls don't want me I'll just go so I'll

just go somewhere else and now they're

mad now they're mad that I've gone

somewhere else very very good very good

excellent call there by Chase LeBeau

ganja and eighty-eights is funny because

Frederick Douglass married a white woman

and still champion to improve black

people's place in American society I did

not know that one Titan says they are

still living through Kerry Washington

these bitches scandal bitches

fitness for life says that's the issue

it's because black men are their only

option black women don't want to admit

that we're their only option they don't

want to admit it but we are out listen

listen man black women are at the bottom

of the sexual totem pole man they are

and they know they are that's why

they're mad not listen this is one of

the three reasons that I don't blame

black women for being angry I wrote

about that on Negro manosphere calm I

don't blame you baby girl but if you're

at the bottom of the sexual totem pole

then guess what you got some you got

some work to do when I figured out when

I figured out that I wanted to be a

certain type of woman a black white

Hispanic Asian Indian whatever I wanted

to eat higher quality women so what did

I have to do I had to become a higher

quality guy I was 312 pounds and lazy I

am NOT 312 pounds and lazy anymore guys

trust and believe right but black women

are trying to hear that they don't want

to adjust they don't want to improve

they want us to accept them as they are

I don't have to improve I'm a black

woman hashtag black girl magic that's

why you need to get with me now bitch


you're fired fitness for life says more

Kyrie more from Kyrie Irving more from

Michael B Jordan no black women allowed

yeah man

like women hated that there was

also the self-hate

straw man argument and it's funny black

men and black women always like to tell

us that you date white girls because you

hate yourself now nah man here's the

thing the manifestation of self hate is

self harm whether it's directly or

indirectly we've all heard of people who

have self hate issues they cut

themselves they harm themselves you

engage in self-destructive behaviors

smoking drinking too much unprotected

sex risky behavior if I hated myself

then I would do things to harm myself so

dating feminine women who like to suck

dick who like to cook who like to clean

who actually want to treat a man well

not that black women don't know what it

takes to keep a man around they know

what it takes to keep a man around they

just don't want to do it but dating

women who are pleasant to be around

they wanted to please you Devon dude

Devon loves that look on my face when

she walks out in this stuff

she loves to please me sometimes she

doesn't like the process but she loves

to please me so being around those kind

of women who take good care of you that

is subjecting myself to good things that

is not subjecting myself to harmful

behavior so by very definition if I

really did hate myself then I

date black women because by dating black

women I would be inflicting self-harm

because I hate myself

that is an abject fallacy it is a straw

man argument black men who date white

women don't hate themselves you want us

you want us to think you want to think

we hate ourselves to make you feel

better about the fact that we have moved

to greener pastures it's okay your

secret's safe with me but that is a

straw man argument Brendon store ball

says it's self love yeah fitness for

life says dude smell a white girl's hair

and a black oh nope it's for life

oh no you just milk this oh

oh no oh my god hey listen man you

smell the white girls listen you smell a

black if you've been smelling black

women black women hair your whole life

do you smell the hair of a white girl oh

my god would you right you're right

let's John Jefferson says I do like a

girl that can wash her hair right

exactly can you wash your hair do you

have to sleep like this no that is that

is hilarious

tattooed African says I have to be

honest my last black woman tore me up

with a craziness controlling and

aggressiveness I literally argue with

her day-in day-out

it was crazy we had a couple of women

call into the show last night and try to

present us with the straw man argument

well this is based on your opinion and

experiences ah yes it's so funny they

tried to disqualify my experience well

this is based on your experience yes it

is based on my experience and when they

say this is based on your experience

what they're doing is they're trying to

say they're trying to isolate my

experience what they're trying to say is

that Donovan your experience with black

women is isolated you're the only one

with that experience

had one of these sim fastenings calling

in talk about have you dated every black

woman no have you met every black woman

no I have not

so how can you say all black women well

because tens of millions of black men

are all sharing the same stories we're

all sharing the same experiences we have

1200 people watching the broadcast last

night the stories don't lie so what what

tens of millions of black men decided to

just get together and lie about their

experiences with black women as an

excuse to date white girls hell no we

all gave black women a try we went where

we were wanted we went where we were

needed I remember one girl called an

Ellie our movement pulled her card she

called up and said but Dad avid well I'm

not gonna do my girl boys cuz she didn't

really sound like that but she she tried

to make a big deal about the fact that

she says well hell he said the reason

why you date white girls is because they

suck dick and they're feminine or know

they suck dick and they're submissive I

would take that as an insult and therein

lies the problem gentlemen a black woman

calls the show and tells me if I were a

white woman and a black man says that he

would date me because I suck dick and

I'm feminine I would be offended that's

the problem of course you would you're a

black woman you get offended at the idea

that a man actually wants you to suck

his dick you get offended at the idea of

actually being feminine later on she

went to say later on she went on to say

that well those were the only two

reasons that you gave and I would be

offended if those were the only two


even if that was accurate and no that

was not those were not the only two

reasons that they sucked dick and that

they're feminine but let's just say that

that's what I said I did I had a laundry

list of reasons why white girls are

superior to black women in terms of long

term relationships etcetera etcetera

etcetera but even if it was only suckin

dick and being feminine do black girls

suck dick are black girls feminine

maybe and hell no you're gonna give me

maybe a half a point at it - I'll take

white girls I'll take white girls Shh

Randi's sergeant says her that weave

smells like a jockstrap in the fourth

quarter oh man

y'all niggas are savage yes jeopardy

Clark says black women want Neiman

Marcus at Target prices it doesn't work

that way no no they want Neiman Marcus

for target effort that's what they want

they want to be able to just exist and

by virtue of the color of their skin be

entitled to the highest quality black

men out there simply because they're

black didn't work that way sweetie

fitness for life says Atlanta Georgia

it's like someone put a spell on these

women they all slap themselves in the

head all day long Brandon's store ball

says you don't say all you generalize

yeah that there you go right you're

generalizing no I'm not tens of millions

of black women or black men can't be

wrong no not every single solitary black

woman is like that but the vast majority

of them are and that's what we're

talking about so you're generalizing

that's social justice way you're talking

I've been to Boston twice people in

Boston are rude does that mean that

every single solitary person in Boston

is rude and has a problem no but

anyone who's been to Boston decided dude

they walk on red faces they got

a attitude problem they're

racist people it is what it is

you're generalizing yeah yeah I am and

there's nothing wrong with generalizing

listen gentlemen stereotypes exist for

reason there's nothing wrong with

stereotypes stereotypes are dangerous no

they're accurate stereotypes are the

reason why we survive that's how this

goes yeah that generalizing

yeah those funny

yeah well Sean Jefferson says what about

the one dating a white man but say white

girl's enemy to the black man yeah yeah

I talked about her earlier yeah talked

about the woman by the way who was a

single mother who said everybody in

Seattle swirls everybody swirling but

you're a date mute you're sleeping with

the enemy's daughter bitch shut the

up get the out of here

LaShawn Jefferson disagrees this note

they want to snatch and grab even more

kiss oh my god

you know what's interesting the black

women who called up they talked to all

this they tried to rationalize and

black man is the problems the standards

are unrealistic and we've tried this and

you know the woman from Philly we tried

everything and we tried this and that in

the other we got women bleaching their

skin dyeing their hair blonde taking up

white girl activities blah blah blah

blah blah we've tried everything and

nothing works well here's the problem

sweetheart you are imitating everything

that a white girl does you metate the

way they look the way they dress some

black women even try to imitate the way

they talk watch the dude watch the show

insecure that's a funny ass

actually yeah yeah watch the show

insecure and I swear to God if Lawrence

Issa I'm done I'm done if Lawrence

gets back with Issa oh my god I'm done

anyway anyway the interesting thing is

the interesting thing is is that what

they left out they said we copied we

copied everything their hair the color

contacts the way they dress the way they

talk really the one thing they didn't

try to copy was femininity they copy

everything white girls do except for

femininity we don't want you to blonde

hair like white girls we don't want you

to look or act or talk like white girls

we don't want you to dress like white

girls be you baby girl just be feminine

femininity comes in all different types

all different colors all different

shapes femininity is hot guys

femininity is a bone femininity is a

boner maker femininity is dude it's in

- Katie this is why feminine are

dude feminine are dangerous oh my

god jesus christ you see a girl

with all the tails and she's

feminine oh man I got a nail and

bail but black women out here - oh we've

tried everything we tried to imitate the

white woman really

have you tried imitating femininity no

next caller miss me with that

let's go back to the phone lines area

code six one four you're on live with

Donovan go ahead let's go man he said a

little thing earlier I don't want to

touch on it you're talking about the

abusive man in the right chip yep

personally I'm I would never hit my

Jenny I don't condone that but a quick

question I made a joke about about that

like holla yeah I hit you and Sheila

straight-up said oh well you did that I

would leave I'm just gonna fix me also

how would you respond to that I wouldn't

if she said if you hit me I would leave

I just found my shoulders just I

wouldn't respond to it again

women say in it's funny I actually had a

conversation with this god I actually

had a conversation with Devon about this

and it was it was right before I dropped

one of my articles on return to King's

this was maybe a year and a half two

years ago and I told I asked her cuz I

knew what she was gonna say I said if I

ever put my hands on you if I ever hit

you would you respect me she says well

no I said yeah you would I said you

wouldn't like me very much you wouldn't

like it and hit but you would respect me

no I wouldn't respect her I said okay

check this out the reason why Conor

McGregor and Josie Aldo are in a ring

circling each other in an MMA fight and

nobody's swinging and nobody's swinging

for swinging to the hilt all the time is

because they respect each other straight

did those guys like each other no

Conor McGregor hint hates Josie Aldo and

Josie Aldo definitely hates Conor

McGregor because McGregor put his ass

out in 18 seconds right but they respect

each other's fighting ability and

fighting power women might not like

masculinity they might not like getting

hit but guess what they respect it now

just like you said your girl says well

if you would hit me I would leave

maybe but she'd be back that's how it is

again nobody's condoning putting hands

on your woman but when you're your woman

in it this is the funny thing is that

your woman is telling you what she would

like your woman told you that because

she would like to think that she would

but she she wouldn't she wouldn't and

she she doesn't understand that she

wouldn't and of course I mean I know who

you are I know that you would never do

that but women who have never been

physically have never suffered abuse

physical abuse at the hands of a man

they would like to think that they could

leave a man who would be physically

abusive women would love to think that

they could leave a man who cheated on

them women would love to think that they

could leave a man who was a complete

asshole women would love to think that

they could leave a man who was just

absolutely selfish women would love to

think that they could leave a man who is

quote bad for them in every way but the

truth is is none of them ever do they'll

tell you that they will and then they go

to there then they go to the friend zone

guys house why can't I meet a guy like

you because you're too busy guys

like him the abusive asshole that's why

all right yeah that makes perfect sense

it just was pretty much who said it but

it would never happen of course not and

she doesn't know that she would leave

you but chances are she wouldn't just

based on what I know about her right you

the man dude will definitely talk sooo a

man word up dude take care that's my man

Bryan in Ohio that's my boy man

Chauncy oh my god this you guys oh my

god you guys are savages jeopardy

Clark oh man you guys are killing it in

the jet oh

and Nell says unsecure is a great

example of modern black of modern black

millennial relationships I am Lawrence I

think Lawrence is the average black man

in my opinion I think he is too

his dumb ass is about double his dumb

ass is about to fall back for Issa he

can see anybody who watches this show he

said cheated on Jesusita Don Lawrence

with Daniel now here's the thing Daniel

or Lawrence wasn't he was a

loser he's you know you knew you knew

and of course they did that for the show

right I'm not saying that Lawrence

deserved to get cheated on but ISA

cheated on Lawrence because Lawrence

wasn't really a man now Lawrence has the

going on he's tall dark handsome

he's getting at he's getting more ass

than a toilet seat but now you want to

go back to ISA come on man jeopardy

Clark says black women complain about

black men standards in women because

they are losers they can't compete with

other non black women yeah that's why

they're men no no here's the thing

here's the thing jeopardy I agree with

you but I disagree at that last part

it's not that black women can't compete

because they can the problem is that

they won't what women say all the time

well I suck dick I'm sure you do but you

won't like they could compete they have

just chosen not to because they don't

feel like they have to why because they

are black and they are entitled to black

men fitness for life says how can you

make a gorilla oh come on man don't do

that Sean seize this black girl

femininity chase Lobos has a girly-girl

instant boner dude I swear to God like

kerley girls dude oh my god dude

listen man when Devin gets home from

work she's she's she she never acts

masculine but when she gets home from

work man she's you know listen she's

tired right I'm in here doing my thing

or whatever but after she cools off

after she cools off a little bit she's

very very like when we go out like when

I take her out on a proper date she's

very very girly girl

my god it's like she sprays on

pheromones and she's just it's just

super feminine I love it

tattooed African says a girly girl is so

attractive pretty yes pretty toes hand

soft skin right Devon's got our nails

done or toes painted oh Jesus Christ I

have two dude I haven't her in

two nights

I'm getting a boner just thinking about

that one guy who called in said

something very interesting and I'm gonna

paraphrasing here he said yeah you know

you know you you you date you date black

women I date black when I'm not really

attracted to white women okay cool hey

personal preference he said we've got

guys out here who have taught us how to

become men right black women respond to

masculinity black women respond well to

men who know the game all right he says

so instead of complaining about black

women you have to know black women he

said you gotta study your opponent I'm

sorry opponent since when since when

does my female significant other since

when is she an opponent that's a problem

black women black men and black women

are competing with each other we had a

caller talk about that yesterday too

he says when you get into even from the

first interaction with black women it's

all competition you're sizing each other

up who the wants to deal with that

nonsense you go on a date with a white

girl there is no competition everything

is like it's supposed to be you know an

underlying theme with all of the female

callers from last night is that none of

them listened all they wanted to do was

talk talk talk yep yep yeah they would

ask a question I would attempt to answer

it and they would literally just keep

they would just talk right through me

men I'm not gonna be with a woman he

does that I'm stewed I'm sorry man I'm

just not gonna do it it listen when I'm

trying to give you instruction but

you're just literally you are purposely

talking through me you're

walking while I'm talking listen you

guys know I struggle with my temper a

little bit nothing sets me off more than

when people talk through you I can't

stand it when people talk through me man

and if I'm not gonna deal with it on the

goddamn phone I'm not gonna deal with it

in real life that I'm not gonna do

that another theme to this was

nation-building had a lot of people in

the chat and on the phone lines talking

about if we don't read with our own kind

we can't build nations and take over

this country black people make up 13% of

the population if black people were to

only breed with black people

it wouldn't what would it take us and

and I mistakingly I mistakenly said on

the air that yeah we could probably take

it over in one generation I don't know

what I was thinking that was dumb

I shouldn't said that the guy was a cool

guy and I was kind of got caught I kind

of got swept up in his flow I didn't

really hold frame that well I'm not

perfect right so I'm gonna retract that

statement but nation-building check this


that's niggas don't give a

about nation-building black women don't

give a about generations black

people are every bit as selfish as white

people Hispanic people Asian people in

Indian people don't come at me with that

about nation-building that's

you don't give a

any more than I do

what you don't care about black people I

care very much about black people but

for you to tell me that you are

concerned about black people 200 years

after you've been dead and buried that

is disingenuous you don't give a

about nation-building that and

you the out of here nation-building

don't nobody give a about that and

pretending that you do pretending that

you do is disingenuous

the fitness for life says Donovan

there's a reason Bobby Knight John

Thompson lost recruits why deal with

that go to Syracuse go to Florida

yeah yeah I agree I agree yeah Bobby

Knight was a he was a tyrant he was he

was all confrontational etc etc at the

end of the day guys the reason why black

men catch heat from other black men for

dating white girls is because a he if a

black man is not attracted to white

women those guys don't normally those

guys will have a problem with a state

and white girls I listen I don't prefer

them anyway do what you do but the black

men that hate on other black men for

datin white girls y'all want to

these white girls but you can't so you

hate on those that do black men capes

black men catch hate from black women

for datin white girls is because they

know we are dating the superior breed of

women we are dating women who are ultra


well white girls do it too yes they do

do it too and they do it worse but at

least we get something out of the deal

white girls get up to more fuckery than

black women white girls cheat more than

black women more a button now here's the

thing more white women have multiple

babies by multiple father than black

women yes they do but guess what the

percentages are off of course there are

more white women without of wedlock kids

there are more white women than black

women percentage-wise much higher in the

black community so don't give me that

nonsense but listen let's take that out

white women get up to just as much if

not more fuckery than black women why

because they can but at least with white

girls you get something out of the deal

at least you get that femininity at

least you get that deference at least

you get that pleasant company black

girls cheap so do white girls black

girls disrespect men

so do white girls great black girls

behave badly so do white girls 9

second but there's no benefit to dating

black women you don't get the femininity

from black women you don't get black

women who suck dick you don't get black

women who who actually cook and clean

dating a black woman is like paying rent

and an apartment that you don't live at

that's what it is

like you're putting in the money or not

getting anything so miss me with that

white girls do it too black or old 82nd

again black women hate on black men for

datin white girls because they know

we're happy black men hate on black

women black men for dating white girls

because they want to and they know they


Ryan Sullivan says only the political

hardcore care about nation building

equals pouring frenzy right chase Lobo

says this was on a Tyra Banks talk show

at a doctor's office years ago when a

black man voiced their concerns the only

women rolling their necks and sassing

were all the black women all other races

of women listen right right tattooed

African asks do you think that's why

black men and white women bond because

of our superior ways you know what

that's a very good question man that is

it you know what is a mean that's a good

question man because black men the

average Wow you know what that's a very

good question because the average black

men is far more masculine than the

average black men within the average

white man the average white woman is far

more feminine than the average black

woman so when you get ultra masculine

and ultra feminine yeah it might create

a stronger bond just because both you

know both you know kinds of people

really fit into those you know fit into

those uh traditional gender roles

tattooed African says you don't see

white women cheating on brothers too

often you're right

I agree with that I agree with that

white girls do cheat on black men that

that's for sure but they don't do it

often I will give you that I will give

you that

excellent show today my thanks to all of

my callers including my man chase LeBeau

in Atlanta

my man Brian at Ohio my man in the 702

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