Why women shit test and how to handle it (Episode 373)

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subretinal truth wisdom and awareness it

is Monday December 3rd 2018 we are

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beard game alright let's get right to it

personally I have owned many many dogs

in my life I've owned big dogs I've

owned small dogs I've owned cute dogs

I've owned crazy dogs I've owned

schnauzers I've grown German shepherds

I've owned you know Labrador retrievers

right now I've got a couple of Cavalier

King Charles Spaniels cute little things

my dogs have been named all sorts of

names I've had dogs named Buddy pepper

Quinn Hudson Rocco Izzy and on and on

and on and right now I've got a like I

said the two dogs I have now are Chester

and Daisy now all of my dogs have had

different personalities different traits

different habits and so forth okay the

bottom line is that they all have they

all have different breed characteristics

and the bottom line is that I've owned

many many dogs right and they're all

very very they're all different but at

the end of the day they're all just dogs


if you don't potty train them they're

gonna pee and poop in the house if you

don't lock your shoes in the closet

they're gonna tear your shoes up when

you're gone this is just how this works

if you leave food where they can get it

guess what they're gonna do they're

gonna eat it now why do dogs do these

things well it's just because it's just

what dogs do right we know it we accept

it we act and react accordingly well

yesterday personal story here yesterday

Devin and I went grocery shopping and

when we came home there we go and when

we came home my male dog Chester had

gotten in to the trashcan and had shit

everywhere and guys I was fucking pissed

I'm like fuck god damn it Chester I'm

bitching and complaining to Devon you

know just going through the whole usual

song and dance whenever Chester goes

through this kind of thing he does this

every time but guess what guys this was

my fault

I knew the trash had to be taken out but

because the lid wasn't closing all the

way right we have one of those trailer

we have one of those trash cans that you

can step on the step in the lid opens

that it closes back automatically the

reason we got it is because Chester is a

smart little fucker who has solved every

other kind of trash can we've tried now

this one works just fine so long as the

lid is all the way down but when the

trash needs to be taken out the lid

doesn't close all the way

Chester of course recognized this as

soon as we left and then he went to work

this was my fault now I can't get mad at

my dog for doing what I know he's gonna

do doesn't matter why he does this he's

a dog it's just what he does and because

I got lazy and I didn't take out the

trash which there's really no excuse for

because we live in a building with a

trash chute inside of our building and

it's literally a seven second walk from

our apartment but because I was lazy

didn't take out the trash

Chester reminded me very quickly not to

be lazy women are the same in this

regard they come at different colors

shapes and sizes they come from

different walks

life they have different characteristics

different habits and so forth but at the

end of the day they're all the same

meaning that they all have the same

operating system and that operating

system has one singular high pergamus

objective and that objective is to get

with the highest value mail available to

them now there are many ways to

determine which males have the highest

value on the physical side there's

height build race jawline etc etc

muscles and so forth economically what

kind of car does he drive where does he

live does they have a nice house or

condo what's he do for a living how much

money does he make and so on and so


but if a man passes the smell test in

terms of per in terms of his perceived

value all women have one last and final

way to find out what your value really

is and it's been tried and true since

the dawn of time and this is what we

call the shit test shit tests gentlemen

are inevitable expecting a pretty girl

not to shit test you when you approach

her is like me leaving my trash lid open

my trashcan lid open an expecting

Chester just to leave it alone

not gonna happen first off let's go

ahead and get let's go ahead and define

exactly what a shit test is and as a

side note in the PUA pickup community

these are also called congruence tests

or fitness tests you guys will see this

vernacular change from person to person

there are a few more names out there for

shit tests but they all being basically

the same thing the simple definition of

a shit test is that it is a woman's way

of testing your masculinity that's it

what kind of man are you are you man

enough now women's shit test it many

different times for many different

reasons right

all women shit test you when you're

trying to chat them up they do this to

exposure insecurities they do this to

test your frame and most women at some

point will shit test you by throwing a

fit in an attempt to emotionally


you into doing whatever it is that she

wants you to do this happens in

long-term relationships short mid

long-term relationships I've talked

about this particular brand of shit

testing at length recently in Episode

two sexually not recently back in

episode 267 how to stop female

manipulation with the red pill approach

and you can find that episode on Donovan

sharp calm you'll find a lot of other

definitions out there but they all mean

the same thing which is a test of your

frame and masculinity and of course a

frame as we all know is defined as your

ability to keep your cool and to keep

your wits about you in difficult or

uncomfortable situations now the way

women view your masculinity it

encompasses a few different elements and

we'll go over that here shortly but like

I said before women should test for many

different reasons and they do it in many

many different situations all girls will

shit test you at some point because it's

who they are this is what they do

Chester's a dumpster diver it is who he

is so don't get frustrated guys don't

lose your cool when girls shit tests

because you need to understand that it

is in a female's nature to shit test men

in this way it's a survival mechanism on

a biological level they have a lot more

to lose than men you knock up a woman

that is that's nine months of her life

that she's given up then she's gotta

have the kid she's got to get back into


her body is wrecked her body is ruined

she's got to get her vagina back she's

got to get her vagina back straight

she's gonna make the stretch marks go

away it's a huge investment men on the

other hand we know how much of it this

might be bust the nut on the girl that's

it she gets pregnant but we're not

affected physically not much of a price

for us to pay sperm is cheap eggs are

expensive right so this is why women are

much more selective in who they sleep

with than men are they have a lot that

there's a lot more invested with sex yes

of course you know listen there's

abortion there's birth control and I

know you guys are gonna talk about that

but the biological hard drive doesn't

take that into consideration girls are

just listen girls are going to be more

selective because a it's their

biological imperative and B they have

more options

they can afford to be more selective a

female doesn't want to mate with a male

she doesn't want to mate with a guy that

she doesn't perceive as masculine or

having masculine traits right she might

want to get with a guy who doesn't have

masculine traits because he might have

money alpha fucks beta bucks

good genes good dad right alpha C beta

need we all know the economy's on a

sexual level gentlemen a woman isn't

going to become attracted to you if she

thinks you're weak now relationship-wise

your woman won't stay attracted to you

if she feels you're losing your edge and

a lot of times you're a woman will test

you periodically just to make sure that

you are you are still the same person

that you were when you first got

together again guys don't take it


don't get upset this is just how they

are Devin does the same thing guys all

women are like that women also know that

men like ourselves men who have red pill

awareness we don't go off trying to show

off our masculinity by peacocking or

looking for reasons to show it off so

they feel compelled to test us to make

sure that we're still the strong

attractive masculine men they want and

need so what we're gonna do tonight is

we're gonna take a look at some of the

most common shit tests or the common

types of shit tests that women deploy

right we're gonna take a look at why

they deploy them and what kinds of what

kinds of relationships and varying

degrees that they're used in now guys

now listen man if you guys think this is

gonna be me telling you okay if she says

no don't listen not gonna sit here and

give you a crib sheet of shit test

responses because I did that way back in

Donovan's den volume 2 and plus I've

said this before the way I respond and

the wording I use won't necessarily work

for you because we're different people

right we have different voices different

body language etcetera etc that doesn't

mean it won't but it's it's just one of

those it's one of those things you got

to put your own spin on it

but what I will do is I will go over

various techniques of dealing with in

passing shit tests that have all proven

to be quite effective having this

knowledge and understanding why women

shit test will better equip you to deal

with them yes guys I am gonna give you a

few examples of certain shit tests and

how to respond to those shit tests but

if you're just reciting word you heard

from me or other guys out there without

understanding the why the how and the

purpose you're gonna come across as a

freshman pickup artist who's hitting on

his very first girl for the very first

guy for the very first time and guess

what guys

girls don't fuck guys like this if you

don't act like you've been there before

if you act like this is your first rodeo

this is not gonna be your first rodeo

most guys think that shit tests happen

during hiccup and seduction hey this is

the only time they think this happens

guys I'm here to tell you that shit

testing throughout your dealings with

any given woman never ends it never ends

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new audience i watch the Tyson Fury

versus Deontay Wilder super fight this

past weekend was a good fight Tyson Fury

won the fight but the fight was declared

a draw for those of you who did not

watch it was a very good fight it was a

good fight only because of the 12th


Deontay Wilder knocked Tyson Fury down

and he looked like he was comatose he

thought it was over

Deontay Wilder gave the it's over Tyson

Fury I don't know how he did this but he

he managed to he managed to wake up from

a coma he managed to wake up from his

coma staggered to his feet

look the referee in the air it looked

the referee in the eye managed to

continue and then came back and hurt

Wilder in the end it was a draw but

anyone who watched anyone who watched

this fight knows that that Tyson Fury

won this fight he should have gotten the

decision and any any person who thinks

that Deontay Wilder won the fight is

black and you're watching with your

emotions no do us a while there won the

fight no no he didn't and you know he


wanted him to win the fight because

you're black I'm black too I wanted him

to win the fight but Tyson Fury made

sport of Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder landed one and a half

right hands he knocked fury down with

the both of them unfortunately he

couldn't continue landing those right

hands Tyson Fury literally did like

Tyson Fury gave us the blueprint he told

us what we already knew Deontay Wilder

cannot box

he's a listen he's an excellent puncher

great listen great fighter great puncher

not a good boxer terrible boxer fiancee

while there would be wise to learn to

box before he fights a guy like maybe

Anthony Joshua or maybe even Tyson Fury

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old school writer mr. make in the house

Miami Jay is a little salty attaboy

I didn't make the playoffs because of

yeah he didn't make the playoffs because

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good to see you in here ray in PG BK

from the Rockies Jaden Woods says what's

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on that article Rob Marine is in the

house good to see you in here Rob Cruise

good to see you in here as well James

are good to see you in here Rob Chris is

dank Donovan why do you rational male

books look bigger than mine it's because

I'm black Rob's because I'm black

Brandon store ball is in the house spin

says he caught up on older shows while

stuck in the hospital helped pass the


hope spins is doing okay love para well

I'll just call you love P shout out to


shut up the Vico 7:58 Dennis in Denver

says shit test is a boundary test yes

Stephen G says Donovan how do women's

shit test height I don't know I don't

know I'm not a short guy like listen I

happily I have a couple of guys who

asked me hey Donovan give me advice for

short guys I mean I'm not short guy so I

don't know I don't and listen no

disrespect Stephen I would love to help

you out but I've never gotten the I've

never gotten the I don't date short guys

shit test cuz I'm 6 1 um I don't know I

don't know that's and again listen I

don't I don't I'm not gonna comment on

things I don't have experience with

right like I don't like to give theories

on elective hypotheticals I like to give

you guys the sharp reality like I picked

the name of the show for a reason

rob is in the house

Rob says black women shit test the

hardest for my experience this is why

black women are ass-backwards right they

have the least amount of options they're

at the bottom of the sexual totem pole

they are the least desirable yet they

shit test the most unbelievable it's

like like like black women are like fat

girls who act like tens I just I just I

just don't I don't get it

spins says no shit test means not worth

the effort totally agree I say this all

the time in the sales gig you're selling

high ticket items they used to sell

mattresses and if a customer comes in

how much is this mattress $7,500 oh

that's a pretty good price they're not

gonna buy from you

if they really had $7,500 where they

planned on buying a mattress they'd be

like whoa 7,500 what the fuck am I gonna

spend $7,500 for like why am I gonna

drop this kind of coin on a mattress

Steve menchaca good to see you in here

freelance Ronan in the house says shit

tests are perpetual women will do them

until they go to the grave yeah this is

who women are don't listen dogs are

gonna dogs are gonna dig holes in the

backyard they're gonna chew up your

shoes they're gonna get in your trash

can that's just how this is deffenbaugh

in a couple of amazon packages probably

Christmas presents

all right Stephen Buckner says he says

in here taking notes good to see you in

here can PD says he's being shit tested

by a Twitter thought fucking Twitter

thoughts if a Twitter I was shit testing

you oh my god alright okay alright so

they're offering Stephen G the advice


Ryan Sullivan is in the house Ryan

Sullivan put me up on the vodka game

told me the two kinds of vodka that will

not give you hangovers G function to

says shit tests are just about value

though they're about making sure you're

the right guy overall which starts to

explain why black women might give the

harshest shit test no G funkin listen

you are right until you got to the last

part right here's the thing dude

and methinks you're starting to keep up

for black women so I'm just gonna go

ahead and cut you off at the knees right

here dude yes all women should test to

make sure they have the right guys right

but women who shit test the hardest tend

to be the women who had the most options

right like you're not gonna you're not

gonna get too many shit tests from a fat

girl because she doesn't really have too

many options right course she doesn't

hot girls will shit test you with

intensity from the jump why because she

has options black women give the

harshest shit tests because they're

ignorant and they have no idea that

they're at the bottom of the sexual

totem pole it has nothing to do with the

fact that they're trying to find the

right guy overall well actually yes it

does but that isn't the reason why they

should test the hardest black woman

should test the hardest because they're

ignorant they have attitudes and they

and they have no idea they're there

they're completely unaware of their own

sexual market value

black women are either they're either

they either lack self-awareness or they

refuse to acknowledge self-awareness I

have a feeling that black women know who

they are but they don't really

acknowledge it right so gee punkin

you're right but you're dead wrong yes

they are trying to find the right guy

there are many reasons why women should

test but the fact that black woman's

shit test harder than other women

there's nothing biological about that it

was ignorant bitches man as as other is

do it alright let me check and see if

I've got any let me check and see if

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very good oh god CLC book reviews

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I don't need her commentary listen women

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right like I know you should test and

don't realize your chair testing I

didn't need you to tell me or anyone

else that no comments please I've

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about shit tests today all right let's

go ahead and get to let's get let's get

down to the let's get down to the meat

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know content like mine is under constant

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doesn't lick the almighty vagina and

worship the almighty pussy that gets

taken down on in a hurry and Kareem Hunt

has cleared waivers he is now an

unrestricted free agent Doug Peterson

needs to get his ass on the phone right

fucking now we need to go ahead and

bring in my man Kareem hunt he'll be

cheap and he'll be hungry fuck it so

let's start by talking I'm gonna break

this up into two parts but I talk about

the most common reasons women shit test

number one then I'm going to talk about

how to deal with those shit tests so

we're gonna talk about a few ways a few

the few the most common reasons why

women should test

the first reason I'm gonna talk about

today its congruence and confirmation

oh no you motherfuckers no no no no that

no fuck the Dolphins and fuck the Bears

actually the Bears do actually the Bears

do need him I want him to come to the

Eagles because I'm an Eagles fan fuck

that all right let me get to this

congruent to confirmation a lot of guys

out there they know all the pickup lines

right they know how to escalate they

know all the body posture well guess

what guys girls do too and when they see

that a guy is charming her panties off

and she feels herself becoming attracted

to him

she'll shit test him to make sure he's

the man he's presenting himself to be

she wants to make sure that he is

congruent with who is with who he's

presenting himself to be I got C in

Vegas I think on the phone lines I'm

gonna get you in just a second C

confirmations shit testing is very

similar to congruence testing but in

these instances a woman will shit test a

man because she's fairly certain that he

is who he presents himself to be in the

past I've talked about the fact that

black men like myself write a lot of

times we get shit test that as a matter

of confirmation as opposed to congruence

because non black women often assume

that black men are natural alphas just

watch TV and listen most Waichman are

not natural alphas this is just all this

is but you look at TV social media white

guys are latent betas black guys or

static alpha so we get the confirmation

shit test rather than the congruence

shit tests and listen let's keep it real

we're bigger faster stronger than the

average male which are masculine

physical traits and that creates a

natural confidence in us when we're out

and about so when a woman sees this when

she's approached by a black man she's

rarely asking herself I wonder if this

guy is the real deal shout-out to

freelance Ronan with the $5 donation I

don't know why my donation Alerts aren't

showing I hope that there's well that

sucks I like to

see the I guess there's a malfunction

going on in the does the the the note

the notation messages are supposed to be

playing I guess there's some sort of I

guess there's some sort of malfunction

going on anyway I appreciate it guys I

appreciate it but again non black women

are rarely asking themselves about black

men in themselves I want this guy's the

real deal because most of the time she

assumes that black men are masculine

simply because of our physical stature

and our natural and our natural

competence as well as the cultural

stereotypes about us now confirmation

shit testing doesn't just happen to

black men it also happens to tall guys

good-looking guys guys who are confident

guys who have a devil-may-care attitude

so this kind of shit testing happens

mostly when you first approach a woman

let's go to the phone lines 911 for two

oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to get in on

the conversation I got my man seat in

Las Vegas what's going on brother how

you doing then I can hear you man you

sound some kind of depressed bra what's

going on man okay alright alright it's

about the same and oh don't tell me one

of these strippers got you twisted man

don't don't don't don't tell you caught

feelings for one of these stupid bitches

out here mangos I listen I've been there

I've been there dudes are like yo Donna

B you wanna go I'm like nah man don't

fucking go no why would that man

man fucking Chelsea's done I think I

cheated on me me gel see the strip right

yeah man she's gonna fucking Tony the

bouncer man they ran a train on her and

shit oh yes this real well to try real

quick you guys had a good creep after

show yeah Tyson Fury kind of did his

thing I can see how we draw happened

yeah because like honestly dude on the

twelfth round I thought you man it was

laid out too short but he got back up

also to Ed let him was point

hopped up on something because it looked

like he smelled smelling salt dude I

swear to God listen dude yo when when he

like when when fury went down Wilder

didn't even look at him he don't want to

hit him with the right and then hit him

with the left and was already turned he

was like yo it's over and I was like

holy shit the son of a bitch pulled it

off he's been getting out box all night

long and now here in the middle of the

12th round he's gonna end the fight with

a knockout and the son of a bitch got

him I couldn't believe it and uh yeah so

I believe it's gonna be Wilder fury part

two but no excuses this time I don't

know that no excuses you better not this

man now or else give this man the timer

nothing cuz I honestly honestly alright

then the second thing is on the Korean

hunt thing I cholesterol you did that

personally I didn't get defeat but I'm

gonna give my listen from what we know

what we know I read the chamsy report so

you know this is like you know well it

not only was she mad this got kicked out

the room but she obviously so she

started on a racial tirade against her

hmm follow me inward so you know yes OD

so I don't I don't know what you said

before folks from my standpoint look not

only she managed that kicked out then

she started going to racial tirade well

I don't mean any black person she's

young she should be subjected to racial

Tyree you know and honestly I believe

Kareem hunt there's a love this woman

she was clearly upset

well she should clear up taking she got

kicked out because she wasn't down with

what was going on

fair enough but you better get out don't

go on the racial tirade about it now I

know that's why I feel like I feel like

you know don't get your wrong though

it's the only thing the only thing gonna

be that I put roughly agree most I'm in

Koreans corner on this one the only

thing though is that as a black man

you're I'm saying dude you got to be

very careful because yes what they give

us deal so take it away so you've got to

be a funny to me you see no say don't

get me wrong like yeah you kicked or

whatever but not only this is would use

to get out of this property overs rental

room she'll start calling roommate so


she did it yesterday and she was wrong

and pretty much all front I'm saying

just like yo

there's no point so you know I think

that I think I overreacted of course

last week by the way I'm gonna point

this out to you actually not I'm not

putting my tinfoil at all here but let's

be clear about something I'm not sure if

you saw the allegations against neil

degrasse tyson pop up out of nowhere no

I didn't hear about that yes yes so so

be like look imma be honest most yeah so

you know they got one high-profile black

eye fuck it we stood up the other black

men on the fire she won't get that's the

way I see it in by the way they put this

up again wrong Pondy they brought this

up again against neil degrasse tyson the

first time d it got no motor

there was no module to it might be

deported up whatever it was laughable

now the bring it up okay now korean what

now deal degrasse tyson she did only

thing i gotta say about that

you said you gotta be theory you gotta

be very care oli because you know did

did the mainstream media likes to

demonize black masculinity they just do

we do shade on this so that's that's the

way i see that and know at the end of

day at the end of the day or at the end

they did you know saying cream heart i

just feel like you know you can have a

future whatever which we gotta be

careful this is a this is a this is a

listen to all I guess black men

especially that you gotta be careful

about the way that you're bringing

around you gotta be a you gotta be

careful around women check this out you

got to be careful about about being

around women period this is just all

there is to it men like in if you're in

the listen women know that if you're in

the NFL right they know that all they

got to do is pick it up pick up the

phone and call the cops and by the way

Rueben foster got picked up by the

Redskins and people are still losing

their minds

here's the problem yes he was arrested

but the woman who accused him of

domestic violence falsely accused him of

domestic violence but we still want to

believe a woman who has previously lied

about domestic violence that's a fucked

up world we live it by the way this kind

of reminds me of Joe Mixon we're not

gonna get it - oh yeah yeah the boys

started on that

yeah but I only say this also the last

thing by the way you know please you did

this kind of here no deity but this is

just kind of put pointless out there you

mentioned something about a congruence

test - shit test you know congruence

test oh I get what you're saying by the

way I just wanted to say almost like a

legacy turn because you're lifting

weights and you're doing on your purpose

- could be congruent she's almost there

you go sailor stated term took certain

extent I get what you're saying

I just been by in my mind because I read

the mystery method and all that stuff

right of course wait you're on your

purpose you get what I'm saying D there

is no continuity test because you can't

do it naturally this isn't like a

massage you're putting all those who

preach right right yo you there yellow

okay I guess the I guess the call

dropped all right let's go back to the

phone lines I got nine one nine you're

up next nine five two year after that

and then two six seven you were after

that real quick before I get to you nine

one nine seventeen Miranda says that the

draw was the right decision I have and

your punk ass from the channel because

you're my friend or a fake-ass Perot

black in here trying to trigger somebody

that's all you are

unit listen any listen anybody who

honest who anybody who says they believe

that a draw was the right decision

you know Deontay Wilder lost that fight

so if you want to come in here and try

to troll me and blah blah blah that's

cool I'm just gonna ban your ass cuz I

honestly I don't I'm not I'm not I'm not

here for it get the fuck outta here

here code nine one nine you're on live

with TS arm good

hey what's going on down in the shop

doesn't anybody production hey what's a

brother good big fan bro big big fan

good yeah man and I just touched on this

shit test piece man you know I've been

dealing with this shit to us you know

since a young partner and you know going

to all in the city schools you know

right growing up in the 90s on the East

Coast man home I'm pretty used to it

when I'm at the point of my big field

journey man I can see the shit that's

before they come that's right you

understand what I'm saying oh yeah I can

see it I can reckon

and then I know how to adjust myself see

the thing about the shit test that I

want to speak on is when you're dealing

with females man what a lot of men has

to understand is when you're going

through these bullshit shit touch you

got to understand the nuances in the

game like let me explain okay

you know you have to know how much

pressure to apply to certain females see

one thing a lot of guys got to

understand is you know we talked this

red pill shit you know a lot of guys or

even black pill a lot of guys are aging

so grime you know when they try to check

certain yeah like when they try to check

certain females it comes off almost it

doesn't come off with the same finesse

see some women you got to be witty

yes dealing with them some women you got

to be cunning yes someone you just got a

flat out tell them shut the fuck up

right but when you in the field yeah

yeah when you in the field Donovan like

you got to understand man

you only get this experience through

repetition right lady explained you know

like really quick cuz I don't want to

take up too much time but you know I was

a shy kid at one time you know I'm

growing up I had a real bad stutter so

it kind of made me socially awkward at

one point but you know I grew up a

little bit once I joined the military

you know I kind of gave me some more

confidence about myself then it got to a

level where I would see groups of

females and just walk up to him and

start talking on me great you know but

this was getting me out of my comfort

zone and also it was teaching me that

comfort that some guys have around one

because some guys were born with a

natural comfort sure I don't think I was

you see what I'm saying right so you

know look man but that's how I learned a

lot of nuances we're dealing with

females man but I want to get your

thoughts on that yeah you bring up a you

bring a really good point and thanks for

the call see boogie a lot of guys out

here they don't want to put in the work

right they want to read all the blogs

and want to get all the shit test and

new all and know all the answers and

this and that and third but they don't

want to go out and fail and the only way

you're gonna get good with women is to

go out and fail listen man I listen I

can tell you everything I know about


but unless you go out there and apply

the knowledge that I'm giving you you're

not gonna get anywhere with women you're

just not going to good call there

Bruno Dee says no he got out boxed

talking about the talking about the the

fight he says but if the ref stopped the

fight I wouldn't complain fury was good

but said lesser refs would have called

it no count no well yeah that's exactly

right uh lesser refs would have called

it the referee is actually what saved

this fight and I'll give that referee

credit because if I was in there and I

dude not many guys like we see some

knockouts where a guy just goes down and

he looks like he's comatose and the ref

doesn't even count he just ends the

fight right there but the referee very

smartly said okay we are in the 12th

round of a championship bouts been a

great fight

now Furio looks like he's asleep okay

but I'm gonna start to count anyway I'm

gonna tell I'm gonna tell Wilder to get

to his corner I'm gonna start to count

anyway and lo and behold Tyson Fury

wakes up has the wherewithal to look the

referee in the eye and the referee can

see the referee didn't buy that Fury was

all the way there right Tyson put his

arms on his shoulders he looked him in

the eye says I'm good he said I'm good

the referee didn't bite he said listen

man you got knocked the fuck down I want

you to walk over to the to the end of

the ring and walk back Fury ran over and

ran back then the fight continued and it

gave us it gave us an ending to one of

the better one of the best heavyweight

fights I've ever seen right so so I'm

gonna recant my statement true

no absolutely not if the referee is the

thing right if the referee would have

called it we don't know that Tyson Fury

would have got up right so let's say

let's say let's say the referee calls it

that's it then fury gets up and he says

listen I would have been fine I would

have been we all been like no Tyson like

you got knocked

the fuck down there was no way you're

coming back from that but the referee

had the wherewithal to say okay don't

think this guy's gonna get up so I'm

gonna start to count and lo and behold

Tyson Fury comes back from the dead and

manages to salvage a draw

Bruno also wants to know how I see

Anthony Joshua vs. Wilder I'm gonna have

to do that

listen ought to answer that on another

podcast I don't want to I don't want to

I don't want to make this a sports

podcast I could do I could talk boxing

and fucking sports all day long let's go

back to the phone lines area code 9 5 2

thanks for holding your on live with

Donovan area code 2 6 7 I'll be with you

in just a second go ahead I can hear me

yes sir hi first time regional collar

thanks for taking my call yeah of course

I just want to say that I'm looking to

you for a while and I gotta say thank

you for all the great advice you've

given me more securely relating to first

dates at the bars and the schools are

her than the actual restaurants eating

right thanks to a Jeffrey modern life

dating ask for the physical escalation

tips and um the various rationality is

to get a woman home I'll say I'm more

like listening to you have more luck in

the dating scene after listening to you

guys for month or two and I've had for

years right right thanks a lot for that

yeah absolutely men no problem um one

shit test though I did actually get one

really a weird one recently ok I want to

hear your thoughts about it

so I've been seeing this girl and she's

in some ships to me that's one odd text

and it's about how women can't get money

from a guy basically it's uh basically

some form of a joke where the girl goes

up to a guy she puts her arms around him

grabs his wallet he doesn't kiss them

then runs away that's not a shit test

that's not a shit test that's uh that's

robbery that's unarmed robbery man I

know I know I know it

laughter hop in hindsight I'm like you

know that like a really shitty joke yeah

really not sure I like to take that so I

know it's a response this time was to go

out and it's gonna laugh it off whatever

but yeah the next time she told you

something like to hear when we fight for

a day or so check this out

the next time she tells you hey hey I've

got a funny joke yeah there are these

girls out here who just you know puts

their arms around guys and takes their

wallets and runs off you tell you know I

got a funnier joke I would call the cops

ha ha ha ha right let her know that dude

like you're not like I'm not fucking

with that like that's fucking that's a

crime that's pickpocketing that's

stealing there's nothing funny there's

nothing funny about anybody for stealing

from anybody so because it's a fucking

woman doesn't make it cute like fuck dad

like you know what you should also do

you should you should not laugh at the

joke be like wait a minute you think

that's funny you think it's funny that a

woman stole another man's wallet really

what would you say if the man stole her

wallet right and oh and now oh and well

that's all oh so now it's different

right ok I got you and then go back to

drinking your drink

just make just completely make fun oh

yeah oh yeah no I told Iberian I'll do

that next time absolutely spike you know

there's humor among humor among girls is

a whole nother matter compared to guys

of course girls are ahead of the game

thanks for the call area code 952 let's

go back to the phone lines area code two

six seven you're on live at Donovan go

ahead hey hey what's going on what's up

brother how you doing then right down

the road for me good good good so yeah I

know you like to shit on black woman a

lot I've heard it kind of funny but I'm

a black man and I don't know in my

opinion I think the reason black woman

shit test very hard cuz there are more

in there masculine energy because of I

was said like the struggles that black

women go through yeah there's a bit more

masculine than your average female yeah

so like if they're looking for a more

masculine man they like to sit test a

lot harder what do you think I think it

comes across as them shit testing a lot

harder and when people say shit test a

lot harder I think they mean the manner

in which they actually do the shit

testing right so because hot girls they


hard but they do it very nicely and

hotly because they're hot girls right

hi I'm Donovan I have a boyfriend well

he's not invited hi I'm Donovan I don't

date black guys well not yet

right like their shit testing you hard

from you know right out of the gate but

black women though they don't shit test

really any differently than they than

any other race of woman but because it's

like you said they're in their masculine

energy it appears that they are shit

testing harder now listen man I haven't

hit on a black woman in a decade in half

but I know that hot girls like to do the

rapid-fire shit testing that shit

testing hard I mean do black women do

rapid-fire shit testing or do they just

shit test hard like with the masculine

energy I think they kind of biggest they

want a man more masculine to themselves

they're a lot more masculine than the

average girl sir so because they want a

more masculine man they like to test

that even harder right to the point of

kind of like fighting right and this is

where black women get it wrong the more

feminine you are the more masculine the

more masculinity you will attract right

feminine women attract masculine men

masculine women don't attract

masculinity and this unfortunately is

where they get it wrong right right I

agree it's ten minutes um big part of it

okay yeah oh yeah I think that's I don't

think I don't think there's any question

about that thanks for the call Robin

filly I see there's a caller calling

from possibly overseas I'm gonna get to

you in just a second here's another

reason why women shit test we're talking

about shit testing why they do it and

how to deal with it

slut shields they don't want to look

like a slut regardless of what women

post on their feminist social media

feeds about going on slut walks not

being ashamed of it they don't want to

be labeled as sluts

especially especially by a guy he likes

by guys she likes so when a guy gives

her what we call vagina tingles which is

another way of saying that she is

sexually attracted to him okay WHMIS

happens she doesn't just want to give

him the impression that

she's gonna fuck him right off the bat

she doesn't want to give him the

impression that she's a slut

why because females inherently know that

guys don't respect girls we think her

sluts listen she knows guys like us will

fuck sluts all day long but we will not

want anything more than sex right which

means she also knows that men like us

won't commit to sluts long-term this is

why they shit test because of slut

shields hashtag slut shields so when

they shit you in any situation she will

use slut shield style shit tests to make

him think favorably of her right she'll

say things like well I'm not looking to

hook up with anyone right now if you're

in a pickup set or if she says I'm not

sleeping with you tonight on a date now

let me stop right there if she says I'm

not looking now whatever a girl says I'm

not looking to hook up with anyone right

now and you're on a dating app or

whatever the only response is neither am

i meet me at XYZ bar at 7 o'clock that's

all you got to do if a woman on a date

tells you that she's not sleeping with

you tonight she wants to fuck you that's

a slut shield she wants she wants to

fuck you but she doesn't want you to

think she's a slut so after you fuck her

what does every girl say after they fuck

you on the first date you know I don't

usually do this if she says that to you

you say that's okay neither do I and say

it with a big fucking smile on your face

so that she knows that you know she's

full of shit

in both cases she wants you to keep

pursuing right she doesn't tell you I'm

not looking to hook up with anyone right

now her I'm not gonna fuck you tonight

because she wants you to disengage you

know she wants you to keep her suing but

this kind of shit testing virtue signals

and allows her to see if you are

persistent and confident both of which

are masculine traits if you just give up

I'm not gonna sleep if you're not will

fuck it then I'm not gonna know that's

know girls don't want that

they want you to pursue they want you to

carry on this brand of shit testing the

slut shield style of shit testing

happens mainly on first dates and

meetups especially if she's attracted to

you and or or she thinks you're gonna go

for the same night leg I will get to

that a little bit later on another

reason why women's shit test is to gauge

your thirst real talk

gentlemen girls also shit test to gauge

a man's thirst which is another word for

a man who's desperate for a woman

now females can detect thirst from a

mile away but they also know that

sometimes they can be wrong so they will

shit test the man in a way that reveals

whether or not he's desperate or thirsty

testing a man's thirst can happen during

meetups first dates and set her up I

think it also happened after you hook up

right and a lot of times they'll do the

thirst shit test if you hear if you're

even in a semi serious relationships

relationship let's go back to the phone


I got an area code four four seven is

this empty too no oh

Marcus in UK I thought it was empty too

out from Eastern here what's going on

Marcus ideal men yeah I'm okay how are

you good good yeah I just had a just a

comment something actually came to my

mind talking in terms of how to handle

titties one point that I had to learn I

think some people sometimes overlook is

that sometimes you have to be able to

determine that there's actually a fine

line between a shit test and outright

disrespect yes what you'll notice of

what I've noticed most of the time is

that a shit test is actually when she's

highly interested but you'll get

disrespect when her interest is actually

low yeah because it was a good example

yeah so I'll give you an example like I

hit this

you'll come late on a date and she'll

wait to see if you're going to check her

on it but disrespect is when she's going

to come late and date she's waiting to

check on it but then when you check her

on it you've then got some kind of

excuse and then she'll go backwards and

forwards with you right something

something along that line

like I said in the chat anyway once you

understand - Monet Chan and red pill and

all that sort of stuff and you're

focusing on your purpose naturally I

think you'll be able to handle shit test

without realizing it anyway yes

absolutely absolutely yeah it will just

happen an example I've kind of had is

where a girl said to me right at the

last minute she wanted to change the

location of the date and it was actually

sort of - shit testing one one to see if

secret from your centre that's right but

also if she could subconsciously confirm

that I was actually a busy guy so

actually confirming that you know if I'm

busy then at sea I won't have any time

though you know that so I won't be able

to change my plans that's right you see

what I mean yes right yeah so for me now

when they protest at me I think is just

natural I don't even need to think about

the answers I just I just I look - just

how I am supposed to an hour would right

I need to change changing my frame or

anything like that so I just had that

comment yeah thanks for calling I've

sent you that link yeah please yeah

please do yeah mark is in the UK yeah I

like that that um there's a big

difference between shit testing and

disrespect and I actually might do a V I

actually might do an episode on

recognizing the difference between a

girl who should test you and disrespect

you but the but when a girl tries to

change the time venue and day the date

oh that is the shit test that is

absolutely a shit test and if you allow

her to change it you are telling her I'm

not a busy guy number one number two I

don't have other girls on my roster and

number three she can control things

right so if you let her change the day

the date in the venue the first time

she's gonna do it again and if you try

and if you try to be like you know

what she tried it the last time I'm

gonna do it again dude she's gonna be

like what the fuck like you let me do it

the first time what's the difference you

have to be consistent never ever ever

let a woman change the venue and the

date the Deven you the day and the time

of your date ever and if she says she

can't make him and I guess you just

can't make it that's just all there is

to it

err code 404 but it gets you in just a

second I'm gonna move on here another

kind another reason why women shit test

is for compliments and validation

compliments and validation compliment

and validation shit testing is when a

girl gives you a compliment to see how

you'll respond what she is fishing for

here is whether or not you need

validation or approval from her and if

you do she know she can use that to

manipulate you later on by withholding

compliments or doing the opposite to it

by invalidating you you ever hurt listen

you ever been around a couple and the

guys asking the girl what's wrong what's

wrong and she's like nothing no

seriously I know something's wrong

that's a woman who has who has deployed

compliment and validation shit testing

and he failed it he hasn't complimented

her in she hasn't complimented him in

six hours now all of a sudden something

is wrong nothing dude nothing might be

wrong but because she isn't giving him

that compliment of that validation he

thinks something is amiss the reason

this is a shit test is because women

don't exceed on't respect men that they

can manipulate especially with

validation sure they'll stick around for

a little while

they may even fuck you for a little

while they might even get into a

relationship with you but if she knows

that she controls the way you feel with

what she says or doesn't say about you

she knows that you're a man who is not


she knows you're a man who needs female

validation to feel like a man or to feel

good about himself women are not aroused

or attracted to men like this

so if woman says to you hey you just

really well just say thanks don't

respond with well thank you I try really

hard I've looked at that I've looked on

the bear five times I wanted to get this

just round thinking shopping if you want

me to pick out the clothes if you say

all that she'll know that you feed on

female validation just say thanks and

keep it moving and this is with any

compliment that a woman gives you let's

go back to the phone lines Erie code 404

you're on live with Donovan good what's

going on darling are you what's up man

question is follow your topic but I'm

sure we can tie it into shit testing I

had a question what is it what is how

many men think only women are hot

Pergamus why do so many men think that

only women are high Pergamus yeah well


good men can equally be I program s as

well okay I never understood that when I

was reading you know all these things

about himself sure give me an example

about high pergamus men okay in what way

that I continually strive to get a

better looking there you go all right

girl that no no no listen I know I

totally agree here so I just wanted to

make sure that we were on the same page

because I thought you were I thought you

were gonna yeah I thought you're gonna

call up and say well I want a woman

who's career oriented who makes a lot of

money I just wanted to make sure we were

talking about the same hypergamy very

good all right so wanted to make sure I

give you give you a beta male shit test

yeah um we I don't I wouldn't call it I

wouldn't call it hypergamy for men but I

don't know I guess if you want to call

it that and that's fine

yeah a lot of men think that only women

are looking to upgrade no we want to

upgrade to guess what if Devon gets fat

she's out right if I is a man if I get

fat I lose my agency guess what I'm out

that's just how this works so no women

are not the only they're not the only

ones who are looking to upgrade they're

not the only ones looking for the the

highest value

male the highest value males available

to them in your second question second

question what do you think about make

tiles and more specifically men better

sink their own way and men that go their

own way what I mean by sin by their own

ways I don't have like a really bad


you know just they want nothing to

Clemence anymore and then you know miss

out going your own way a man that has

chosen goes on way it's not heartache or

anything the thing that sends them out

yeah I don't really have in you know

what's interesting every man in the red

pill has a little bit of MIG tau in him

because every man who is red pill aware

is in essence going his own way a man

going his own way a mcdowell as far as

I'm concerned doesn't necessarily mean

that you are through with women when you

go your own way you're just saying

listen I'm not gonna get married I'm not

gonna have kids I'm not gonna conform to

this I'm not gonna conform to the

feminist the gynocentric society I'm

going to do things the way I want to do

it I'm gonna go my own way I'm gonna

fuck bitches I'm gonna stack paper I'm

gonna live the kind of life I want to

live as far like now I do talk about

low-level MIG taos in other words MIG

Taos who are they either flux sex dolls

or they or they say you know what I

don't want to have anything to do with

women whatsoever listen I've said I've

said on the air and many many times I

don't blame those guys because fuckin

with women is risky and it's a fucking


so any man who wants to divorce any man

who wants to stay away from women

because of all the risk involved that's

perfectly fine the the but for those men

to then turn around and call men like me

who actually admit that I like women

right who admit that yeah listen I

understand the risks but I pursue women

even you know despite the risks I do

things to make sure I don't get got guys

who make fun of men like me guys who are

you know basically guys who are

low-level MIG dolls that make fun of men

who like to fuck women that's where

that's where I lose my mind yeah okay

because whenever you're reading anything

on like a right tool post or anything

you can always tell to make tiles been

sent their own way what hat on their own

way you can always tell you know anger

and hatred no no listen and here's the

thing dude to be honest with you to

really get deep with it every man

who has red pill awareness or is living

the red pill life we have we've been

that low-level MIG tail right we've all

been in that anger phase now most of us

don't decide I'm never gonna fuck with

women again but I'll dude most of us go

through the anger phase and we are

pissed the fuck off at women but most

men fortunately I don't know what the

percentages are most men fortunately we

come out of this and we understand that

listen man

women are some fucked up creatures but

there is a way to mitigate the risk

there is a way to sort of get around all

of the bullshit to get what we want out

of them which is easy sex without

getting god those men who understand

those men who understand this and can

and can sort it and can sort of you know

build their lives around that and and

you know the interesting thing is is

when you finally come to I guess the red

pill pinnacle you figure out you know

what I don't really need a woman in my

life to be content I like women I like

fucking them but pursuing women isn't

the end-all be-all and that's when you

sort of I don't know if there's a red

pill nirvana or whatever the case may be

I don't know what I want to get to

deepen it but yeah those are my thoughts

well thank you man that make sense oh

thank you yeah no problem thanks for the

call area code for or for calling from

the 8th if called from the ATL doesn't

sound like a guy who was calling from

doesn't sound like a guy who was calling


you know like Bankhead or God be road

out there in College Park East Point

Clayton County so I'm like he sound like

he might be from McDonald maybe Buckhead

I love it Bruno Dee says I am anti

cohabitation and marriage no

subscription to make Tao all for the

game and pickup but no raw doggin or

getting rubbers from women Dec is

marriage for women no dice

yeah I cohabitate with Devon yep yep all

right let us continue what itis is

another way women should test or another

reason why they should test

this kind of shit testing normally

happens when a girl has known you for a

little while right you may have been out

on a couple of dates right you're

working on fucking weather you may

already be fucking her or you guys might

actually be in a relationship whatever

the case may be you to offer are

familiar with each other now one itis is

loosely defined as having it as having

romantic feelings for one woman and one

woman only if a man has one itis for a

particular woman he's not thinking about

any other woman because in his mind she

is perfect in every way and no other

woman compares to her due to her stuck

in the friend zone all have one itis for

the girl he is stuck in the friend zone

with when a girl sees that a man could

have one itis when she when she kind of

sees that when she kind of sees that in

him right she'll sit test him in a way

that reveals whether or not he has one

itís usually a woman's instincts are

correct but again they want to make sure

a common one itis shit test that every

guy fails is would you fuck my hot

friend Jenny would you fuck my sister if

you tell her I would never think such

deviant thoughts you are by what true

love and I will never think I'm sticking

my dick in another woman ever you have

failed that shit test and she knows you

have one itis now of course that's an

exaggerated response from my twin beta

brother Dominic sharp who of course is a

raging beta but you guys get the point

if you insinuate to your girl that you

never fuck her hot friend Jenny she

knows you have one itis if you give her

the impression that you would never fuck

another woman she knows you have one

itís the best way to respond to this if

she asks 90-second if she asks you would

you fuck my hot friend Jenny would you

fuck my sister and by the way I'd never

fucked up and sister Devyn sisters fat

butt would you fuck my hot friend Jenny

just say of course I fuck her

when she gets mad she's gonna say oh my

god I can't believe he just said that

respond with oh my god I can't believe

you expected me to lie to you when she

says so you're telling me you'd fuck

Jimmy you respond with you need to start

asking questions you don't want answers

to sweetie

then if she says well like fuck your

friend Jeremy say awesome

I'll bring Jimmy and we can have an orgy

she'll be pissed but you'll never ask

you again more importantly she'll know

you do not have one itis shit test


there's also Comfort tests women's shit

test for comfort there are three main

kinds of comfort testing the first kind

is what a woman simply wants to reaffirm

to herself that you're still the man she

respects in love right there ninety-five

percent certain that you're still the

strong confident self-assured man that

you were but she may not have seen it a

little while or she likes to see it and

feel it every so often so she will shit

test you in a way that gives her comfort

okay in her decision to choose you as a

mate it's kind of like confirmation

testing only this usually happens in

long-term relationships the second kind

of comfort testing is when she wants to

gauge how solid the relationship is in

other words she wants to know if you've

got one foot out the door or if you're

all in women are never comfortable in a

relationship if they feel like their men

are about to leave and when they feel

this way they'll comfort test their men

to see if he's thinking about leaving

they'll say things like hey we should go

there next year or what do you think

about going to the spring festival and

they ask this question in November the

more comfortable a woman is in a


by the way the more likely she is to get

out of pocket and not keep her shit

together anyway the third kind of

comfort testing is when a woman's sexual

market value is lower than yours and she

wants to make sure

you still want to be with her she wants

to make sure you still want to fuck her

they'll ask you questions like does this

dress make me look fat

does this look good on me comfort

testing also manifests itself into great

behavior like frequent sex slutty

lingerie slutty behavior taking you out

to dinner on our dime etc etc then there

are behavioral shit tests now this kind

of shit testing happens in all

relationships guys fuck buddies

girlfriends wives casual hookups side

chicks etc shout-out to rob Cruz with

the $5 donation I wish I could see the

messages but they're not appearing on

the screen what women do in these

situations with behavior shit tests is

they engage in bad behavior to see if

you got the balls to put them in their

fucking place

now some girls are just badly behaved

and if you're the guy who corrects that

behavior they'll have even more respect

for you but the ones who act up on

purpose are doing it to see if you're

man enough to correct our bad behavior

examples of behavioral shit tests and

actually examples of behavioral shit

tests being loud or acting like a child

throwing a fit making a big deal out of

dumb shit and so on and so forth

basically getting out of pocket

disrespectful behavior that's not a shit

test being rude to you in public or

private disrespecting you in public or

private whether they're doing this

consciously or subconsciously they're

they do this to see how far they can go

and how badly they can behave around you

if you let her get away with bad maybe

or even one time it's only a matter of

time before you're a relationship with

her go south regardless of how serious

it is it will come to an end

Bruno D says recognize my genius I have

no idea what a de /c is like you got it

like don't speak millennial E's

he says pursuing Bey but refusing

collaboration and marriage I am all-in

nor will I ever be I'm not all-in

dude I'm 41 man like listen man listen

maybe you're gonna be a player for life

maybe not right how old are you Bruno I

think you're a young guy and listen if

your own guy get it right but bruh I

live that fast Vegas life that player

for life

Vegas life for almost nine years I've

had enough I've had enough

this is a better life for me right now

than Las Vegas so listen while I admire

what I admire your fervor for bitches

ain't shit I'm a bug bitches for life

right like I get it I understand that

but it is what it is yeah Bruno yeah

you're only 30 dude you're still a young

guy I'm a dude I'm a fucking decade

older than you are man I don't know man

listen man

maybe maybe you'll listen I wouldn't

advise guys to cohabitate with women

I wouldn't invite listen bro lo well

it's a monster's been married for 22

years he doesn't advise guys - he

doesn't advise guys to get married but I

know what the fuck I'm doing it definite

SATA pocket do what I can do I'm gonna

be a better here in hour and a half not

worried about that the last reason that

I will point out that women's shit test

all right Bruno D you gotta quit orange

and me quit orange and me call out it

purple Oh God

all right Brent oh I got a time Yad dude

Oh Bruno Bruno Bruno Bruno I gotta put

you in timeout you're getting little bit

too big for your britches you think you

know you you're getting to the point

where you think you know more you think

you know more than I do

right he actually said Oh door opens

purple belt yeah yay simmer down

like listen man it's good that you get

excited that's all that that's all well

and good but you got to watch your

fucking mouth player right you probably

found the red pill maybe two months ago

chill the fuck out man chill the fuck


don't come to my show talking about

purple pill this and purple pill that

nigga I've been do it man I've been

doing this for three goddamn years

simmer the fuck down get too big for

your fucking britches

Paul Fortuna says define purple pill


you know I'll define it for you give me

one second give me a second I know this

is bad radio just bear with me or I love

it when people ask me to define things

episode 359 it aired November 17th

there's your definition Paul the last

and final way that I'm gonna point out

in terms of the reason why women shit

test men she wants out this kind of shit

testing happens close to the end of a

relationship or when she's cheating or

about to cheat right she knows she's not

attracted to you anymore but rather than

coming right out and saying it and

breaking up with you what you'll do is

she'll deploy unpassable shit tests and

give her a reason to cheat this is when

you put this one she puts you in these

no-win situations she'll ask you loaded

questions and each time you feel these

unpassable labyrinth style shit test she

is building up the rhetoric that she's

gonna tell her friends and family when

the relationship ends or if you find out

she's shitty now you also have to

recognize what a woman just isn't

interested in you and it's fairly easy

to recognize if you know how to read

body language and vocal cues sometimes

when a girl sometimes if a girl tells

you she has a boyfriend she wants you

listen she wants to continue to pursue

and is just testing your persistency but

sometimes she really does have a

boyfriend and she's really not

interested right a lot of times girls

will play the push-pull game with you

and keep shit testing you because she

just needs validation even though she

has no interest in you either way if you

get the idea that you are just wasting

your time

just walk away guys there's no need

trying to fit a square peg into a round

hole I covered this in episode 366 when

I talked about how to tell the

difference between a slut and a

cocktease so you will definitely

want to check those out I'm running a

little long on time I'm actually taking

Devon out tonight taking her out to

dinner tonight she's got the night off

from cooking so what I'm gonna do is I

don't know probably tomorrow afternoon

sometime I don't know maybe maybe

tonight no it's definitely gonna be

tonight because the Eagles are playing

tonight what I'm gonna do is I am going

to upload the types of responses to

certain shit test and I'm gonna make

this available to my $8 patrons I'm

gonna talk about responses to shit test

I'm not gonna give you a crib sheet of

what to do when you know when she should

test or whatever the case may be but I'm

gonna give you different techniques

different responses techniques to shit

tests agree and amplified the brush off

and ignore technique amused mastery make

fun of her reframe the insecurities ploy

etc etc so stay tuned for that I'll

probably upload that within the next 24

hours this will be available only to my

$8 patrons help fighter says bro where's

the hairline dude I I took it all off

man I decided to decided to put a razor

to it yeah Paul Fortuna says I heard it

was just like an alpha who gets to do a

relationship like Jay Z that's what

alpha male strategy says at least I

don't know I mean if AMS thinks you're a

purple pill if you're in a long-term

relationship I mean you know that's

that's his opinion alpha male strategies

knows his shit I'm in a long-term

relationship or what appears to be a

long-term relationship and I am

cohabitating there is there is no purple

pill in me player there is no there is

no purple pill in me my friend that is

for sure

let me kill the chat here

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive

be sure to check patreon for the shit

test responses be sure to go to Donna -

sharp comm anytime for all things

Donovan sharp great episode I'm gonna go

eat some dinner and watch the Eagles

hopefully not lose I'll see you next





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