Why you should ALWAYS hang up on her FIRST

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One of the many ways Men go wrong with women during the courting process is always allowing them to end various interaction first. Text conversations, phone calls, etc. Men feel the need to communicate with women they're interested in until they've decided that they've had enough.



Not only does this hinder escalation, it destroys her attraction for you. As a Man in demand, you should never allow her to decide when the interaction ends. Hanging up on her first will prove to be important in the long run.

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Why you need to hang up on her first.....EVERY SINGLE TIME (Negromanosphere article)



what's up guys it's repairs on the

sharpen methods of disposition of sharp

drawers it is Tuesday October 24th 2017

let's get right into it I'm gonna pin a

scenario for you guys to sort of set

this up and give you guys the right

context in terms of what I'm talking

about here so you're on your phone with

your girl you having a great

conversation you guys have talked you've

talked about the great food at the

restaurant you ate at last that you went

to last Saturday you talked about the

wild aggressive sex you guys had when he

got home she's she's telling me about

shit on her job how she can't stand how

she can't stand crystal at her job even

discussed what you two were doing this

weekend okay you guys have talked about

all that and everything in between then

something happens that is detrimental to

her attraction to you and you have no

idea that this is happening on a regular

basis she tells you she has to go now

on its face it might not seem like a big

deal you guys seem to be solid you had a

good conversation you talked about

future plans nothing wrong with her

needing to go and take her a few things

right I mean after all you guys talked

for what a little over an hour so it

stands to reason that she doesn't need

to stay on the phone with you all night

right well maybe but what most men don't

understand is that when their women and

whatever interaction is going on first

whether it be a phone conversation a

text conversation what-have-you her

attraction dwindles and it's not under

her control and it's not under kundur

her control and the attraction that she

loses for you is not enough to matter at

that very moment but after a while it

starts to add up and it doesn't really

take very long for her sub for her

subconscious to ask her well why am i

why am I not as turned on by this guy as

I used to why did why am I why do my

panties not get wet for him lately well

the answer is that you always allow her


take when the interaction ends when you

do this this puts her in charge of

something and if women have taught us

nothing else in the last half century

they have taught us that they are

ill-equipped to lead or make decisions

in any capacity that yields good results

on a regular basis including

interactions like these so I'm gonna

give you guys three reasons you need to

hang up on her first each and every time

or and whatever interaction that you're

having with her phone text chatting

whatever the case may be number one it

shows her that you don't need her

contrary to popular belief guys women

don't want men who need them sure guys

romantic comedies often they often show

women pledging their undying love and

allegiance to a man who tearfully

confesses to her in the rain I can't

live without you I need you but if

you're listening to shows like this or

if you read my work on return of kings

or negro manosphere calm we all know

that's not how it happens in real life

we get that a man who needs a woman guys

is a man who is incomplete girls are

looking for a train to get on all right

they they want someone to hitch their

wagon to they're not looking for a man

who needs a female to complete him and

make him whole a quality woman now I

want you guys to keep in mind a quality

woman doesn't necessarily need a man

who's rich who's you was ripped at 3%

body fat has a diversified portfolio and

is worth eight figures she's more than

happy to assist a man in whatever

endeavors and goals he may have from the

short term to mid term to long term but

by the same token guys she needs a man

with a plan

okay she needs a man who has his shit

together a man who's going places he

doesn't have to be all the way there yet

but he's got to be on his way you got to

have your shit together

she needs a plan she needs a plan to

follow and and to assist with if she

gets the idea that she is the missing

piece she'll be that piece as in peace

out okay 30 minutes into the

conversation tell her that you're gonna

you have to get going tell her that you

have to go this says to her in no

uncertain terms

insert uncertain terms guys that you

could do without her staying on the

phone with her all

night-long does not convey this

important message message believe me

number two it shows your girl that you

have other shit going on in her life now

similar to number one women I'm telling

you guys women are utterly disgusted

with men who eat sleep drink and breathe

in women women will always cheat on men

who are all about you baby they will

cheat on these men with impunity and

guys guess what they're not gonna feel

one ounce of they're not gonna feel one

ounce of guilt about it not even close

I bet the column on Negro manosphere

calm a little while back about two men

two mythical men one one named Kevin one

named Dante Kevin who was trying to fuck

a girl named Michelle blew up blew up

her phone with text blue purple with

text anytime it whatever he could Dante

on the other hand ignored most of her

that most of her text that day and ended

up blowing her off despite Michelle

throwing her pussy at him all day long

you guys gonna go and read that article

it's called can you identify the simp

Kevin told Michelle all about his night

which considered which consisted of

eating pizza and watching a TV show

while Dante briefly told her that he was

going to restore a vintage car with his

buddies later on that night after

lifting weights now Michelle is

obviously more attracted to Dante the

difference between the two men aside

from the obvious is that Dante has other

shit going on in his life and Kevin only

has Michelle to look forward to when you

make your life all about a woman when

you make your life all about her what do

you say it's all about you a woman feels

responsible for your happiness as a man

and once this happens once this happens

guys it is game over guys females don't

want nor can they handle the burden of

being the sole reason a man is content

with his life all right let me repeat

that females don't want nor can they

handle the burden of being the sole

reason a man is content with his life

this is why they are infinitely more

aroused by men who have other things

going on in their lives she knows she

takes a backseat to his goals and though

it may rub her the wrong way at times

and though she Knight might not be able

to tell her friends what my boyfriend is

all about me she'll respect it and

she'll remain attracted to you so the

next time you're on the phone with your

girl tell her you need to work on your

book or that your buddies are coming

over to talk about mountain your

mountain biking trip that that that this

this coming up weekend she met she may

not like it at the time but trust me

when I tell you she will remain

attracted to you and she'll respect you

speaking of respect let's go to number

three she will respect your time guys

cliches exist for a reason

the axiom less is more is no different

especially when it comes to sexual

relationships between men and women

generally the more available something

is the less value that the less valuable

it becomes okay and I'll put it to you

this wing is their form there there's a

lot more paper on earth than diamonds a

lot more wood on earth than diamonds

which is the reason you can walk into

any store get a pack of paper for three

bucks but you have to take out a second

mortgage to buy a diamond okay

supply and demand simple concept your

time works exactly the same way with

women if you're the kind of dude who

talks or text your girls for hours on

end each and every day guys she's not

gonna value your presence she's not

gonna value your presence or your time

because it's read of readily available

to her all the time in other words she

has too much of it but hanging on her

hanging up on her first after a short

conversation it creates that scarcity

mentality in her which is critical to

her attraction and arousal to you in the

first place girls fuck the players they

fucked the bad boys okay but they ignore

the simps the bait is the captain

save-a-ho z-- because there are far more

Simpson captain Sabo's out there than

there are bad boys and players guys

listen the bad boys don't come over

every day or or texts all day or have

long conversations with women all day

they go to their house listen they go to

these girls houses and I fuck them and

then they leave end of discussion

then the next time she hears from him is

when he sends her a short text three

days later says I'm coming over be ready

and because of his abundance mentality

which was great which of course is

created by his stable of women his harem

combined with her combined with her

scarcity mentality created by his lack

of presence guess what guys she cooks

dinner for him she curls her hair she

puts on a miniskirt high heels she can

barely walk in and a Lok and a low-cut

blouse that shows everything but her

tits she meets him at the door and tells

him that she's not wearing any panties

and that her body is his playground that

night that's how this works the simple

act of hanging up first will encourage

this kind of behavior from your woman or

your women guys you put this into

practice today and I listen I guarantee

you you will start to notice a change

immediately this is one of many simple

strategies that has a tendency that has

a tendency to change a woman's behavior

very quickly it's it's so easy to do

guys and there's no reason that every

man shouldn't do this all the time it

it's things are easier - things are

easier to proactively do than to

reactively do guys just stop texting and

calling her all day and those

interactions first the best part of

hanging up hanging up on your woman


well alt will also act as a handicap for

any deficiencies in game you may have a

man who isn't afraid to walk away from a

conversation whether it's verbal or via

text when he feels like it whether it be

on the phone or via text is a man that

women can come to respect and ultimately

love guys quit engaging in all-night

conversations with your woman and

allowing her to dictate your interaction

when your interactions end she'll stay

attracted to you and most of all like I

said she will respect your time later on

today I am going to give you guys 21

ways women set women inadvertently

sabotage their relationships so tune in

so tune in today for the sharp reality

live TSR live around 5:30 Eastern around

2:30 Pacific thanks for listening

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