Why you should ALWAYS try to fuck with her on the first date

Conventional dating wisdom dictates that date #3 is the "sex date." You wine and dine her on the first 2 dates and if you play your cards right, you'll get the pussy on date #3. But this isn't conventional wisdom...this is Red Pill game.

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Red Pill aware men ALWAYS try to close the deal on the first date. And it's not just because we like fucking pretty girls as soon as possible. There are a few more reasons why trying to sleep with her on the first date is intrinsic to a man's Red Pill style game.

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previously on dudes do not like fat

women and and if there are any women

watching this you guys it oh my god some

guys out there like fat chicks no they


any men with a healthy sexual appetite

we don't like fat women ironclad proof

of this is in the porn searches now

listen I don't have the statistics in

front of me but I can tell you this when

most men fire up their laptop for some

old chicken chicken some jerking off

action right they're not searching for

fat chicks guys they're searching for

the hotties they're searching for the

they're searching for fake tits or big

eyes they're not they're not putting in

fat girls nobody wants to watch fat

women having sex and if they don't want

to watch that women having sex they damn

sure don't want to fuck fat girls and

now your man donovan sharp a woman never

belongs to you it's just your turn of

course her parents don't have a problem

with me being black she's past the wall

get your fat ass off the couch start

lifting weights and learn game you're

welcome so you got drunk at a frat party

then fuck the football team you're not a

rape victim sweetheart you're a slut

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well let's get to it before ETF 42

spoils the entire show of course I say

that it you know I say that

tongue-in-cheek absolutely

a lot of men ask me via email you know

super chat you know Twitter Facebook

Donovan how do I close the deal on the

first date or Donovan what's the best

strategy to use to try to fuck a girl on

the first date

now the answers to those questions are

both vast and and plentiful right

and while I've never really addressed

them directly live on air I have talked

about different techniques different

strategies here and there on past

episodes that I have done shout out to

Brian Hodgson with the $2 super chat

says Friday yep Friday shows are always


but I've talked about closing the deal

on the first date with women here in the

past now within the next month or so

just like just to give you guys sort of

a you know a preview I'm gonna talk

about a few of the technique you

techniques that I have used myself

tickle is deal in the first date or the

first meet up so definitely stay tuned

for that that's probably gonna be here

within the next month or the minute the

next month or so but a question I've

been seeing floating around the

manosphere these days is should I try to

sleep with her on the first date will

she like me more if I don't try to fuck

her the first time we meet up well the

short answer to those questions are fuck

yes and fuck no respectively you should

always always try to fuck her on the

first date I'm gonna give you guys for

very good reasons why let's get to it

number one it shows your masculinity

listen girls want masculinity they want

men masculine men try to fuck women

bottom line trying to fuck her shows

that your testosterone levels are high

guys listen markers of high testosterone

are markers of masculinity that's

attractive to women okay muscle mass

muscle tone facial hair body body hair

nothing ridiculous you don't look like a

fucking bear some girls some guys can't

help it listen some guys some women love

hairy men but but all you know you know

a strong jawline listen all of these all

of these things are markers of

masculinity including a high sex drive

subconsciously the feminine hard drive

they want the best genes they want the

best genetics the body wants to mate

with what they believe is the best

physically genetically superior male

available to her now not all of the

genes she is looking for our physical

some are actually mental you could look

masculine but you might not be masculine

right like listen there are a lot of

body builders out here a lot of guys who

look good that are very effeminate okay

if you look masculine but you don't try

to fuck her she knows you probably have

low tea low testosterone all right and

listen she might even think you're gay

if you don't try to fuck her listen some

girls take offense if you don't try to

fuck them they may or may not reject you

they may have no intention of sleeping

with you but she'll go home later that

night be like oh my god he didn't try to

fuck me what's wrong with me and we'll

get to that later on

showing masculinity throughout the date

is great right we know how to escalate

we know how to use what we call keno

which is which is which is very

strategic touching getting her used to

being touched by you getting her used to

being told what to do by you at Center

etc okay but if you don't finish the

deal if you don't finish off if you

don't if you don't show congruence later

on in the night by trying to fuck her

okay being masculine and trying to fuck

her she's gonna think you're fake or

running PUA game she's gonna think that

everything you've done has been scripted

and listen girls have a listen girls

have a supernatural sense of figuring

out men who are congruent and men who

are not you can look the part you can

know all the lies but at the end of the

day she knows what's what and you can

have all the lines you can touch her in

all the right places at the end of the

night if you don't try to fuck her she's

gonna think to herself okay this guy is

not who he presented himself to be this

guy is not who I thought he was your

actions at the end of the night

absolutely have to match your actions at

the beginning in the middle okay and get

this guy's trying to start trying to

fuck her on the first date does not mean

you're not a gentleman guys listen you

can be a gentleman all you want to if

you don't try to fuck you she's not

gonna remember you being a gentleman

women want men who are masculine

gentlemen okay but if you don't try to

fuck her she's not gonna remember that

man she's not gonna remember that that

gentlemanly masculinity all she'll

remember is that you didn't try to fuck

her and then she starts just then she

starts to question your sexual

orientation your sex drive her own

sexual attractiveness and like I said

I'll talk about that later and your own


okay and if she questions her

masculinity she questions your manhood

and if a woman even starts to question

your manhood

she has already lost the traction for

you and it doesn't matter what she

looked like guys listen a guy can be a

complete asshole through the night she

will go on a second date with him if he

if she's attracted to him she will go

out on a second date with him if he

tries to fuck her but she will Stonewall

the gentleman who tried to respect her

you get her home at the end of that you

make all the right moves you don't try

to fuck her hey you Bernie you break out

your phone hey you want to go out for a

second date ah no thanks I'm busy I'm

gonna go out the asshole who tried to

fuck me in the ass last night I think

I'm gonna let him do that this is how

they want this is what they want

women want masculine men and the

ultimate way to show masculinity is to

try to fuck her at the end of the night

like I said women in 2018 and this this

is a this is a microcosm this is one of

the many sad examples of the deplorable

state of women in 2018 is that they take

it as an affront as a sign of disrespect

if you don't try to fuck them

isn't that unbelievable like 50 years

ago you weren't a gentleman if you tried

to fuck a girl on the first date if you

didn't try to fuck her she was more

turned on by you you had more of a


shout out to Brian Hutchins with another

$1 super chat appreciate that

girls take it as disrespect they take it

as an affront if you don't try to fuck

them it is unbelievable but this is how

it is

number two if you try to fuck her on the

first date she will know that you are

unafraid she will know that you are


girls admire fearlessness guys shout out

to Brian Hudson with the $1 super chat

so brian has brantas brian has donated

$4 here in the last four minutes

appreciate that bah

girls admire fearlessness guys

fearlessness is another masculine

quality okay

if you don't try to fuck her she might

think that you are afraid to try and

guess what gentlemen girls don't respect

fear in men shout out to Bryan Hodgson

with another $1 uber jet listen keep him

coming man

get him coming

ah Butte I'd love to listen to that

sound all night long girls don't respect

they don't respect men who were afraid

shout-out to former White Knight who

donated $2 he says thought give me a


something about dated this Indian girl

in college laying a bit oh yeah right

right he was talking about an Indian

girl in college okay who is trying to

save her virginity he didn't fuck her so

apparently she was turned off

okay hey guys listen girls like I said

girls don't respect fear and men you

listen you can give her all the excuses

in the world you can tell her I was

trying to respect you I wasn't ready yet

or whatever she is going to assume that

you were just afraid to fuck her and

nine times out of ten she's right

shoutout to scott davis with the $5 soo

pretentious says she's thanks for

sharing the knowledge great show

appreciate that actually no that was uh

scott davis just donated through my

PayPal link shout-out to Brian Hodgson

with another student two dollar super

ten he says no shoutouts is just

spamming and he continues to he

continues to to throw money at the


now you here's the deal guys you didn't

fuck her you didn't try to fuck her

because you were afraid that she would

reject you she was right about your fear

okay but what most men understand is

that girls resisting sex that doesn't

mean she doesn't want to have sex with

you shout-out to Brian Hodgson with

another $1 super chat if she doesn't

want to have sex with you she would not

have come back to your place in the

first place right now something may

change during that time but so long as

she's still so long as she's still there

even after you try to fuck her you still

have a chance okay and get this and

every every single girl you tried to

fuck if she wants to fuck you if you are

how can I put this if she is attracted

to you she wants you to try again guys a

girl rejecting you for sex is a shit

test that's what this is let's see how

he handles rejection she says to herself

let's see how persistent she is shout

out to chop Rolla

with the five dollar donation why do

women give attitude when they are

interested in him I'll get to that in

just a second let me finish my thought

shout out to Brian Hudson with another

$1 super Chad

they want to know how you handle

rejection they want they want to see how

persistent you are persistency handling

rejection pressing forward those are

masculine qualities that's fearlessness

they need to know subconsciously the

girl needs to know subconsciously that

you don't just give up after you fail

the first time alright if you're that

dude she'll assume that you are like

this in all parts of your life if you

are afraid to try to fuck her she'll

assume that you're afraid with

everything chill if she'll assume that

you're afraid in your life work money

your friends etc and girls don't want to

be around a guy who gives up they want a

man who pushes forward okay

I'll give you two examples example

number one you tried to fuck the girl

okay she stops you from taking her

panties off but she stays right she

wants you to try again okay if she stays

she wants you to try again that doesn't

mean she wants to fuck you but that

doesn't mean she doesn't want to fuck

you but if she sticks around she

definitely wants you to try again and if

you don't you were going to lose her

you could try five times and she can

reject you all five times if she is

still in your house

she wants you to try again

example number two you try to fuck the

girl she stops you from taking her

panties off again and she leaves

immediately or she asks you to go home

guess what gentleman she didn't want to

fuck you right something you did to turn

her off between the time you brought her

home and the time you tried to fuck her

if she leaves or asks you to take her

home she doesn't want you to try again

which is obvious because she is

attempting to remove herself from the

situation you can't try to fuck nobody

that's what that is

if she sticks around guys she wants you

to try again she wants you to try to

fuck her again

shoutout to former white knight with the

$2 to pretend he said should I should I

have taken the Indian girl's virginity

she was lying naked in front of me and I

blew it

yes you absolutely should have taken

that she wanted you to try to fuck her


boy the the donations and super chats

are coming in like wildfire compare I

can barely keep up here

I appreciate it this is man I wish every

show is like this this is great

again she wants you to try again if she

sticks around she wants to know guys

that you have thick skin and can handle

adversity and push through it to get

what you want which is her maybe she

fucks you maybe she doesn't but no

matter what happens she will still

respect you because she knows that you

are fearless if she agrees to a second

meetup she likes you shout out to Brian

Hodgson with another $1 super chat if

she doesn't agree to a second meetup she

didn't want to fuck you in the first

place either way you have to respect you

have to either way you have her respect

because you showed fearlessness I'll

give you another example here quickly

there was this girl that was fucking

with when I was down in Vegas actually

mentioned her in episode 24 how I

avoided a false domestic violence charge

okay she had and this was funny like I

don't know two or three weeks after I

started fucking her shoutout to Brian

Hodge another $1 superjet she says why

did it take so long to why did it take

you so long to fuck me like she asked me

this like she was utterly confused as to

why I did not

as to why I did not try to fucker v4

villain says he remembers that episode

okay now this was early on in my red

pill development but the answer guys is

that I was scared man I was afraid of

rejection now fortunately for me she

really wanted to fuck me like it didn't

hurt my chances of fucking her because

about a week after our first meetup dude

I fucked her seven times in one night

guys no lie no exaggeration I had a pack

of six condoms I used them all up

so the seventh time we wanted to fuck I

pull I had to pull out and give her a

facial which by the way she absolutely

loved she's like we don't have any

condoms I was like dude like I fucked

you six times it's gonna take me six

hours to blow my load it didn't I think

it took me like a half an hour but after

that dude I pulled out fucking splooge

all over her face

but she wanted to know why I was afraid

to fuck her right that was a shit test I

forgot what I told her I think I said I

think I said something like well I just

wanted make sure you weren't crazy and

guess what she absolutely was because

she because she right and I listen I'll

give you the backstory on this

so I'm fucking this girl for five or six

months and I decided I just want to fuck

with her anymore I think I was fucking

under the girl I was dating her I was

dating another Mexican girl at that

point and I needed to trim down my

roster I was getting short on time so I

was gonna try to wean her down I was

gonna try to wean her down so I'd send

her text messages like hey Jennifer

that's what we'll call her not gonna be

able to make it this weekend blah blah

blah blah blah so she is so she's

hitting me like what's wrong what did I

do I'm like fine I'll just relax I just

have some things I need to take care of

I gotta take the weekend off we'll

continue on next weekend well the intent

was to sort of slowly fade out of her

life until she got the point that I just

didn't want to fuck with her anymore

this bitch calls me up and says Donovan

I'm pregnant now I immediately I

immediately knew she was full of shit

but you never know right like I used

condoms every time that fucker I was

like wait a minute like I did fuck her

that one time without a condom but I

didn't bust it or but you know pre-cum

you just never know right so I said sit

tight so I drove to my CV I drove to my

local CVS and bought two pregnancy tests

protip guys if she tells you she's

pregnant make her take it twice make her

listen you need to see the pee leave the

vagina and hit the stick now of course

at that point she pissed to positive

tests now she's crying oh I can't

believe it but I'm like right fucking

I'm out of here you're crazy

on my way out the door she calls the

cops and says I would like to report a

domestic disturbance so now I can't go

anyway because if I leave the scene I'm

automatically guilty right so she tells

the so she tells the dispatcher that I

had choked her and slapped her and then

I was holding her captive so I kept my

cool guys I was scared shitless was the

first time I'd ever encountered a

situation like this so on the way over

like I think it took him like maybe ten

or if it didn't take him long to get

there because I'm a black guy she's a

white girl they're definitely gonna you

know because she had to describe it to

him she's like well cable you know and

of course she sounds like she's a white

girl will describe him well he's tall

and he's black I'm like oh god they're

gonna send a fucking SWAT team there

fucking put they're gonna fucking put a

bullet in my head before I get to state

my kid before I get to state my case so

between the time the cops got there but

between the time she made the phone call

and the time the cops got there I pulled

out my phone and I hit the recording

device and I said look why are you doing

this and she says because you know I

don't want to watch it you know I don't

want you to pull this bullshit you're

pulling away from me dah dah dah dah dah

I said we'll look Jennifer if you wanted

to still be with me you didn't have to

lie about being pregnant and then lie to

the cops about me hitting you she says I

know I shouldn't have done that but I

just didn't want to lose you that's all

I needed so the cops get there they

question me they question her and at the

end and when they questioned me I didn't

say anything

I said officers I'm gonna reach for my

phone I had to do that again I'm a black

man right like I don't want to get shot

so I reach for my phone turned on the

recording clear as a bell the entire

conversation rang out she got arrested

for making a false a false accusation

she probably didn't stay in jail long

was probably your for I don't know made

might not have been her first offense I

never saw her again after that now the

very next summer she actually texted me

had told me that she missed me I put

that on Twitter as well and you can see

that conversation on in pod pics she

says hey I'm sorry bla bla bla bla bla I

freaked out but I still miss you did not

respond to that bitch but this was the

bitch who was confused as to why I did

not try to fuck her on the first date

shut up the paperwork's with the $5

super chat he asks what about what about

girl that keep texting but she says she

doesn't think I would like to keep her

company because she is boring if a girl

says to me if a girl says to me well I

don't think you'd want to hang out with

me because I'm boring at that point ask

well why do you think you're boring like

try me

right like what let you like seriously

why do you think you're boring at that

point you need to actually there's

really though the way I would respond to

that is just a couple of question marks

shout-out to Bryan Hudson with another

$2 super ten says false flag females

absolutely absolutely yeah the best way

to respond is double question marks what

she is doing is she is validation

seeking what she wants you to do is say

no you're not boring even though I have

no idea who you are I'm sure you're the

most amazing person in the world that's

what she wants you to do don't do that

double question marks and keep it moving

she obviously likes you though

not trying to fuck her on the first date

shows fear guys okay women no women no

this and no matter what you tell her she

will know that fear is what is keeping

you from making a move to fucker girls

do not respect fearful men and I need to

I've got a

second guys

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shout out to steve-o steve-o with the $5

superjet he asks women always want me to

take them out but the assholes they

probably go straight to the house and

fuck do she think I'm a sucker yes alpha

fucks beta bucks she is using you for

your nan for all of her non-sexual needs

and she's she's using you for all of our

non-sexual needs then she goes and fucks

the alphas you're the beta if listen if

if they always want to take you out but

then fuck somebody else you're doing it

wrong you want to be the guy who gets to

fuck her for free

dude dude listen dude do not take a

woman and speaking of first dates

do not take a woman to a sit-down

restaurant at a first date that is a

no-no that is some bata bucks

shit don't do that take her out fur do

take her out for take her out for cheap

drinks take her to the movies you get

the movies I get the popcorn take her

bowling you you handle the rental I'll

take care of the games will split the

drinks make her invest make her

understand that she has to earn your

attention and resources just showing up

and being a woman ain't gonna cut it


cuz you're going and fucking this nigga

for nothing you're not gonna do that

with me so yes she absolutely thinks

that you are a sucker

be sure to sign up for the TSR

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Bryan Hodgson has super chatted about 17

times today

shoutout to AR for shout at the Donnell

shoutout to Braden nation - haven't seen

you in here in a while Braden nation -

methinks you are a female

I think Braden nation could be a female

on an elm I'll see I'm very good at

ferreting that stuff out but good to see

you in here Kyle Mitchell says always go

for the pussy on the first date you

might just get laid

absolutely the ron brown's has just

accomplished this today that's what


shoutout to hold on shout-out to Brian

Hodgson with the $2 with the $5 super

chat he says fuck that she gets a nut

smoothie and a Big Mac you get a Big Mac

and a fucking and a fuckin protein shake

bitch yeah seriously never take a girl

out to a sit-down restaurant on the

first date

listen 2025 years ago that was okay

these days girls will punish you girls

will punish you

it will punish you for rewarding them

without earning it

if you were Ward a woman with your time

and attention she will absolutely punish

you she will use you for her non-sexual

needs and go fuck somebody else

shout-out to Paul or jo9 sexual polarity

masculine and feminine inner energy

exists in all couples hetero lesbian gay

if she feels more masculine than you you

are out alpha fucks salute sir I could

not have said that better myself

that's that's that's actually that's

that's a very good that's a very good

comment very nice

daddy is Scott good to see you in here

at Lorenzo Davis professor Don

appreciate that astronomical one says

Donovan I admit I love and you talk

sports man yeah unfortunately you're in

the minority I used to talk sports on

here quite a bit

people got a little perturbed hey listen

man I'm gonna I'm a man of the people

trying to give the people what they want

so I try to keep the supports talked to

a minimum

john-paul shoutouts uses Donavan be

giving them giving out them golden

nuggets yeah I try men that's right DJ

Batman says how I keep my ho in check

Donavan sharps dude watch the show

that's all you gotta do man I can't

listen man like this whole show is

predicated on keeping your hoe and check

Raekwon wimba wimbush says at the end of

the day fellas the worst she can say is

no absolutely if you go for the lay the

worst she can say is no no big deal

that's how it works

and like I said before if she sticks

around after she rejects you okay like

listen man like I've done this a

thousand times your dude you put your


listen putting your hand on her tits

that's no big deal right everybody does


dude finger in her pussy rubbing her

pussy that's fine too when you try to

take off the panties that's when the

rubber meets the road and if she wants

to fuck you guess what she's gonna let

you take those panties off but if she

doesn't want to fuck oh no no no she

doesn't no no nope nope nope nope nope

mm-hmm that's where the rubber meets the

road you when you try to take off a

woman's panties dude that's when she

knows you were trying to fuck her right

if she's listening she's DTF guess what

she's gonna let you take off them

panties and rock the Kasbah if she

doesn't know she'll close her legs blah

blah I mean that's how it works

astronomical one says Donovan you ready

for Philly season end tomorrow yeah man

yeah listen man like I'm not the typical

Phillies sports fan oh we're gonna

fucking lose but no no no like I had

high hopes

I was I was cautiously optimistic when

we started the season when we listen

when we bow traced the Redskins but then

lost to the Chiefs I said okay we're

pretty good

then we reeled off what six seven in a

row at that point I knew we were for

real even after we lost to Seattle I

knew we were for real well carson wentz

tears his ACL against the rams and that

was it and Nick Foles came in and did a

did a pretty good job but and Nick Foles

is a decent backup duties not Carson

Wentz so yeah yeah I mean listen it's

rainy out here in Philly so I don't know

maybe the ya know maybe that'll slow

down Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman and

Mohamed Sanu and all of the fuckin

weapons they have on that Atlanta

offense but listen if we win tomorrow

hey I'll take it but I'm not holding my

breath hold my breath

t Santana

good to see you in here freelance runnin

mister old-school writer to the Mod

Squad is in the house DJ Batman says I

want to smash first date hell yeah we

all want to smash

eg Batman always says no fat today all

listen stop jerking off don't drink your

dick guys don't jerk your dick

Walter level shout-out to you mr.

old-school Ryder says what's up deep 85

great show last night yeah last night

was a good show last night was a good


DJ Pat Matt says my nuts pilling up DJ

Batman is keeping it real Jeremy Yeahs

nose says how can i donate sharp assist

assisted him with that appreciate that

ah T Santana says all hoes will front on

the first date but they will on the next


that's the quit listen you can always

tell now just because she doesn't fuck

you on the first date does not mean

she's not a hoe right very few women can

hold out twice if a woman really wants

to fuck you and she really likes you she

won't fuck you on the first date she'll

go home and she'll fucking squirt all

over the place yeah I shall be rubbing

her the next time oh yeah yeah you're

getting your you are definitely gonna be

in the guts for sure

absolutely and of course I'm going to

scroll daunt x7

good to see you in here unspoken Tomcat

hi says what's up Donovan finally off

work to see a live show

Brian Hodgson with another five dollar

super Chet he says one time I had a big

fish I'm sorry a fat bitch swing by

weight one time I had a fat bitch swing

by got the slack got the sloppy knob in

her car and then I said okay catch you

later so you got the head from the fat

bitch and I'm told that fat bitch

I'm told the fat bitches in the guts

means up in her pussy like if you have a

sizeable cock right and you're fucking a

girl and you have a big dick it feels

like you're like all up in her guts like

in our stomach or guts come on man DJ

bat man come on man like you know about

that on now come on now come on DJ but

jerking off man

gotta get bonus stuff

Raekwon wimba Wimbish says LMAO yo

Donovan how long did it take for the

cops to get there get there I don't know

but it did not take them long she called

them up I'd like to report a domestic


mm-hmm-hmm and then she said her name I

forgot what her fucking name is um DD

that was her name I called her Jennifer

in the article her name was DD and she's

like my name is dee dee ba ba ba ba ba

then she was then she was silent yeah

he's he's a black guy I don't know like

six five like she told him I was six

five like oh my god dude as soon listen

as soon as they got the call they said

oh my god is six five black man beating

on a meeting about a poor defenseless

white girl do they honestly they

probably got there in 30 seconds

straight up

shoutout to daunt x7 with a $2.00 super

chat appreciate that

it's Friday guys it's payday let's do it

let's do it

v4 villain says if not for that Donovan

would have been fucked yes had I not had

the presence of mind to record our

conversation dude

I would have caught a felony domestic

battery charge absolutely and I would

have spent no less than 72 hours in jail

absolutely absolutely

Micah MacFarlane says is mid-40s too old

to start a family or do men hit the wall

at this age no dude you kidding me dude

men as men we don't hit the wall until

like our what our mid-50s something like

that if you want to start a family start

doing fucking family well get you an 18

year old 19 year old Brazilian with fake

tits put a few babies in or you're good

to go right up

Walter levels excellent comment he says

quote you are not special to any female

just one of many in line yes very very

good comment big shout-out to Jamaican

Peppa with the $25 super chat Jamaican

Peppa is in the house one of the one of

the one of the mods here in the towers

JP I don't know if you are


oh no Brian Hutchins with the $2 super

Chad said head was bottomless liked like

the fries oh then let me talk to it let

me talk to JP JP I don't know if you're

a mod on my other channel um if you're

if you jump on that other channel chat

and I'll go ahead and mod you but I

greatly greatly appreciate the $25 super

chat my friend I appreciate the support

I really really do I really do

now let me get to uh let me get to this

dumbass nigga brine ah he's that head

was bottomless like the Frog listen man

fortunately for me I've never fucked a

fat girl but the one thing I hear about

fat chicks is they give the bomb ass

head like they give that dome

they give the dome

unbelievable JP

yeah just whatever you can whatever you

can Matt don't don't even sweat it let

me get to this let me get to these other

chats and and see what we've got going


Paul urge ao9 says jo JJ smoked Atlanta

this year as a dolphin with their shitty

Oh lied dude JJ was an awesome pick up

dude he was an awesome pick up shout-out

to Brian Hodgson with a $26 super jet so

he says I see her 25 Jamaican Peppa and

I raise you one yes by all means

continue to bid seriously guys I

appreciate I appreciate the support Wow

$25 by Jamaican Peppa $26 my brain

Hodgson and Brent Hutchins at this point

tonight has probably donated somewhere

in the neighborhood of three hundred and

seventy four dollars so I certainly

appreciate that

certainly appreciate that

bitches are weird yes they are very very

weird yes they are weird swayed senator

good to see you in here

good to see you in here

ah mr. old school riders says I never

see Don and sharp assist in the same

room I don't know maybe I am sharp

assist maybe somebody asked yesterday if

sharp assist was a I I forget who it was

that was that was fucking hilarious

shout out to chief green feather with

the ten dollar super chat

appreciate that v4 villain is acting

like the the auctioneer 27 28 29 we got

27 28 29 excellent excellent

thank you guys very much for the support

I greatly appreciate it freelance run

it's at damn six five she was really

trying to get you hemmed up bra and the

way she did it like it was like she was

on those like she was on autopilot yeah

like the reporter domesticus disturbance

yep DD whatever her last name was yep

yep he's black guys just look at me i-65

blah blah blah blah and I'm like oh my

god oh my god like dude I expected the

cops to be like right there like a

domestic domestic disturbance big black

man beating up on a poor defenseless

white woman

now this was Las Vegas not that Las

Vegas cops don't have personal biases

but had I been in a place like I don't

know kill Mississippi Montgomery Alabama

you guys get you guys know what I'm

getting at they do data shot first ask

questions later

Charles merchant says fellows dumping

down on Pandit yes Friday is payday

bring the Thunder guys I appreciate the


Victor Costin says what happened to Cory

Cory didn't show he did not show

Walter level says Donovan sharp throw be

a wrench got put in a little more time

than that a little more time than that

not listen I'm not gonna make you mod if

you ask me truth from Joe hey hopefully

I'm getting told you guys are I'm

getting told on here he says honestly I

thought sharp assist was a I myself

that means shark that means sharp assist

is doing a very good job

astronomical one says Donovan I need an

excuse to go back to her place my

logistics are fucked up so I can't go to

my place what excuse can I use to invite

her over after the Meetup

dude dude make something up

man like hey you want to come back and

see my vintage dress Kurt record

collection hey I collect goldfish would

you like to come back and see it make up

anything and when you make this excuse

the girl will know exactly what you were

angling for if she says no I don't want

to come back and see your vintage record

collection she doesn't want to fuck you

but if she says sure I'd love to come

over and see your Japanese dolls that

you brought her from Tokyo means she

knows you're full of shit it's that

plausible deniability that's what that


shutout to freelance Ronin with the five

dollar super chet shout out to lewis key

with the five dollar super chad

freelances here's a nickel bag a funk

Lewis Key says this is valuable

information thank you guys very much

ah let's see swag stupid says Donovan

like the weekend says can you let me

stretch that pussy out or not as simple

as that that's right how was the weekend

that did that cut wait that's the or nah

remix right with Ti dollar sign

you let Camille it can you let that's I

remember I remember that one maybe they

use the same lyric that's exactly right

Victor Costin says hey Donovan what if

she's not American

um give me a second up into Corey give

me a little more context I've lost my

train of thought on that one

drew from Troy says any hoe can put

false allegations on you race is not a

factor oh okay that's what we talk about

what the yeah well yeah yeah yeah yeah

listen even if she is

if a woman accuses a man of domestic of

a domestic disturbance you're gonna be

guilty till proven innocent but if she's

a white girl and she's getting beat up

on by a black man cops for cops respond

much more quickly to that absolutely


ah a r4s is I am coming tomorrow I saw a

sweetie a few days ago yes

shout out to scream $2 super test says

everybody's stricken today keep tricking

I'm on my stripper pole keep throwing

that money on the stage yes

shoutout to former white knight with the

$2 donation he says white women I want

to fuck when I approach roadmap to

shifting white women to girlfriends

email me former white knight email me

Donovan sharp are ok at gmail.com I've

got a very quick answer for you I've got

to move on with the show

I've got to move on with the show but

email me Donovan sharp are ok at

gmail.com I've got a very quick

a very quick solution for that

all right moving right along let's go to

the number three reason that you should

always try to fuck her on the first date

it shows that you are sexually attracted

to her

guys women want a lot of things in this

world they want money they want security

they want a good man the number one

thing they want is to be desired okay I

don't know if you guys have ever watched

the show sons of anarchy

but Gemma teller-morrow Gemma

teller-morrow dropped this little nugget

on a young girl she was counseling about

the sexual dynamics between men and

women she says only men want to be loved

women need to be wanted women don't want

to be loved guys they want to be desired

they want men to want to fuck him to

want to fuck her okay

guys listen I don't care if you look

like the lovechild of Chris Hemsworth

and Shamar more if she doesn't think

you're attracted to her she doesn't

think you want to fuck her and if she

doesn't think you want to fuck her she's

not going to want to fuck you because in

order for a woman to be aroused by you

she has to know that you are aroused by

her she has to know you want to fuck her

as men now as men on the other hand we

don't care honestly we could not give

less of a shit if a girl was turned on

by us or not right so long as she's hot

we want to fuck her doesn't matter if

she thinks we look like a troll doesn't

matter she wouldn't come near us it

wouldn't matter if she doesn't come near

us unless we worth a hundred million

dollars that matter the most important

thing for women is to be sexually

desired for men to want to fuck her and

if the object of her desire the guy she

wants to fuck shows disinterest in her

sexually uh it's almost like a switch

turns off in her head she still thinks

she's attractive but she no longer wants

to fuck him because he doesn't want to

fuck her right it's an ego thing with

women it's part of who they are women

are quite literally defined by the

sexual options they do or do not have

think about listen and again they gonna

talk women these days they can talk all

they want about wanting men to respect

their intelligence or like their

personalities or value their opinion but

she's not fuckin guys who don't want to

fuck her all right if a man doesn't show

sexual interest in her it badly bruises

her ego dude just look up the Lena

Dunham Odell Beckham jr. situation just

do a google on that that was some

funny-ass shit she Lena Dunham just

could not believe that Odell Beckham jr.

did not want to fuck her she's this big

movie star Polina Dunham sweetheart you

are ugly this is why

Odell Beckham jr. didn't want to fuck

you this way he didn't wanna holler if

badly bruised her ego now how this

applies to trying to fuck her on the

first date is simple if you try to fuck

her she'll know that you're sexually

attracted to her okay now you're

probably saying at this point okay

Donovan that's obvious and it is but

guys I'm telling you a woman never

really knows that you want to fuck her

until you try to fuck her she can make

all the assumptions she wants guys okay

listen she can safely assume that if you

approached her struck up a conversation

got her phone number and set up with a

set up a date with her that you are

attracted to her but she also knows that

a lot can happen before that date a lot

can happen before and during the date

you might meet another girl she might do

or say something to you that turned you

off during the date okay it could be any

number of things as far as she's

concerned but one thing that all men are

grossly unaware of is the extremely high

level of insecurity among women okay

they can act like every guy wants them

every guy wants them that they're hot

and all that they can act like all that

stuff but deep down they're not really

sure they never are well listen why else

do you think they post ass pictures on

Facebook they're not doing it to show

you that they're attractive they're

doing it to get sexually validated

that's why they do this okay listen if

big teddy Briana puts a picture on

Instagram and doesn't get any likes do

you think she's telling herself a fuck

these niggas I know I'm hot no she's

wondering holy shit I didn't get any

likes am I not attractive am i ugly do

men not want to fuck me females are

notoriously insecure especially the hot

ones right listen 9s and 10s don't

compare theirselves don't compare

themselves to 9s and 10s they compare

them to two sixes and sevens they

compare themselves to 9s and 10s of

crystalline Jackson with the $2 super

chat news support appreciate that my


again guys when you try to never assume

that a woman assumes that you want to

fuck her like I said she can safely

assume different things but she never

really knows unless you try to pull down

those panties she never really knows so

reason number three as to why you should

try to fuck her on the first date is

that it shows you that she is sexually

attracted to her shout out to Brian

Hodgson with another $2 superjet he said

okay I'm out of money where do I send my

food stamps I tell people all the time

at dude if I were ever on food stamps

I'd be rich dude as much as I eat the

money I spend on food if I can get that

paid for I'd be solid

the fourth and final reason

as to why you should always try to fuck

her on the first date and guys this is

the most important reason I could have

actually done the show with this reason

because a lot of you guys have pointed

this out okay you will find out whether

or not she is a slut

alright I can't tell you guys how many

times after I fucked a girl on the first

date and she's wiping the spirt she's

wiping my load off of her face and she

says to me I don't usually do this or I

never sleep with guys on the first date

which we all know is 1000% bullshit and

if listen if there are girls who are

watching this who say this do you

actually believe that we believe you

right what do you believe that we listen

do you think that we're do you think

that we think that we're the only man

who's ever fucked you three hours after

we met okay you think we don't know that

we're not the first guy who gave you you

think that we don't know that we're not

the first guy who gave you ass to mouth

after the first meet up okay you think

you think we don't know that we're not

the first guy that you conveniently

forgot mentioning using a condom to

ladies let me listen let me let you in

on a little secret ladies for all you

bitches out here watching no man ever

believes you when you tell us that you

don't normally fuck guys on the first

date we know you're lying there's

nothing special about us and we know

this yes we know we have game and yes we

know we're attractive but we also know

that we happen to be in the right place

at the right time and it happened to be

the time of the month

where that time of the month in your

cycle where all you can think about is

cock okay we know we're not using magic

tricks or seduction techniques to

hypnotize you and make you do shit that

you wouldn't normally do or that you

didn't want to do in the first place

we know you're sluts even guys who don't

have any red pill awareness knows that

when you tell a guy I don't usually do

this that you're lying that you're full

of shit if you want us to think that you

don't fuck guys on the first date then

don't let us fuck you on the first date

we don't believe what we hear we believe

what we see and when you tell us you

don't fuck guys on the first date right

after getting fucked on the first date

that's like telling us that you never

drink after doing 12 shots of tequila

and passing out

now getting back to what I was saying

here the reason now here's the thing the

reason why girls say they don't usually

do this is because she likes you right

if she didn't like you she wouldn't give

a shit oh you know well you're the sixth

guy fucked this week that means she

didn't like you but she likes you if she

tells you this this lie okay she likes

you and the sex was good if you fuck it

if you fuck her good and by the way guys

the only thing you need to be good at

sex the only thing that you need to do

to be good at sex as fuck her as hard as

you can

rough sex okay and you know what listen

I'll divert here here's a pro here's a

pro sex tip for all you guys out there

Donovan how do I become excellent in bed

how do i how do i become a porn star

it's real simple if you want if you want

a girl to say oh my god the sex was

great you only need to do three things

number one fucker hard number to pull

her hair number three smack her ass

that's it okay you don't the liquor

pussy you don't have to find her

garage in the zones you don't even have

to make her squirt you not to make her

cum so long as you pound the life out of

her leave red marks on her ass and pull

her hair you're a sex God as far as

she's concerned and it doesn't listen

doesn't matter what size you wear you

could have a ten inch cock or two which

got doesn't matter do those three things

and girls will love fucking you every

time they'll tell their friends oh my

god he's a fucking porn star I think I'm

in love that's it guys that's all you

have to do fuck her hard smack her ass

pull her hair that's it that's the

secret you don't have to you don't that

move a certain way you don't have to

find the dough fuck her hard smack her

ass pull her hair that's it

three steps that's it

anyway if a girl tells you she doesn't

usually fuck guys on the first date it

it it probably means that she likes you


like likes like think about it the whole

package is there you boldly approached

her and got the digits okay you set up

the date by telling her where to meet

you rather than asking hey yeah would

you like to go out sometime like you

gave her instructions Tariq

King Machine right you escalated during

the during the date you maintained your

frame and masculinity you showed

fearlessness when you women for the hair

when women for the kill and her hair was

a complete mess after you fucked the

life out of her of course she's gonna

like you guys and girls know very early

on whether or not they want to be your

girl and if she tells you that she

doesn't usually do this this is a

telltale sign she wants to be your girl

if occur after you fuck a girl she says

well I don't usually do this guys guess

what she wants to be your girl now she's

not gonna tell you that yet she's not

gonna tell you want to be your girl yet

but she already knows that sometime down

the line she's gonna make a play to be

exclusive with you guys this has

happened to me I can't even tell you how

many times a seven I don't usually do

this three weeks later so what are we

anyway like are we a thing they're all

the same men and because all now here's

the thing because all girls know that

high-value men meant that they actually

like and respect don't commit to sluts

she's gonna do her best to convince you

that you're the first guy who's ever

fucked her on the first date in her life

and for this reason you should always

try to fuck her on the first date

because if she lets you you know she's a

slut guys you know she's a slut doesn't

matter if you had to try three or four

times to finally close the deal that

night she still let you fuck her on the

first date which puts her directly into

the slut category which is where she's

supposed to be I have this conversation

with my friend Paul all the time I tell

him dude if girls want commitment they

absolutely cannot give in they cannot

let me fuck them because I'm gonna try

to fuck you right all right I'm not

gonna be listen I'm not gonna be afraid

to make the first move I'm not afraid of

rejection if I wanna fuck a girl I'm

going to try and if you let me fuck you

great we had great sex it's all gonna be

good but understand that the moment my

cock enters your mouth or any orifice on

your person the chances of you being my

girlfriend are Z

rho0 listen I'll continue to fuck you

I'll let you come over and have a few

drinks right bends over my couch once

maybe twice a week but if I fuck you on

the first date there is no way I am ever

making you my main chick there is no way

I am committing to you or becoming

exclusive with you trying to fuck a girl

on the first date is the one true way to

find out whether or not she's a slut

guys she can say whatever she wants she

can act tell her she wants to act but no

matter what she does her says I don't

care if she shows up in a fucking church

dress with a with a Church Bible if she

gives up the S on the first date you put

her in the slut category which means all

she gets from you all she gets from me

is dick in the occasional whiskey shot

now like I said earlier just because she

doesn't fuck you on the first date

doesn't mean she's not a slut listen a

lot of girls doing this these days right

they don't fuck you on the first date

they wait for date number three like

they advised you to do back in the 80s

especially women who are past the wall

so if she doesn't fuck you on the first

date it doesn't mean that she's not a

slut okay but it keeps her off of the

potential sidechick list at least for a

little while anyway

guys if you have questions comments show

ideas or personal stories you'd like to

share if you want to shoot the shit hit

me at donovan sharp ROK at gmail.com

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definitely not trying to to plagiarize

oh wait a minute jumping the gun here

and like listen and here's another thing

guys if you got that and people have

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I'm gonna start bringing this stuff on

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as far as that's concerned remember I do

the three main things I fuck her hard I

pull her hair I smack her ass and I'm

the sex God right listen if she keeps

getting on her knees to suck my cock I

can only conclude that I'm doing

something right that's no big deal

anyway if you want the exact techniques

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I am going to address a hater and I

always thought he was a hater because

he's sort of like an undercover hater

he's sort of sort of passive-aggressive


like I said this guy first he this guy

grabbed my attention the very first time

in episode 35 35 part two actually and

episode 35 part 2 was entitled do black

men devalue themselves when they admit

that white men are at the top of the

sexual food chain astronomical one says

what are you gonna do with ad hominem

right okay so this guy Ralph Hayes

thinks that I put white men on a

pedestal here's where he responded very

negatively to what I said that all

things being equal white women prefer

white men all things being equal most

most women prefer white guys that

doesn't mean that I think that white

guys are better than black guys that

doesn't mean that I think white men are

the most valuable men on earth strictly

within the context of the sexual

marketplace all things being equal most

women prefer white guys white guys are

almost everybody's type okay

here is a sound bite of the very first

time I addressed him take a listen Ralph

Hayes writes in I'll bet you they don't

care if they're white daughters brought

home LeBron money and status would trump

that Mudshark shit Ralph you're a

hundred percent right but if there were

a white equivalent of LeBron that white

daughter would choose him over the black

robe the black LeBron again all things

being equal Ralph right then again on

the same episode he says boy you better

go watch get out that's a movie he says

value yourself

he says value yourself you always act

like the white man is the end-all-be-all

slave mentality man white males won't

give his daughter up but will let a

black man nail his wife because a

cuckold is alive and well you devalue

yourself and I like your content but you

put the white men on a pedestal which is

fucking stupid considering you're a

black a lot of white dudes can just be

Cordy and layman most white males are

aren't fucking CEOs or bosses a lot are

just average and have problems like any

black man would so on an even playing

field I see a lot of track of white

girls who just feel Brothers are more

than white boys doesn't mean they have a

fucking problem

good points again Ralph but your

personal biases are clouding your

judgment nothing wrong with that it's

the human condition but that doesn't

mean you're not wrong acknowledging

white men are most women's type has

nothing to do with slave mentality all

I'm talking about is pussy man it sounds

to me like you think that like you think

pussy is the end-all be-all which is why

you're bringing everything into your

responses like slave mentality and

pedestal relax dude it's just pussy and

pussy ain't that serious and I'm not

gonna watch some movie to educate myself

on anything Hollywood isn't real life

and we both know that I've heard that

get out is a good movie but I'm not

gonna change my mentality because of a

movie and anyone who does that is a

weak-minded individual yeah so

astronomical one says he used get out as

an example right this is why I got on

Korey Alexander Heywood's ass now he

didn't directly use get out as an

example but the cover the the the

picture that he used for the cover ten

ways that dating a white ten ways that

dating white women will show black men

how racism exists whatever the fuck that

like dude get out was a it was a

mythical movie it's like some

off-the-wall science fiction shit you

got niggas out here givin that credit

man did you see get out like that's

really how it is out here in these

streets nigga no and Ralph Hayes's

dumbass and Rafi's if you're watching

this you're a dumb ass nigga for serious

and I ain't done with you yet so then he

drops this little nugget on me earlier

today on my episode yesterday's stop

lying to women he says quote alpha

strategies he's talking about alpha male

strategies a fellow youtuber okay

advocated lying to them meaning women so

first of all that comet tells me that he

didn't watch or listen because had he

taken the time to watch her listen

he'd have heard this last Thursday I

gave you guys five necessary lies that

you need to tell your woman right and he

listened for five minutes let's play it

again he would have heard this last

Thursday I gave you guys five necessary

lies that you need to tell your woman

okay now like most ignorant ass trolls

Ralph Hayes

formulated an opinion based upon an

incomplete based upon incomplete

information he's lazy

okay black people are not lazy

dumb ass niggas are lazy he read the

title and made up his mind not

surprising this is what big nerd people

do okay whatever but what his comment

what his comment did was make it very

obvious what he was trying to do which

was stir it up drama between myself and

alpha male strategies a fellow black

youtuber this nigga's trying to start

drama because he has a female mindset as

we all heard from his comment that I

just played from way back in episode 35

part 2 now

what he's referring to his alpha male

strategy alpha male strategies he

advocates that women that men lie to

women in order to sleep with him and I

agree with that but I also but I me

Donovan sharp I also think that there

are lies that men tell their women that

hurt their chances of sleeping with them

and maybe forging a relationship right

and that's what I explained on

yesterday's show

he didn't address the fact that I to

advocate lying to you Roma no no no no

no he read the title and formulated

opinion ralph knows that alpha male

strategies advocates lying to women

right and I know that Ralph also doesn't

like me so what he decided to do was run

to my channel okay and say alpha male

strategies advocated lying to women for

the sole purpose of getting a rise in a

response out of me to disagree with

alpha male strategies which was start a

back and forth which is drama okay

and listen Ralph being the female he is

he would have loved it nice try Ralph

you're as transparent as your fucking

ignorant ass comment and let's not get

it twisted guys Roth doesn't like me

because of the way I sound okay he

doesn't like the comments that he left

it is very obvious that he doesn't he he

automatically discredits me because the

way I sound okay part of the gig right

there plenty niggas out there who don't

like me because of the way I talk I've

got light-skinned I talk like a white

guy they discredit me because I sound

like a white guy which is some ignorant

ass shit but that's okay niggas Gumby

niggas right can't do nothing about that

but then to turn around and to throw out

some bullshit as bait to start some shit

between me and another black youtuber

that's nigga bullshit I'm not here for

the drama guys I'm not here to attack

like-minded men I'm not here to go back

and forth and do response videos on what

this guy said and there's no I'm not

here for it okay I'm here to help men

improve their lives okay that's it I

don't get involved with petty ass drama

I'm 40 years old guys I don't have time

for that and listen by the way if

there's anyone watching who would like

for me to start some shit with someone

in the manosphere or the black


you're gonna be disappointed because

that's not what I do now

some of you might be thinking well what

about Cory Alexandre Haywood right you

called him out yes I did the difference

is is that Cory Haywood is not red pill

he's not of the manosphere community he

and I disagree on a fundamental level he

wrote an ignorant ass article and I

wanted him on the show so I could air

him out and let him know why he's full

of shit

alpha-male strategies and I are on the

same team

so is O'Shea so is angry man so is

Eleanor jacory so is Kevin Samuels Steve

Devine etc I'm not stirring up drama

with my allies guys and if there are

guys out there who want me who want to

do that or if there guys out there who

want to stir up drama cool more power to

them and just because I don't engage in

that sort of thing doesn't mean I have a

problem with it and it doesn't mean I'm

gonna chastise those who do it listen do

you if that's what works for you fine

you're not gonna hear from me raus

dumbass tried to bait me into attacking

someone on my own team to start the

drama that he loves to see Ralph is a

fucking female

he's a fucking hater who tried to draw

me into some drama with a like-minded

individual guys let's not mistake

anything alpha male strategies knows his

shit there is no doubt about it I've

watched his videos okay he and I are

fundamentally aligned on what females

are what their motivations are and how

to deal with him yes

we may disagree on a few minor details

as do all men right okay but because

we're two different people who

understand that one size doesn't fit all

especially comes to people we're gonna

disagree on stuff everyone knows you

don't handle every single female the

same way so while there may be some

things that I say that he disagrees with

and vice-versa as far as I'm concerned

we're on the same page and for that

reason I'm not gonna listen to dumbass

niggas like Ralph Hayes trying to start

some shit

nigga I ain't dumb man like you unlike

honestly Ralph if you're listening to

this this I'm talking directly to you

here you honestly thought that based on

your stupid-ass comment I was gonna go

and do want and and do some 30 minute

rant as to why men should never lie to

women under no circumstances you gotta

be a real man told her the truth and

your bitch ass was gonna run right back

to alpha male strategies channel and say

hey did you hear a Dutta but said about

your not gonna let him get away with

that are you Ralphie are a fucking hater

you don't like me because of the way I

sound and because I tell uncomfortable

truth about the sexual marketplace this

is why you hate me

nigga you hate me because you wanna be

me your ass wishes you had a girl as hot

as mine you wish you had a blonde haired

girl with a fucking fat ass who can cook

but you know you can't so you do dumb

shit like this to try to take me down a

peg try to make me look bad fuck you


unsubscribe from my channel and anyone

out there who wants to see this drama

between dudes in the black manosphere

fuck y'all to unsubscribe because that

shit ain't happenin here not on TSR this

channel is for men who want to improve

their lives okay they want to improve

their bodies in mind become good with

women and live a life of dominance so if

you want me to go back and forth with

this nigga and that and with like-minded

men you got the wrong channel stay the

fuck off my channel Ralph hatin ass

niggas hatin ass niggas like you is

exactly what's wrong with the black male

community acting like a fucking female

all right don't man at veins bulging

hey beans bulging I can't stand niggas

like that dude man and he was like I

like your content nah nigga you don't

like my content I get the fuck out of

here with that man and I'm not about

that drama man like dude and like I said

if guys listen man like I know there are

guys on there who have disagreements and

they talk about it okay fine That's not

me man I'm not that guy I went after

court listen I went after Cory Alexander

Heywood because he is not a he's not a

red pill guy I'm not gonna attack dude

if I got a problem with O'Shea or angry

member Kevin Samuels guess what I'm

gonna pick up my phone and I'm gonna

address it now some guys may not do it

that way that's perfectly good with me I

don't have a problem with that but I

can't stand niggas who like hey guess

what this dude guess what this thing is

said about you on his other channel dude

alpha males strategies knows his shit

this niggas got what 90 videos he's got

almost 10,000 subscribers why there's

nothing he's doing that secret he knows

his shit dude people fuck with alpha

male strategies because he knows his

shit no question about it

I'm not gonna attack him just because

some nigga came on me came on here and

get the fuck out of here with that


alright let me scroll back up here

hmm Oh v4 villain says a man with bitch

tendencies Ralph hunt spoke and Tomcat

says this Ralph is says this Ralph is a

fucking dummy Wow okay so I guess you

guys know about him too

anti-gravity 74 says shit what did I

miss you got the kitchen on the restream

dude good to see you in here AG shut up

to Danielle simit Danielle Simmons to

$10 super text said super chat says keep

up the great work Finn

preciate the support gentlemen you guys

have really really come through for me

tonight you guys really really have

to give a shout-out to all of you guys

freelance Ronan says alpha-male

strategies content is way different from

Donovan's it is as different as apples

and bananas okay all right

I've seen a couple of his videos and he

is like he has a very different approach

but if you read between the lines like

if you know your red pill shit

AMS knows his shit and listen guys if

you're looking for a supplement dude go

to this channel men he keeps it succinct

he keeps it like he is he's very

bare-bones right to the point he gives

you the real real didn't give a fuck

about your feelings and men need to do


super kokujin 916 says to the idiots

using get out as a scare tactic here he

goes and I addressed this the director

is half white and married to a white

woman now find something else to use for

your paper thin reasoning exactly Jordan

Peele is married to Chelsea somebody or

other she's a comedian Duty's a white

girl like come on man

unbelievable so wait senator says Ralph

is on some nonsense dude I'm telling you

I can't stay listen man I can't stand

that nigga man I hope he unsubscribes

fuck out of here

astronomical one says that hominem

that's funny shit man hashtag ad hominem

so wait senator yep Ralph is a self-made

bitch real ants Thank You The Voice you

guys like the beta Donovan voice man my

brother actually listens to the stream

and he called me called me on Tuesday

night he's like yeah man I like like the

beta Donovan voice it's pretty funny

straight up man Brian Hodgson says Oh

Tesoro nautical ones as I hate Donovan

because he has a crispy hairline tonight

oh yeah my you know I actually got a I

actually got to tighten it back up I got

I got to take it down a little bit it's

getting a little long straight up snake

ass niggas I'm telling you I can't stand

man I can't stand people that do that

shit man

be for village says veins bulging like


Bryan Hudson days $2 super tenses random

question can you fit in a smart car I've

never tried but I doubt it

dude those things are like rollerskates

right like I'm not gonna drive a boiled

egg around I'm not gonna do that like

I'm like I feel like if I hit a speed

bump I'm gonna die

I like the beaver villain said veins

bulging like vision like Vegeta yeah

yeah when I get mad and I get like oh

yeah I'm one of these dudes you can tell

when I'm when I'm pissed off

astronomical ones as I hate Donna

because he can do more sit-ups than me

yeah that's what I'm saying man

I can't stand that dude beaver villain

says Donovan thank you for put it

pointing out alpha-male strategies never

heard of his channel until you mentioned

in guys listen listen listen listen he's

relatively new on the scene I guess he's

been doing this for a few months

dude turns out a lot of content he knows

his shit he really does

and I don't endorse people who don't

know what they're talking about but he

knows his shit for sure

for sure he's listened he's blown up

fast man he's got listen he's been at

this I've been at this a lot longer than

he's got a lot more subscribers than I

do so he's definitely doing something


Chukchi lets's would love to see an AMS

and TSR collaboration yeah that's that's

actually in the work so I'm gonna try to

put something together with him and

Kevin Samuels


anti-gravity 74 says men like him is

what's wrong with the black community

that's that dude that's that nigga

bullshit man like seriously you're gonna

try to start something between two dudes

who are trying to help you out like what

are you doing fuck out of here

astronomical ones as I ain't Donovan cuz

he's got a beard I got peach fuzz oh my

god truth from choice says do your

sisters watch the stream hell no oh my

god fuck no no way are you fucking


actually I'm Thanksgiving I let my

sister listen one of my sisters listen

to the theme and she was like like what

is this I was a gala meat let me get

those headphones about you

be for villain says Donovan is five

percents and yeah yeah like if I get mad

like my hair just turns blonde that's

the key can be coming out saying

Dragonball Vegeta Goku Gohan I used to

watch a lot of that stuff back in the

day Krillin boma piccolo I'm revealing

listen Meyer I'm revealing my my inner

nerd I don't watch Dragon Ball and dude

since like my twenties and

Kevin Samuels in the motherfucking house

he said he's about to come mija mija

Ralph hell yeah dude like seriously and

Kevin rightfully points out alpha-male

strategies knows his shit guys I'm

telling you the guy the guy knows his

shit and you know what I'll tell you

what one thing he does that I'm unable

to do he's able to put things succinctly

right like for me to explains in 10

words what takes me three hundred to

explain Abba I'm a I'm a long winded

mouthy motherfucker

this nigga tells you straight up yo tap

that ass she wants you to and if you try

and she done let you she wants you to

try again end of discussion

two-minute video he's out 20,000 views

the guy knows a shit man check him out

I've spoken Tom cat says Ralph must not

about a dead growing up truth from

choice has pity men against each other

and stepping back is that some feminine

shouts I swear to god man I swear to God

Paulie Oh Paulsen Aubrey says lovin some

Dragon Ball GT I didn't watch Dragon

Ball GT a lot I know about Frieza and do

Doria and Zorba and I think

man we are geeking out and the towers

tonight goddamn chase LeBeau says Ralph

is met because Donovan has Morty and

could lift his bodyweight on the bench

press right like don't be mad at me fuck

out of here

sharpest hisses alpha-male strategies is

easy m42 right that wouldn't surprise me

that would not surprise me yeah you know

what has anybody seen alpha-male

strategies and ETF 42 in the same room

at the same time

vivre villain says Dragon Ball super is

better I have a watch Dragonball Z since

tooth since before 2000 like 98 man

straight up

ah Fist of the North Star yes can the

Jaggi and rau oh my god that I'm really

geeking out

unspoken Tom gets his dragon ball super

is the shit now

truce of choice as funny enough most by

people I know of that know of Dragon

Ball Z even hood niggas man I'm telling


good to see you Paul Sanabria said he's

feeling better getting stronger


Kenyatta Kendrick says go Eagles man

were in big trouble we're in big trouble

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive my thanks to all of my

super chatters Brian Hodgson who I'm

pretty sure donated 200 bucks in super

chat he gave me two like I'm the

stripper he threw $200 and ones on the

screen to make him tempo thanks for

watching guys we'll see you Monday





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