Why you should never be afraid to give her an ultimatum (Episode 352)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

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it I got a comment on an episode I did

the other day a video I did the other

day about why you should never tell a

woman to put herself in your shoes and I

got this comment from a chick and she

said and I quote at 8 minutes and 41

seconds when you say that your girl

pardon me when you say that if your girl

is talking to her ex tell her to stop or

she's gone isn't this in ultimatum I

absolutely agree that she is that she

needs to not be talking to any exes but

isn't the ultimatum a sign of weakness I

think you guys have talked about that on

the red man group if I'm remembering

correctly or from the remembering right

as she says now first off I'll go ahead

and point out that this isn't an honest

question okay she's not asking me if

ultimatums are a sign of weakness

because she wants an answer from me no

she asked the question to make the

statements that ultimatums or a sign of

weakness and that if I endorse them then

I of course Donovan sharp and weak this

is what she wanted to say she wanted to

point out that the sign of weakness is

what she believes is in is an

inconsistency in our

so I'll answer her first loaded question

and the answer is that ultimate as that

ultimatums are indeed a sign of weakness

when coming from a position of weakness

if your value is low okay if you don't

handle her like she needs to be handled

when you are in her frame and she is not

in yours and she is texting her higher

value ex-boyfriend than yes telling her

to stop texting her ex or she's gone is

indeed a sign of weakness but not all

ultimatums are created equal

gentlemen not even close and I'll get to

that a little bit later on in the show

now to answer her second assertion which

is that because we all agreed on the

Redman group that ultimatums are a sign

of weakness we must all indirectly agree

that there is no gray area or context or

room to disagree or add nuance or

acknowledge that different circumstances

require different reactions her comment

was merely what we call concern trolling

she doesn't give a shit about the answer

guys she literally wanted to say hey

Donovan you are weak and a hypocrite and

I disrespectfully disagree and I say to

this woman

stay in your lane and buy it man buy

your ticket to the 22 convention in 2020

as soon as they become available so you

can learn to stay the fuck out of

conversations when men are talking

but her comment did make me think about

ultimatum so many women like to declare

proudly well I don't respond well to

ultimatums or if he gives me an


I shut down really so when your boss

tells you that if you are late again

you're fired you just quit on the spot

because you don't respond to ultimatums

that well when you're a kid and your mom

told you to clean up your room and you

were or you were grounded did you shut

down but Donovan those situations are

different yes they are and the

difference is respect you respect your

bosses power to end your employment and

to stop your paychecks you respected

your mother's authority to ground you so

when a woman says she doesn't respond

well to ultimatums what

she is really saying is that she doesn't

respond well to ultimatums from men she

does not respect think about it I'll

give you I'll give you situation if a

girl dated a guy who was a tenon looks

had a 10-inch dick worth 10 figures

keeps her in line and makes her work for

his attention and affection and

resources and he told her stop going out

with your friends at night or we're done

do you think she'd shut down do you

think she'll even tell her friends that

she left because he gave her an

ultimatum and she doesn't respond well

to ultimatums well of course she


why because she respects him he's a

high-value guy who knows his worth and

demands her best she loves and respects

him so her answer isn't OMG you gave me

an ultimatum I'm totally shutting down

no her answer is you got a babe no more

girls nights out now of course that

mythical man doesn't exist but you guys

get the idea and that idea is that a

high-value male that a woman respects

can lay down ultimatums left and right

and she will happily comply with each

and every one of them if she wants him

to keep her around this also relates to

sexual harassment in the workplace women

don't want sexual attention from

unattractive male co-workers no they

want sexual attention from men that they

are aroused by women don't want

ultimatums from unattractive men they do

not respect let's take it into another

direction women always talk about the

fact that they don't want to be

objectified and that's simply not true

no they don't want to be objectified by

unattractive men they want to be

objectified by men that make their

pussies wet and proof of this is on the

Internet every day with the pictures

they post on social media and Instagram

in the same vein and I will say it again

women don't like ultimatums from men

that they're not aroused by men they do

not respect so later on in the show I'm

gonna define what an ultimatum really is

what they are not why they are necessary

and why men who are afraid to issue them

always get cheated on and taken

advantage of so you'll definitely want

to stick around

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Donovan good

Donovan what's up the streets and Lois

legacy in Vegas what the deal brother

how you doing man how you doing by the


excellent episode I'm still watching

that episode with Kevin Samuels at

episode I was really digging it

excellent oh he is man listen man real

quick I bet he is awesome man that this

guy knows as much about style and image

as anybody I've ever met

like he

up there with the Tanner Guzzi's in the

world at the 21 convention he really he

knows his shit for real no Dodman

true story like um it's so funny because

he's talking about the triple-s yeah and

you know uh I know I need to get my

Footwear up because I I work so much so

I can't really focus on my throw away

but I do have the Train time a pair of

the sachi shades and I already have the

norther twelve hours and already at the

Aqua teaser so I'm already I'm already

stepping up my game the audience is

already Vegas is already clean

um there's two things I want to talk

about one kind of serious kind of one

kind of serious and have funny and the

other one is serious well game the first

thing because remember you and I were

talking about the Coons and stuff right

remember we had a good conversation

about that yeah that was good I actually

I guess I was gonna say dominant this

actually one guy I think you and I can

agree on who's who's a definite Coon and

you did episode on him by the way you

did oh gee episode okay you did episode

about him by the way you know who it is

Damon young yeah yes Damon Young is 100%

Coon what what what see in Vegas is

talking about and I'm gonna tell you

what I actually might I don't think I

have that on my website because that was

that's that was one of the Lost archived

episodes that I have back in the back

I might actually post that on my patreon


Damon young wrote an article called

black men or the white people of black

people it is it's it's one of the most

unbelievable things I've ever seen in my

life so yeah good call Damon Young is

absolutely a coon and just and just for

the record not you know so crazy because

you and I was about entity by Logan how

you and I damaged we posed an ad l it's

so funny Donovan Damon youngest is such

a coon that actually watch a do some

video about that and I agreed with them

for the most part like Jesus Christ I'm

bottom up you did you did it you did a

video about him a BL you know people

people on you know black Twitter and

everybody saw his eyes like Jesus Christ

like this guy said man was smaller

crazy okay in the second thing about

gaming I want to talk about it it made

seem I mean I might see my game 101 but

I think you can do click on practice and

deconstructors and they also kind of

fold into ultimatums to game and frame

does this frame fall under game this

game fall into frame or are there two

separate different things example being

I remember you would you're talking to

Donovan and so I made it a really good

example they said the guy with the

ultimate game but zero frame right would

be a mystery did I was a mystery method

and you know so you know as soon as the

sex is confirmed whatever you know he

does his thing he just slips right back

into the non masculine the frame and you

know he just starts sending out whatever

whereas I feel like I'm not maybe you

can maybe you could elaborate on this

maybe where someone who has very little

game or but has a lot of frame might be

going into mode one territory okay that

make any sense oh yeah it makes perfect

sense yeah baby for it frame is one of

these frame is one of these constructs

that has many definitions but frame it

is it with regards to dealing with women

there are two kinds of frame one kind of

frame is what we call frame is the first

kind of frame that I'm gonna talk about

is keeping your cool your ability to

stay cool in the face of unrest when

your woman comes home and she's bitching

at you and she's throwing shit if you

get crazy and you start yelling at her

too then you have lost frame okay the

other kind of frame which is directly

related to game is masculine frame in

other words your world so beso

so for example an analogy that I like to

use when I talk about this kind of frame

is a woman coming into your world this

train is leaving the station with or

without you you can either get on or get

off but this train is going to leave the

tracks if she gets on she is now in your

frame but if you decide to keep that

train there and wait for her on the

platform you have been an essence lost


I am similar to mist now I'm I don't

want to say I'm similar to Miss

three mystery he knows how in the

mystery method is in the p-wave method

you're you're good at sleeping with

girls on the first date you're good at

one-night stands but your shitty at

everything else I don't know that that

falls under frame or not as far as

masculinity is concerned but I know that

if you're good at fucking girls in the

first date but you're not really good at

continuing to fuck girls you probably

lack a little bit of game and don't get

me wrong man yes we did we thought that

we don't we all know let me interrupt

you hit the nail on the head I was

because uh because you I know you were

enduring them you're in the moment but

that that's kind of my problem with by

McDonagh been like my masculine family's

there I've got the beard I got my

six-pack on did get 220 ad rollers today

by the way so I hope I can be 25 times

like it's like it's a dude at - dude

dude if I tried to do 26 man I just I

just crumpled over man I just fold like

a fucking this intervene I do

I do ten sets of 20 - well next time I

do my set is gonna be 23 yes that's

what's up there we go thank you sir but

what ends up what ends up happening

Donovan the ink you can you nail the run

on the head where you have no problem

tracted women and you know my master and

frame I'm because done I don't want to

be dancing monkey I don't get me wrong

mysteries cool but yes I'm all the type

it's like look I'm not trying to

he-he-ha-ha you know I'm saying sure and

also I think there's kind of a

stereotype of like you know the black

guys always dancing and smiling and

joking around it took me a degree on

this for young distance like that great

but but I feel like Donovan like my

frame is solving my famous rock solid

but I feel like I'm lacking some

somewhere in game where I can't keep

them coming back something something's

off here that pinpointed that you nailed

it right on the head where it's like I'm

missing something maybe something

rapport maybe I'm just too stored cuz

like it doesn't well if you don't touch

them for three weeks I don't care right

straight up like if you don't touch me

like I'm gonna say where you been anyway

you're not my girl right so I'm just

fuckin saying yes exactly but much so

I'm going oh I think I'm liking game

somewhere maybe you could

sound I'm not sure yeah um I would

probably need a little bit more detail

and you'd probably need to do a

one-on-one but but based on what you're

telling me being able to sleep with

being able to sleep with random women

that is that is a skill not many people

can do that I think we're a lot of good

I think we're a lot of men go wrong is

that they don't you don't really know

where you want to take whatever it is

that was dude I fucked plenty of rooms

right when I'm fucking them during the

interaction I've already made up my mind

okay this is just gonna be one

nightstand because I can't really stand

this girl when my dick is not in her

right so I know I'm never gonna talk to

her again and so I never talked to her


there are some girls there are some

girls however who think okay I could

have a good time with them we have a

pretty good rapport but she's got a

tattoo and she's talked about her

ex-boyfriend too much so I know I'm not

gonna make her an LTR I'm not gonna put

her in the training program but I do

have a good time with her so I'm going

to define myself okay I'm gonna make

this girl a regular if I decide to make

if I decide to put her in my rotation

what happens is is the day after you

fuck her you send her that you send her

that text hey I had a great time she'll

say yes I did to that of course that of

course takes care of the false rape

accusation then once you do it then what

you do maybe a couple hours after that

hey you listen I had I really had a

great time we should do this again same

bat-time same bat-channel

if she says yeah let's do it again guess

what you've got yourself a fuck buddy

and you're gonna continue to fuck her

until you're not so you have I think

this is what I used to do a lot

especially in the early part of my red

pill you know game development is I

wasn't defining I wasn't thinking was

this oh my god I can't believe I'm

fucking an 8 a 9 or a 10 holy shit and

then I forget wait a minute did I like

being with her did could I not stand her

I was I was in the moment I was like I

can't believe him fucking this girl who

looks great that I didn't really define

in my mind what I wanted to do with her

so I didn't really know what to do and

the girl would end up losing attraction

well I think what I think what a lot of

men like yourself who have no problem

with attracting women pay attention pay

attention to your interaction with her

if you like like I said if you enjoy her

company if she's mildly kind put her in

a category one-night stand

fuck buddy

with benefits or a possible you know

listen possibility for training to be

the main chick not many girls are gonna

fall into that category but it's very

important to define what it is you want

to do with the girl when you know what

it is you want to do with the girl then

you can execute the plan you can even

write it down on a sheet of paper okay

if it's a one-night stand

here's what I'm gonna do if I'm gonna

make this girl a fuck buddy here's what

I'm gonna do if I wanna make this girl a

friends with benefit here's what I'm

gonna do if this girl if I if I want to

keep this girl for a possible training

to be the main chick here's the plan

this way when you categorize or after

your first interaction or during your

first interaction you have a plan you

know what to do you don't get confused

and you don't lose that frame actually

the last thing an hour job because I

know I'm taking a lot of time you know

because it's too so you know just in

terms of the frame because I know my

famous solid like Donnie I didn't heard

I didn't see woman like you know they

just start like oh my god like this

guy's gonna call me on my shit or you

just hope for my shenanigan didn't he

like that a lot of them like that I'll

bounce it like I'm Steven I'm meeting a

lot of potential on the table because

you get them saying like I don't have

like the quick would you rather get me

wrong sometimes I'll say like one minor

it's cool it whatever but you get you

get what I'm saying like you know I just

feel like sometimes I feel like

sometimes I'm like wait a minute maybe I

could have said something you know the

Rope rebellion or you know to build more

tragic whatever but as far as being done

I'm like again III definitely not gonna

be like the dancing monkey stereotypes I

guess definitely don't want to be that

um and a lot of girls like you to be in

Roose calls it a clown

he wrote a brilliant article that said

if I want to get laid I will have to be

a clown and he understands he

understands that a lot of girls work

require parlor tricks to keep them

entertained because they have they

literally have real-world abd if they

don't see bright shiny colors or pickup

lines or you know a bunch of zany stuff

and they lose attention very quickly if

you get the idea that you have to be a

clown for a girl then you need to leave

that chick alone by the strobe token if

you don't feel like you're if you feel

like you could have said something

approach it like a baseball game right

when you're in the batter's box and

you're a good fastball hitter you're

only gonna swing it fastball so for

example if you go up and to a girl hi

I'm C from Vegas and she says well I

have a boyfriend well

right that means he can be there to buy

you things when you're not with me give

her a smirk and a smile real ash you're

in there that's a fastball but every

once in a while if you're if you're

building that good rapport then all of a

sudden you got you go silent okay that's

that awkward silence you feel like

you're missing the boat don't be afraid

to get back in there don't be afraid to

get back in there and mix it up with her

awkward silences I'll put it to you this

way the the earlier in the set that

awkward silence has happened the more

detrimental it is don't out think the

room keep the conversation going by the

same token understand that you're not a

clown it is a delicate balance but

saying nothing especially early on in

the set is can sometimes come off as

awkward or okay this is this is kind of

cold you have to strike while the iron's

hot girls are emotional creatures and

emotion is built on momentum you never

want to let that lead go cold but always

have to have yours and again have a plan

have something to say okay if I open up

practice at home if if it goes silent

then here are three things that I'm just

gonna throw out there that way when

you're talking to a girl you're rapping

with her and there's that awkward

silence boom now you have your 1 or 4

not 1 lighters but but conversation

starters escalation starters so things

don't go cold Casa prana device thing

about the baptism I say this though you

write about the sounds but you don't

saying is it's a very delicate but

sometimes goes sometimes go down I've

been where I feel like what my frame is

strong in and their silence linger so it

makes her think I'm probably funny

I'm comfortable you're punctual I could

be God you know I'm not like a and she's

looking around but if I'm sitting there

right stone-cold like in it is a silent

whatever she's just thinking maybe

something wrong with me it just it

depends on the girl all girls all girls

are the same right all women are like

that but by the same token it's it's one

of those deals where some girls do enjoy

the strong silent type some girls just

enjoy your silent company but it but but

again by the same token if especially

early in the interaction you have to

keep the momentum going you cannot build

momentum by doing

absolutely absolutely correct okay Donna

you take care a great conversation talk

to Larry the man dude call back anytime

brother see in Vegas man

see I like it when guys oh wow okay so

Devin just walked in and she is done

tanning and okay turn around let me see

oh wow

you used okay very good okay yeah all

right so Devin's gonna get the breaks

beat off her tonight cuz the tan lines

are tight so yeah told you man I walk

the walk and talk the talk talk about

the walk yeah like it when guys like see

in Vegas call in with questions like

that because I know a lot of you guys

have those same kinds of questions and

by answering those questions like I

answer his questions by virtue of or I

answer your questions by virtue of

answering his question so good call

there by C and Vegas and again man

listen a lot of guys out there have no

problem attracting women okay I'm

attracted to her she's attracted to me

oh shit what do I do now right I fucked

her and I enjoyed being with her so

what's the plan now you have to have a

plan have to have a plan very very good

call man excellent excellent call man I

always enjoy talking to see from Vegas

men I always enjoy talking to that guy

he asks very good he asks questions that

make me think and I like thinking when

I'm on the air if you are listening on

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lineup ass tight shout outs to Winston

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Sullivan says Bridget last night from

OJ's live stream I think she was hating

on whites because she wishes she was a

Becky yeah you guys gotta check out last

night's brother pill episode man I still

don't know what the girl's name is her

name starts with a B I called her every

name that starts with a be including

bitch and she lost her shit but it was

she was funny as hell she cracked me up

yep she was probably hoping for

Donovan's Thunder cock list and when

girls hate on me that just means they

want me to bang him that's all there is

to it

Miami Jays in the house actually Miami J

is now a mod now I call him I am EJ he's

Andres 305 good to see you in here Erik

o24 oh I see you in here I get to you in

a minute Charles Caballero says nice

Lavar ball

reference with stay in yo lane

absolutely one of the great quotes of

all time in radio history when Lavar

ball told Christie and Leahey to stay in

her Lane that was brilliant

aunt James says what's up Don giving a

woman an ultimatum when she already

doesn't respect you is straight-up betta

yes that is absolutely correct 100%

Marcus says if you set the agenda from

day one are you established that you

have the ultimate abundance mentality

she will know that ultimate ultimatums

really are that your power comes from

your ability to walk away this is why I

love my audience man you guys I'm

telling you guys are you guys are some

of them light like I go on shows all the

time I'm on the red man group I'm on the

brother pill but you guys that watch me

on the regular not to say that those

guys are stupid but you guys are an

intelligent audience you guys get it I

don't have to do red pill 101 I don't

have to do remedial red pill

explanations 100% correct on Marcus's

part very very good Hashim Ireland mani

Ireland says what's up from Ireland

Hashim Abdullah a new Showtime

absolutely absolutely excellent swayed

senator is also in the house he is also

a motto to make sure a black Wow a black

is another old-school another old-school

guy many Ireland says quick question

Donovan what do you think of the idea of

girls night out

I don't if she's gonna be my main chick

she's not going out with the girls

that's just all there was do it listen

if I'm just fucking her if I'm just you

know friends with benefits or you know

fuck friend new girls night out all the

time I don't give a fuck what you're

doing when I'm not fucking you but if

you're my main chick if you want to be

my main chick girls night I was in oh no

that's non-negotiable that's it let's go

back to the phone lines area code two

four oh you're on live with Donovan

what's up hey you know yes uh what's

going on ray how you doing man

everything everything I was uh I had I

had wanted the tone of story yesterday

okay and was so cold about it it's like

my man who just got off the phone it was

it was something I was talked about as

far as maintain it Frank okay let's hear

it because I work in private security


and my project manager is a female so

you know how females out when you call

them out they bullshitted try laying

reflect and Darla's of a little bullshit

they've got nothing to do what they

initially said so

I was calm I was cool I was collected I

was like no you said this and I remember

why you said it when you said because I

wrote it down and then the gears started

working in her head basically you know

without cussing around I was just like

hey yeah you full of shit and then and

then you know she went on her little

rant whatever the case would be and I

was like you know got formality she

called me back the next day her whole

tone changed she was an officer bad core

you know I've been working hard for you

you know I wanted to let you know I got

this new site it pays boys like it's got

them right you did this I know you need

and you know it was it was and it was

all because I held Frank that's what it

was all about right

and then as fog or Tomatoes one day in

particular you know a couple of months

ago I just kicked in the door and I just

told my wife I was like hey look this is

how things go wrong from now on she was

like half groggy and everything but I

was like but I'll be doing anal my

clothes my food everything needs to be

on point when I get home so as soon as I

get home I'm eating I'll do it I got to

do an on point to the bedroom she didn't

you know but at the end of the day I had

to have been putting in work I had to

have this lame drag get that treatment

that's right I have been but you know

when I kicked in the door kicked in the

door wasn't hesitating I wasn't all

shaky I stated my claim and that was

that everything it's listen if you come

at her like a man she's gonna treat you

like one and and again that that is an

that's an excellent story ray because

rollo tomassi says that ultimatums are a

sign of weakness sure coming is a sign

of weakness and that is the case most of

the time because most men are weak right

there are issuing ultimatums because

they they think that they're going to be

able to sharpen go the girl into doing

whatever it is that they want to do and

most girls like I said don't respond

well to ultimatums of course they don't

respond well to ultimatums from weak low

value man because they don't want to be

with your weak low value ass in the

first place so you're really just giving

them a way out so you

no from that point until now you know

continue to teach these red pill truths

sir I'm gonna disable it out of there

you know you you helped me out

tremendously man I'm gonna stop fooling

what you want to console to you know I'm

making some boom so you don't know let

me know if you happen hey what one last

question for you when are you gonna

admit that you fucked your gutter you

come buddy TJ yeah yeah Rachel the story

yesterday about how he went in with with

the with the clean suit and the teacher

was impressed and I think you fucked the

teacher I just don't think you want to I

think here I think you know Tom I didn't

but but I will say she was she was

thrown out what they call those

indicators an interest she yes I wasn't

even biting I was I was on a whole

another level damn but she most

definitely was I'm telling good

definitely was but I'm in work right now

I got my boss walking around but

definitely man be on the look out your

console hit me ray thanks for calling in

brother and I appreciate it

ray from PG dude I love ray from Prince

George's County yeah listen

a lot of guys think that you know a lot

of people say ultimatums come from you

know weakness and this and that and a

third and that's listen what's actually

is going to get started here let's

define what an ultimatum is okay and I

want you to listen to me very very

carefully because this is very important

ultimatum z-- our choices with

verbalized consequences I'll say it

again ultimatums our choices with

verbalized consequences ultimately

ultimatums our choices gentlemen you can

choose to get up earlier in order to

show up to work on time or you can

continue to be late okay

the concept that's a choice you make the

consequence is that if you're late you

lose your job if you're on time you keep

your job

choices consequences you can choose to

clean your room to avoid being grounded

or you can choose not to and get

grounded again that is a choice choices

are characterized as ultimatums only

when the consequences are verbalized

it's common sense that if you're always

late to work that you're probably not

gonna keep your job for very long so

when you lose your job in the company

sites perpetual tardiness you're gonna

shrug your shoulders to be like yep that

sounds about right but when your boss

calls you into his office and says

Donovan if you're late one more time

you're fired

now it's an ultimatum because the

consequences have been verbalized it's

common sense that if you don't work out

and you eat like crap all the time

you're gonna get fat that's a choice you

make but when a girl asks you for the

title of girlfriend and you tell her

that's fine but if you get fat we're

done so call that in ultimatum because

you verbalized the consequences and

girls do not like that and that's where

we come full circle with this you see

fellas girls don't like being told by

men they do not respect what the

consequences of their actions will be

now they don't like hearing it for men

they actually love and respect they hate

that shit why because now she can't say

well I didn't know I didn't know that if

I got fat he dumped me I didn't know

that if I kept texting my ex he dumped

me but the funny thing is is that when

you finally bring it up in a

conversation when you're telling her

look Ashley you keep texting Kevin and

sales so we're finished ten times out of

ten gentlemen what's she gonna say why

didn't you tell me why didn't you say

something and the answer to that loaded

question is because when men do express

their concerns for behaviors like this

what do girls say I don't respond well

to ultimatums it's full circle you're

damned if you do damned if you don't

they get you both ways guys girls are

always bitching about how much they want

their men to communicate with them but

what they don't tell you is that they

only want communication that's

comfortable communication that doesn't

hold them accountable communication that

doesn't make crystal clear what the

consequences of their actions are women

don't like knowing what the consequences

are because they want the plausibility

they want the plausible deniability to

say I didn't know now let's make one

thing clear

it's not let's not let girls off the

hook girls do know that there are

consequences to their actions they do

know that if they get fat

you're gonna start fucking other chicks

or you're gonna be gone because when

they start gaining weight what do they

do they start hitting the gym and they

eat chicken salad instead of fried

fucking chicken right well I didn't know

yeah actually you did because you're

changing your diet and you're in the gym

every day now on the other hand women

aren't mind reader's either yes they do

know that there are consequences

behavior to behaviors conducive to

infidelity and loss of attraction

getting fat but there are so many

behaviors that they engage in there that

are characterized as normal and healthy

that a lot of them honestly don't think

that there's any harm and hitting the

club with their friends every Friday

night they don't realize that keeping

into contact with their ex breeds

distrust with their current boyfriend

girls today have been raised to believe

that their behaviors that lead that the

behaviors that lead to cheating are

perfectly normal and healthy and that

any man who objects to them is toxic and

that relationship is unhealthy you hear

that all the time congratulations

Charles Caballero TSR Towers newest mod

for this reason gentlemen act listen I

talked about this in Donovan's den

volumes 5 6 & 7 you can find it on

patreon.com fort slice donovan sharp

undercover slut tells these undercover

slut tells our undercover because the

culture characterizes these slut tales

as normal and healthy behavior so there

are so many girls out there who honestly

don't understand that what they are

doing is conducive to infidelity that is

a problem for this reason gentlemen it

is up to men to verbalize these

expectations and the consequences but

only when necessary which leads me to

the next element of ultimatums

ultimatums gentlemen are the very last

resort the very last resort if you catch

your girl texting your ex okay right you

tell her listen I told you that if you

wanted to be my girlfriend to stop

texting your ex

if she respects you she'll apologize and

stop the behavior now listen again don't

be the one strike and you're out guy

don't be the meathead red pill guy

it is highly unrealistic to expect

perfection guys girls aren't perfect if

she fucks you up even one time I'm gone

you're a fucking liar

get the fuck out of here with that

nonsense listen guys girls are gonna

mess up and they're gonna shit test us

maybe she'd listen maybe she texted her

ex that a habit maybe she did it out of

disrespect maybe she did it this shit

test you whatever the reason is tell her

to stop and leave it at that

if you catch her again that is when you

give her the ultimatum which is you can

either stop texting your ex or you're

gone at that point gentlemen she has a

choice to make she can stop texting her

ex and keep you around or she can

continue to text him and lose you

costing her the relationship it's that

simple and guess what guys some girls

are gonna choose the latter some girls

are gonna say you know what fuck it I

want to keep texting my ex I don't want

to fuck you anymore because the truth is

that if she texts your ex texts her ex

after you told her not to she doesn't

respect you anyway which means she was

on her way out the door anyway

you aren't her the first time as a

courtesy you gave her the benefit of the

doubt because as a man who really and

truly understands female nature you get

that she's gonna shit test you from time

to time you understand that she's not

gonna be perfect but if you catch her

again gentlemen that's usually a

telltale sign that she was about to

cheat on you so you're doing both of

yourselves a favor by giving her that

choice now when it comes to other

behaviors like bitchiness neuroticism

lack of self-awareness things of that

nature that's usually a three-step

process the first step is passive dread

which we talked about the second step is

active dread and the third step is is

the choice or as the woman would call it

the ultimatum now that of course is a

topic for another show and let me go

ahead and make clear don't give your

woman an ultimatum listen you're gonna

start bringing me beers at night or

we're done no no no we're talking the

only only time you should give a woman

an ultimatum is when she is engaging in

behaviors that lead to cheat

that's it anything that directly

threatens your relationship the

integrity the trust those are the only

things that you should be giving an

ultimatum about Devin's a great girl she

really she takes good care of me

guess what guy she sucks at laundry

right it's impossible to wake her up in

the morning and impossible to get her to

bed at night do these things these

things don't piss me off their pet

peeves but they're not deal-breakers

neither one of those things threatens

our relationship

there's no need and there's there's no

one even being a hard-ass all this and

trust me man I demand enough of Devin to

the point I'm not gonna nitpick the only

things I get on her about are things

that directly threaten our relationship

every once in a while I'll tell her look

dev like the dishes need to be washed

put that shit in the dishwasher right

but I'm not gonna tell her listen Devin

if you don't start doing the dishes I'm

fucking god

that's bullshit that's ridiculous that's

inconsequential that's not gonna end the

relationship but it is worth noting it

is worth noting that women characterized

choices with verbalized consequences as

bad or ultimatums why because they don't

like that both choices require sacrifice

she doesn't want to stop texting your ex

but she wants to keep you as a boyfriend

she wants to keep eating doughnuts and

fried chicken for breakfast and skip in

the gym but she wants you to keep

wanting to fuck her in other words girls

wanted both ways they want their cake

and eat it too literally they want all

the rewards without any of the

consequences surprise surprise what she

wants her cake give you - what you're

just now figuring that out about women

women only call choices in ultimatum

listen very carefully the only time a

woman calls a choice in ultimatum is

when they don't like either of the

choices giving to them given to them if

you were to tell her listen carefully

stop texting your ex or I'm going to

stay with you or if you don't start

texting your ex now I'm gonna break up

with you she'd be like sure of course I

can do that of course she is guys

there's no sacrifice she gets to engage

in the bed

behavior and keep the boyfriend but

women don't like hearing what the

consequences to their actions are

because they're not used to it they're

used to behaving badly and getting away

with it

unprotected sex with the DJ in the club

bathroom that leads to an unwanted

pregnancy abortion have three kids by

three different men food stamps free

housing free health care spend her

entire paycheck on clothes in the new

iPhone but can't pay her rent she calls

her dad and he pays for it or she gets

one of her beta orbiters - or worse her

boyfriend women these days are simply

oblivious to the concept that for every

sequence there is a con sequence they're

used to getting off scot-free no matter

how many bad decisions they make I saw

an example of this on a show I was

watching a couple years back with Devin

and I talked about it on a previous

podcast take a listen anyway later on in

the show a cop you know stopped a young

white girl who had quickly changed lanes

when she saw him in her mirror like when

she saw him in a rearview mirror and

cops will do that like if they see

suspicious behavior if they see you

trying to avoid or evade the cops when

they can behind you or turn off a peel

off into some shopping center you know

that that's that's off their red flags

like okay maybe they've got a warrant

that's what he did with this chick

now the girl is a typical Tweaker you

know purple hair neck tattoo lip ring

eyebrow ring all nine the cop runs her

license and it's

then he finds out she has three

outstanding warrants then he finds

crystal meth and cocaine in her

possession and he let her go this girl

had so many traffic violations they

actually suspended her license okay and

anyone who knows anything about the

court systems biased towards women knows

that women rarely get their license

suspended it has to be multiple

egregious charges for a judge to

actually suspend the license of a woman

and even then they're hesitant to do it

so this chick has obviously had more

than her share of run-ins with the law

but she was still driving no concept of

consequences and I can guarantee you

that she's been caught multiple times

driving but she continues to drive why

because cops won't arrest her for

driving while license revoked this is

why she keeps driving if the cops aren't

going to enforce the law and arrest her

for driving without a license why would

she stop driving if you don't check your

woman about texting your ex why would

she stop texting her ex this girl had

cocaine and meth on her and three

outstanding warrants and she was not

arrested then we wonder why women are

always out of pocket if cops don't

enforce the law with females how can

cause can we expect them to act how do

we expect them to act right if they're

getting away with shit all the time we

can't be surprised when they get out of

pocket anyway women aren't used to being

held accountable for anything they're

not used to consequences and this is why

they respond with negativity when a man

actually puts his foot down and says hey

stop that shit or else but because women

have shown us that they need to have

things spelled out for them on account

of their ignorance insubordination or

sometimes both an ultimatum then becomes

necessary again guys I'm gonna say it


ultimatum are the last resort and

callers I see you in the queue I'm gonna

give to you guys in just a minute

ultimatum czar the last resort if you're

always having to give your woman

ultimatums you're either with the wrong

woman or you're weak and she doesn't

respect you

women will shit test you every so often

to make sure that you are still the man

that they fell in love with but if she's

testing you all the time guys she

doesn't respect you and if she doesn't

respect you she cannot love you by the

same token if you've been with her for a

while and she's put in the time she's

put in the work she's got skin in the

game extend her the courtesy of a

warning in the form of an ultimatum

sweetheart I'm doing you a favor just

like Jewel said in Pulp Fiction normally

you'd be as dead as fried fucking

chicken but right now I'm in a

transitional period in my life so I

don't want to hurt you I want to help

you he said that - Tim Roth's character

bitch be cool he extended him that

courtesy you are doing your woman a

favor when you extend her the courtesy

of an ultimatum

the fact that I'm giving you an

ultimatum that says to you you've got a

little bit of currency normally I just

cut I just cut you off at the knees and

and say see you later and and pull in

the next one right and it's so funny

because girls girls and guys see

ultimatums are for the weak

no no ultimatums are the ultimate sign

of abundance when your boss when your

boss calls you in and says Donovan if

you don't if you don't if you continue

to be late to work you're fired you

think he's saying that from a position

of weakness no what he's saying is that

Donovan if you don't show up to work on

time I'm gonna find someone who will

when you give your woman an ultimatum

you're saying listen keep texting your

ex and I'm gonna find a woman who

doesn't text her ex this is what you're

telling her and again let I'm gonna

reiterate this one more time the word

ultimatum that is a dirty word for the

word choice it's it's it's the

unfiltered word for the word choice it

is a choice that requires her woman to

sacrifice something she can either

sacrifice the bad behavior okay or she

can sacrifice her relationship with you

they don't like not having it both ways

so they gave the word choice a negative

connotation by calling it an ultimatum

the word Ultem

is a shaming tactic designed to keep you

from verbalizing the consequences and

guys it's worked it's worked guys are

always saying well I don't want to give

her an ultimatum yeah you do but you're

afraid she'll leave you because she told

you that she doesn't respond well to

ultimatums which is code for if you give

me choices I don't like I'm out of here

so what do you do you keep your mouth

shut and you allow her to continue to

walk all over you until she's fucking

Kevin and sales on her lunch break and

tells you later on that day that you

knew that you two need to start seeing

other people so if you think your woman

won't respond well to ultimatums that's

a you problem it means she doesn't

respect you it means your value isn't

high enough it means she is in control

but if you have your shit together and

you know your woman respects you and you

keep her ass in line you demand her best

at all times and are there true captain

of the ship the furthest you'll get in

course correction is act of dread but

regardless of how tight your game is

gentlemen I'm telling you right now

there will come a time where you will

have to verbalize those consequences and

trust me what I tell you it will be

necessary it won't happen often but it

will happen you can count on it you will

have to issue an ultimatum and when you

do you look her dead in the eye with the

fury of a thousand fucking sons you say

what needs to be said and be ready to

end the relationship right then and

there if she doesn't respond well your

woman will know that you're not fucking

around and her ass will fall in line

just like she'll wake up an hour earlier

to make it to work on time for the same

reason respect so if your woman asks you

is this an ultimatum you simply say to

her this is a choice and you better make

it quick because I've got shit to do and

leave it at that

this won't be characterized as an

ultimatum in her mind it'll be seen as

my man put his fucking foot down and

even though it pissed me off he was

right and I respect him for putting me

in my place

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call let us go to the phone lines I

think this is MT - am i right you get

there yeah MT - what's going on brother

everything's good man

I just wanna I just wanna let some

things off my chest because I I want to

ask you some things because I've had a

really really really deep conversation

with my my dear cousin and she has a bit

of problem but first of all I wanna I

want to give some advice on the topic at

hand and first of all I would say that

ultimatum I mean you said something

really good and you said that ultimatum

should be given whenever there's

something that's threatening your

relationship and also I believe that

ultimatums you should give them one ever

she's doing something that extremely

extremely bothering you Cranston

yesterday actually I was speaking to my

girlfriend and she was constantly saying

wait mom sexting or dad texting or

something from school is happening where

I gotta check this I gotta check that I

was like wait that this is I'm not

something that she does usually right

and it's been happening for the past 3-4

days I'm like wait stop it's like what

from this point on if this ever happens

again I'm out the door damn right and in

my mind mmm and I said well that's a bit

exaggerated but I said it because I was

angry and she felt it and she thought

she thought and she was like okay I'm so

sorry and I won't and from then on

nothing I mean nothing was bothering her

mom was calling later that was only

later school later because she

understood that I have the power to walk

away that's right now I want to take

something that a bit more like dramatic

because I saw this happening firsthand

with a man and one

the mother of a past girlfriend she was

divorced and she was I mean Cortese or

so and she was married to I know she was

not she was like uh how do I say it

her the side page of a married man but

because she was poor she wanted to make

that man commit to her and marry her and

I'm just gonna say this if a men else I

know know ultimatum from the woman's

part will make her leave a marriage for

a relationship right and if you want to

do this you'll always always be a fuckin

side bitch I mean and that can actually

destroy a woman I don't know if it gave

me quite welcome I'm gonna I don't have

my part in order but I was just so

ramble about this no no it's fine this

incident that I heard about um so yeah

now what I want to ask you it's personal

simple question it's regarding me and

5x5 why do you do any Plateau ah what

you do want to Plateau so I'll give you

a quick example let's say that right now

I'm pretty close to plateauing on the

standing overhead press right now I can

I can write I can do the standing

overhead press at 160 pounds now I can

do that 5x5 right but I know that when I

go to 170 I'm probably maybe I'll

surprise myself maybe a well but I know

that I'm gonna plateau so when I get to

170 and I can't kinda can't lift it up

above my head five times by five times

what I do is in Medi actually talks

about this in the manual what you do is

I think he says drop ten percent of the

weight but ten percent of 170 is 17

pounds you don't have half weights so

what I do is I drop it by 15 pounds and

work my way back up so I go from 170

back down to 155 5x5 at 155 5x5 at 165

by five at 165 5x5 at 170 if you can't

if you can't do it again if you plateau

again at 170 you take off 15 pounds and

you do it one more time if you can't get

it to 170 if you can't get 175 by five

you drop it to three by five okay you'll

definitely be able to do 173 by five

then you go to 173 button when I say

five by five I mean five sets of three

five sets of three rounds

yeah that's now a lot it now now again

you're gonna break through some plateaus

and then you're gonna hit some plateaus

but when you get to a point to where you

absolutely cannot do and you have to

give it three tries okay when you get to

a point on any on any of the exercises

standing overhead press bench press

squat deadlift barbell row when you get

to a point where you can't do it when

you can't go five by five you you you D

load by fifteen pounds you try it three

time it's gonna take some time but if

you can't get it on that third try then

you switch it to three by five mmhmm


got it okay now the real question now

the real deal I I was over at my

cousin's place he takes seven years

older than me and he's about to get

married and I don't really approve with

that and the family doesn't approve with

that so your cousin's hold on real quick

your cousin's fiancee is seven years

older than your cousin no no no my

cousin six years older than I am okay

honey Young is 2025 Jesus yes he's

really young and his girlfriend he it's

like his fiancee he hasn't proposed yet

but they want to get married next year

or two years from now but the thing is I

I see that the girls not the right type

for him when one and two God you should

have seen him at my age she was a I

swear to God he was a world champion in

traditional karate it was like the Alpha

s about but she was like playing pussy

throughout his high school price last

year he met her he was in at college

with her and she tamed I don't know she

got complacent yeah she got what she got

talking battered in those four or five

years they were together and oh my god

hey for example she was out I mean no I

I went over cuz I did my training and

went over to his place we hung out and

she wasn't there and he was like

8:30 p.m. 9 p.m. whatever and I turned

to him where she was where a I'm gonna

say that I feel like she's out with her

girlfriend I'm like I jokingly said and

did you allow her to go and he changed

the subject and I picked up on it I was

like oh he knows but he's a dirty one

yeah and he knows that's not right

something's telling him that's not right

but he's afraid to do anything about it

and we know this because he changed the

subject here's what you do thankfully

thankfully they're not looking to get

married anytime soon they're looking to

get married next year or two years from

now here's what you need to do you need

to get him these you need to get him

these two books the original rational

male by Rollo Tomassi and then you need

to get him preventative medicine I

actually just saw somebody mention it in

the chat you're never gonna and listen

man I talked to guys all the time they

call into my show all the time my

brother my cousin my friend is about to

make the he's about to marry the wrong

woman what do i do how do I stop it

there's nothing you can there's nothing

you can actively do to stop it

if you tell him look don't marry if

she's the wrong girl that's gonna blow

up in your face is gonna separate

himself from me and that's gonna

strengthen his resolve

what you do is send him links right and

again and I characterize it like this

hey you know there's this guy Donovan

sharp I actually just saw on YouTube

he's an interesting guy you know I think

he says you know and don't give any

indication just say hey you know check

this out

or don't say anything about hey check

out this video okay you don't have to

tell them what it is and he'll in again

once they dip their toe in the water

there they'll either accepted or they

want the second thing you need to do get

him the rational male man just listen

get him the rational male and tell him

characterize it like this look man

congratulations on getting married I

wish the best for you but if you want

the best marriage possible I would

highly recommend these two books he

doesn't know that you're on the speak -

trying to infiltrate his mind and feed

him that red pill so if you characterize

that as listen if you want to have a

really good marriage with this girl and

have a successful marriage and have

babies and all these other kind of stuff

read this book man a lot of married guys

oh there are successful marriage to this

book that's the only way you can do you

cannot discourage him from marrying this

girl because it's only gonna it's only

gonna make him want to marry her more

that's those are the things you can do

is send them links send them articles

don't say hey don't get married

here's a guy that's gonna tell you why

no hey here's an interesting guy on

YouTube check him out well what's it

about yeah just check it out click the

link give him the book the rational male

hey a lot of successful guys and your

shoe's read this book and their

marriages are kick-ass that's my advice

yeah really good advice I was thinking

about the rational male 2 but I'm gonna

get him preventive medicine as well

yes oh yeah but it's always I'm gonna

help him and last last last last thing

before I go now regarding the subject

today just I wanted to say this from the

start but there's something that you

would say from the days where I would

see you on YouTube and you would do two

videos there you would always say my

relationship my rule take it or leave it

right I mean I believe that that the

best ultimatum you can get you can give

a girl any time I mean she doesn't want

to comply it's your relationship it's

your rules she's gotta go get she can

leave she's gotta go man

listen I said it - I said it - and

thanks for the call MT - I said it - I

said it - see in Vegas man that's the

frame you have to have this train is

leaving the station with or without you

and when I say this train I mean my

rules that is absolutely the perfect way

back to the phone lines Erik OH - OH -

thanks for holding your on live with

Donovan good what's up brother how you

doing oh my I got a little situation

going more lay it on me

which basically if basically the lady

I've been dealing with I just I just

feel like she's being dishonest man okay

why she being dishonest alright cuz

usually how we communicate you know we'd

be pretty consistent you know

communicate but I've noticed like

whenever I feel like she's doing some

bullshit here kind of pull back over on

okay and then she had come back with a

with some bullshit ass excuse

so you know I kind of called her out on

this shit I'm like man I just don't feel

are you being honest or whatnot

so I'm gonna stay in my lane so by me

staying in my lamp basically you know

I'm just I just basically just stop

hitting her up right so she ends up

calling me out like what happened like

you know you're not hitting me up this

and that and I'm like I basically slip I

do what she did you know I just made a

lame excuse like yeah but I did it you

up and she's like no you did and I leave

it at that

right and then I want and I want hearing

that notes from her but it's like and

well I still be thinking about this shit

you know it be on my mind that's what

I'm calling it okay so like I don't know

confused because I've noticed your part

I try hit me back and if she don't she

don't you know I'm just sure let me ask

you this know where to go he said you've

been dealing with her or obviously she's

not your girlfriend you're not in a

relationship with her I mean it's

something like that I'm like this okay

but you guys aren't officially boyfriend

or girlfriend nah it ain't official

right right right it's obviously it's

it's weird a lot of and this is where a

lot of relationships sort of hang in the

purgatory right like you're not

boyfriend and girlfriend but you're but

you do a lot more than just fuck and you

you kind of hang in that purgatory and

the other person's waiting for the other

person to blink how long have you been

dealing with her

well serious the thing I used to I used

to go with her I used to yeah she is a

very easily just are back okay huh

so C so C isn't it you see a ex but we

started talking back and forth recently

and you know she been she been cheaper

than feeding me this oh you know I want

to be with you this net and this and

that but I'm like I gotta fill you out

first because I know you what happened

the first time why'd you guys break up

the first time she cheated okay yeah

there it is

so here's what's happening

here's what's happening um men cheat

with new pussy women cheat with familiar

dick okay the situation is is such she

is probably in a relationship okay

but you are the side nigga huh right

like she's that she's she's in a

relationship okay her guy for whatever

reason isn't holding frein he's not you

know he's not doing what it is he's

supposed to do he's too much of a beta

he's lost frame etcetera etcetera and so

she decided to hit you up right so this

and this is why she keeps going in and

out this is when and again I actually

should do an episode on this how to know

when you are the side nigga because a

lot of times you know that you're the

side dude you know you're the side dick

you know you're the side nigga right you

hit a girl up she's like look I got a

boyfriend but this is all about fucking

alright cool

you know she's gonna come in and out of

your circle every now and again when she

gets mad at her boyfriend she's gonna

fuck you if things are going good with

her boyfriend you're not gonna hear from

her for a while

but you're gonna have girls who purr you

have girls who perpetually cheat on

their boyfriends all the time I go to

message boards all the time and girls

will brag on this and that to my

boyfriend I do this I don't cheat on my

boyfriend wait what you're bragging

about the fact that you don't cheat on

your boyfriend what that tells me is

that it is the norm for women to cheat

on their boyfriends we already know this


so what is likely happening is that she

has a boyfriend she is in a relationship

okay and she is cheating she's not

cheating on you she is cheating with you

so the solution at this point is listen

you could probably still you could

probably still fuck her but I would

strongly advise it I would strongly

advise against it because you see you

have feelings for her now when you think

about her do you think about fucking her

or do you think about being with her

do you know nyan whether you happen here

I've heard about Hitler but it is you

know a little deeper than this no I

understand I understand yeah I if what

what you need to do is you need to ghost

honor man you need to ghost honor

listen she says she wants to be with you

but she's not with you if a woman really

wants to be with you it's very very

obvious I would I would actually refer

you to the episode hang I'm actually

gonna look it up while I have you on the

line the episode is called were you her

first choice first choice okay give me

one second I'm actually gonna look up

that episode number and I'm gonna I'm

actually gonna Sharpe I'm gonna pull up

some notes from this because I think

that this will help you it's episode 289

so it was a while back yeah this was

back on July 4th

so it's episode 289 let me go let me go

into my notes here and pull this up were

you her first choice because you'll know

when when your a woman's first choice it

she makes it very very obvious so let me

pull this up here were you her first

choice all right here we go all right

let me see cuz I think this is really

gonna help you out because because a lot

of times guys think it - I'd nigga or am

I the main nigga you know what I'm

saying and and listen girls girls are

very very they are so good at at making

you think that you are the main guy and

they do this by telling you oh I want to

be with you really well then why aren't

you with me so let me see here come on

come on there we go if okay let's ask

let's ask you this here's the deal right

I'm just gonna run through these and I

think this will make it very clear this

will make it very very clear to you come

on with the fun okay there we are so

basically it comes down to you being

plan a okay if you are if you're a first

choice if you're the main dude she's

always available right if you call her

to tell her to come over she's gonna be


she always responds to the texts quickly

so let me ask you this does she always

come over when you tell her - is she

responded to takes quickly quickly or is

it sporadically

as far as me meeting up with urges you

consistent knowing that I got a problem

with that boy

as far as it text him and calling and

shit like that right and she used to do

this before you started dating her the

first time she was hitting you back

quick right yeah yeah of course because

you were her first choice now if you are

her plan B C or D her texts are sporadic

not always enthusiastic if you call her

she's probably not gonna pick up the

phone she'll probably cancel meetups

every once in a while or she'll try to

move your meetups to different days

because she's trying to fuck with plan a

plan a the first choice he gets whatever

he wants whenever he wants what kind of

sex are you having with her is she

giving you the head is she letting you

fuck her in the ass like what's the sex

like okay alright so what might be

happening here it sounds like here's

what here's your's here here's what's

happening here man she is cheating with

you okay she is planning to break up

with she's and I'm almost 100% certain

this girl is in a relationship with

someone else

okay women never ever get wet there's

always another raff they do what we call

branch slinging right now she is in the

process of branch swinging with you she

tells you I want to be with you she

talks about being in a relationship with

you we should try again I'm a hundred

percent certain she's talking about that

kind of stuff she's not gonna leave her

current boyfriend until she is 100

percent certain that you will get back

with her she is using you to branch

swing to right and as soon as she branch

link if they she was a problem coming up

say homecoming that you know I said this

was a problem come in that though you

know since I've been you know kind of

getting hip to this rare petal thing

listening to people like you others is

like I could kind of see through the

bullshit him it's like it just you know

cystic you breast she branch swinging

with his like she she's not good at it I

I feel this

build the I can feel the bullshit so

it's like I don't know I mean it makes

this I guess I just gotta accept it for

what it is yes it just was a little

confusing to me because it's like you

say one thing but you kind of do it

another listen let me stop you right

there listen listen welcome to women


what women say and what women do are

always two different things brother

right so if you're gonna continue to

fuck her and I would advise against this

but if your girl man gonna do what you

want if you're gonna continue to fuck

her you need to understand two things

number one do not get into a

relationship with her again and number

two you know wrap your mind around the

concept that she is fucking someone else

when she is not fucking you that's that

instinct right you feel like she's being

dishonest that that feeling that

instinct you know she's fucking somebody

else she is cheating with you that's

what's happening she is in a

relationship she is going to branch

swing with you don't let that happen

his long listen it's better to be the

guy that she cheats with and the guy

that she cheats on right but understand

this now understand this you got us if

you want to start fuck if you want to

keep fucking her you got to start

fucking other girls because if you fuck

one girl for too long man you're gonna

catch feelings and when you catch

feelings you're gonna angle for a

relationship and when you angle for

relationship she's going to get into a

relationship with you because that's the

idea guess what you're gonna be you're

gonna be in the same position that the

guy she's cheating on as you are as you

are and now so right now you're the guy

she's cheating with it won't be long

before you before you become the guy she

is cheating on again that's my advice to

you you got to add girls to your stable

man if you want it listen if you're not

fucking other girls stop fucking your ex

but if you are fucking other girls yeah

absolutely fuck your ex you've got that

abundance mentality men all right man I

appreciate it no problem and thanks for

calling yeah that's um that's read til

101 and it's it's so cool to hear guys

come to that reality's like man it's

like what she says and what she does are

two different things you know

all right let's go uh let's go to the

chat here yeah a lot of you guys are

face palming and simp and all that you

know and and you guys have to you guys

have to understand man not everyone who

calls in not everyone you guys are all

on different red pill levels a lot of

guys are listening to me in finding me

for the first time and a lot of these

guys just you know they're new to the

red pill right like we had a guy in the

chat say hey what do you think about

girls night out now a lot of you guys

are like are you fucking idiot well yeah

but this is how we all are when we first

find the red pill it's obvious to us

right like that you know area code 202

is like yo she was my ex she cheated on

me I don't trust her I can feel that

there's something else going on you guys

are like run run color run facepalm pump

it up listen easy for us to say we've

been in the game for a while we've been

in the game for a while so yeah that's

my advice to him is if you're gonna and

this is my advice to you guys to if

you're gonna fuck your ex you've gotta

be fucking other girls because if you

don't you're gonna catch feelings all

right TSR alive is actually going to be

on tomorrow morning at 10:00 what is it

10:30 give me a second I know I changed

the show to five but I booked an

unbelievable guest I have booked give me

one second yes I have booked Jack


I actually met Jack of the 21 convention

he is the author of not Jack Donovan

Jesus Christ Jack Murphy give me one

second I'm gonna look up his book yeah

Jack Murphy is a he listen I met Jack

Murphy at the as a 21 convention and the

first thing that hit me was I mean he's

fucking huge right I think he's like six

things like six five but he wrote a book

entitled how I went from a liberal to a


he's definitely definitely a political

guy I had all of the notes here

yes he wrote the book from Democrat to

deplorable and basically he used to be a

bleeding-heart liberal until of course

he you know he saw the light he's the

host of his own show Jack Murphy live

you know listen

unbelievable speaker unbelievable writer

from Democrat to deplorable I'm gonna

have him on the show the only time he

could make my show he's a busy guy so I

couldn't book him for five o'clock so

he's gonna be coming on tomorrow

tomorrow morning at 10:30 Eastern 7:30

Pacific to tell one says I apologize

that's fine that's fine yeah we got to

go easy on these guys Joby Wan coyote

says yeah

Donovan should find out if she's black

well yeah yeah pump and dump run color

run yeah that's how it works man so yeah

again tomorrow

at 10:30 Eastern 7:30 Pacific tomorrow

morning I'll have the great Jack Murphy

author of from Democrat to deplorable on

the show we're gonna talk we're gonna

talk politics we're gonna talk about the

the the left-leaning liberals and listen

I'm not a political guy I know enough

not to sound like an idiot but I try to

give you guys a I try to give you guys

you know a pretty good balance on

certain things I know the red pill does

encompass a little bit of a politics and

listen man I mean we all start off as

liberals when we're young right I don't

think there are too many of us that

start off as Republicans unless you you

know live in a Republican household you

raise that way but yeah man I mean I

think I think liberals are generally

young minorities right I was a young

minority of course I'm liberal of course

I voted for Bill Clinton then I got

older and I started making more money

and then I said to myself you know what

this liberal thing isn't really working

for me

kobe-wan coyote says the best of us were

all liberal once

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live my thanks to see in Vegas and

all of my other callers Rey and PG this

was an unbelievable episode go to

donovan sharp number patreon.com forward

slash donovan sharp for all things

donovan sharp thanks for watching guys

we'll see you next time


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