Why you should NEVER believe what a woman tells you...EVEN IF SHE'S TELLING THE TRUTH (Episode 305)


It’s no secret that women lie and lie a lot. They lie willfully, intentionally, and consistently. Women deceive, manipulate, and mislead on purpose for many, many reasons. Now there’s not enough time to discuss those reasons but the point is they lie about about EVERYTHING.



And regardless of how much experience you have with them, at times it is still very difficult to know when she’s lying and when she is actually telling you the truth. Women lie about their not accounts, their families, their ex boyfriends, their jobs, their work experience, anything and everything they can think of they lie about. They even lie about things they don’t HAVE to lie about… These are your compulsive pathological liars, but I digress.

The area that women lie about the most is of course their past relationships. In my 40+ years on this earth I have yet to meet a woman who has ANYTHING positive to say about their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. They never say “things just didn’t work out, and it was both of our faults“ or “neither of us was ready for a serious relationship, we both made mistakes, but we learned a lot from each other“.

No… It’s always “my boyfriend was a raging alcoholic who was also a drug addict who gambled away all of our savings, was physically mentally and emotionally abusive who fucked prostitutes while shooting heroin and snorting cocaine at the same time  while simultaneously raping and beating me in front of our kids and called me names and I endured this for 10 years!” It’s always some extreme shit like that and they are always shit like that and they are ALWAYS lying. Men never ask “well if he was so bad why’d you stay with him for so long?” Men never ask these questions and this is why women continue to get away with these ridiculous outlandish lies about their satanic sadistic ex boyfriends….and don’t give me this “well she just exaggerated”. No...exaggerating is lying. Period.

If her ex got drunk one night and called her names, he’s an alcoholic. If she finds out her ex did a few lines with his homeboys one weekend, he’s a drug attic. If her ex lost 50 bucks on a football game, he’s a gambling addict. If he raises her voice at her just ONE time he’s abusive. They take the simplest indiscretions and turn it into these major red flag deal breaker excuses that they use to engage and bad behavior themselves.

Anyway, one of the main things we teach about living the red pill life when dealing with women is to never believe what they say… But watch what they DO. So today I’m going to talk about the things that a woman tells you that they believe themselves to be true, and fully intend on following through with… And that even in these cases 95% of the time they don’t follow through which means whatever she says ends up being untrue anyway. That’s not necessarily “lying” but taking a woman at her word even when she’s telling you what she believes is the truth is never a good idea… Especially when you make a habit of it.


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never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you she has

already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys it's your man

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tonight's episode is gonna be about one

of the most basic yet one of the most

important elements of a man's overall

game in terms of red pill awareness and

handling women and that element is the

word of a woman it's no secret in this

part of the manosphere in this part of

the web this part of the world for that

matter that women lie and they lie a lot

they lie willfully women lie

intentionally women lie consistently

females deceive they manipulate and they

mislead on purpose for many many reasons

now there's not enough time to discuss

those reasons but the point is is that

they lie about everything all the time

and regardless of how much experience

you have or don't have with them at

times it is still incredibly difficult

to know when she is lying versus when

she is actually telling you the truth

women lie about they lie about

everything they lie about their families

they lie about their ex-boyfriends their

ex-husbands their jobs their work

experience anything and everything they

can think of they lie about they even

lie about things they don't have to lie

about now those of course those are your

compulsive pathological liars but I

digress the area of course that we all

know that women lie the most about is of

course their past relationships in my

40-plus years being alive and I'm not

being facetious here I'm being dead

serious I have yet to meet a woman who

has anything positive to say about her

ex-boyfriend or her ex-husband you never

say things like well you know what

listen things just didn't work out and

it was

of our faults they'll never say well I

kind of fucked up in the relationship

that's why he left they never say well

neither of us was really ready for a

serious relationship a relationship and

that's why things didn't work out oh no

no no no no it's always something to

this effect my boyfriend was a raging

alcoholic who is also a drug addict who

gambled away all of our savings who was

physically mentally and emotionally

abusive who fucked prostitutes while

shooting heroin and snorting cocaine at

the same time while simultaneously

raping and beating me in front of our

kids and called me names and I endured

this for 10 years it's always some

extreme shit like that and they are

always lying the interesting thing is is

men never ask these questions they never

asked well if he was that bad then what

the fuck did you stay with him so long

for they never asked these questions and

this is why women continue to get away

with these ridiculous outlandish lies

about their satanic sadistic

ex-boyfriends who treated them like

absolute garbage for little to no reason

at all she was the perfect angel and

don't give me this will she just

exaggerated Donovan no no exaggerating

is lying period if her ex got drunk one

night and happened to call her names

he's an alcoholic if he finds out that

if she finds out that her ex did a few

lines with his homeboys one weekend he's

a drug addict if her ex lost 50 bucks in

a football game

he's a gambling addict if he raises his

voice at her just one time he's abusive

they take the simplest indiscretions and

turn it into these major red flag

deal-breaker excuses that they use to in

turn engage in bad behavior themselves

right I cheated on him because he was

abusive I cheated on him because he

wasn't looking after my sexual needs

it's always somebody else's fault as to

why they engage in bad behavior anyway

one of the main things we teach about

living the red pill life when dealing

with women is to never believe what they

say but to watch what they do so then

I'm gonna talk about the things that a

woman tells you that they believe

themselves to be true and fully intend

on following through it and even then

even in those cases 95% of the time

don't follow through which means

whatever she says ends up being untrue

anyway now that's not necessarily lying

per se but taking a woman at her word

even when she's telling you what she

believes is the truth is never a good

idea especially when you make a habit of


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chicken marsala last night for dinner

which was absolutely awesome Devin never


she never ceases to amaze me in the

kitchen she is unbelievable I think

we're having steak tips over mashed

potatoes tonight where she likes to call

it steak tips over mashers not exact

Kito friendly but again I burned 550

some-odd calories on the spin bike today

so we're we're good to go yeah Rollo and

the Swede senator good good very good

so wait since 8:00 sweet senator also

talking about Johnny Manziel yeah he

starts it makes his first career start

for the CFL on Friday so I'll definitely

be tuning in for that moving pictures of

football for once dude listen man I've

already got the itch man like every time

Carson Wentz is on TV I'm making sure

that that knee is alright so had to take

one of my dogs to the vet to get her

teeth cleaned get her get her a checkup

and of course we've got this we've got

this this pet insurance at Petsmart they

always try to upsell you do you need us

to clip her fingernails do you need us

do you need this this phantom

vaccination that you might need when you

board her when you go to Atlanta next

week I mean they're all oh my god it's

oh they're always trying to sell you

shit man I like it's interesting

veterinarians or veterinary veterinarian

hospitals they're a lot like there are a

lot like garages right like they try to

freak you out with things to make you

buy extra things well you know I notice

that you've got this problem here with

your oil pan or whatever and if you

don't if you don't if you don't do

something about it tune your car's gonna

blow up they do the same thing at the

vet man like listen if you don't have

this then you're not gonna be able to

board your dog or this could turn into a

sickness or whatever the case may be one

of my dogs ate a pair of Devon's panties


they pulled a pair of panties out of his

rectum right he had he had stomach

problems all night he was shitting all

over the place we took him to that

pulled a pair of panties out of his

rectum so then she says well listen I

mean what I would do if I were you is I

would give him surgery we'll do

exploratory surgery

well tinker around there we're like dude

no we're not spending 1,800 bucks for

you to cut my dog open to look around

fuck that now of course I think she has

to recommend that to cover her bases to

keep herself from getting sued because I

mean if anything were to happen to our

dog and they find out that she didn't

recommend surgery then of course they

would be liable and susceptible to a

lawsuit that being said this woman knows

damn well we're not about to drop too

large for you to cut open my dog and

look around it's just yeah so anyway

yeah anytime you take your dog to the

vet just understand they're gonna try to

sell you everything under the Sun do you

need heartworm medication almost fell

for that new devon has heartworm

medication for months I didn't know that

we had it so if she hadn't told me that

we had it

probably what about it they almost got

over on me watch the Bachelorette men

tell all last night I'll probably do a

review on that I'll probably do a review

on that next week before the final

episode I haven't watched the whole

thing because I got it recorded but I'm

gonna tell you guys what man if you guys

don't watch The Bachelor or whatever you

guys think it's blue pill I don't give a

shit man like oh yo don't even watch The

Bachelor I don't fuck you guys don't

give a shit

there's red pill true so I would tell

you one thing that I learned last night

there's a guy on there he's by the name

of Jordan if you guys get a chance to

watch this dude everybody painted this

guy is this clown and he's this kid and

I kind of poke fun at him too but every

it was it was unbelievable to watch this

dude in action he is on stage on

national TV and just about all of the

all of the the Bachelorette contestants

Jordan you did this dude this this son

of a bitch was heaven none of it

they shit tested this dude they should

tested this dude all over the place and

he clowned every single one of them one

dude who got eliminated on night one had

some sort of accent I am a muscle you

are a basic mono da da da da

George dude Jordan didn't even flinch

he's like right let's get up let's have

a model off contest he what dude it

didn't matter he was takin all comers if

somebody started in on him he's like

alright so you want a piece of me too he

gets up they doin like some sort of a

fashion show you of course the crowd is

loving it and it looks at the guys like

high waters really like this dude had an

answer for everything

this guy Jordan on The Bachelorette he

is the human shit test deflector like do

and he said listen I am the most

confident person in the room it was it

was it was listen if you want to know

about amused mastery overall frame game

you guys need to watch this guy he's

gonna be on the bachelor in paradise you

can't tell there was nothing that you

can tell this guy that's gonna throw him

off his game or his frame or his square

he is not here for the nonsense he does

not let people tell him who or what he

is it was just it was just unbelievable

it really really was like I could not

believe what I was watching it was

absolutely absolutely amazing if you

have a story about a woman who has lied

to you or someone you know or have a

story about a woman who is a

pathological liar or a story about the

extense women go to in order to cover up

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six let's go ahead and move let's go

ahead and move right into this the first

example that I'm gonna talk about today

are things that I like to call

declarations of intentions in other

words things that women say that they're

going to do to-do lists goals projects

like for example I'm gonna get up to go

work out like some girls will say I'm

gonna get up to go work out right I'm

gonna come back home I'm gonna do the

dishes I'm gonna make dinner fuck my

boyfriend I'm gonna do it every day for

the next five years to stay consistent

or whatever it is that they tell

themselves okay then okay then they have

week they have these weekend plans these

grandiose plans to be so productive but

like I said earlier when the time comes

to actually do it it rarely happens I

use my own girlfriend ace example and as

an example Devin for example now I love

women with tan lines it's just something

I've always loved maybe it was a port

maple and I had a porn addiction back in

my mid-20s I guess that was just the

thing that imprinted on me so now she

has tan lines

so what she'll do if she's feeling

particularly happy or to show that she

loves me or if she's extremely horny

she'll say well I'm gonna tan on Monday

Wednesday Friday Saturday and Sunday at

that point I got a Riga I gotta rein her

in I gotta be like okay well look

sweetheart I don't want you to get skin

cancer okay and you only need

and twice a week at the very most so

let's just go with Monday and Thursday

and maybe we'll talk about Saturday or

Sunday now here's the thing she fully

intends on following through tanning she

fully intends on that now

tanning all five days which is obviously

very unhealthy that's beside the point

but her intention was to go ahead and

tan all five days so when Devon says

she's gonna tan five days that week

she'll end up tanning on Monday what

will actually happen is she'll tan on

Monday she'll skip she'll skip Wednesday

because work was hectic she'll tan

Thursday then skip Friday because she

never tans two consecutive days then on

the weekend she'll get caught up with

other things and ends up it just ends up

being two of the five days just like I

said and again at the time she fully

intended on doing this but when the

rubber meets the road it almost never

happens now that was a minor example

okay but I'm gonna get a little bit

deeper into this I read somewhere a long

time ago I forget where this was because

I would I would certainly link the

article in the blog post I read a long

time ago that people get just as much if

not more reward and satisfaction and

endorphins from their brains by just

saying or declaring they're gonna do

something right something ethnic like a

you know a project a goal whatever in

other words this article said that they

get just as much dopamine and serotonin

and serotonin hits from just saying it

as they do when they actually follow

through in it it feels just as good if

not better to say I'm going to Paris or

I'm gonna start a business

our reward center is triggered by just

saying it because we now start to think

of all of the good things that come with

what we just said living in Paris the

great food the Eiffel Tower being in

Europe and having access to all of the

other European countries on the business

side you know maybe being your own boss

making your own schedule you get to come

and go as you please

hanging your own shingle starting your

own legacy now as far as I'm now this

never happens with me because I never

take anything for granted

okay I clearly understand that setting

up setting a goal for myself and I see

you there area code for seven form and

it gets you in just a second I

understand that setting of goal is maybe

two percent of the equation but it still

has to get done I am well aware that

there could be unforeseen circumstances

that could

real my goals right so for example you

guys remember a couple months back I

discovered spin class instead I was

gonna spend 1500 miles between Memorial

Day and Labor Day what I didn't count on

was the fact that my strength games and

my muscle tone will take a serious hit

even though I'm on testosterone and HGH

spinning burns an insane number of

calories and eventually the body starts

to use muscle for energy now I had

thought of this before I start I said

well wait a minutes gonna start to eat

away my muscle but I thought well I'm on

CRT and HGH so that shouldn't be a

problem and I was dead wrong so I'm

cutting back on my spinning and ramping

up my lifting again now I can say all I

want to on another level I can say all I

want to that I want to get all the way

down to nine percent body fat but my

brain my brain it doesn't reward me

because on the front of my mind I know

that my diets gotta be airtight number

one I've got a shitload of miles to

write and hundreds of thousands of

pounds to live before I reach my goal so

I don't get excited about it by just

saying it my endorphins don't kick in at

all because I know it's easier said than

done and I acknowledge that to myself

women on the other hand are very

different women are designed to feel

good by just saying they're going to do

something after all of their failures

they still can't grasp the concept of

easier said than done and one of the

reasons for this is that they watch they

watch way too much reality TV they watch

these home improvement shows are these

weight-loss shows and they see these

shitty houses go from shacks to mansions

in 30 minutes or less and they

internalizing this they internalize this

knowing full well that it's like a hell

of a lot longer than 30 minutes to

renovate that house then they watch

shows like my 600-pound life where these

six seven hundred pound behemoth lose

half their body weight in an hour and

they think to themselves well if they

can do it then I can do it then they

tell everyone around them that they're

gonna lose a hundred pounds in 3 months

of course it never happens because

that's unhealthy and it's it's next to

impossible to do that without some sort

of surgery this is why women make these

outlandish declarations all the time and

they listen dude my sisters do it my own

mother does it women I know do it I'm

gonna lose a hundred pounds I'm gonna

buy a brand-new car I'm gonna make a

career change I'm gonna go back to

school I'm gonna move

to Spain and when they do their brain

rewards them with all of that serotonin

and accomplishment because again women

always ignore the work part of it and

skip right to crossing the finish line a

lot of times a woman will say to their

husbands or boyfriends like you know

what we should hike the Appalachian

Trail or let's go on the Paleo diet at

the time they fully intend on following

through but they almost never do it why

because their brains have already

rewarded them for the accomplishment it

gives them all of those good feelings

that come with losing 100 pounds or

taking five months to hike the

Appalachian Trail or visiting another

country so it rewards them so much so

that when the time comes to actually

start putting things into action and in

terms of working toward that goal

they are far less motivated because

they've already felt a reward for having

done it without actually having done it

this is the number one reason why 95

percent of the time women don't follow

through on the shit they say they're

going to follow they're on 911 for two

oh five five three five six is the

number to call area code for seventy

four you're on live with Donovan go


here he code for seven for you with us

yo what's up man hey what's up yeah

what's up man I'm calling from Norway

thanks for the work you do me the

channel man it's really great I love it

good good calling all the way from

Norway yeah I just found out I just

found a channel recently I became a

patreon you know what I was searching

watching AMS and then I totally found

your channel but I enjoy your standard

way more than anyone now thanks for the

work very good yeah thank you very much

the reason I'm calling is that I found

the red pill like one year ago and my

ex-girlfriend broke up with me in 24

hours later she was in Greece with

another man oh god yeah there you go

that's how they do it now yeah just

tested that six men but but my question

basically is it's just this girl broke

up with me like one year ago but if you

called me with an interval every six

weeks what asks me if I change my mind

want to be friends with her oh just my

question if you could celebrate on this

yeah mmm that is a very very that's a

very good question this is in four

when a girl when a girl dumps you right

and she ends up with another man mmm and

if she's calling if she's still calling

you this could be for many many reasons

but there are a few main reasons they do

this number one they want to they want

to keep you in that rotation they want

to use you as a safety net in case her

new guy who took her to Greece somehow

somehow flakes on her or she finds out

that he's fucking somebody else for

whatever reason she wants to use you as

that safety blanket and so she calls you

up because you're you're a familiar face

she says okay well I broke his heart she

doesn't want to be your friend dude she

wants to use she wants to use you to

satisfy all of her non-sexual needs let

me let me make this as crystal clear as

I can when your ex-girlfriend who broke

up with you calls you back and says

let's be friends

the only thing she is doing that for is

so that she can use you to satisfy all

of her non-sexual needs while she's

getting butt-fucked greek-style

by the guy in greece she has no

intention she has no intention of

sleeping with you again right but the

guy that she's fucking in Greece or the

guy that took her to Greece he's not

he's not doing anything but fucking her

and girls need both sides of the coin

they need they need to be they need to

be fucked hard right but then they also

need affection they need they need

companionship she's not getting it from

that guy all she's getting is the dick

so she thinks to herself who can I can I

think of that can take care of all of my

non-sexual needs without me actually

having to give up the booty you know

what let me call my ex boyfriend back in

Norway I'm familiar with him I can talk

to him shoulder to cry on she gets all

the benefits of being in a relationship

with you without actually being in a

relationship I don't know if you're

familiar with high school proms in

Norway but but we have high school proms

here and the okay perfect so of course

the high school prom is when a lot of

teenagers lose their virginity what she

is asking you to do she is asking you to

the prom she asked she's asking you to

pick her up give her the corsage sure a

good time you rent the limo you dance

with her but at the end of the night she

wants you to drive her to the hotel

where her now boyfriend will fuck her

you understand what I'm saying she wants

you to take care of everything except

for the sex and this is why she's

calling you every six weeks listen

the only way to handle this chick is and

I know listen trust me dude I know it's

tough man because listen I've been where

you are before it is very hard not to

pick up the phone when someone you loved

is calling you in listen I have failed

many times at this but if you really

want to move on and get over her do not

pick up that phone blocker on all social

media get her out of your life and move

on because the sooner you do that the

sooner you're gonna move on with your

life man thanks thanks for the brutal

honesty man I appreciate it very much

and I once I've found your channel I

actually I saw one of your videos

whether the recommend to block and I

blocked everything and there you go it's

one or two ask that question and thanks

for the brutal honest not a problem man

what was your what was your first name

if you don't make me asking I agree

I actually sent you a couple messages on

Instagram yesterday oh okay well I gotta

check my Instagram messages listen if

you're on if you're on patreon say

that's exactly right because you asked

me if you could call in from the state

callin from outside of the states I

remember you yeah

excellent man okay good stuff listen I

will definitely be in touch with you man

thanks listen thanks for calling and

definitely thanks for thanks for the

support man thanks for the brutal

honesty man you're helping of young guys

and I appreciate it very much

not a problem man I do it because I love

it watching yourself thank you

appreciate it man my man from Norway in

the house good call man listen again and

I've done I've done episode 7 reasons

why your ex-girlfriend wants to call you

I guess I should do reason number 8 she

wants to use you for all of her

non-sexual needs that's the only reason

your ex growth will that's one of the

only reasons your ex-girlfriend calls

you back after getting butt-fucked by

some dude in another country for six

weeks all of a sudden she's figuring out

wait a minute this guy only wants to

fuck me well I want the tenth I want the

TLC I want the conversation about the

companionship this guy is you know this

guy shooting loads down my throat

smacking me in the face with his dick I

need a little bit more than that let me

call my ex-boyfriend to see what he can

do nine one four two oh five five three

five six I got my man Shawn the guitar

player in Tampa on the line to discuss

what the hell is going on Shawn

how you doing man Donna brother man I

can't call it man I'm sitting here

trying to

you the show my my text my chat software

is malfunctioning but you don't listen

we we got the show off the ground we're

still doing a big over here man

it's all good man you fucking roll with

it dude you're a pro - dude it's awesome

I tried I tried so what do you think

about what we're talking about some what

oh man shit goes so deep the rabbit-hole

with the lies at women tell and uh for

your last caller there yeah I just want

to say to him

yes he's trying to use you as an

emotional tampon that's what she wants

you for I know because I've been that

guy and I can tell you that once you

learn to hold your frame and as long as

you learns it once you really tap into

that frame you learned that you're the

prize all of a sudden you'll be the guy

that she's won that's right

and it'll be some other dude that's out

there waiting to for a shoulder to cry


that's one awesome element that yeah I

specifically live that I remember this

one time Donovan there was a shake that

I've been seeing for a few months and I

you know I was really good shape I'm

super lean and I didn't realize later on

after I met some of her exes like I she

kept her exes on the hooks right would

bring them around sure this is my egg so

and so and he would come walking up and

I'd be like shirtless out in her yard

just out of my car and I remember seeing

her face at one particular point she's

like hey so-and-so this is Shawn and he

would just be like a dog with his tail

between his legs she's this even shake

my hand in the weakest way possible and

then I wanted I'm like you keep all

these dudes on the hook that's what the

fuck you do this on to god that's

railing you and these are the guys that

that you cry about me - that's right

oh exactly right and so never fuck those

guys again no absolutely and the same

thing you said about how girls never

have a nice thing to say about anxious I

should say all these negative things

about all of them but yet kept them

around in a friend's home but when it

comes time for her and I when I what I

do what I'm done I'm done

oh yeah look dad yeah there's no passive

aggression there's no texting us Hank no

Facebook stalking no hang

oh my god I wonder no but I'm done it is

over and she should never had that

happen to her before Wow handle it so

all the other betas she was able to you

know hang on to them and text them and

say hey what's going on you know

sometimes I think about the good times

she can't do that with me because I'm

the one that fucking got it where you

know I do have the true alpha frame and

I bounce and here's the fucked-up thing

and we all know it isn't in I'm the one

she still wants to fuck that's right the

cause of that it's just it's just the

way it is let me ask you something

what would you advise and I think his

name is Andre in Norway I don't I don't

want to I don't want to butcher his name

but what would you say - because the the

most difficult part about about

maintaining the most difficult people to

maintain your frame around or your

ex-girlfriends because listen man it's

only a matter of time

ex-girlfriends will always call you back

especially if she cheated on you she's

gonna figure out wait a minute I don't

like this guy as much as I thought I did

or this guy is only fucking me he's not

he's not giving me the affection that I

want what would you and of course you

know we can all sit here and give the

standard answers you know blocker on

Facebook blocker on all social media

don't answer her calls but what would

you advise men to do to get over that

mental hurdle you know she's calling you

know she's looking for you on Facebook

how do you get over that basically

whenever they reach out and they're

going to and they come around anything

like I here's what I tell all guys first

of all unless you're interested in

fucking again don't respond to anything

via text the Facebook don't don't

respond to it no no verbage via texted

here's why a girl reads messages in her

own that's right who very series in the

geraldo yeah so whatever you say she's

going to interpret it in her own women

womenís what that's how it is so the

only way you will communicate with her

is so I killed six now dude that I don't

text at all

I feel like hey like let's hang out are

you my number text yet no scratch that I

don't text you won't talk to me it's

going to be either focus yes sir gotta

be smooth out at these six extra chicks

if he's reaching out hit him up if he's

going to send anything it's one he'll do

one form of communication one time if

she texts him they go boom meet me here

right I'll be here at this time see you

there okay that besting only way to

fucking handle it because once she's

gonna go oh my god what the hell he's

got the ball right right right what's

gotten into him

yeah yeah she's got to try to shit

tested she's gonna try to use it you

know we all know women's most powerful

social operative is the shaming that's

right that's exactly the Shamy tactic

don't respond you'll ice good yeah and

if you're ever going to meet up with an

ex if you're ever the best thing I could

tell dudes to do as yet study meditation

get into doing 10 to 20 minutes of

meditation nobody for you go into an

interaction because dude you will be so

fucking Zen you will be so present and

don't give her any emotional food there

you know I mean here's what a woman

loves to do

she loves to express from her right

brain that's her emotional defenders

while using her left brain with her

linguistic verbage and that's meant to

confuse the fucking the best thing yes

not feed that right brain do not feed

the emotion stay ice water whatever

passive aggression she throws at you

whatever shaming tactic what however

subtle or covert it may be just slide in

there let her say it and and the best

thing you could do August Roberto any

shame puppet would their most calmest

tone of voice just agree with her

yep what exactly just agree with it

really I'm fine

confident so be like well well you just

may be here because you want to fuck

yeah that's that's that's about the size

of it yeah well you're just using meter

sex yeah that's yeah that's that's

actually what I'm doing here yeah right

exactly I mean I like I got I got you I

got some place to go 911 for 205 by 3 5

6 so I'm we're gonna bring a caller on

area code for oh you were on live with

Sean and Donovan go ahead yeah hey

what's going on guys thank you very much

Donovan taking my call my name is

Armando I'm calling you from the Bay

Area I've called here a couple of times


chatter up but uh with Donovan at the

Redman group as well yeah yeah you know

repeal community so yeah interesting

correct me if I'm wrong Donovan but you

know earlier you were talking about how

the basically woman would lie about

their ex boyfriends and and all this

make up some bullshit right just to make

themselves look more like like they're

not the victims but I also noticed that

when when their group when you grow up

and start talking about his ex boyfriend

or her ex boyfriend I think I also see

that as a shit test yes to kind of see

you know what what kind of kind of gauge

response you can get from you and so I

mean correct me if I'm wrong but what I

usually do is is I you know politely not

disrespectfully but I just I tell the

girl look don't talk to me about your

export from when you're around me there

you got if you want to talk to be or

what you want to talk about your

ex-boyfriend like that's why you have

your friends for you know who you're

taking the words right out of my mouth I

mean no I mean do like just just yeah

like keep his fucking name out of my you

know out of your mouth right that's that

but I'll you know I'll say very

respectfully riding that like you know

yeah listen listen it's far like here's

the thing and and I know you're trying

to be respectful because you sound like

a good guy but check this out man it's I

for an eye

your girl is disrespecting you by

talking about her ex in front of you so

I'm not going to address her in a

respectful way oh my ex-boyfriend on

hold on sweetheart do not talk about

your ex around me

do you understand and I make and I hold

eye contact with her

and I make I make and I hold eye contact

eye contact with her until she looks

down or she says yes sir right and then

after she says yes sir you got a pile-on

listen listen what you what happened

between you and him I don't listen I

wasn't there so I don't know what

happened I'm not gonna take sides all I

know is I'm not him and he's not me and

if you want to talk about him Armando

you nailed it listen if you want to talk

about your ex all the time that's fine I

don't have any control of you that's

what your girlfriends are for so if you

soap right now you want to talk about

your ex I mean you're more than welcome

to go ahead and leave and go talk to

your girlfriend's about your ex

boyfriend right but as long as you're

around me keep his name out

your mouth period and that's the end of

it what are what are your thoughts on

that Sean oh they're absolutely yes if

you're straight-up dude just tell me

you're holding your frame and you say I

don't you know it'll speak like that it

will talk about your ex-boyfriends

around me and you're in fact by doing it

with the calmer voice again you're not

feeding that right brain emotional

stimulus that she wants right do it

mm-hmm she's Co exactly she's covertly

seeking that emotional uh product is

that and how she can gauge how and we

all have possibly read the manipulated

man oh yes yes derby law yes sir dude

yep that's a must-have for every fucking

man it's free listen it's free on the

matter actually posted it actually

posted it on patreon I posted the free

link it's free everywhere as formuler

came out on like 1973 there's a dope-ass

book at un-fuckin'-believable and she's

gauging their response and what she's

trying to do is yes she gets a heavily

charged emotional response out of you

and you call her out with a charge then

she gets the extra exercise plausible

deniability and go oh I didn't mean it

that way or you get really upset about

so you see the trap listen you guys

listen both of you guys actually just

pointed out one of the many listen I'm

not I'm Donovan sharp and I'm not

perfect right I would have if an

emotional response is what she's looking


I'm feeling that shit test every time

I'm the kind of guy and I think I mean

listen I've got a temper problem I got

you know I gotta see an anger management

counselor when my veins get bulgy the

kind that kind of response to that break

to me that is a that brings out a

visceral anger in me because a woman has

just disrespected me now when all women

try to talk about their ex-boyfriends

and I've handled it I've handled it all

the same way very very forthright very

bold and forthcoming and they never talk

about them again but but again I will

admit I will readily admit that it's

probably better just to stay calm

because Sean you're absolutely right

that is an emotional listen girls know

that you don't the girls know you don't

want them talking about their exes

around you right so when she's doing

that she's emotionally shit testing you

and Donovan sharp listen I'm saying it

on the record I have failed just about

every one of those emotional shit tests

yeah we all have that's how we condition

ourselves but to get way better

you gotta get stronger by lifting I

listed a half pound of weight now you

can lift the heavy shit that's right

that's right come back stronger it's

same way with this shit I think what

I'll probably do in the future is

exactly yeah go ahead just laughs I

think we all agree I think we all agree

this is the last day I'll say I think we

all agree then we're on the same page

that this is clearly an emotional shit

test from women as well yep from just

being a pathological liar and just

making shit up about their exploits of

course thank you for that Donovan I

appreciate that

Armando thanks for the call man I

appreciate it let's go back to the phone


area code 404 you're on live with

Donovan and Shawn it was good hey what's

going on brother what's going on fellas

how's everything man I can't call it man

I'm sitting here trying to do a show all

right all right I do have a question

though because just thinking about it

I'm listening to this episode and this

is how I found the red pill in the first

place because my ex that stole my

identity would do the exact same thing

about how she decent how he did that

and yeah and it's a laboratory even even

telling me the story about how they

broke up in the first place they let her

tell you the guy her husband at the time

got mad because he wanted some money

from her and she said no I got to pay

bills he decided to take her cart let

her tell it

and drugs wrong way down along the

highway and pull the parking brake I'm

like the last second destroy the

transmission Wow

whoa well the transmission part I can

verify but everything else I think you

just bullshit but yeah that transmission

was rough that car would not move

I think listen see bitches like that see

these are the kinds of bitches right

they end up on the news and listen

nobody here I don't advocate domestic

violence I'm not gonna sit here and say

you should beat your woman you should

not beat your woman and the reason and

hold on the reason why you should never

hit a woman is because it's against the

law that is the only reason why you

shouldn't hit a woman

that being said bitch is that bullshit

like that are the bitches that end up on

the news with their faces all fucked up

ocean equals boyfriend you know she's an

equal Harris's boyfriend beat the shit

out of her oh my god he's got to go to

jail well Shaniqua just wrecked her

boyfriend her ex-boyfriends transmission

that's why he beat the brakes off of her

a curb stomped her they don't tell you

that part they all day that part right

yeah they leave out my clothes huh yeah

so my question is what my question to

both of y'all is that now that I've

digest to the red pill and by the way is

better but it's necessary it's like

Edison I just realized that what I

thought was love or what my opinion is

what I thought was love to me it seems

like a nasty combination of less than

one itís now when women come over you

give me compliments and say hey nice you

handsome bitch I just look at them like

okay whatever right bragging on me so

I'm shooting this shit so I had someone

tell me that you you sound like a

sociopath and I was like oh thank you

listen listen maybe you are maybe you're

not listen here's another answer to that

shit test Donovan you sound like a

sociopath well I've been called worse

right listen are you are you coming as

are you becoming a sociopath I don't

know I'm not I'm not a doctor that

listen I talked to dr. Shaun T Shaun T

Smith on the Redman group pretty

regularly he can clinically do that but

it's interesting it's interesting Shaun

and I let me get your thoughts on this

too Shawn because and gimmies haricots

three two one I see you in the QM that

gets you in just a minute it's

interesting that that people when people

see men starting to buck the trend

unless I'm not even gonna make it

complicated when men when people see men

who don't put pussy on a pedestal all of

a sudden now we're in a cult or we're

mentally ill or we're sociopath or a

psychopath oh my god Donovan doesn't put

doesn't hold Devin in the highest esteem

and high regard I wonder what's wrong

with him had does he have mental

problems what happened to this past who

hurt him

let listen that sociopath bullshit is

meant to shame you into thinking that

you know what maybe my line of thinking

is making me a sociopath guess what

chase if you become a sociopath become a

read because by becoming red pill that

so fucking be it call me a fucking


what are your thoughts on that means all

caveman were sociopaths down there you

that means all let's let's be real dude

come on

they shit women respond to on a visceral

physiological level is what is the

sociopathic behavior that's right why

his back to hunter-gatherer in several

times okay yeah you got to go out and

hunt down the fuck um the bear and the

woolly man with them seventy and higher

and Ryan you're I going to do that yeah

out of the sweat sweet little male

feminist but no you got to be aggressive

you got some tendencies they're going to

come across as very aggressive and just

intense and that's what women are wired

to respond to I'm not saying because you

never know but they yes they respond to

aggression and masculinity and frame

over what obviously what Rollo addressed

in rational negotiated a tracker you go

male feminist who try to click off a

checkbox and how many times they

respected a woman in their snow yeah oh

yeah alright the little card right it

doesn't work dude they're not they're

not getting pussy because women don't

respond to it now women will like here's

one of their lives they'll tell you

that's what they want right they'll tell

you but again we come back to the

hindbrain the reptilian tries it what

limit e dominant nickname every time and

then they'll always say to you why can't

I find a guy like you like bitch like

what are you talking about the fuck out

of here chase thanks for the call man

you and I definitely need to talk I've

got I've got your number you and I

definitely need to cut the talk 9 1 4 2

O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call to get

in on the conversation area code 3 2 1

you're on live with Donovan and Shawn go


Donovan how you doing buddy doing good

man hey listen um I had tweeted I'm

actually wasn't new to Twitter but I but

I basically got on Twitter to listen to

Donald Trump stuff and then I found the

red pill about a month ago my girlfriend

had left

um and she still her things are still

here in the home you had said something

in one of the videos it was

one of the Redman groups videos that

taking the red pill is okay but

digesting it is what's important right

I'm having a I'm having an issue right

now because I think that it takes some

time and I just wanted your thoughts on


yes yeah when taking the red pill that

is I don't want to say that's the easy


but because when you take the red pill

like when you find red pill material

like it's it's almost like it's hard to

describe but you can't believe that this

stuff actually exists on the internet

it's it's kind of like okay wait a

minute he didn't just say what I think

he did did he but when but when it

clicks when you finally understand okay

this is what these guys are trying to

say now you take the red pill a lot of

guys find the red bill but they don't

take the red pill because they because

they just disagree with it it's too hard

I've done an episode before why men

reject the red pill taking the red pill

and understanding what the red pill is

all about again that's not it's not hard

but it's not easy either but it still

has to be done the digestion part that's

the hard part and then putting it into

action there are guys out here that I

like to call five percenters right five

percenters are the men who have red pill

awareness and put that red pill

awareness into action five percenters

are veterans of the red pill game in

other words I found the red pill nine

years ago okay

I am a five percenter there and listen

thanks to the internet red pill truth is

everywhere there are articles being

written how to stop the red pill or the

red pill or a bunch of misogynist people

know who we are they know what we're

about okay but because there's so many

men so many men are being exposed to the

red pill a lot of men have red pill

awareness and they know red pill truth

but they're not putting it into action

and the very small percentage I would

say one out of twenty which is five

percent who have red pill awareness

those are the guys that are the five

percenters that being said it is gonna

take time and it's gonna take it's gonna

take a lot of time it's gonna take a lot

of introspection it's gonna it's gonna

take a lot of experience you listen

you're gonna trip and fall it's what are

you what you're doing is you are quite

literally deprogramming yourself of

everything that you were taught

everything that we were taught about how

to be as men how to

approach women how to keep women how to

conduct ourselves in a relationship

everything we have been taught is an

absolute lie how old are you if you

don't mind me asking I am right you're

55 so at this point you're you are going

to have to unravel 55 years of feminist

conditioning that is not easy now the

advantage that you have as far as age is

concerned you're 55 years old so you're

a lot smarter than I am right you've

been around longer so the red pill tends

to see if you like the red pill tends to

sneak in or to sink in a little bit a

little bit quicker with older people

because you guys have been around the

block and I'm and I'm sure that you have

probably you're probably flashing back

in your mind with this girlfriend or

that wife like you know what you know I

heard Donovan say X Y & Z I remember

this girl that I dated you know 10 20

years ago she did and said the same

things you're gonna replay this stuff in

your mind it is gonna take some time but

but but you can't you can't close

yourself off and you have to get through

that anger phase so I guess I guess the

short answer to your question is it's

just gonna take yes yeah you have to be

careful and listen don't get me wrong

the anger phase it sucks but you have to

be careful not to stagnate in the anger

phase because if you stay in the anger

phase you end up being like dudes like a

guy who calls himself turd flinging

monkey this guy is an easy oh yeah no I

yeah okay I've been force-feeding all

your videos are I'll be at the 21

convention how about that and and I just

right now I'm just trying to deal with

again I have you know when she left a

month ago

you know it's my home nice home sir all

her things are still here oh my god Wow

so it's not like I can just you know it

can be a legal situation also at this

point you know it's been six years so

many things you guys said has been the

truth Wow I mean it's been it's been on

and off for two years everything you

guys have said treats you know treat

strangers better than yes yes you know

you know financial situations just to

the source and much

yo I mean I I listen to I have been

listening for a solid month every chance

I get and I mean I have probably

listened to that you know I've

communicated with Richard Cooper OBO

communicated with Rollo fact I ordered

his book today good yes and just just a

lot of ups and downs right now sure I'll

let Sean get to this here in just a

second no I'll let Sean get to this in

just a second here's what I would do

superficially if I were you right now

you know she's gone for good what you

need to do is you need to get all of her

possessions and clip them in one room

put them in the garage all of her

possessions yes get all of her

possessions dude her her toothpaste

toothbrush for shoes pictures anything

that has to do with her put in bots dude

put in in in opaque boxes where you

can't see anything put him in one room

that way when you guys figure out when

she can come and get them they're

already ready for you can just push her

out the door you know you don't though

there's no emotional trauma that's going

on as you guys are walking around taking

down pictures take everything that she

owns you put them in boxes you put them

in one room what say you Sean absolutely

when you take the red pill dude you're

not alone man

I took the red pill five years ago I'm

35 years old now they had lights up an

intensity in you when you start because

I think a little bit of us we know the

red pill there from birth you know it's

there and we we have little itching

questions in the back of our mind we

dare not bring up a question because

that goes against the blue pill there

right that goes against the standing it

the feminine imperative always things

that induce cognitive dissonance in us

and make us confuse and keep us on the

plantation of provisioning whoo so

what's happening right now their nervous

system is going through a shock dude

from 55 years of a belief system so the

best that you're already doing the best

thing for yourself yeah braking and

content when I took the red pill do i

man i gorged myself like George my dude

that's what said I gorged myself man my

eyes would believe it didn't matter I

kept reading was great I would fall

sweet listening to Reggio content I was

I would read Rollo's books now I've read

each one of them five times through it I

listen all the audible some could say oh

that's compulsive or weird yeah you know

what it is because I'm driving the

content in because I'm never going back

to the dizzy no Hill no Hill feminine

imperative so that pain you're

experiencing that anger it's dude all

these emotions come as a strand they hit

you at all different times the best

thing that you can do for yourself is

allow your body your nervous system to

express it for yourself not for anybody

else don't do it to a chick go go to a

girl oh I gotta take note this is how

you express yourself and honestly do

hitting the weights hitting the gym yes

that's the place to do it right well I

love myself I looked at pictures from

before we met which has been about five

years ago I competed in martial arts

constantly going to the gym Lenexa and I

can tell you that this weekend I plan on

joining a gym again good very good

and getting get out to where I was I'm

I'm not overweight I mean you know I'm

five seven right now in fact I've lost

probably in the past month I went from

175 to about 160 what yeah that that and

again that's because of the yeah yeah

yeah absolutely

yeah the quarter you know I looked at

pictures and I realized - there's a lot

of friends that you know people have

said oh go out with your buddies there's

a lot of guys that I just friends of

mine that I can't know I

after after hearing this stuff I can't

even go out with them and no ear no way

man Makita way because they're gonna

give you that listen they're gonna give

you that same bullshit advice well you

should have acquiesced to her well these

things happen and man time heals all

wounds and you'll find your person and

you just have to do the best you can no

no no no no no no no no and here's

another thing and be very careful of

this never ever ever introduce your

friends to the red pill let me let me

ask you something here what made you

like what was the aha moment what did

you what did you punch into Google that

caught that that that caused you to find

the red pill what exactly were you

searching for um

well to be totally honest I

you know my brother I'm not going to say

his name okay I know you know my brother

okay and he introduced me to it good

okay good I have been going through like

I said so many ups and down and III

totally engulfed myself with my work I'm

a contractor

oh and that's what I do and that's what

makes me feel good you know and it's a

hell of a workout what I do too during

the day okay I need you at the gym again

and feel better about myself you know

I've had no problem I still have no

problem picking up women younger women

good you know that's not an issue sure

you know and I mean I've had a

conversation with my brother you know

I'm 55 years old

I know I've hit the triple digits and

women without going out all right oh you

know and and you know and I I don't know

you know you can't you know you I think

you guys had a discussion about that and

I don't remember what it was but you do

you tell a woman that you've had triple

digit wait a minute no you certainly

listen you listen you don't let's say

that again John I said a woman the

imagination having that is not not only

I learned that she knows listen

discovery Trump's disclosure okay

if you tell her yeah I've been with 158

women she's never going to believe you

but when she sees how women respond to

you right if she happens to see proof or

evidence or whatever just like Sean said

her imagination is gonna run wild she's

made like damn but this guy's been with

100 fucking chicks and then her her

attraction level is gonna skyrocket um

listen I've got listen I've got your

phone number here haricots three two one

I'm gonna shoot you a text and what I'll

do is I'll give you what I call you know

my my text message access if you have

any questions or anything like that just

quick advice quick guidance whatever the

case may be

shoot me a text message and I will

certainly hit you back faint listen

thank you very much for calling in to

the show listen call in any time when I

have whether it's just myself or or if I

have guests give us an update on how

things are going man because I would

like for us to sort of follow your red

pill journey and kind of keep up with

your progression

and I will definitely see what they like

I said I'm in the anger I get it and not

not you know it's not like I'm you know

you know I'm not texting her and the

anger threatening or anything like that

I'm just I'm just pissed off at the

world right now yeah I think it's what I


yes it's what we all go through manic

that I've been there Dom has been there

Rolo we've all that yes it's like boot

camp it's like going to Paris I love the

Marine Corps and then you come out and

in your strong son of a bitch you're

going to be your mental strength is

going to be through the fucking roof

when you come out of the trip not only

that I mean boy I think the one thing

that'll help you to come out and listen

the anger phase is necessary it's it's

very important but to keep yourself from

stagnating I think what you have to

understand is that women are neither

inherently good or inherently evil they

just are and women there's a saying we

say women are like water they they take

the shape of the container that they're

put in back in the day women were in

check they didn't get out of pocket well

nowadays we've got feminism and we

basically let women do whatever they

want well listen when women are women

are programmed to self-destruct mentally

physically spiritually when left to

their own devices you get women and

listen yes women are like animals

they're like dogs

you can't leave Italy you can't leave

them to their own devices or they're

gonna or they're gonna fucking piss on

the carpet right they're gonna they're

gonna roll around to the bed there and

they're gonna eat your shoes this is

just how it is well women are being left

to their own devices and we're sort of

left cleaning up the mess and picking up

the pieces but just understand that

women are not inherently evil they're

just doing what they are allowed to do

well three two one listen I placed your

time guys absolutely man and I'm gonna

I'm gonna shoot you a text just just so

that you know it's me men okay that's

excellent thanks for the call me it's

gonna be from a 702 number so be ready

excellent call from from that guy man

yeah listen yeah like I mean again and

this just goes to show guys are waking

up at all different ages we got in

Lakeview you found the red pill at 30 I

found the red pill at 32 we got guys

finding the red pill at 20 21

Rollo's working with a guy who's in his

70s that guy is 55 it's never

ever too late to take and digest the Red

Bull for sure at this point dude there's

really new stuff at the rate and the

internet is spreading it and people are

waking up left and right because

basically everybody's had enough yes

like even a lot of women are fed up with

this third wave in this bullshit on yeah

they're sick of it so it is finally

bubbling over and in a few years time

it's eventually gonna it will be the

norm once people humming together the

red pill is not about misogyny how about

hitting women of beating up women or the

shitty them it's just about being a man

and letting women be women

yes understanding that for woman to

maintain attraction she has to always

what come into the man's frame the only

way it works and this is what they want

listen women want listen women want to

be on your program they don't want you

to follow them they want to follow you

but the work feminism makes them believe

that it should be the opposite and then

women it's so funny feminists are like

oh yeah you know we're winning no no no

sweetheart you guys are not winning dude

you guys are fucking miserable you guys

are fucking eight guys a week you guys

are on antidepressants you're not

marriage material how can you tell me

that you're happy as a feminist it's

just it's ridiculous now women women

want to be with a winner

not be the winner that's right okay show

me oh I don't know I love it be with the

winner though it's so true man it's just

I mean you could see it obviously when

you see a champion football player UFC

fighter who a look at the guy that wins

the UFC fight that's right the loser

never gets it he pussy no they want to

go with the guy who was about he's

taller and hotter it doesn't matter

women want the where that's the way it

is man Sean listen man I appreciate your

time and I appreciate the call man dude

I gotta have you on the show much more

often you are high you are quite the red

pill savant my friend like your urine

here and your drop and said I've never

heard before

let's do it one last thing I want to

offer up okay so to talk on the topic of

like you know women lying even when

they're telling the truth yes a buddy of

mine we came up with this analogy and we

call it the monday night football

quarterback syndrome okay here's what I

mean by that okay right

how many times you like hung out with

some friends like you had a game you

know you're hanging out and there's that

one guy the quarterback throws a play

there's that one guy in the room it's

like oh my god and I would have been

there I would have done this right right

right right okay we call that Monday

night quarterback or armchair

quarterbacking right like how could he

not see was wide open over the middle

dude like you're sitting in you're

sitting in your armchair so what when a

chick tells you something like well I

love you and I would never cheat and I

would never do this and I would do that

well here's the thing bro that Monday

night for the quarterback football

syndrome guy he's actually telling the

truth on that couch okay he really in

his mind he believes that's what he

would do or wouldn't do on the field

when a woman is telling him I wouldn't I

totally would never cheat I would never

do this and I'm not that kind of girl

and I were there she's actually telling

you the truth in that yes

Oh hundred percent put her ass on the

field put it on the see light and watch

what happens

put it on a red carpet somewhere where

there's a bunch of celebrity there you

go and one of them wanted attention put

her say dude I know because I'm a

musician I play shows right right you

see this does love it up love it up on

their boyfriends and then follow me into

a bathroom unbelievable man they're

telling the truth in that moment but

they're lying or later check this out

I'm thick white listen I'm gonna go you

one better

girls are very very good they are

masters of using what I call tense words

past tense present tense

future tense right so let's say an

insecure guy while I saw you looking at

that guy done it enough what's she gonna

say she says sweetheart I love you I'm

not looking for anybody right so you

know you immediately pick on that okay

you love me now that doesn't mean you're

gonna love me when you're fucking the

other guy I'm not looking for anybody

means I'm not looking for anybody right


and sometimes Shawn girls will tip their

hand listen I'm not looking for anybody

right now or they'll say things like

well I'm not really looking for anybody

right now which means you're looking for

somebody right now when they use what

there's an implication listen they use

these qualifying words well have you

talked to that guy before well not


wait is it that is the answer yes

or no or is it not really there you go

man don't tell me that's not really well

not lately no no no no they can't help

but tell them themself dude every time

subtle little passive ways it cannot

help that telling themselves with the

tiny sort of a dose idiosyncrasy and if

you to learn how to read that yes you

will not fall victim to the manipulation

listen man this is why having this is

why having red pill awareness is a

fucking superpower you can see you can

see through a woman's bullshit from a

mile away when she's telling you things

don't know what she's saying without her

actually saying it's unbelievable yeah

it's the subtitle there you go subtitles

with the polar voice she's using what

the words that she's using the

subtleties trying to use the plot to

placate power play to protect your ego

all kind of shit through all kind of

stuff it's they have they have so many

bag of tricks but once you learn to read

them they're yeah your Advent all I have

is a shame tactic once you call that out

they're powerless yeah right well well

you you yeah I got Jim Sean thank you

very much for the call man Mike listen I

gotta have you on much more often you

clear you clearly know your shit Sean

fucked up his phone that's why he wasn't

able to call him yesterday but he's got

a brand new phone today hopefully and

we'll definitely be talking to you real

soon man thanks for the time anytime

thank you sharp Sean in Tampa the

philandering musician down there let's

see here Yosef Israel I've got sharp

assist forwarding these to me says this

observation may be a little off-topic

but my oldest brother told me that when

it comes to women do the 4s find him

fool him fuck him and forget him Miami

Jay says the red bills like the military

complacency will get you killed I listen

I could not agree more I could not agree


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no further than 1821 man-made let's

continue on with the show here a woman's

feelings as far as her telling the truth

this particular mindset definitely

applies when it comes to a woman's

feelings if there's one thing we know in

the red pill community beyond all else

is that the feelings of a woman are

extraordinarily fickle they're

extraordinarily bleeding they change

like the weather they change like the

hours of the day I've said this many

times before on this show a woman state

is never the same all the time a woman

is never and I'm trying to get my

lighting right here I don't want to look

like them

there we go you can see it kind of see

I'm gonna have to work with my lighting

guys work with me but a woman's state is

never static it is never the same all

the time even if her environment is like

a metronome even if her environment is

Rocksteady a woman is never chemically

identical from one day to the next

they're never chemically identical from

one hour to the next they are in a

constant state of Dinah mia and I'm not

sure if that's a word or not but you

guys get the point

a woman is always changing now as far as

love is concerned and her feelings are

concerned just like Sean said a woman

can say I love you at the time and she

may very well mean that she loves you

she may very well love you she may be

really truly in love with you at that

time she may mean it she's not

manipulating you she means it with every

fiber of her being but understand that

when a woman tells you she loves you her

feelings can and will change she may

love you on Monday

but she may have changed on Wednesday

this is just how it goes and again

they're there their existence is always

dynamic it's always changing mentally

physically chemically chemically a woman

is never chemically the same two days in

a row this is why they need men we as

men we are constant we are rock steady

now we may deviate here and there but by

and large we are the same through and

through 24 hours a day seven days a week

52 weeks a year 365 days a year

in one calendar year a woman will go

365 variations of 365 moods 365 times

for 365 reasons this is how they are so

when a woman tells you she loves you

yeah it sounds great

but understand that just because she

loves you today doesn't mean she love

you tomorrow listen she may love you on


hate you on Tuesday wanna marry you on

Wednesday when a jam an ice pick in your

ear on Thursday want to have your kids

on Friday you want to take a blowtorch

to your balls on Saturday and not give a

damn about anything on Sunday and it all

starts over again on Monday this is a

fucking crazy women are this is how

fickle they are it's a chemical thing

it's their it's their menstrual cycle

this is one of the many ways that women

are the women are diametrically

different from who and what we are as

men men and women we may as well be a

different species I mean yeah we pee and

shit pretty much the same way you know

the same things make us tick but goddamn

from the neck up were different animals

it's just unbelievable get this through

your thick skulls gentlemen women are

always changing and their feelings are

no different now as far as love dating

and relationships go we know that what a

woman says and what would a month and

what would a woman does are always two

different things

now this particular doctrine this

extends outside this extends outside of

relationships too

it extends to work relationships with

her friends relationships with her

family her pets anything and everything

around her doesn't matter

women will say one thing and do another

with everybody so when she does it do

you don't take it personally they do

this shit with everybody and everything

and everything even her fish even her

pet fish so don't take it personally pet

fish women will also say one thing and

mean another and then mean one thing and

say another so you're constantly having

to read between the lines with these

broads I'll give you an example I

pointed out yesterday that women often

describe themselves as the men they're

attracted to right that's that that was

my hack hey what kind of woman are you

right or she just made volunteer the

information she'll say well I'm

competitive I'm strong I'm consistent

I'm disciplined I'm financially

responsible dude

eleven times out of ten she is none of

those things those are things she finds

attractive in a man and they never

realized they're doing it they are

describing what they think is themselves

but all they're doing is telling you the

kind of man she wants and needs in our

life and they never know they're doing

it's funny to see this over and over

again they never know what they're

actually doing another way this applies

is when a woman says something like we

need to take a break or we should start

seeing other people well what that

really means is she's already fucking

somebody else right women will also say

I'm not looking for anything serious

after you've been fucking her for four

months yes she is looking for something

serious but she's just gauging your

interest in something serious because if

you're not and you say so she now feels

comfortable enough to tell you okay I

kinda was looking to take things

seriously do if you say good because

neither am i she can say good I'm glad

we're on the same page without risking

looking stupid or putting herself out

there guys this is what women do women

will never come right out and say

exactly what's on their mind or exactly

what they're feeling and to be honest

with you I don't know that they're even

capable of it right I don't even know

that they know how to just come right

out and say what they feel it's like

there's a disconnect between the brain

and their mouths and their feelings so

when her brain says I'm hot what she

says is oMG I'm sweating my ass off

about the past status icons in 48

degrees outside rather than just saying

I'm hot it's like women are incapable of

being literal in every sense of the word

they have to describe everything related

to it in these roundabout soliloquies

that embody the true depth of their

feelings it's ridiculous it's almost as

though they cannot describe what they

are feeling in two words or less I

firmly believe that wrap your mind

around the fact that this is how women

are the point is guys at the end of the

day is that you never take a woman at

her work there's always a lot to be read

between the lines it in women are

they're not aware that they're telling

you what's going on with these long

drawn-out dialogues okay it's like it's

and it's weird it's like they're fluent

in Spanish but they don't know they're

fluent in Spanish even though they're

speaking to you in perfect Spanish it's

like to say to them say habla espanol

and she says no if she says no yo habla

espanol then then she says wait I speak

Spanish and then say that in Spanish I

know that's

sounds weird a little confusing but this

is how crazily wired their brains are

always be aware that a woman women are

not as frank and they are not nearly as

straightforward as we as men are if it's

hot we say I'm hot if it's cold we say

I'm cold also and this is a big one when

a woman tells you a story about anything

it will never ever be the whole story

because there are multiple layers to the

story but women never want to paint

themselves as the bad guy so they leave

out the bits that incriminate them that

attacks their character that paints them

in a bad light so for example a woman

will say well my boy was an asshole he

stopped having sex with me and he

cheated on me well maybe he was an

asshole and maybe he did cheat but what

she didn't tell you was that she was in

insufferable an insufferable bitch who

gained 30 pounds in six months and was

high maintenance right another example

is a former patron of mine by the name

of Raymond fucking wood right I kicked

him off my patreon for talking shit

about my girl in his exit survey he said

well he called me a troll so I cancelled

my I canceled my patronage yes I did

call him a troll but what he didn't tell

them was that he called Rollo Tomassi an

idiot for being married and said that

Devon was gonna trap me with a baby to

teach me a lesson right he conveniently

left out the part that explains why I

called him a troll and by the way it

never tells me that who it is who fills

out the exit surveys right I knew it was

him because he's the only guy he's the

only patron I've ever called the troll

so just in case you guys are wondering

though don't be afraid and I know a lot

of you guys are probably thinking jesus

fucking christ this is also complicated

guys it's not complicated at all a man

if you know how women work what their

motivations are what makes them tick

over time with practice you'll be able

to pick up on this stuff very easily

you'll understand you'll understand that

they'll never tell you the truth the

whole truth and nothing but the truth

you'll start to pick up on what they're

really feeling regardless of what they

say you'll start to realize that their

heart to realize what their motivational

limitations are when they make a

declaration of some sort like I did with

Devon in the tanning I'm gonna tan five

days in a row no you're not sweetheart

and you'll be able to read between the

lines very quickly very easily these are

the men that girls want these are the

men that girls describe as he just

gets it he just gets me now there are

some cases where a woman has multiple

ways of saying one thing right and again

the title of the podcast is never

believe what a woman says even when

she's telling you the truth right a

woman is never gonna come right out and

say I'm gonna be a slut this year no no

no she's gonna say I need to find myself

we've all heard that before

I need to I'm gonna take care of me for

a little while I need some me time right

all those things mean all of the what I

just said it means she's gonna start

fucking dudes by the truckload

but again she'll never come right out

and say it right she might even say I'm

not gonna fuck a guy for a solid year

and she'll get excited about her

voluntaries her voluntary celibacy her

brain gives her that endorphin hit that

serotonin blast then her phone buzzes

she's got another tinder matchless so

I'll start tomorrow because remember her

brain rewarded her for not fucking a guy

for a year yeah so she's not really

motivated oh look

BJ wants me to come over and give him a

bj think I'll go over and see what

that's about this whole voluntary

celibacy thing I'll wait and do that

I'll wait and do that next week maybe

next month but by-and-large at the end

of the day the word of a woman is not

reliable even if they're not being

willfully deceptive even when they

believe even then wait even when they

believe what they are actually telling

you you can never take anything a woman

says as the gospel truth ever gentlemen

there are way too many mitigating

factors at play

women are also very weak willed they are

highly compulsive highly impulsive their

feelings change their body chemistry

changes and so on and so forth so you

can never take anything they say is the

gospel truth never at some point at some

point whatever a woman says is going to

be is gonna turn out to be false no

matter how badly she wants it to be true

women are not complicated at all but it

really pays to know that anything that

comes out of a woman's now mouth is

never actually going to be what's going


it's either the tip of the iceberg or

it's part of the iceberg but it's never

the whole iceberg and sometimes it's not

even an iceberg all right great show

tonight I still can't see the chat so I

don't I don't really know what's going

on maybe got to restart my computer I

don't know I've tried on my iPad I've

tried on my I've tried on my iPhone

I don't really know what's going on nice

loooong show today

for sure well that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS r primetime my thanks

to Shawn in Tampa for calling in

dropping that red pill knowledge my

thanks to the Mod Squad I'll see you

guys tomorrow same bat-time same

bat-channel have a good night

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