Why you should never get back with an ex (Episode 307)


A huge mistake that every man makes at least once in his life, is taking back and ask. The thing is most men know it’s a bad idea, but for whatever reason we can’t help ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to sit here and pretend to have absolutely no clue as to why men routinely take back their ex-girlfriend‘s. If a Man loves a woman, it’s never easy for him to let go of her no matter how badly she has wronged him.



By the same token if more men had red pill awareness, they wouldn’t make this mistake over and over again. Red pill awareness or not, it’s never easy to refrain from getting back with an ex-girlfriend… Especially if the sex was great.

But if a man knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that making the egregious mistake that is taking back and ex-girlfriend will most assuredly lead him down a path worse than the one he just walked down before, he has four more likely to make the right decision and tell her to fuck off.

Again this is far easier said than done, but like most things like this it still has to be done… And a lot of times your life depends upon it.

So I’m going to give you guys seven reasons why taking your ex-girlfriend back is always a bad idea.

And understand that this isn’t some sort of deep psychological analysis… This is a common sense, no bullshit, red pill approach as to why it is never a good idea to make a woman who was once your main chick you’re main chick AGAIN.


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