Will black women ever be wife material? with Minister Jap (Ep. 281)

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The state of today's black women is as bad as it's ever been in history. Their bad attitudes, entitlement, unrealistic expectations, lack of accountability, obesity, and a plethora of other factors that make them radioactive to men don't seem to be improving despite the fact that black Men have pointed out these deficiencies for years.


Minister Jap joins me to discuss whether or not black women will ever be wife material and how they can reestablish themselves as the best option for black Men.

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you're a fucking loser you live in your

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three platforms alright let's get to it

my guest tonight does not need an

introduction like myself like myself he

is a youtube outlaw i think he's lost

something like 37 youtube channels in

the last six months or so

cuz he's here cuz these bitches won't

leave him alone but you guys can go to

his website minister jab calm Minister

Jeb how you doing man I'm doing good bro

good good

listen you and I were just talking I

don't know if you want to talk about

this um you know on the air because

you're getting pussy thrown at you and

at an accelerated rate but my mid young

my man jab just got a cleat listen he's

got a clean ass motherfucking Benz like

like the midget like sis it's insta

pussy at this point just add water like

it's driving down the street and pennies

is hitting a car from all sides and shit

like that's that's how I gotta apologize

everybody who you know rely on me to do

my YouTube baby won't that shit but you

know I'm just doing my pussy so much

ministries every day you know I'm saying

just doing the real field work young

bitches old bitches middle-aged bitches

you know just uh they just practically

just it's just it's just like I told you

earlier it's a statement car right you

know it lets you unless it lets people

know when you got a car like that it

lets people know that you really have

your shit together you know I'm saying

right and it definitely is attractive to

the ladies I'm saying so I'm just

getting so much fucking action like I

barely got a talk now it's just like I

just I just let you know I just like the

lifestyle show itself just sit down your

pants be like you car now crazy man so

I've been juggling a lot of pussy fellas

I know lots of y'all niggas man I'm

gonna get on here and talk my shit but

shit I mean it's only 24 hours in a day

half of the day I'm sleep over half whom

kid money and then it's time to play so

it's a good two hours of y'all or get

two hours of pussy I had a little money

too done of a sharp man me and we talk a

lot behind the scenes excellent business

man I love his motto very consistent and

he driving that real shit to the UH to

the wheels fall off man you know Rob

listen I'm trying to be like a man with

support I'm trying to be like you on me

man I'll try to be like I'm trying to be

done to Jeff and this motherfucker all

right so originally I was gonna I was

actually gonna kind of put the title of

this show I was gonna say black women

are not wife material but Jap stop me

he's like nah nah I don't want this to

be a bash fest you know let's talk about

our our black women wife material will

black women ever be wipin say

so all you black bitches out there they

want to get mad at me just get mad at me

right don't be mad at Jap like he's the

one that toned it down a flag me down

anytime you don't say listen they're

definitely met they can have a lot of

discussion so I mean what we call in

this room today is a you know I don't

already forgot the title hold up for a

second hole that women will beg will

black women ever be wife material so so

let me ask you so let's go and ask the

million-dollar question here will black

women ever really be wife material I

mean the typical black woman is not

liable to you okay Latta all right it

takes a real submissive humble guy

that's a person yes word you said the S

word that the african-american woman is

not really fitting to marry I mean if

you be if you want to be truthful about

it you got African dudes that come over

here but you got other people from other

country this shit like that they tend to

marry white women and other races of

women they not they will deal with

sisters all the way to the point where

they get sisters shit you know I'm

saying it you know that attitude you

should like that cuz when it come from

women with women right in a mean right

now we got women who try to be like me

like Lily I was just I just got enough

fistfight like about two days ago where

do and some bitches trying to jump in

and almost like a punch the shit out of

a bitch goddamn you know so after our

fucking cracked his jaw the bitches

trying to jump you know like that's not

the role of women you let the men be men

and sort a shit outlet it's just um they

not carrying themselves the right way

you know how do you want to learn

nothing and that's the thing that that

kills me they don't want to learn

you can't teach them shit you know why

can't we why can't listen white why

don't they want like here's the thing

right they always say don't shoot the

messenger it's not what you say it's how

you say it might listen with black women

my assertion is is it's not what you say

it's who says it because if it comes

from you or me

they're not gonna listen right but they

don't really listen to like there are

all kinds of black women who are out

there saying look sisters y'all are

doing it all wrong like yeah you're not

gonna be the man how's that still not

listening truth the truth about black

women of today is that they are governed

by white women what oh wow

white women determine whether or not you

are gonna have a good black one Wow

expelled on that that's the first I've

ever heard that school okay most of your

teachers are white women okay so none of

our points are ever be validated it to a

white woman agrees with it damn if a

white woman agrees with the fact that

black women y'all got to stop being

ratchet and take care of your man abhi

be submissive then black woman would do

it but now white women are more likely

more most cases they also feminist shit

so they you know white women are really

fighting against the white man everyday

they didn't white husband's right and so

black woman a follow suit and that's one

of the reasons why you know in my

opinion neither one of them are marriage

material because I know you you got your

feelings about white women and more

thing about this as a black man I don't

think we got enough power and resources

to actually fight the white woman when

she gets mad no your wasn't your right

listen if white girl gets mad at you

Brian she want you in jail she can put

you in jail go to the courtroom and

articulate no right to me get locked up

no but I get into with the white woman

I'm cooked right you don't understand

that's why I always tell people I've

always said is the white woman is the

most powerful force in America because

anytime she complains the world stops

that's right

nothing ever changes nothing ever

changes unless white women have a

problem with it and I'll tell you

something else there is no other white

women in America they live the best

lives of any class of human on the face

of the earth and they always want more

right like they get the best of

everything they get listen to

preferential treatment in in every


there is yet every time we turn around

they're bitching and complaining about

something and then black women follow

suit so why is a wife who realizes that

white women are gonna end up having to

tell black women the truth y'all

families all fucked up

yeah everything you're doing you don't

want to work out it that's why you don't

gotta me and when white when black women

start listening to that truth coming

from I think the only truth that they're

gonna ever hear if it's not come from a

white man it's not will come from a

black man now a couple weddin when they

hear the truth coming from a white woman

they gonna change right now they are not

wiping with - these bitches don't got no

fucking uh they credit is on foot though

I mean I mean so many beautiful women

right now all they credit fuck damn in

the 300s and shit right yeah so like you

know it like to meet the people that I

deal with my circle you know I'm saying

people getting real money this is this

normal like to have you to like it

shouldn't be

I should be looked at when I tell one

with my credit score seven nine right

and they're like oh my god you seven

ninety no kids this is normal white

people shit right right I use horn for

the course you've never seen an American

Express in a black man's hand before

it's like this shit is amazing - if I

take these same credentials and I apply

them to white society I'm no one

so really fuckin with languages I'm a

big fish in a small pond okay because

they're so fucked up all I have to do is

literally be okay

self-sufficient right and I'm a

commodity because they ain't shit most

of them kids out of wedlock right now

watch the show what I broke down how

much uh the average key chains to raise

anywhere from thirteen to fourteen

thousand extra on your salary anyone to

keep your second lifestyle but thirteen

thousand of that money is gonna be

allocated to raising their kid bare

minimum that's not saying if you love

them with that goddamn man

so you got bitches out here with two

three keys I know for a fact that these

just don't have 13 extra thousand let

alone 26,000 let alone

39,000 with the three kids so when you

come to the table with day you won't be

white like let's just let's just clear

the air right you're gonna get bottom of

the barrel men

you're not see a lot of these women have

had to come to the reality that they're

not going to get the man of their dreams

no more it's over

you've had your life and if you get

married is forced and if they still

don't work they still don't work so I'm

sorry let me let me ask you this right

so and listen I agree with you but like

you're telling me that black women know

that it's over though so no they don't

know it's over okay psyching themselves

they're delusional telling them you did

these things you set yourself up you

know I'm saying like yeah like I better

I'm doing that young goof no keys

she's right now I mean you you have all

the motherfuckin

credentials in the world I'm working on

my Master's some dissident I'm gonna

kill you yet two kids but it was right

and you will forever be sad pussy to a

man who's progressive that's what they

don't want to hear if they had me you as

brothers oh yes yes we've done our shit

we've been dull yes we have when I talk

to my I have a baby sister now I talk to

her I get her straight work the facts

good good and if she fucks around and

gets redness on her but she know every

time we got the phone call I told her

don't get pregnant you're pregnant don't

be pregnant don't get pretty because

it's over

Oh forever oh if you if you want to

actually have someone slide on one knee

and propose to you and actually have

this dream wedding it's not happening to

your single mother now I'm just letting

you know let me ask you this

oh geez you've been good a long time ago

so our kids a deal breaker like if

there's a black woman beautiful black

woman you know great credit score etc

etc etc she looks good she's relatively

young 27 28 if she tells you she has a


is that a deal-breaker yes or no for me

for me since I've done it the Saudis

have hey listen times change man telling

you now nigga clever no here's what

happen y'all nigga copped a bit listen

before he got the bends he was like all

right it's cool if you got some kids now

that the nigga got a Benz now bitch I

don't want your kids up in my shit no

kids allowed now that I want a bitch

that's what that is

big body bins you can't do it man why do

we why the big dick means you can't ride

in the big big day by the way this is

TSR primetime with special guest

Minister Japp you guys can follow him on

Twitter at the minister Jeff Minister

Japp calm is his website right now and

I'm willing to buy back Minister Japp

101 it's my new channel that I'm I'm

playing around with you know me and they

got me at Facebook jails and not shit

all types of shit man just coming at me

bad but you know I'm dropping a lot of


I wanted this to do a lot more live

stuff and show people like you know I'm

really out here I'm active force when I

talk to the people is you know it's

coming from a real place like I really

know what I'm talking about deal with

these women I've listened to these women

vent about you know that they're late

for tea see one thing about these women

they have a panic switch they all try to

get married before they 30 the ones who

are not married before they're dirty

they're fucked

and I kissed their fuck your fuck

because and I'm gonna tell you why the

fuck you're fucked because you fucked

yourself when you meet a middle-aged

black one that is one of the most bitter

scorning um just uninviting jaded all

that she is not she's a flake she's not

fun at all you know I'm saying yeah if

any event that you do get the pussy god

bless you but you're better off the deal

with a younger more energetic

motherfucker who you know I'm saying who

right who life has not hit them hard she

like hits these holes are like hit these

holes real hard and they realize that

they not wipe the tears when they

realize they're not like material they

started stepping they stand his down

start taking us taking all the sluts

compromise like dude yeah you know any

motherfucker with some money he might

happen to be other that's why you got a

lot of fine ass bitches out here with

ugly kids you know because they step

date they they stare this down like you

when she was on her high her high horse

in moving around and yeah yeah he was no

kids in the game you couldn't say a word

to her but she took any bet

motherfucking truck drive and he's fat

plumber any any motherfucker who she

know got a straight secured bag

she give them that push right alway nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call if you've got

something on your mind at this time I'm

gonna say goodbye to my Twitter audience

my YouTube audience and my Facebook

audience if you guys want to watch the

rest of the show come to donovan sharp

calm that is deal and ova in sha rpe


so thanks for tuning in guys i'll see

you guys over here at donovan sharp calm

and administered let me ask you this

you mentioned something a little bit

earlier that that definitely got my

attention you said that if a woman in

other words if a woman has kids you know

it's pretty much it's a wrap

why is it and they hear this stuff all

around them all the time they know it's

a wrap if they have kids why do they not

listen to sound advice well this is a

man you will never get your game from

the same sex okay I got I got most of my

knowledge and wisdom about women and

understanding from talking the fucking

women okay not talking to dude because

dude you know would give me the gay that

was tailor-made for them for instance

Isis all right over the fucked and all

motherfuckers at the barbershop the shit

like that give me advice like you ain't

you you ain't a grown man until you get

burnt but when I started talking to old

bit of hos I started to learn they game

got that real really and and for a woman

the best advice you could ever get would

be from a man but the problem is like

when you watch movies like it's a movie


I think brothers okay four brothers may

be brothers okay it was like Morris

Chestnut Bill Bellamy Oh Omar Epps amaur

amaur amaur amaur more and it was like

they was like date names of Gabrielle

Union and uh but it's this old black

lady that's always in all these movies

she was in like Think Like a Man and

shit like that she's older black lady I

know you should always run her mouth and

she's the older bitch and when she's


allow him with the younger bitches

giving them this stupid as if bikes


she can't keep a dick in the house in

her life you know I'm saying and the

problem is the wisdom of these old hos

has led these hoes to the cliff to jump

off up a lot of these bitches we tell

them oh follow your heart

oh no no fuck because your heart you're

a woman your heart changes like the

weather it changes like Chicago weather

and your heart is own fucking iPod

shuffle right now what you want to do

you know I'm saying right what's gonna

happen is you don't end up with a

motherfucker baby another thing why are

the eldest allowing these hoes to shack

up with men who have not married the

easy way for a man and not appreciate

your motherfucking ass is for you to

give them everything why would I marry

you if I'm already living with you right

get getting raw pussy right yep

paying bills with you what's the

incentive for doing it more yeah you

gave it up too easily yes nothing

there's no benefit to it so that's this

thing women don't have a strategy they

think that you know oh I did it I did

all this shit wrong and now I'm finally

wiping material cuz I was experienced

and now a guy's gonna fix my problems

and right rows like know the good

progressive men are gonna view you as a

liability right and nobody wants to walk

into the door dealing with a liability

would you buy a house that you knew

automatically you had to put a roof on

that mother come up or redo the electric

right fixer-upper bar rehab what I'm

saying is that a selling point

no not for women is not because you

ain't well here's the thing you ain't

trying to flip hos hos Dupree the host

Dupree listen if you can fix a ho they

depreciate in value how so appreciated

value I'm not trying to enhance the put

a for sale sign on the bitch be like yo

let me get let me get 5,000 above-market

right yeah you know okay so it's crazy

you know I'm saying but one

is to today delusional taste really see

first it's like you I'm I mean I knew I

was gonna touch on this point all right

you checked yourself you said I'm

overweight and I'm gonna do something

about it I'm not yeah I'm getting

bitches but I could get better bitches

okay like if I'm real with myself

you never said to yourself you know what

deep the other side you've never decided

to be a fat nigger who desires to be

affected nobody nobody black women are

the only bitches that make themselves

proud of that overweight unbelievable

man what is it dude what is they make

themselves proud of every failure that

they had some type of pride in it

they're not married so they get to the

point in life where they say you know

marriage isn't for everyone

oh god yeah shit because if you're

telling me marriage is not for everyone

then you need to be tough that means

that you're telling everybody else dead

single motherhood is for everyone

because everybody's doing that cuz

everybody's doing that so you need to

pick your poison

Adam ah it sounds better it looks better

it enhances our rice better the same to

promote marriage

I rather promote marriage didn't promote

single motherhood and I understand works

in the red pill aspect there's not a

whole lot of benefits to that for a man

but in the event that you got your bitch

in hockey and she's really working with

you you y'all bring money see there it

is in pocket these women another thing

any women not married because they not

making no money so you think so you

think so you think a woman making money

that's a selling point right that's the

southern kind of thing is you wouldn't

what will be more willing to marry a

woman that you didn't have to pay for

all the time you you want to marry a

woman that you made money with right

built with you a business partner with

because it be

I mean we all get bored with the pussy

all these bitches got to reinvent


sure bitches get bored with a dick you

got to reinvent yourself that's the

that's the nature of the long-term

relationship but making money and here's

all that shit right I mean that's the

glue if you could actually build

something with one of you back women

then they would be wearing black women

don't build shit not only that here's

the thing black women jump out of in

this is not this is not even a black

woman thing this is indicative of all

races the reason why women jump in and

out of relationship so easily is because

they don't invest anything okay if they

if that's what I'm saying they jump in

they don't bring any network to the

table they don't bring they don't bring

any financial acumen they don't bring

any savings they don't bring anything

and listen okay so they invested what

pussy well every nigga on the block has

had the pussy so that's nothing for that

that's nothing for them to to invest no

you're right that's one that's one of

jabs bitches how many how many go over

there right now you got three three or

four man yeah oh man

here's something else you said you said

that it's you said something young girls

are better than older women obviously

for lot of reasons yeah here listen

here's the main reason why I'm gonna

tell you what this is one of the this is

one of the a symmetries of sexual

attraction and here's what it is

experienced hardship strife that is

attractive on a man right a man who has

fought some battles a man who's been

through and seen some shit that's

attractive to women

guess what that same experience doesn't

look good on a woman a woman who's seen

some shit been around the block

experienced this and that that doesn't

look good on a woman you get that you

get the scorned woman look again women

think that's attractable I'm experienced

I've seen the world no that's not

attractive this is why men like younger

women because younger women just like

you said it yourself because they still

have that youthful exuberance they still

have the twinkle in their eye the fire

hasn't been snuffed out yet and because

of that they're just more they're just

generally more pleasant to be around

ohdon't was it that's one of them that's

one of them hos nine one four two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call nine one four two oh five five

three five six is the number to call and

while we wait for Jeff to go get some

quick head I'm gonna jump in the chat

here and see who we got going on

shout out the freelance running in the

house Minesh food is good I don't think

I've seen you in here before

feels good to finally get back in the

chat very good freelance wrote it says

black women think that they can slut

around until they're 55 and grandkids

out of wedlock then try to shift gears

to be wives trying to change lanes that

age is too late they Hardy they already

crashed at the dead-end road god damn

and this is when I'm sick Mary oh yes

you get all these people say well not

you know with African women no no no

where it's all about I met right right

not a shred of that huh we're talking

about bitches right we talk about

bitches living in the contiguous United

States of America so so all you black

naysayers all you black white knight

sippin ass niggas well not all no we

talk about American black women y'all

niggas know that so save that shit

well the fuckers from South America yeah

oh the Caribbean I mean I've met a nice

Jamaican woman these are just you make

some girls are cool man about being nice

right it's the black woman of today nice

uh no I can go to a Walmart in a black

urban area you will see that boy man I'm

trying it listen ever since he got the


I'm telling ever since he got the bends

like light like the bitches won't stay

off his dick he's getting phone calls

like every other day well I'm sorry

every other hour

when you go to it like a Walmart and you

see like all of these angry aggressive

hot Jesus Christ all the time man angry

aggressive woman is not attractive and

that's why you motherfuckers are not

getting married because you angry and

aggressive now this is another thing I

want to talk about - all right it's a

lot of these swirler dawg

God here we not on respect this is why I

don't respect about this world is

because it has a motive they don't even

have a preference in white men they just

they just do it to you a white man

because he's a white man right that's

for you why because I already know why

go ahead are the socially

work black women rejected by the black

men of the community though that is why

god damn you think about this if you

take a white man and you bring him

amongst the black community he's

automatically awkward because he's like

it's not his you know it's not as

cultured it's kind of different it's a

culture shock those women have been cast

out they are the outcasts

they have been rejected we have seen

through their bullshit now they're going

to go dabble with the white men and the

proof is when you see them there last

dude when it was with Tai Quan Chi Chuan

was in shape he had a lot him you know

yeah it was true was agency was swagged

up he was looking good but then when you

see her with her new guy she would hang

a sign of a rejected and she's trying to

get over with her bullshit to the white


but they don't pick progress they don't

know yeah it'll pick high now you white

guys game right right remember all right

listen they're the rejects right but

they're picking reject white guys dude

black women all the time steady talk

about well white white guy steady check

it for me maybe but what kind of white

guys are checking for you like what like

who like like what's really going on and

here's another thing there are a lot of

black women out here who promote

swirling the only reason why they

promote swirling is to get the attention

to the black man check this out so black

dudes started fucking with white girls

and it pisses off black women right so

lack women black women foolishly think

that by fucking with the white man

they're gonna get the same react we're

gonna get the same reaction from them as

they got or the other way around so they

think that we're gonna react like then

well fuck y'all niggas y'all are

sellouts yeah yeah y'all don't need to

get with white girls what we're gonna

step up our game now we're like okay

y'all gettin white dudes by not only

that we know that half these bitches are

full of shit white dudes ain't checking

for y'all they're not oh you know and

Krystal and Kara's and Tom Abdulle a DS

go ahead and swirl sweetheart please go

swirl like seriously I would love to see

you go out and marry why like

you got one bitch named in Japan thorn

in my ass oh yeah tell me about our man

he's wigged out bitch I don't know

wentao wait wait hold up did you say

wigged out as in women going their own

way no black women going oh my god you

gotta be fucking kidding me oh no please


I'm looking this up right now

bruh this is a thing this is actually

true total I told me to get a younger

woman he said mr. Jack says give young

girls this is interesting this is

interesting this is funny this is why we

know black women are never gonna stop

fucking with us

because that'd be because here's the

thing every time they decide to go their

own way or they decide to swirl they

don't just do it they gotta let us know

yah we're gonna go get the white boys

we're gonna go to go get the Asian men's

watch us do this watch why only go ahead

why y'all ain't chasing us so Davis says

that the Asian man is the most

successful man in a planet okay maybe

they are maybe they are so we're gonna

shoot hot but they're not shooting high

and actually this is a big man like I

like playing basketball I'm tired of

doing pickup games straight for the NBA

right when I get no training I'm just

gonna go go to bottom I go to the Boston

Celtics training camp and get a spot on

the roster and they go i'ma get a

workout but check this out though the

most succeed they're worthy of me here

we go

all about family and dynasty that's

right that's right

you're looking for bloodlines man

motherfucker from another race is oh my

god I never heard you wanna know let's

keep hold on let's keep it 100 here is

this happening like our black women

really gonna go I'm gonna hold on we

know they're gonna there you go there it

is that's all I wanted to know goal of

there's an agenda they are not getting

me here here's the thing why are they

telling us this only because they know

it's true of course they do listen of

course they want your balls they want

your semen they want your dynasty like

that that is how they act they love what

I'm kicking too they can't admit it


would not fuck with one of these old fat

would face bitch so so why are they

telling us right so why the blue and

here's the thing I have my fear I want

to know what your theory is why did this

wig why did this big tile movement start

where they're now encouraging women

black women to go after Asian men I know

why I know why they did it I want to

hear why you think they did it because

they they know that they're destined to

be broke it's like all the decisions you

made with your pussy made you a problem

regular basic bitch and to secure

yourself and where life see one thing

about these bridges they can disconnect

themselves from not being attracted to a

motherfucker for security instantly I

could not be with a unattractive woman

even if she was paying my rent of course

I just couldn't no but these bum basic

they just can so that's what it is I

mean like there's never been a like it

always been like a influx of women

saying like you know this white boy sexy

yeah white chocolate

whenever you heard of Asian chocolate

very fucking dead listen check this out

9 listen guys

they don't really like asian men they're

just uh I'll tell you why in a minute 91

for 205 5 3 5 6 is number call we got a

caller on the line

area code 6 6 1 you were on live with

TSR prime time with donovan sharp and

Minister Japp what's on your mind

datum I said and we're all gay man

what's going on that I mean what's going

on message yet what's going on brother

yeah so my take on the whole I like

women they on they way out a way out man

how do you mean like are they I mean are

they about to be single like how they on

their way out not listen I agree with

you but staying single mom

banging single that because let me tell

you why you fill me up with the bitches

heavy right so this is the thing I'm 37

so I like older I don't like young


all right or chicks that are my age

around it older you don't saying either

say a single mom for the ones who

thought they shit together

you feel me as far as they might have a

good job and shit like that

they got entitlement issues oh yeah it's

like yeah they've gotten tight on me

issues you know when insecurities - and

a may control them because I feel like

they that they shit together so they

could tell you some you did right right

what do you think whatever think about

this bank town movement what do you

think about this big town movement right

that this this this bullshit notion that

black women are gonna go after Asian men

what do you think the endgame is here I

mean I just show the scarcity mindset

and Izzy show me that it's coming to

that to that to that level to what has

to be announced that's how bad it is

there you go no confidence in they own

and they own self to just get the minute

they won't that they gotta settle like

you know you know thanks for the comment

hurt scorn uh when they when they come

out with movements for - there you go

and there it is call what I did like rip

you or me tell you like that I don't

it's not a labeling it's just say my

what the fuck right I don't have to I

don't have to be a part of some sick I

don't have to make this a club they make

their misery a club

here's you can go online right now and

watch a bunch of unmarried bitches tell

you how how to get married check this

out here is why they announced the big

town movement the endgame is not really

to get Asian men they know they're not

gonna get Asian men the reason the white

ones here's the thing the reason they

announces to the world is they want the

attention of black men that's what it is

what they want to do they want to say

hey guys we're gonna go after Asian men

so again they expect us to say no don't

go after Asian men we are better than

Asian men stay with us

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number you is the number to call

area code 205

you're on live with Donovan and Jack

what's on your mind hey what's going on

guys it's a pager and I'm down at

Huntsville Alabama what's going on

what's up brother the 205

check this out I can really only

piggyback on some of the things that

you've been saying yeah let me just use

my cell phone for an example all right

just the kind of good good picture I'm

six-three probably about 2 to 18 to 20

I'm fit stack nigga now I have alright I

get approached by all kinds of winning

just doesn't matter right oh yeah now

here's the thing are they going to get

that six foot six three white guy that's

fitting the same description that's

going to post them no way no Jeff in

accounting is going to bring Shaniqua to

the Christmas party and that's just real

talk right here's the thing and this is

something I've heard you I've been

listening to you a while listening to

ministers mr. Jeff black men and black

women don't like each other no they

don't say we won't but that's just that

that's just the fact that that's just a

dynamic they cannot run anywhere because

everyone knows their attitudes in their

disposition and they can't really

integrate themselves outside yet oh cool

situations the majority of them they are

confrontational maybe one other race

that's upside down where the black with

the weather women are the matriarch and

the leaders there you go and so it is

just des in the field they can't take

that mentality to the white race one

last point I'll make you know you know

that you guys carry on you got this it's

not just them dating an Asian man a

white man they got cousins and mothers

and friends that shit is not going to

fly even if they're different they still

get other women and other family members

as with this same bullshit no

white man Asian man with any kind of

value is gonna take them with any kind

of value you nailed it unless there was

there you go there it is

there it is and listen here's the

difference yeah hey no problem thanks

for calling in 205 listen he nailed it

right on the head here's the thing this

is the this is the dichotomy between

black women and black men we as black

men dude he said it he said it perfectly

he gets approached by women of all races

you do I do we all do black men we have

far more sexual options than black women

nobody approaches black women nobody

except for black men except for

low-class niggas that's what it is

caution right big no of course they have

common sense but but again he said no

white man Asian man of value is bringing

home Tuan Kisha he's not bringing her

home like nobody's like nobody's doing

that so they can talk about swirling

they can talk about wig time ago get me

Han or I'm gonna go get me you know ping

or whatever the fuck his name is but at

the end of the day you can talk all the

shit you want we all know that that's

not gonna happen

Theo in the chat I asked what is the

endgame for wig tail he said their end

game is black men that's it a hundred

percent that's a hundred percent all

this bling tail stuff is nothing but in

a tension play they don't really want to

get with Asian men they don't really

want that they want it is when you get a

chance I really want you to go look at

some of these bullying town videos like

yo oh my god no race of men are not

willing to fight each other brah that's

what down doors try to get black women

we're the only ones this dude that's

what I'm saying where's their only

option done I mean you a quartic listen

you a corny-ass nigga talk like a white

boy maybe but ain't nobody else checking

for you bitch and I'm definitely not

checking for you

no fuck out of here with that their

attitude pretty much talks them out of

having any success in relationship

I'll be honest with you man most of the

black women who had so much life

experience and updated life experience

put the question those are the bitches

those are the ones that like are really

confrontational all I want to do is find

something to be miserable and argue


try to prove a point try to like I've

had bitches literally who have had kids

fucked up in life and assistant this and

tell me that I have no responsibilities

all I do is go out every day and it I'm

like well you've got damn right I won't

probably I'm riding in one of the best

vehicles on the earth right the big

booty the big booty bitche maybe right

the big buddy bin is a big booty bitche

mobile let's go ahead and keep it a

little um pocketful of money I wear

designer clothes like what more do you

want day I'm all right I'm good all my

bills get paid I tell women all the time

when you make a bill pay a bill

why the fuck all y'all in debt trying to

tell me about I don't have my

responsibility together I'm having a

good time because I can afford that's

right that's right like listen your

life's time when you say but you're able

to do that but some of you motherfucking

hos you go out every day and you don't

got it that's right you know and that's

what I tell people I always home up with

you bitches out here chasing wrong big

and cheap liquor hmm

they never been out here chasing no

money it's only because when they

approached you and they say oh you ain't

got no responsibilities it's as though

they blame you for your responsibility

all you do is write around your big

bitch you think it's easy video man get

out of here with that man because saying

there's got to be something wrong with

me because a man who just doesn't have

keys here you mean to tell me he's 34 he

never had one

nope he sure had my old keys who really

would he must don't get no

you believe that I'm not that's not

about to do is put a bitch on camera to

show you dumb so y'all controller no I

motherfucker look you don't believe me

so be able to if you've been in Chicago

and you know ran past me I don't have

motherfuckers get me to the highest of

high fives

see when I'm walking around with me I'm

not playing with this shit I know what

the fuck I'm talking about

you know I'm saying and they know you

know what you're talking about that's

whether man broke ain't nobody marrying

a ass cuz they run they got damn mouths

too fucking much you don't mean and you

keep you keep ill advising a younger

than what motherfucking generation

that's why I'm in of me you don't have

to get him a young mother father and

they can talk to and actually implement

some motherfucking game and some

strategy and a builder to the muffle

that he won't you dirty your bitches

you're done I'm just saying you know

ain't nobody marrying don't motherfucker

marrying you is not gonna work out

because you got too much got-damn out

why do why do black women take advice

from hoes like why do they take it like

it's just like you said right you got

these broke-ass bitches out here telling

you giving you financial advice it's

literally like taking it's like taking

fitness advice from a fat bitch right

well taking financial advise wholly they

don't give it by see that one they don't

want to do nothing that makes them

actually have to step up to the plate

there you go there you go in level up so

when they get advice from bitches it's

really just encouragement is sugar on

shit like they take okay I'm a single


girl you could do a you strong bitch you

live in a one-bedroom apartment right

you got two kids by three different

names is the second one right I was

gonna say ii ii k you don't even know

who the daddy is living in a one-bedroom

shanty and you choose to pick up

motherfucker who's gonna give you advice

that's not going to make you check

yourself so they'd rather talk to a

person who's one who's gonna be

light-hearted there you go Church Kyle I

got a church in here you go you know

everything gonna be okay you steal a

strong I see the good in you instead of

talking to a they don't know they don't

know what their listen you out here

fucking up right hey stop going to the

club chasing a rod rod dick and cheap

liquor right

get your ass on yo shit finish school

save you some goddamn money stop fucking

every goddamn change every nigga you

meet you know I'm saying chill your

monkey ass out and raise these little

motherfuckers snot-nosed kids they don't

want to hit it they're not gonna hear it

like that oh you're trying to bash me

and come down on me you be a judgmental

so they'd rather hear some advice from a

motherfucker who comes out of my caddy

reject total you know girl is his loss

it's his fault

single moms are for grown men oh oh my

god oh wow yes this whole time he keep

knocking hos up right Riley go on to it

he got a new bitch pregnant new bitch

prey newbies break

you stupid hoes wanna hear that type of

advice but you want to flag this type of

shit right because I'll tell he's a real

shot talk I talk to my blood sister like

this that's how you should man and and

she know

don't bring none of them little drill

him little nasty little niggas around me

because I'm a checker right I'm a

checker you know I'm saying and she know

she goes she asked me anything I'm gonna

get some real advice I'm a giving tool

because I feel like this I've been on

the boat I'm a man I know what me


first and foremost if you fat ain't

looking for you to do shit but you know

I'm saying please omit so if you offer

more than that then you got to reserve

that shit for the right dues and I get

lit a straight but see a lot of these

bitches you know they they think what

they heart I tell bizarre that heart

pump blood right

my brain is what I think where you don't

think my heart

no I'm saying there's another thing

talking about here's another thing the

reason why these bitches take advice

from hoes is because the advice that

hoes give that's the easy advice to

follow right like like fuck him he ain't

shit right or you know you should you

should talk to it you should talk to his

niggas right back that'll make him

jealous and make him chase you more the

advice that hoes give that's easy

you to follow that's why they're still

fucking host but the woman that's in a

long-term relationship the woman that

the woman that's been married for 20 25

years putting her kids through college

they're getting their education they're

starting a legacy she's not gonna tell

you what she she's not gonna tell you

what they wanna hear a boy may a boy

talking to him well that of course

because they know they're not gonna

listen but the reason they don't listen

is because the advice they gave us no no

regular average bitch will avoid talking

to the woman that's doing the right

thing because it's gonna remind them how

that's right this is hard advice true

it's hard advice the truth hers it's

hard advice so so when a woman who's

been married for 20-plus years tells

them hey this is what you need to do the

girl's gonna be like well goddamn I

can't do that that's hard and it's just

like what you said they want all the

benefits without any of the work and I

remember you did a video a while back

talking about girls of fat asses and big

tits nah you ain't thick you're fat it's

just that all the fact Thoreau falls in

the right place you ain't done you ain't

done nothin for that body all you're

doing is eating fucking Twinkies hohos

and fucking Burger King in the morning

for breakfast and it just happens to

fall in the right places that's another

reason why they don't get married

because a lot of a lot of uh definitely

married or other coaches we don't know

black that white man is the only one

that's willing to accept an obese black

bitch a white man is not signing up to

do all these black middle-aged man is

definitely not sound like bitch and most

of these bitches are clinically obese or

have the participe to end up being

clinically obese because they are lazy

as fuck yeah bad habits and they eat

whatever they see nah man I know it's

just you know what you're signing up for

will you deal with a bad woman who does

not want to get off her ass and you know

you could learn a lot too from her

mother look at her her mother okay you

wanna know what my woman named Mary look

at their mothers their mother so justice

fucked up that's what they Revere that's

the emulate on that game that knowledge

the way they move they act just like

them up in fact the mothers created like

a damn Frankenstein because then the

mother's worse didn't they

but you wait watch my kids this weekend

fuck you whoever say something about

their mother

you had a lab but these bitches a fight

payment they own this unbelievable scene

issue 32 ass I don't see bitch fight a

month nine one four two oh five five

three five six is the number you call it

as TSR primetime with special guest

Minister Jeff Minister I'm gonna end

this on this and this is sort of a this

is a long question right but it's it's

you got to keep it real here okay so the

question is is can or will black women

ever be wife material Jeff what can

black women do so so let's just say

right Swan Tasha is watching the show

and she's not hating right she she says

all right

I hear what you guys are saying but you

know I got two kids I'm 28 years old

I'm tired I'm tired of fuckin niggas I'm

tired I'm tired of live in this life

what can I do to be wife material

what would you advise Tasha on 5th

Street in the hood today's black is not

wifey material

any woman who walks around and says

they're wiping material it's not white

it's right you know hi cow when people's

like yeah I'm a real ass nigga no no you

have to let the streets in that's right

actions speak louder than words right

don't talk about it be a lot of people

have to stamp it that's right man have

to tell you whether your wifey material

or not you can't run around here

throwing that title out of here

so I'm like no what man is saying that

you're wiping with you listen anybody

can say anything right if you listen if

your wife material then why aren't you a

lie you might be material right yes ah

you're not wife from the tube now what

is wife of material okay but a man will

want in a wife is cool operation okay

full of layers cooperation a team me an

inviting woman a woman he can't wait to

see every day and not dread to hear from

you know a woman who is ladylike

good feminine cares about their looks

who doesn't cheat doing because beauty

takes work and efforts right you

catchy beauty all the time no stop doing

that shit then you can't fight amen uh

uh Oh everything that he makes a

decision oh no you can't also fuck up

the money you know because there's a lot

of things that goes it like mail I want

to live a very good lifestyle so I bring

a woman into this world you're gonna

have to make sure that I keep it and

don't make me lose it trying to try to

sit on your buck up right right trying

to stunt like you don't upgrade it or

some shit yeah um you know being

respectful lighting the room up and not

making the room you're into it with

every woman that walks in the room I

know work the room baby Bea Bea Claire

Huxtable find better women a minute what

you meet when they hold on like cardi B

you mimic joseline Hernandez and Erica

minute beautiful women but but I know

for a fact I'm going to catch a case if

I took them out on a date

bill mundane stuff it and stop having

babies by men you are not married to

flat out keep your heart use your brain

and protect your coochie that's it man

you devalue your coochie every baby you

had that's right every miles on that

person had the it appreciates it that

it's like another owner of the pussy

because truthfully you signed up and

that motherfucker own their pussy I the

way I look at it he didn't get

everything to him he didn't brought life

out that motherfucker so what I'm about

to do right right what can I do the top

it I can't do shit so I mean women gotta

understand and keep they fuckin value

right now is looking bad right now

I'm gonna just say this no you're not

wife material right now could you be if

you listen if you put on if you dip you

listen to logical men like me and

Donovan other brothers

shoutout oh sure yessir know if you

listen to logical men you can make a

better logical decision because at the

end of the day we are your fan base

that's right so if we telling you we

don't like we've you should do what we

like and we tell you we like women in

shape we like women to be women you

should do what we like you do shit to

compete with other bitches that's why

you're not gonna suck it up that's right

so and this is another thing that they

needed all them clothes a dish you need

to know this are you women your value

you ain't like milk we age like wine

that's right okay like one you don't you

have never seen a 50 year old black

woman with a tip-top shape prime 22 year

old black man doesn't hurt you have seen

a 50 year old man with a prime tip-top

shape 22 right every fucking time do we

got a caller on the line

nobody's checking for older ladies so if

you want to get you a man before you be

one of these raggedy bitches sitting in

a club you know talkin eels shoulda

coulda woulda's giving fucked up advice

to the younger generation you will

definitely heed this information all

right we got one last caller on the line

area code five one two you are on TS our

prime time with Donovan a jap what's on

your mind Jonathan and Jeb I called both

y'all together mr. pirate brain Oh

what's going on man are you doing I'm

doing pretty good doing pretty good well

sweeten some real cheese tonight you

know yeah and I agree completely 100%

will both of y'all man my last world

time she was actually Haitian but she

lived here over 20 years all ain't white

not white material man if you know

almost I feel like you have to leave the

country if you want to find somebody

he's trying to get married you know and

then at that I wouldn't bring them back

here no no no a lot listen a lot of guys

foolishly think that they can go to

another country

and bring a woman here to the States and

expect her to retain the the femininity

oh no no no no the feminist cancer will

get into the woman and before you know

it she's fucking every nigga on the

block just like Tuan kasha that's how

that works

oh yeah yeah I used to live down to

South America for a while I live down

there for seven years and Oh cousin Tina

and the women are just it's a whole

nother I don't know why I came back to

the office

sounds like you want to go back you know

and you I I do but I got sick you've not

had a heart attack so I'm kind of

dealing with health issues but I tell

you what though what you guys are saying

and if they don't want to hear it though

because they will come on here and

listen to you they're listening to you

on the sly oh they will we play with you

to get get your channel taken down but

they don't want to hear it they're under

the delusion that they can beat this by

just being persistent well here it ain't

gonna happen minute wake it up well not

only that is who as far as this channel

is concerned now they got me on YouTube

but who they gonna report it to what are

you gonna report it to Donovan sharp

calm I can talk all the shit I want on

this channel oh sure of course

absolutely and there's other men that

are doing what you guys are doing their

own platform and pretty soon you'll have

a hundred thousand people on your

platform and they won't be at a stop

that's right that's exactly right yes

that's the goal is gonna have to happen

man we got to start investing in our own

platform the only reason why are these

women up even on YouTube is because it's

free believe in what they sing enough to

actually invest in it I don't have one

you don't have one woman on YouTube

whose counters what we're saying who

actually has a presentation that's like

what we do all they do is yell they talk

out of the phone

none of them taking callers none of them

like you know got graphics websites of

shitty you know just a bunch of bitches

turning on their camera three shit it's

all free shit it's easy

the problem is a YouTube

I was them to actually complain I don't

believe that well you don't invest any

money into this shit you should never

you shouldn't have a complaint sit yo

ass down yeah

what were you saying now mr. pirate

brain I was saying that they're not only

will they not take callers if you say

something they don't agree with anybody

might leave if they don't agree with

they will block you because I've had I

ever go on Cynthia G's site and I said

something because I was against Wilson

says she blocked me not only that some

of her minions go on other people's site

and because monitors or whatever you

know yes yeah and they will block block

me on other people's sites you know

without the other person know and they

just block me because they know my name

you I mean right the pirate brain you

don't forget that right right right

and and so I don't evaluate those holes

man this is it's pointless and that's

the thing man you have to understand and

I'm not mad I don't think it's their

nature man right right yeah listen women

are neither good nor bad this is just

who they are women are like water they

take the they take the shape of the

container that they're in mr. Perret mr.

pirate breehn I appreciate the call man

thanks for calling the show Jeff listen

man it's been a pleasure I appreciate

you you know taking the time making the

time for us tonight I know I appreciate

you having me oh man absolutely that in

I know I got your back whatever you need

appreciate it man I know you're a busy

guy and listen you listen you and I are

working on some stuff behind the scene

so I will definitely definitely keep you


we're gonna change the game with this

one but uh definitely manage Agata

chance follow me oh uh Minister job comm

hit me all my Facebook's also follow me

on Twitter at the minister jab and

follow me on Instagram eh what is he a

minister underscored yet because I just

lost a Instagram page well I got it I

got it all on my I actually got it yeah

I've got our all on my blog on my blog

poster woo

yeah then they ain't gonna stop us

thinking to stop us JEP I appreciate the

time man go go on and hit them pretty

bitches man

get that thing going man thanks for

coming on brother all right man later

minister Jack ladies and gentlemen

I certainly appreciate him coming on

with us tonight hmm and yeah listen Jeff

and I are working on some we're working

on some big things man

we're working on some things that are

that are really that are really really

really gonna change the game man he and

I thought we probably talked about once

a week just just kind of you know

throwing ideas back and forth in terms

of how we're gonna stay stay relevant

stay online obviously this is the first

of many changes to come I now have my

own platform I streamed live directly to

donovan sharp calm so you know my

channel can't be flagged it can't be

can't take me down so so listen it's

it's an unbelievable it's an

unbelievably freeing feeling it's a

feeling of liberation to be able to come

on and and do what I want to do man and

and talk the kind of shit that I want to

talk and it's like listen like I told

you guys before before I lost before I

lost my youtube channel and don't get me

wrong I didn't expect that to happen

this soon I was just shy of 10,000

subscribers but I told you guys listen

I'm on borrowed time like YouTube listen

man YouTube's not gonna allow me to have

a show indefinitely I listen I I told

you guys all the time

I'm not gonna be on here forever they're

not gonna let me let me stay on YouTube

you kidding me Amazon cancelled my

affiliation link for some bullshit

reason of course we all know it's

because I'm donovan sharp you know

listen we as men especially men in this

sector men in the in the in the red pill

sector this this is what we have to do

we have to we have to invest we have to

adjust so listen a lot of guys get upset

they quit they're like fuck it I don't

want to do this anymore they're not

doing that to me man they can they can

talk all the shit they want but but at

the end of the day I'm not gonna stop so

I appreciate you guys I appreciate the

callers I appreciate the comments you

guys always you guys always absolutely

come strong with the knowledge that's

gonna do it for this edition of TSR

primetime with Donovan sharp again head

to Donovan sharp calm for

things Donovan sharp follow ad and like

me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram

join me tomorrow where I will be joined

by Edie

Lattimore take care guys see you in 23

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