Will sex dolls replace women? (Episode 375)

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let's get right to it man my special

guest this evening or tonight is none

other than Steve the Dean Williams and

Steve we're gonna talk about what we're

gonna talk about is will will sex dolls

replace women I'm gonna I'm gonna read

you part of an article and I want to get

your reaction to this it was actually an

article on the on the Telegraph and it

was published was published actually a

little over a year ago and it's by tabby

Jack's and me of course it's a woman she

says quote I was gonna start this

article about robots with a reference to

Fritz's Lang Fritz Lang's Metropolis but

then I spoke to bleh whippy a

philosopher concerned with the social

impact of emerging technology

and trivialization of robots in the

media and i decided otherwise she

continues but when it comes to robots

it's simply no use discussing them

through the lens of our favorite film or

science fiction book cliched as it may

be the future is here we can and should

talk about reality within a matter of

decades we become entirely reliant on

technology and robots are increasingly

be part of our daily lives now it is

estimated Steve that realistic sex

robots will become more common within a


she continues there are currently four

manufacturers making life like robotic

dolls worldwide but experts predict that

in coming decades they could become

widespread use not just as a fetish but

for sexual therapy and as companions for

lonely disabled or older people it ends

with this take real doll the

california-based company is unveiling a

$15,000 a life-size hyper realistic

silicone sex doll she can talk blink

smile regurgitate facts about your life

and of course have sex with you

her name is harmony and she is being

hailed as the most significant

development thus far in the 30 billion

dollar sex tech industry Steve your

thoughts it baby say baby you know other

people I can see that if I was a

businessman Donovan what I would do is I

would buy a bunch of them and and sailed

him a whore amount you know be a techno

pimp so but from my standpoint again if

you're in a wheelchair like you say if

you're disabled or you're old then I see

absolutely I wouldn't have any problems

with that but if you're a young guy this

should be something I don't really see I

don't I can understand why somebody

would want a robot when these women are

giving pussy away like holla

and see listen this is the real issue

Steve the fact that sex robots will be

more complex it's interesting that she

talked about she says it's gonna be four

lonely disabled or older people here's

the thing dude disabled they're older

people they're in listen they're not the

ones interested in the sex robots the

the sex dolls the ones that we're

talking about are the lonely people dude


99.9% of the market share in terms of

sex dolls are concerned are gonna be for

lonely guys the dudes did listen the

dudes buying these sex doll Steve dude

they're in their late 20s early 30s 40s

guys who can't or won't go out and get

pussy what are your thoughts about guys

who actually buy sex dolls well that's

what I'm saying that's what I guess I

just I just can't understand that

because women will do not only what a

sex doll will do but more so I just

think these guys are cheating the game

and I mean if they want to go out get a

sex doll you know that's their priority

or their product excuse me but I just

can't understand how you would want to

do that knowing like I said before we

are in it we're Adana we're in a time

right now where women are more

aggressive and they're throwing it they

given it's just like they're given that

pussy away so I just can't see why you

would even need a doll when you have the

majority of women who are more of the

aggressors now than men and and again

this is the thing Steve and this is all

I wanted to have you on for this to a

guy like you this is foreign right

you're confused you're like why in the

world is there even a market for sex

dolls like why is it that we have

magazine articles telling us that sex

dolls are gonna be more commonplace in a

decade we have people out here Steve who

really believe that in 20 years at least

that sex dolls are going to replace

actual women and by the way guys

guys give me a call if you want to weigh

in on this conversation nine one four

two oh five five three five six again

that is 904 two oh five five three five

six that's the number to call do you

think sex dolls will replace women again

this is the reason I had you on Steve

because wait a minute okay nevermind

this little reason I had you want Steve

because most men are most men are not

like us most men are not like our

audience right our audience and every

once in a while we'll get someone in

here who says listen I'm gonna go MIG

tell fuckin with women is not it's you

know it's it's not it's not worth the

risk the juice isn't worth the squeeze

but there are men out here listen there

is a prominent youtuber by the name of

turd flinging monkey Steve this guy is

nothing short of brilliance personified

this guy DDJ was on the podcast with the

Redman group a few a few weeks back he

wrote a book I forgot what the bookie

wrote he is as brilliant if not more

brilliant than that guy but turd

flinging monkey advertises and

broadcasts the fact that he is in a

relationship with sex with a sex doll by

the name of celestina his patreon page

he gets anime drawings done of his sex

he is proud of the fact that he is in a

relationship with a sex doll now I've

been on record multiple times saying

that listen man if you've decided to

check out of the dating market it's not

something I would do fuckin a sex doll

is not something I would do

because again um you know you know I

listen to me I mean I'm I'm gonna get in

pussy I'm gonna get women like you know

and listen it wasn't always that way

right like I used to be a beta bitch boy

extraordinaire back in the day but of

course you find the red pill times

change you become a better person and

voila but Steve there are a lot of guys

out there a lot more than you think who

are thinking about going down this path

man and I'm listening I'm telling you

right now dude there are a lot of low

there here's the thing Steve you might

you might not even know this there are

more big cows out here low level MiG

towels out here who endorsed the idea of

having a relationship

with a sex doll because it's too risky

to have relations with with a woman

let's say you know what I think the low

level I guess you call them the the I

call them another name but I'll just

call them the cult that's going listen a

low-level pigtail is it is is an in cell

masquerading as a McTell well okay but

this is okay I mean we talked about it

and I respect the fact that you you know

we talked about family and legacy and

use you as a man you you said that you

didn't want to and you don't feel like

and I could respect that as a man

because at any time you change your mind

Donovan you could walk out that cut damn

door or you're with your you know your

girl and you can have now because you

you can do that you can talk to women

these guys are doing it too as as a as a

crutch see it's it's a when people are

doing stuff like that there I see that

sometimes as fetishes but because I'm

always on my man mindset thing I got a

look at get it I got a look at what

you're thinking and no disrespect to

turd flinging monkey against his name no

disrespect to him but I just meant don't

behave in that fashion men don't men

don't fuck plastic dolls now you know

you could fuck plastic as the fake

titties and fake fake body tight

I guess what's gonna heartbeat Paul's

got a pulse it is just is is just

another way that it's like this

everybody's a winner mentality that

we're in instead of picking up and going

and learning and failing and and then

growing from that with these guys want

to do is they want to try to cheat the

game and say okay well I'll just sleep

with a piece of plastic or or a blow-up

doll or would have

you and call that my girl I'm if my son

like I say if my son well it would be

wit son oh my god

any of my sons came to me and we had

Christmas dinner and they walked in this

door with our plastic don't put that

thing on my ID pop the doll punched me

this chance to tell me get to ever I'm

okay okay tell me get out of my house

because as a man I just can't I can see

the weakness in that but if I say it's

gonna sound really disrespectful to try

to keep it as respectful as possible

because that's awesome that's what's a

punk shit I mean scream is just it's

just not me so Briana you don't worry

about that it's some bitch-ass shit then

right well that's what this is the

argument is right and listen I've seen

internet memes that say you know it's

got some you know ratchet ass hoe

talking about oh you know okay so you

got a sex call because she cook and

clean and love you and the other guy

says bitch you don't do that either

right that and hey listen this again

this is another tentacle of this

discussion why is there a sex doll

industry in the first place okay well

the first thing I say the guy that said

well you don't do that either

well who the fuck are you for him yeah

yeah that's the next question got to ask

that guy because if he's not a quart of

coke Donovan sharp you're not gonna get

the Donovan sharp rewards and gifts that

come along with it so that's one thing

but but again to me to me it's more of a

a fetish or a teenage thing when you

think about blow-up dolls you know some

kids who are trying to learn how to have

sex and things like that maybe they'll

get a blow-up doll for that or they got

little things like plastic boobs I mean

I've got a plastic I mean I do it for my

videos my training videos but I've got a

big plastic but also but it's for my

training videos I never had sex with it

but some of those guys do that but again

if you are a healthy individual that can

get out of your bed and walk around you

wouldn't need that but you know some

guys have fetishes Donovan some

guys you know use those uh I don't even

know what they called it like a

flashlight is it or something it's a

flashlight yeah yeah so I can see that

because they want to get that I mean

that's something they want to do no

problem but when you get into I'm dating

her I'm married you know I'm having a

relationship then you're taking yeah

William freeze in the chat says if guys

want to smash a doll let him yeah listen

check this out man man can do whatever

he wants right

I'm not listen I'm not gonna tell a man

what he can or cannot do what I am

saying is that if you do fuck a sex doll

and and advertise listen if you whatever

you do in private we're never gonna know

right but if you ed but if you outwardly

admit that you are in a relationship

with a sex doll you are a fucking loser

so William fries says what he's really

saying he said if guys want to smash the

sex doll let them okay what he's really

saying if guys want to smash a sex doll

then don't make fun of no fuck you fuck

you William right if you're gonna fuck a

fucking silicone fucking doll dude fuck

you with the sickest one man like dude

get the fuck out of here with that well

listen listen listen I understand why

and we'll get into this in a minute I

understand why there are a lot of guys

who are going the sex doll route it's

not something I would do but I get it

women are as terrible as they've ever

been in human history I mean they just

have they can't cook they can't clean

they're not interested in having

families they fuck 367 guys before they

finally decide to settle down that

pussies are blown out etcetera etc right

well for the average guy who's been told

that women are made of sugar spice and

everything nice he gets out into the

real world and and and sees that this

isn't the case he can't ever have a

sexual relationship with a woman without

getting his pound of flesh taken or he's

only having sexual relations with women

who are in their 40s and blown out with

three kids yeah I am and even then even

then he probably still can't have sexual

relationships with them because he

doesn't have the right tools in terms of

in terms of seduction so I understand

completely why guys would go

that route not something I would do but

I get it but when people come out and

defend these dudes who fucks sex dolls

I'm like oh my god dude I'll let him

fuck their sex dolls but a guy like turd

flinging monkey as brilliant as he is

yeah that's a bitch-ass shit dude

like for serious and the reason it's

funny I went after him Steve because he

actually made fun of the fact that I

fuck a woman with a pulse you know he

said well listen you can make fun of me

for you know fucking my sex and all you

want to but don't come crying to me when

she sperms actually or divorce raped you

and I'm like PFF dude you don't know

shit about my situation dude well two

things the one that said we should

defend or we shouldn't be mean you need

to get your fucking ass off this show

because this is a man show we ain't

about a bitch shit

second thing is Donovan is that uh your

name is Donovan sharp that's right

you're now a listening his name is

Donovan sharp you have a guy and I

repeat his name turd flinging what is it

turd flinging working monkey now that

again McCann always tell a man stands on

his name anybody that comes up with a

name like turd flinging monkey is

nothing but a soft bitch soft you can

tell that he was out of raised by his

mother or you could tell that even if he

had his dad in his life dad was sleeping

on the couch

dad was telling a happy wife happy life

and dad was tell him this is the best

thing you're gonna do which probably

scared him into doing what he's doing

now but whatever I ask you what man do

you know it's gonna walk up to a woman

like hey how you doing girl my name is

turn flinging monkey girl what's your

name I mean come on man um Ben silver

swag says TFM turtling a monkey is an

insult yes

here is the deal with turd flinging

monkey and again the reason I bring him

up is because he's the example he's the

one guy out here that I know of who has

a relationship with a sex doll

as unabashedly he's not shy about it at


like he advertises it dude like his sex

dolls name is celestina monkey-like he's

given this thing a name celestina does

not have a gender celestina is a thing

it is it is silicone it's pot whatever

the fuck it is and this guy this guy

like he's got like oh and like she's got

her own she's got her own Twitter page

she's got her own I think

her own patreon it is like Steve it is

it is unbelievable but here's the thing

here's the thing men liked heard

flinging monkey exist and actually

somebody just put it in the chat I was

actually going here next

runo Dee says but Donovan he can't

compete he can't pull or get girls and I

disagree it's not that he can't it's

that he won't okay involuntary celibate

celibates in cells don't have to be in

cells okay again we're boring we're

given faulty tools and we're in a

fucked-up sexual climate but there's the

internet you got guys like me Steve

Rollo ruse right dude roll it roll it

Tomasi Anthony Johnson Richard Cooper

there dude there are hundreds of guys

out here there's scores of information

on the internet that tells you how to

crack the code how to crack the system

but because guys like turd flinging

monkey see guys like him they want the

cheat code they want that they they want

to be able to say they want meat they

want to be able to know the exact lines

to make her panties drop he wants he

wants all of the benefits of a woman

without any of the risk listen fucking

with women is risky it's more risky now

than ever but that's his thing he says

the juice isn't worth the squeeze but

guess what CFM you still want the juice

you want to know why because you're

trying to get the juice in the form of a

fucking sex doll okay

guys like him would have us believe that

he could go out and get pussy if he

wanted to but he doesn't he doesn't have

time for that the juice doesn't worth

the squeeze so I don't want it to Jews

he kids not that he can't compete is

that it's that he won't compete every

man can compete Steve what do you

say about men who check out because they

just think it's too hard

who won't compete you are which you

should be you know the reason I there's

a few reasons I love this turd flinging

monkey baboon guy where the fuck his

name is really reason I love him is

number one is what's gonna be great is

when he dies his bloodline is gonna end

with him so we don't to worry about him

producing anymore silly ass

motherfuckers who are doing more

detriment to society

number two when you got guys like this

that they just thought about excuses

they it's it's it's so easy to make an

excuse yes so hard to get up off your

ass and do something you know um I was

on with with Anthony yesterday we you

know we want to show conversation and we

were we were kind of like talking about

power and you know I got this from the

show Vikings and

Ragnar lothbrok said to his son power is

only given to those who are prepared to

lower themselves to pick it up and it

get is a prime example yeah being a man

is something that you can pick up and

can't learn like you say from gentlemen

like yourself and Rollo in and men like

that they can learn from that go to the

21 convention they can learn from people

to learn how to be men and understand

what man is about but the thing is now

is that because of everybody's a winner

everybody gets a trophy when you get

scratched up you get neosporin in some

soup or whatever it is young men like

you said have you had this false it's a


and then when they step out into the

real world they cannot their minds

cannot line up to what's happening so

what they do is they go into their own

little world and of weird new weirdness

and excuses yes it's so easy to to get a

woman but again it you got a look at it

if you are if you your sex doll or your

sex doll girlfriend has her own Twitter


Donavan oh my is theirs it goes beyond

is it then at that point there's a screw


there's something wrong there with that

individual when they started doing shit

like that brother rah

Charles marching in the tents as I like

the information that TFM brings to

YouTube I couldn't care or I could care

less about his relationship with it all

I know not to take the dating advice

from them that is a good you to have

listen Steve if you ever listen to this

guy again listen we're men we have the

ability to compartmentalize things right

we know but listen we know women are

batshit crazy but we can

compartmentalize regulate mitigate

certain things if you can

compartmentalize the fact that turd

flinging monkey absolutely has a screw

loose for fucking a sex doll

broadcasting it and bragging to men who

fuck actual women if you can

compartmentalize that and actually

listen to his message the guy's a smart

dude man

honest dude honestly he knows more about

the history of feminism and the effects

on a psychological level that than I

ever will right

so Charles merchants is absolutely

correct in that yeah dude TFM listen the

information he brings is it's valuable

but again but he said right at the end I

know not to take dating advice from him

we had another comment from Bruno Dee he

says Steve I like your style bro but

you're a married man you view the game

through married lens never mind me

Russia is saying that the game that game

has changed women changed so basically

what he's telling you

he told he's telling you what a lot of

people tell Rollo Rollo what could you

possibly know about the game and a

woman's true nature married you couldn't

possibly know what you're talking about

what say you okay let me let me let me

say some to him first all your problem

like the majority of what called a 98%

of you losers is the fact that you

worried about what the fuck is going on

in my life instead of listening to the

fucking message you y'all are so busy

worrying about the messenger you were so

busy worrying about another man you had

infield videos what proof you have I

need receipts right oh I will amp you go

to my website you'll see the receipts

right YouTube you'll see all the women I

pull just off the dating chat line you

know all of you if you go and do your

research on me you'll see that I got

receipts but that's here nor there but

you forget what you're not thinking is

I'm not teaching you motherfuckers how

to date women because women are a

fucking perk I'm teaching you how to be

a fucking man now why it me being

married let's talk about that for a

second loser go back to Jerry Rice Jerry

Rice is one of the greatest wide

receivers out there Jerry Rice retired

so do you think if you throw a football

to Jerry Rice his instinct ain't gonna

do it

see you guys think just because I'm

married motherfucker

as a man I don't keep my sword sharp I

don't keep my ear to the ground and see

what the fuck is going on I've been

doing this shit for over 25 fucking

years bitch so don't tell me because I'm

mad because you know a yeah you're right

I am Mary so you know what don't listen

to me motherfucker because you can't

handle the shit that I have to say my

shit is for men bro fucking men any

thought was at anytime somebody uses in

you know what's his name Bruno D he's a

he's a relatively new commenter he's

very very you know player for life you

know I'm all about the game good you

think shit I'm never gonna get married a

crow habitate okay that's fine that's

fine right but again he's a young guy

right and listen this is the thing Steve

the way women are now unless you have

that ironclad rock-solid game like you

or me that strong pimp am I wouldn't

recommend getting married or or

cohabitating either you're we both live

with other women right but guess what

guess what

the sword is still sharp my friend and

nobody disqualifies what the fuck I say

because I'm in a long-term relationship

and Bruno Dee would do well to keep his

mouth closed about the qualifications of

guys who have been in the game longer

than he's been alive that's great -

Bruno Donovan that shows you what's

going on

see I talked to you about this earlier

see the thing that make motherfuckers

lose the game or not even understand the

game is they so worried about what the

other man is doing and not the message

and that is some feminine gay shit

because I'm not here if I was listening

to you Donovan sharp

what is your relationship have to do

with the words that coming out of your


what does what you eat or how you sleep

or how you drive or where you live what

the fuck does that have to do with the

information and that's the problem with

these young motherfuckers

there so then it is like this gayness

they like and so much in love and want

to know what what's going on with a man

you thinking more of a fucking man than

listening to the information and that's

why you that's why you know what he

shouldn't get married because as soon as

he opens his fucking mouth

a woman's gonna see weak bitch she's

gonna run him she's gonna take him for

his money and and I'm glad I hope she

does that shit because you know what

she's gonna do she's gonna fuck someone

like you Donovan why she complains about

that motherfucker

he might even fuck me you know I'm

saying like I might be the one I mean

listen the thing is this dude the thing

is this man is it's one of these it's

one of these deals where the loudest

motherfuckers the guys who chirp all the

time about all bitches ain't shit those

loud motherfuckers it's almost like

listen you see it all the time I compare

these guys to I compare these guys to

new Christians right they're bored again

they're on fire for god they're reading

their Bible every day they're praying

they're going to church every Sunday

Wednesday and Tuesday and missing that

the other they're telling everybody they

know they're born-again Christian other

than that dude my dad asked me the other

day on the phone are you born again I'm

like dad I'm not have this fucking

conversation with you motherfucker you

didn't teach me a goddamn thing gonna

ask me if I'm born again anyway that

that's another conversation but guys

like Bruno found the red pill three

months ago right and he thinks he's got

it figured out bitches great shit okay

listen we we we know and understand that

blame for life never gonna get married

never gonna cohabitate both very good

strategies I understand that but those

are the motherfuckers that'll be quick

to get some good pussy and throw all the

game to waste right so again listen

listen Bruno I was you once right found

the red pill I got good at kept dude I

was good at getting girls man like dude

I lived in Vegas for almost nine years


I was up to my eyeballs and pussy and

stripper and blows and money and all

that other kind of stuff I grew out of

it this is a better life for me right

maybe one day you'll be where I am

maybe not but if if you look at

if you continue to look at it as this

sort of black and it I don't want to say

it's black and white because we know

that women aren't to be trusted just

just by virtue of their nature but slow

down and pump the brakes you have a lot

to learn and spewing the same shit about

bitches ain't shit I wouldn't cohabitate

I wouldn't get married dude like you

there's a hundred other YouTube channels

that tell you to do the same thing

matter of fact he kind of sounds like

turd flinging monkey only he's not

really admitting that he's in itself I'm

not I'm not trying to put I won't put

your business I'll just speak for myself

but you probably chocolate this but uh

Brit name is Bruno my guest a monthly

name is he just sold you that uh cuz I

brought up rush me because he said it's

change steve is saying it's easy

yeah I'm saying let me tell you

something dude you don't understand and

I'm gonna go talk about me but Dom I'm

sure you probably chuckle you don't know

how many women pictures you don't know

how many women send me invites and talk

to me behind the scenes and see me titty

pictures as pitchers pussy pictures

asking me to go on video and Skyy you

you think just because I got a ring on

my motherfucking finger that make me a

mad dog like I say again Donovan I can

always say there are these guys have

this world is flat thinking they see

things one way they think just because a

mother fuckers married that I can't

teach you and that's your problem you're

too busy looking at my lifestyle which

again you wish you could have saying

you're saying it's easy Steve oh it is

easy it's easy because I'm a

motherfucking man that's why I see yeah

they don't understand that shit y'all

take man look I'm not teaching you how

to date I'm teaching you how to be a man

and in that day we talk about

relationships but I'll teach you how to

be a man so III can't be married and be

a man I can't do that I'm not I don't

know I mean I don't know I mean that's

Bruno he said well gee why don't you

teach the classes I don't a a bruit wait

I know I've been fucking since like 13

getting touching pussy's around nine I I

don't know anything about women dawg I

used to be a gigolo I don't know

anything about women why don't you teach

the class and shit motherfuckers all

right Brett look dude Brit oh okay now

I'm gonna ban you from the channel


I'm gonna ban you from the channel now

if you have something to say now you can

give me a call nine one four two oh five

five three five six listen Bruno listen

your listen I was you once so I'm gonna

offer you a piece of advice

nigga you gotta look before you leap man

you can't be in here chirping all the

goddamn time right like I understand you

just found the red pill I'm not gonna

debate you in the chat you want to give

me a call if you got something to say to

me or Steve give me a call you me call

like seriously I'm tired I'm tired of

this motherfuckers mouth all right Miami

Jay says this is interesting he says

Miami Jay said Miami Jay says the way I

see it the Mormon fucking sex dolls the

less competitive the sense the sexual

marketplace becomes what do you think

what do you think about that III agree

but his name his name is Miami yeah

Miami Jay yeah oh yeah known at the 21

convention I love Miami Jay was good

with you fam see this see this is why I

like guys like that because we talking

weed I like it hey Miami Jay it is great

man is it you no wait there dawg it's

even better right now we got to see what

y'all guys don't understand about the

game is that y'all think that guys like

myself Donovan Rollo Anthony the

motherfuckers rollin that we really put

a lot of effort into talking to women

and which I don't understand is we only

put probably like 10 to 15% in there up

until because what happens is when they

run into the 98 what I call the 98

percent when they run into most guys

they freaked them out creep amount or

weird amount and they push them towards

guys like us so when we begin to talk to

them they can't understand our language

of being man and manly they're like what

is this manly what you're talking you're

speaking about like I don't understand

what you're saying yeah well well well

again you gotta learn language before

you can understand the dial at you know

I mean you it's it's a language it's a

mindset a thought process that when I

meet a woman when as soon as I'm talking

like a lot of guys don't believe and you

know some a me say he met a chick let

look like Laura Croft went to the club

took her hair wrapped around her neck

choked a little bit kissed her and he

fucked her that night I mean just like

that but people think that's fake

think that can happen youyou got

understand something when you get in

this thing and women see it goes back to

nature Donovan the thing about women is

when they notice characteristics in you

Miami sir that then they are more open

to fucking you because they recognize

what is dominant from soft sir okay um

this guy says alpha male strategies is

almost 40 years old and he says that

he's not going to cohabitate either fine

listen man you have to understand men

you have to understand 27 bugs is that

like here's the deal I do what the fuck

I want to do man right okay alpha male

strategies is successful of him actually

talked to him

I actually I talked to him last week

right he's a cool guy lives in New York

City 90 minutes from here right he and I

are simpatico on a lot of different

things okay

so he'll never cohabitate with a woman

fine that doesn't make him any less of a

man and the fact that I cohabitate with

my woman doesn't make me any less of a

man a lot I think what a lot of guys

Steve and again these are these are a

bunch of new these are a bunch of noobs

like a bunch of newbies in here who have

this one track mind of the red pill what

these men don't understand Steve is that

the red pill is a process right at some

point when you fully digest the red pill

you begin to figure out that fucking a

bunch of bitches alright is not all

there is to life right about halfway

through you figure out you know what

women are great but you want to know

something there could my time could be

better spent doing things like building

a legacy starting a podcast writing a

book starting out you know doing a hobby

etc etc implicit some guys think hey you

know what I'm never gonna cohabitate


dude I don't dude I don't disagree with

alpha male strategies that wasn't

necessary as to it and here's the thing

I'm not trapped here if I wanted up I

could get the fuck out I could do it I

could kick Devin out or definitely out

fine whatever I'm not married to Devin

the reason I cohabitate with her is

because it elevates my life that does

not make me any less of a man I'm very

successful at what I do people love my

advice just because I cohabitate with

someone and somebody else doesn't

doesn't make his or my message any more

or less effective that's just all there

is to it

I got to do things they ruin it number

number one is that we're like you were

saying earlier y'all guys on the stand

man around this time it's really hard

being a man not once a hard I understand

you understand that you don't know how

many women you have three women that

wants you to come spend Christmas with

them you've got four women that want you

to go to their City and meet their


you got five women that want to come

spend Christmas with you you got six

women that want to meet your family

y'all understand what you don't you you

understand when you get into his game

this is a second job because you got to

manage these fucking bitches which this

goes beyond your pay grade but let me

ask that guy cause what's his name again

what's the guy's name

27 and I want to ask him a question and

I just want I bet you can't answer it

okay what the fuck does what outfit

strategies doing what he's doing okay

what the fuck does that have to do with

you just let me know because alpha male

strategies hey if alpha male strategies

want to put makeup on and join the

circus I ask you a question what does

that have to do with you right now

strategies wants to get married what

does that shit have to do with you well

again it goes back down into what I'm

saying fam you emotional weak males not

men males you are more worried about

other and Delvin and it's not me saying

it I'm just listening I just I got you

you are worried about other men and what

other men are doing then what you were

doing so what is his what is his answer

he's he's answering that cuz I want to

know what does well doing funny listen

check this out I'll read it to you again

he says alpha males strategies is almost

40 years old and he says that he's not

going to collab and say either why don't

we bring him up in other words and 27l

bugs you can correct me if I'm wrong

what he's doing is he's challenging us

to say well somebody does it another way

is he not a man gentlemen listen dude

there's more than one way to skin a cat

listen there's the reason why the Redman

group doesn't all have the same kind of

dudes like we're all not pickup not

all of us are pickup artists dude we are

all very very different Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper is a single guy he's uh

he's been divorced he does not do single

mommies right not in a relation to he

fucks bitches left and right Ryan stone

he's actually common-law marriage he's

Canadian Rollo Tomassi has been married

for 22 years

Anthony Johnson is a world-class player

extraordinaire dude dude he's gonna fuck

dude he's gonna bang till his dick falls

off there's me okay

I'm in a long-term relationship I'm

cohabitating and then of course there's

Steve the beam you've been married for

20 years as well so the the panel the

panel the very construction of the panel

shows you and guys and again the

information we put out there is correct

and it's true it's it's it's deep it's

hard it's fast and it's true and we all

agree on the same concepts in the same

things we might have a fundamental

disagreement in terms of something here

there but we're all missing you guys

guess what we do it differently we all

found the red pill but the red pill has

more than one path there are a lot of

guys out there who act like they're

living the red pill life there's only

one way oh dude ball to e ball fuck a

bunch of bitches yes listen I did the

same thing but me myself eventually I

grew out of it and now I'm here that

doesn't make the message any less

effective okay so alpha males strategy

says he'll never cohabitate I cohabitate

listen maybe it wasn't in five years who

knows where we'll be

maybe I'm knock maybe maybe Devon and I

will be broken up maybe alpha male

strategies is married who knows but that

doesn't make the message any more or

less effective that's just all there is

to it but Donna me here's the thing

think about alpha male strategies you

and everyone that he's bringing up is

that as men see to thing that he doesn't

understand because he doesn't know what

men he doesn't he's not at that point to

understand men right as a man you can do

whatever the fuck you want because you

are a man

all I do is respect what the man does I

don't quit

I never I will never question what

Donovan does and I will never question

what role oh and all the other guys do

because though these are choices that

men make you don't question what a man

decides on doing but if a man begins to

give you a message to help yourself

working on yourself stop worrying about

the messenger that is your that's why

you all lose y'all are so worried about

this women this is what women do right

yeah when a woman who is twice divorced

is that here trying to tell women hey

this is what you need to get him in you

know what women say to these women like

this you've been divorced twice what the

fuck do you know about relationships


like what do her divorces have to do

with what she's trying to tell you right

like this is this is female logic Laurel

Reloaded says I think the guy was just

making a comment yeah he listen I love

people who say he was just making

comment no he wasn't making a comment he

was challenging us hey Simon he was

challenging it's like the the the way he

worded O'Donovan you're reading too much

into it the nomic didn't don't don't

make the fucking comment he asked why

don't we talk about him know what he

really wanted to say was alpha male

strategies does it a different way we

just talked about the fact that you're

not a real man if you don't fuck women

right we just talked about the fact

they're not a real man viewed XYZ right

you cohabit able alpha male strategies

don't doesn't cohabitate why aren't we

talking about him is he not a real man

either fuck outta here that's exactly

what does that mean that a guard asked

to play quarterback because I mean a

they're both there they all play

football and they all play football the

sport of football dominant but but

because what so the guard has to be the

quarterback and the quarterback has to

play like the kicker that's what he's

saying everybody's got to be one way no

the thing is it's the behaviors behind

everything and that's where a lot of you

young men are going wrong with all this

stuff these guys are men but these guys

are teaching you what they need you to

know the only reason and if you want to

know why I am married is because like

Donovan said I've been fucking since 13

being a

gigolos after a while for me it just the

women get boring I get tired of just

fucking a bunch of women threesomes

orgies having men make me watch me fuck

their wives I mean no no no that's just

a normal thing in my life but I was a I

am arrogant I'm cocky and I'm conceited

and I wanted a legacy when I die I don't

want to just die like you gonna do when

you die no one's gonna warn you you're

just gonna be another cog in the wheel

and you're gonna be fucking tree food

without the fuck but me Donovan and men

like us we're gonna live on forever

letting you know what Donovan doesn't

even have to have kids to live on

forever because they will be able to

access this show if it's the year 1845

the year 99 26 the Year 2034 they will

be able to access Donovan because he's

gonna live on forever but for me the

same thing I want to live on and I want

my legacy to be with my kids I am NOT a

religious person but I live more of a

fuckin Christian life than most of these

motherfuckers I'm my atheist but I do it

the right way I made sure that I found

someone who is wife worthy for my last

name and worthy enough of my sperm but

y'all motherfucking week motherfuckers

don't understand the power of your last

name of your sperm y'all just give it

away to these bitches then you want to

complain about the government and chat

I'm sorry Donovan no no no you're right

you're right you're right it's just 27

books says it was a minor example you

lookin into a too deep

all right well how about this I'm gonna

put you in timeout because you're full

of shit worded it Lily we called him out

on his Bulls and all that that's not

what it was you're looking at too deep

naw naw nigga no no no Donovan this is

what we taught listen as a man and

Donovan traded Televi would you as done

it Donovan's gonna stand on his

statement if Donovan's gonna say

something challenge him because he's

gonna step he ain't going back to fuck

I'll be like well well you're looking

too much into it and it

that's weakness and weak sauce that's

weak sauce

no listen Steve you said it right off

the bat if you say something

listen man if you challenge me but hey

fuck man it is what the fuck it is

but when then I call you out on said

challenge don't say will do you was just

making a statement you're looking too

deep into it no nigga that was a

challenge that's all that was

Madonna me real quick worth and why I

would say you know this is a lesson for

you guys because everything you say to a

woman is gonna be a statement that's

right if it if it's if it's not

impactful and if it's weak like that

shit or you want to back up form it or

you want you or you your butt buddy to

defend your little statements oh my god

you lose because every statement that I

say and I stand on it's gonna be

powerful why cuz it's coming from a

fucking man so this is funny this is

that mentality and area code 9 5 1 I see

you in the cube and it gets you in just

a second so when you tell a woman it's

funny women shit test women like the

shit test you like this if I get fat are

you gonna leave me yes

oh my god you're such a misogynist no no

no no no no no no you're looking into it

too deep what I meant to say nah you

gonna say something nigga stand by it

don't back a bump listen don't back up

off your statement because I push back a

little bit I go toe to toe be listen and

if I time you up give me a call a matter

of fact listen we might have a

challenger on the ball right now

arrey code here we go 951 you are on

live with Donovan steed go ahead Charles

with the deal brother hey that's what's

up man trying to get rid of goddamn

dried salt mines Jesus oh yo dude how

long was it man how long was it and yeah

like almost like I forgot I know you

said it before prior there this week but

yeah like we just like get laid or just

get better this yes like try and fucking

fail man that's like just get on these

dating apps cold approaches doing it all

every time and just

spending more money than I should have

all right not making a move when I

should have and just finally doing it

Jesus cry so so how many times that I

talked to you before and by the way

Charles he's a patron of mine I've

consulted him a couple of times and

listen man he broke the drought and

listen man I know you want to give me

credit but here's the thing dude you can

lead a horse to water you can't make him

drink right like I can give you all the

advice in the world but you actually

have to go out and do it all I did was

sit here and run my mouth yeah it's good

information but at the end of the day

Charles you had to go out there and do

it dude so congratulations to you like I

gave you the tools you use the tools so

good for you man thank you sir of course

thank you for believing in me man no

absolutely and I like yeah and also like

for all these like people are like just

think down of those I was like dude just

yeah you gotta fail man you got to do it

too and yeah you're gonna fail a couple

times big whoop you'll get there and

then also it's like after you talk to me

I had two consultations with yeah okay

yeah okay all right so two consultations

man yeah I'm like what you said is like

I think you've mentioned to me with

dating apps I'll just cast a wide net

there you go you know as many as

possible or like of course take advice

mother's like I loved everything that in

your episodes with Jonathan for modern

life dating yes yeah he's a fucking pro

he's a fucking pro well thanks for

calling in Charles I appreciate I

appreciate the endorsement man and

definitely call into the show anytime

Isaiah in the chat says Donovan can you

accept a loss dudes my age be crying

like babies

um number one I don't lose right number

two I don't see where anybody won or

lost anything I mean are you talking

about a discussion you're talking about

a chat right like if someone if someone

wants to debate me if I'm on the air and

someone is debating me in a chat you

don't win if you're chatting with me and

I'm on the air you can win a debate with

me if you give me a call Isaiah right so

Donovan can you accept a loss I don't

know I don't fucking lose okay can that

can I ask them a question you

okay so do you want the truth or do you

want to lie I'm gonna give you the

option do you want me to tell you the

truth because the truth i'ma tell you is

a real hard one I don't know if you're

gonna be able to swallow I think Isaac

wants the truth the truth of the matter

is this the reason why Donovan doesn't

lose when he had these guys on the

chatroom is because y'all not even on

his level to even compete with them

y'all are under the impression here

y'all yarn it is impression that uh that

that y'all are up where we are at you

call or not

y'all are nowhere near where we're at so

anything that you say and anything you

think is really none of our business

and then concerned us because what you

say is weak and soft there are no

challenges or there are no losses when

you were talking to someone like Donovan

because you were nowhere near where he's

at and again I'm just listen I'm not

trying to be disrespectful Donnelly said

he won the truth I warned him I as I say

I will give you a hard core chewed now

if you want me to lie to you I'm gonna

tell you everything's gonna be okay

you're a winner

and you just keep losing and I'll give

you a trophy but if in hardcore trap Oh

hold on real quick sharpest says do not

time out de Wester de Wester actually

just listened he actually just says lol

is the person on the screen a butterface

why is her face not seen this is so this

this is so funny

it was a butterface we Tomo talked about

my girl that this is this is Devan I've

got pictures of her bin and over in her

ass yes to tau 41 says it's called

privacy yes dude look if you hold on if

you look at all of the pictures right

all of the girls you see the girls here

I've got their faces blotted out you

understand what I'm saying all of the

faces are blotted out right now let's

let's just go and keep it real if you

have listened to my show I haven't said

that I haven't said that devan's attend

Devon's not attend Devon's a six maybe

six and a half

she's a six six and a half in the face

seven on a good night her body on the

other hand she's got the body of a nine

okay so is she a butterface no is she


face no she has what she has average to

above-average looks but the reason her

face is hidden is because of privacy

look the girl listen look the girls here

their faces are hidden - and I can

assure you that they are not butter

faces right so again again listen this

is one of these deals where guys like to

say well what does her face look like

what you are doing is literally

admitting to me that you want to fuck my

girl right but but you don't want it you

don't want to admit you don't want to

admit that my girl is looking good so

you try to disqualify my success by

saying well why don't you show her face

you know I don't know can I say some

Donavan go ahead okay and I and what's

the guy's never said that what's his

name name is de Wester one great the

Wester one and again no disrespect I

just want you to just answer the

question please

now before I actually question let me

tell you about me there's only a few

people who have ever seen my wife on the

internet because my wife is a

representation of me and she needs to be

she needs not to be seen or heard she

her job is to take care of the shit in

my kingdom

her job is not to be on the internet

flaunting her ass and I think there's

only like one picture of her floating

around I don't think the only ones have

seen is Alan and I think maybe O'Shea

only a few people see my rosebud met my

wife but again it's look it's privacy

okay now that's the question that mother

thing is well then if that's the case

why don't you give me your your social

security number you give me your bank

account your family's bank account why

don't you do that because if you want to

get in someone's privacy let me get in

your privacy you give me your bank

account give me all your information

that's number one but number two is the

main question I want to ask and I just

need you to answer it without you being

mad and now getting out your panties

what does that have to do with learning

how to be a fucking man what does his

woman only justify et this is death do

your listen man I'm not trying to be the

bad guy here I get hahaha but this is

why you are where you're at we

look what did I just say earlier today


Oh worried about what people do listen

to the messages his girl has nothing to

do with you because guess what to be

honest with you you ain't even got

enough game to even be in the same room

to not want a shoulder to even start a

conversation so well this is why they

say it in the chat that's why they say

into the chat listen and here's the

thing man um listen these guys are a lot

of guys in the chat they're like man

there's a lot of haters of the chat miss

and then the other yeah listen man when

I got haters in the chat that means I'm

doing it right when it right that yes

that that that means I'm doing it right

that means I'm getting your attention

right hang on a second let me take this

off real quick stop this stop there we

go um I get a lot of trolls on social

media and we'll get back to the whole

sex doll thing here in a minute

all the trolls say it's so funny the

only thing they can say bad about me is

why don't you why don't you show her

face right like they're so like they're

so interested listen if you want to see

her face come to the 21 convention

plenty of guys saw her at the 21

convention so there you go um Indian of

course you saw the guy was like oh she's

a 5 at best I don't know maybe maybe if

that's what you think but you'd fucker

you know what I'm saying like if I got a

year at that nonsense

27 bugs wants to know what the number is

yeah 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 hopefully this

is him on the line go ahead if you got

one less think before you go on leave

before you hit the phone lines Oh me no

no I was just saying at the end of the

day that see as men I don't I don't

judge what other men do because I I can

respect what you're doing I don't it

doesn't matter me if she's a 5 or 4 or a

10 it's the fact that you chose her and

the fact that you chose her I just gotta

honor respect that I have no saying what

you do I have no saying what you do in

your house who as a man will my to do

that but you're lesser than a man you're

not even on the pen this is he you guys

are like dirt under the wait wait sorry

guys do I need to do another truth or

should I just shut the tunnel oh hold on

hold on hold on for all you niggas out

there ask him to see her face troll and

a nigga this is

that's right it's the motherfucking big

police it's the penis police no 8 Donna

me you will see his girl give us your

bank account security number you'll be

able to do it let's just shade

information but that's just the thing

Steve they know why I don't show her

face right but they would have but they

asked the question to insinuate that I

don't show her face because she's ugly

guys listen Devon's not ugly

and anyone who dude anyone who has seen

her at the 21 convention no and you know

she's I'm not getting into this let's go

back to the phone lines area code two

six seven you were on live with Donovan

and Steve go ahead

yeah dollars man what's up hey what's

going on this is about 27 bucks oh so

what's up man what's going on yeah I had

to call him a guys were kind of you kind

of do a challenge back at me to call in

and justify my position okay what's

yours I had to do it yeah basically my

comment about AMS was basically

responding to you know of course

something happened in the chat and for

the most part I think you had said

something if I'm not mistaken right you

got escaped my memory is a little low a

little blurry but you had said something

to the fact of you now are cohabitating

even though in the past where I guess

when you were younger I get a little bit

more immature that you kind of had that

same sentiment that you know whatever

whatever and and I guess you and C were

saying that uh for the most part when

you get older and things like that you

know your mindset changes and your mind

says change now

now what three five but the AMS

situation was was that was because ALS

he makes it a point to say that he's

almost 40 years old and he has no plans

to do that that's the only point that I

was trying to make there was nothing

trying to like that I was only given a

counter-argument to that now I'm not

trying to challenge you in that way okay

now there's something that did disagree

in a lot of things I do agree with you

about but that's the only point that I

was trying to make I'm not backing down

from anything or anything like that I

mean okay all right what does one say so

- and it's all due respect AMS

quote-unquote just got into this game he

has been learning from other people and

if you do your homework I think al Oliva


most of stuff he's learned he's been

taken from Alan but as I don't know I

just he that's easy but so when you hear

a 40 year old guy that's just telling

you something now that just got to the

game come on man you can't really take

that as uh as gospel because see when

AMS first got into the game he also made

it a point to say that and I'm not a I'm

not an AMS fanboy I'm just stating what

he said

where am I said he got into the game and

when he first establish his YouTube

channel and got his name out there he

said he ascended further than anybody in

the dating relationship advice game or

so so but how so no no that's what I'm -

making a statement that's what he said

okay well I can tell you I'm Superman

shit but it's in pass everybody else how

do you sin pass everybody over he said

now to my recollection he said that he

ascended past everybody else because he

was giving what a cliche he was giving

the raw rugged truth of what it is and

he's a real bringing wait wait you said

the word truth when he tells you to a

lot of women so how can you give the

wrong this is what he said it's not what

I am but that's my whole point if you're

standing or he is what he's saying you

gotta back it up because I can say just

about anything I want to say but if you

don't have any facts to back up your

argument your argument is weak break Big

Dawg we don't export so offended being

that he has more subscribers or more

okay well whoa whoa wait a minute

nobody speaks for alpha-male strategies

except for alpha-male strategies okay

now i'm stepping in now you got it now

you gotta shut up I just told you that

alpha males strategy speaks for him yet

you're speaking for him so chill with

that for just a second yeah okay here's

me saying so I have my shirt as a


I don't understand why going he's doing

he's a biz

he's doing hold on give me a second to

Talib 41 says this is old news Armando

Moreno says why are we talking about the

AMS Steve the deanzie is there a beef

well yeah well it was something to

happen to O'Shea when I called him out

for lying and she that's here no there

no no no problem with that manually if

you want a lot of y'all muhfuckas y'all

will live by lies do that shit if a fuck

what y'all do I'm just saying that it

with you this is where y'all y'all

little pea brain thinking is Big Dawg

you think just because he's got a big

following YouTube that he's successful

that is that is that what you define

success because you got a big YouTube

channel it is that difference

oh hey bruh don't be a listen man don't

be a fucking smartass man like you can't

listen you came on here you defended

this with you you're defending your

position that's fine but don't do don't

be said certain things of challenge my

masculinity my manhood saying that I'm

paraphrasing but saying that I wasn't a

man in certain ways or whatever and I

don't understand how Steve consider and

say that I'm not dissing on that that to

a person that he's never seen well know

you that's a I don't have to see you

listen the thing about men like myself

Rosebud the motherfuckers I fuck when we

always try to tell you is that and the

reason why you lose or women I don't

need to see you you just have to open

your mouth and make a few statements and

you tell me your whole story without you

telling me a big dog that's all I'm

saying man I don't need to see who you

are I know you ain't fucking and if you

fucking you probably got a few bitches

but you ain't doing shit I mean come on

don't let's be honest here yeah check

this out man check this out hold on hold

on real quick real quick here's the

thing man like like you came on in

defended your position and you know you

said listen I was just saying you know

why don't we talk about

alpha male strategies but you've done

nothing but talk hey you shut the fuck

up when I'm talking man like this is my

goddamn show you're interrupting me too

goddamn much now I'm gonna talk I'll let

you talk but you need to respect the

channel okay you came on here and you

you correctly

listen man I was just saying why don't

we talk about alpha-male strategies as

if to say listen

AMS knows he's coming up on his 40th

birthday cohabitation is not something

that he is going to do I took that to me

I took that to mean you challenging us

to say hey listen alpha male strategies

does it this way so this must be the

right way my response was there's more

than one way to skin a cat I thought you

were challenging me what's that noise I

took that too I took that too

yeah yeah I took that to mean I took

that to mean you challenging me to say

hey listen there's only one way to thin

the cat my assertion was that there is

more than one way to skin a cat there's

more listen there's my way aim it listen

in dude I like AMS like he's a good

friend of mine we talk all the time like

this is just how it is he doesn't do

collabs anymore he has his reasons he

doesn't have to explain that to me but

that's what that's what this was about

to me so okay you came on to defend your

position perfectly you know perfectly

fine to me so why did we get all why did

we get all lost in the weeds with this

you know successful person in Alpha me I

don't understand what's going on here we

got lost in the wheat it was I believe C

I believe C like oh she oh that's it

that's just so you blame yeah so you

blame Steve you gotta go but as much as

my papa

right my fault right you blame me dawg

yeah well when you get my neighborhood

you give me a call all right let me know

just don't drive by listen to his credit

he called into the show again yeah yeah

he listened he called into the show he

explained why he said what he said you

know I mean I'm not gonna sit here and

say that I interpreted it wrong but you

know what he said I suppose was relevant

enough he called up and he clarified it

but you know somebody says in the chat

why is he keeping up for another dude he

says I'm not gonna be an AMS fanboy but

like that's all he did was talk that's

all he was talking about listen alpha

male strategies is cool man he's cool

with me no problem I was doing this

thing let him do his thing

dude like I mean dude dude I hit him up

all the time hey listen man how can I

grow my channel right like water some

water like we bounce show topics off I

off of each other all the time like

eating like we you know we thought were

youtubers this is what we do but

when but when but when we start talking

and that's what this guy was was a

fanboy right because he said well I'm

not trying to be a fanboy listen if you

like AMS that's fine right but like

don't call up in here don't call up here

and you know hijack the hijack the

hijack that hijacked the show talked

about somebody else

AMS does it differently for me I do

different differently from him we all do

it differently Steve doesn't differently

than me I'm different remem alpha male

strategies Alan Arthur Currie O'Shea the

red men the red mangrove etc etc I just

don't understand why people call and I

understand he called Minh defended this

position but I just don't understand

what's with the fanboy ISM he said I

said I'm not an AMS fanboy well I

disagree I think you are and if you are

that's fine you know whatever story yeah

I mean he was you know I mean listen if

you're a fan of alpha male strategies I

mean I'm not saying that it's wrong to

be a fanboy but well you see when you

smell it like let's let's let's go what

it is yeah well we got everyone is

talking about real old news like I

didn't know that you and I didn't know

that you and AMS at a dust-up man like

I'm we had to see what we see what

people don't know before AMS became AMS

he was trolling our websites he was

trolling Alan's and mines and stumbling

that people don't know about that stuff

and what happened was he came on and he

kept bugging O'Shay to come on and he

talked about cuz you know I'm all about

honor and integrity so he was telling

everybody that you should lie to women

but my whole thing is and I guess a lot

of people don't understand is that

there's this thing called rape by

deception that a lot of people don't

know a lot of people to understand that

if you lie to these women and mislead

them and you make them feel foolish at

any time they can just go to police's

aid this guy raped me this guy did this

and they don't understand how that game

is but we had a we had a dust-up over

that that's all we have we have just but

we have a fundamental difference okay so

he he believes a lie he was a lightning

he was a lot of teach people line that's

cool what

but what y'all gotta understand is

y'all gotta understand that YouTube

clicks or subscribers doesn't mean

you're successful you gotta show you

show you receipt let's look behind the

curtain and see who's living right let's

look at how you livin let's look at the

receipts because I'm fortunate a lot of

people take Donovan because he well

album L strategies and no offense to him

I'm glad he's got it though he's doing

his thing Donovan I'm not here to spend

because I'm not here to talk bad about

him cuz I mean I mean I don't I mean I

like him I mean I don't see you guys

giving me a lot of tips and he knows

what he's talking about like I've done

shows like I've been on oh I've been on

O'Shea's Channel with him I got listen I

don't have a I don't have a bad no no

I'm not gonna say nothing bad about him

for right now cuz he's not your defend

itself no he's doing this thing but if

y'all pea-brain ass motherfuckers think

that subscribers give me is their the

reason why you successful in y'all

there's some serious ass trouble if

y'all think you is all about YouTube

clicks and subscribers y'all is some

trouble though you know it's interesting

I think that I think that this is

something that you and I talk about here

and I've actually got to go pretty soon

because I promised Devyn then I would

take her to get a believe but what

minute dude Devon doesn't ask for much

man she's a good woman she takes good

care of me so if he if if if if she if

she wants if she wants a cat she gets a

GAD she takes good care of me so the way

you know what's interesting we were

actually having this conversation

yesterday yesterday when we talked on

the phone about in the in the in the on

the black side of YouTube yes yeah yeah

it's it seems to be it seems to be sort

of a bloodsport

alright and it would appear that black

people like to see these beefs and know

this person said this of this about that

person and this person said this about

that person let's see him get into the

ring entangle that's not what that's

dude that me I don't listen listen if

that's what they want that's fine but

I'm not like I'm not the guy that's

gonna provide it

I'll call people out and I'll say hey

listen calm I call up my show will

debate live on the air blah blah blah

blah blah but but I'm not into these lie

I'm not into friendly fire I'm never

gonna call if I have a problem now

here's the thing Alan Roger curry and I

we had a dust-up on the as a matter of

fact you know it's funny when a RC and I

had our dust-up on the air alpha male

strategies was on he was on that he was

on that stream so he was there he had a

front row seat and so we had our dust-up

on the air and you know listen a RC had

had put out a video or whatever dude you

know what I did I didn't put out a

response video and go back and forth and

I'm gonna no no I called him Alan we had

about a two-hour conversation and we

squashed it behind the scenes everything

is cool everything is fine right that's

how we hand this is how men handle

things but it would it would it would

appear that it it it would appear that

on the black side of YouTube

they really just they really liked it

again the whole Meek Mill versus Safari

samples there's always some sort of rap

beef going on and niggas are here for

that nigga bullshit listen if that's

what sells that's fine I'm not gonna be

a part of it and I think what a lot of

guys Steve have to understand is that

there are going to be fundamental

differences from one person to another

dude guys on the red man group dude

there are things that we have fun but we

are diametrically opposed on certain

issues there are just certain things

that we are diametrically opposed on and

we've had those debates on air right

we've told you we talked about it on and

off the air and and what I think a lot

of guys have to understand is there's

more than one way to skin a cat there's

more than one way to red pill just

because Rollo Tomassi married doesn't

mean he's not still the godfather of the

red pill well roll it to my she's

married but he's telling us not to get

married he's a hypocrite no he's not

Rollo Tomassi would tell you that he is

as fortunate as anyone on the panel he

realizes that he is very lucky yes his

red pill awareness keeps his marriage

alive but he understands just like I do

that mrs. Tomasi or Devon could go feral

at any point I'm not gonna go look if I

were to come on everything like that

well guys Devon cheated on me

when I'd be surprised no I'm not gonna

be devastated that's the game there must

have been something that I did I'd keep

her in line whatever the case may be

I don't expect Devon to just be the

perfect little angel without a little

bit of quit out without a little bit of

correction this is just how this is

different guys come from different walks

of life and we all live the red pill

life there

differently and when guys see that there

are differences in fundamentals they

like to seize on these opportunities

hope there's an inconsistency he's a

hypocrite he's married but says not to

be married Donovan says Donovan says

never to cohabitate but he's

cohabitating no no that's not the way it

works that's not the way it works guys

there's more than one way to read them

right right and and that's that's the

whole thing about it and and even if

there if there is even which there is no

beef between us but I will say it here

and now as you talk to him all the time

yeah dude up dude what's up dude I'm

telling you next time you talk and I'm

gonna say it on here hey cuz this is

because this is a this is the very

probably the first time I'm ever saying

is ever

not if you talk to him tell him hey

Steve the Dean William say hey keep

doing what you're doing

oh okay hey there you go guys so if

y'all think there's a beef they ain't no

beef no more now cuz guess what I just

told um to tell that man go do it Steve

look man this is so funny man it it

speaks to the time we put into this dude

I have dude things are getting so busy I

got a higher I I actually at when the

new year gets here I got to start hiring

people to do with their things from my

podcast like dude I'm working 12 and

13-hour days they like working soon and

so I didn't even know about I didn't

know that you and AMS had a beat head of

had a had a dust-up I don't read about

it in the chat this dust-up happened

seven eight months ago it was just one

time we was on the phone and what

happened right we didn't from that point

I left it alone and all that you know I

know he was making videos on us and

stuff but that's here know there but you

know what I left alone because I said

all I had to say but I'm gonna say it

now because maybe everyone understand

that yeah I'm telling you right now Dom

when you get a chance to talk to him say

Steve the d-wave said just keep doing

what you're doing okay all right so

there you go guys is that and then that

should be the end of the squash because

he shouldn't give a fuck what I'm doing

and I shouldn't give for what he's doing


but babies don't he doesn't care what

you're doing you don't care what it's

doing right okay so we just squat if

that could squash the quote-unquote beef

which there is none then hey all right

I'll let him know I'll let him know is

it check this out a really good comment

William fries says exactly it's good to

gather information from multiple sources

mix and match info this is why the

Redman group exists you got five

different mood

you got five different men in sometimes

three different countries right we are

not the same like we all experience

things differently we all see things

differently but we all have one goal in

mind and that's to improve the lives of

men right my advice may work better for

my advice may not work as well for you

as Steve's advice just depends on who

you are right very good comment there by

William freeze Miami Jay this is the

comment of the night says that's how you

separate the men from the beta's men do

not get drawn in by drama no dick but

that's why I fuck with Miami i fucks

would you mind me Miami if you have his

uh you have his number anything I got

his number you're actually gonna leave

no no I mean let me do something to do

some i me his wife fucks at you Miami I

just uh Donovan will send me your three

digits of your area code you go to the

man mindset at gmail.com send me a email

machines and free products all there it

is there it is you wanted cause were

free products courtesy of the man

mindset for being the only sane

motherfucking in the group talking yet

listen listen Miami J is legit Steve

check this out he's starting you know

how there's the Negro manosphere right

Miami J is starting the Latino mess

graduations number two he is going to be

he is going to translate the rational

male to Spanish for Rollo Tomassi so

what man is version of of the rational

male comes out

Miami J is gonna be the guy that does it

and you're gonna get to meet Miami J at

the 21 convention in in Orlando in

November so you get the shake hands no

doubt so yeah how let me mine may not be

happy to see some but again you're right

is that as y'all understand something

like Donna said I don't know if I wish I

had time to beef and all other stuff but

unfortunately I'm making I'm not and

again I'm not trying to toot my own horn

there stocks nest eggs pawns mutual

funds yeah I got money rolling in all

over the place but I got a business I'm

running man like Donovan said I got

clients all over the world and you know

that times are different hours are long

so I don't have the time the de beef and

all that shit is y'all want

now I'm gonna stand my ground if I got

you but I'm not here to fight isn't like

saying there's enough space on this

place for everybody to get what they

need I'm gonna have a slice yeah so and

again I say it again if y'all want to

quote me again strategies if you are

listening congratulations on everything

you're doing the best of luck Wow yeah

I've no idea

dammit dammit please add you get I'll

call him and tell him that shit in this

shit god damn listen this has been

silver swag makes a very good point

right this is why I love my audience

because my audience is honest with me he

says Donovan stop the trolls faster it

kills the lecture listen Ben hey listen

listen man you guys know that I am a

fool I am saving I'm a flawed individual

is probably an understatement and you

guys know and the fuckin trolls know

that my weakness is trolls I think that

I give I think I give trolls way too

much fucking run on my show guys I try

not to I really really do it's a

weakness of mine if you guys see me

start listen up listen I'm asking my

audience because listen he's right he's

right we just spent 20 minutes talking

about trolls and a and a beep that I

didn't know that happened until just now

right but as beeping is killing the

lessons I totally agree so in the future

if you guys if you

I see me starting to you know go off the

rails plucking withdrawals steer me back

right like still a Donovan

don't beat listen I'll give you

permission to orange me Donovan sharp

don't feed the trolls everything all

right all right my bad let me get back

to what we were talking about cuz I

don't want this to be I don't want this

to be negative I'm not I'm not so shout

out to Ben silver-sweet for pointing out

a glaring weakness a glaring weakness of

mine I'm not perfect but you know I try

to be good for you guys I will end it on

this Steve I will end it on this the

masculine burden of performance okay

that is the reason why the sex doll

industry exists today too many men out

here and listen don't get me wrong right

don't get me wrong man it is it is it's

extremely difficult to keep to keep even

quality worthy women in line right

Devin's a good woman she really is but

she's a woman right she was raised in

the feminists sewage just like the rest

of us okay it takes a firm it takes a

firm hand to keep her in line it's not

easy but for now it's worth it Steve

guys out there don't want to do that

they don't want to embrace they don't

want to embrace the burden of masculine

performance for women to be fuckable

Steve all they have to do here's the

thing Steve here's what here's what

people here for people don't or here's

what in cells like TFM understand but

they don't want to acknowledge being

women are born fuckable right they don't

have to hit the gym all they have to do

is not fuck it up they have to be they

don't even have to be proactive to

become women all they have to do is not

fuck it up

don't be a slut and don't eat pizza

don't be a slut and don't eat crap right

don't be a slut and don't get fat if

you're not a slut and if you don't get

fat dude you will have your pick of men

even if you're below average looking

right okay so you have a not so decent

face dude if you're not a slut if you're

a decent human being if you're kind if

you don't have slut face you

have your pick of men men on the other

hand we have to work to become Maryville

women are born to be Maryville all they

have to do is keep it on the road men oh

no we got to learn how to handle women

we gotta lift weights we got a stack

paper we got to have our purpose as

alpha males strategies likes to say we

have to work to become men women don't

have to work to become men women okay

men are made Steve women are born and

this generation particularly guys who

are in cells guys like turd flinging

monkey they don't like the fact that

they actually have to work to get the

pussy like what did you think she was

gonna do just lift up her skirt write

anything you want as bad as vagina guys

it's not gonna be easy to get and

maintain this is this is how it is this

is how it is and guys like turd flinging

monkey have decided you know what the

dude isn't worth the squeeze so they

decide to check out of the day they

decide to check out of the dating market

because they don't want to embrace the

masculine burden of performance Steve

it's not easy being a man especially not

I don't know maybe for you it is but

being a man putting your foot down in

this day and age it's I don't want to

say it's not easy but it's it's not

listen it's not it how can I put this

it's not difficult to be a man if you

give yourself permission to be a man but

it's not easy to get there in other


listen Steve to a ball that you have it

wasn't easy to get you to just wake up

and say hey I'm gonna be a millionaire

no you have money because you work for


you're a man because you work for what

do you say to men who say the juice

isn't worth the squeeze and I'm not

gonna embrace the masculine burden of

performance I'm not trying to show my

shine but I am a one-percenter you'll

think you know you don't think I got

this this tattoo of a dollar bill that

says 1% on my arm because I got a tattoo

and their mother won I'm in the millions

right now but again I'm not here to

discuss what I'm what my success is

about what happened what I can say

Donovan thing was when I was when I was

seven or six years old I used to play

marbles Donovan and I don't care it was

paper football or whatever it was it's

very competitive

when I get my ass kicked and marbles and

I always asked my parents can have some

money to buy marbles they like

fuck no and give me no money right so

what I did started cutting the grass I

started doing grocery shopping and

things like that I started doing things

to uh to build money and I got this this

thought process from my mentor of a hard

work and ethic and and doing shit so

like say being a medicine here's the

thing Donovan here's the truth I'm never

gonna be a man because I'm still chasing

that ghost because every day I am not

who I was yesterday and that's what

y'all understand and the day I'm a man

as a day I'm lucky enough to die that's

the that's when I you can say I'm a man

but until then oh it's a pursuit it's

infinite it's what I always calls to

universe you don't wanna you guys don't

know what you don't know there are

things you know there are things you

don't know and then there are things you

don't even know that you don't know and

what I'm trying to tell you is I am

always going up that mountain chasing

that ghost of trying to be the thing

that I can't wait to become when I die

because being a man is there's no glass

ceiling on being a man it is something

that you're gonna be doing the whole

thing of life that now I know a lot of

people is I'm not trying to get too deep

but but that makes sense that makes

sense when you are content where you are

when you're content as a man then you're

no longer a man being a man is being a

man is dynamic there's nothing static

about being a man right

you must always strive to improve

yourself listen every day I come here I

look at the set and I think to myself

what can I improve on my set right if

and guys who have watched my show from

day one right I started my show in Reno

Nevada first I didn't show my face I had

this little I had this little dubstep

music that I that I thought I got off

the internet little by little Steve I

built up my show showed my face okay so

I was in my room right I was in my room

you know I have my little setup tried

little graphics little by little Steve I

was not satisfied I said you know what I

want to give my guys I want to give my

guys in experience I want to continue to

I want to continue to improve and dude

now this is the best that I've ever had

but guys that didn't come easy I

invested over $2,000 in what you see

before you actually invest it even more

I paid almost 200 bucks for this 4k

camera right um I forgot how much I paid

this this TV is not even mine actually

up then this is actually debit CV I

gotta get I gotta give him back to her

and buy one of my own and probably have

to get it I'm probably gonna have to

give another one she's bitching about

you two bitching bitching me about that

one yeah getting back to you when I give

it back to you now check this out dog

like I said again I'm not here to toot

my horn and I'm not here to throw what I

do in your face but I only got and I

want to you guys only got 13,000

subscribers I don't have that many I was


iiiiii again I am a one-percenter but it

Donna would tell you y'all thing just

because I make over seven figures is one

thing but here's the thing guys as

Donald what I was doing today because I

hustle you think I'm satisfied with just

that was on when I was on the phone with

Donovan I I don't have to work but I

like money and I like making an extra

forty five hundred dollars a month doing

Amazon flex and instacart because it's

easy money

so what Donovan would Audrey call me and

I'm not lying to you Donovan tell you

right now and said Steve I want you to

come on the show I was doing my Amazon

flex uh delivery delivery and he and I

showed them the picture I'm not lying

because I hustle so trust me when I tell

you if y'all thing ain't doing shit or

you think 13000 ain't enough to be

success y'all don't know what she says

is because I'm always hustling and I'm

always trying to flip money and I don't

care and again I respect what Donovan's

doing and hey y'all ready for this if

alpha strategies once do he does I worry

I can only do is it respect what he's

doing now if he asked me how I feel I'll

be honest with him but that's his own

thing he's his own man and please

Donovan make sure you're telling this

shit please I want to say to all you

guys out there y'all don't know the

hustle but hey look I'm back Donovan

said I'm never sitting on my ass chillin

less I'm playing hey even when I play my

fucking video games with this bitch ass

controller you laugh at me I'm I play

for money

so everything

I'm doing this flippin money dog y'all

don't understand the game y'all think is

about these pitches and all this other

shit is like money

I like success so I just want to say

that to all those those naysayers that

feel like whoa oh wow you know you know

you got through tell you really do


I've got twenty six hundred so whatever

um I'll end it on this Steve again it is

the masculine burden of performance yes

sir you if you want anything in life

that's worth having whether that's dude

women listen women are worth having man

like they're not necessary but they

elevate your life yeah that's worth

having is gonna take work okay if you

decide not to do the work then you don't

want it bad enough there is no

substitute for success and guys who end

up fucking sex dolls okay that's fine

but don't go fucking bragging about it

because that doesn't make you that

doesn't make you any more of a man what

that says to me is brilliant as some of

these people are that just says that you

checked out you want a good cheat code

you decided that you're not gonna do

it's necessary to be successful in the

real dating world or the real business

world so you're going with a cheap

substitute and then bragging haha I

haven't figured out because I get all

the reward without any of the risk no

you don't have the rewards you're a

fucking loser

Steve thanks for making the time for us

today man

freelance Herman says he remembers when

I was on Soundcloud thanks for making

the time for us today man this was a

hell of a stream 27 whatever his name

was the guy who called in yeah listen

man good debate thanks for calling me

you're always welcome on the show he

actually said that I should do a debate

with Churchill you monkey I tried that

that didn't work out because he ran he

was scared because of course you know

he's turned flea monkey he's not gonna

only cowards play home games is what I'm

trying to say so

all right let me go have a strategy

child please tell him that she listen

I'm gonna take this and do D I gotta put

on I gotta put on my shoes and I gotta

go get this cat for Devin but on my way

I'm gonna make her drive I'm gonna shoot

alpha male strategies a text message I'm

gonna say yo Steve said he squashed the

beef he wishes you nothing but the best

keep doing what you doing bro that's it

that's it

you the man guys that does it for this

edition of TS are live check me listen

in about 45 minutes to an hour I'm gonna

be on the brother pill tonight I don't

know what the topic is but I guess we'll

find out when we get there Steve you the

man we'll talk soon please

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