3 ways to keep your woman from fucking her co-workers: Donovan's Den Vol. 9

Most women end up sleeping with co-workers and/or bosses at some point or another. The workplace acts as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Many relationships have been destroyed because of office romances involving women who are either married or in committed relationships.

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It's very difficult to keep your woman from fucking around with "Kevin in Sales" but it's not impossible. Here are 3 ways I use myself to keep your woman from sleeping with her co-workers.

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to volume 9 of

Donovan's dead it is Sunday December 3rd

2017 and tonight I'm gonna give you guys

three ways to keep your woman from

sleeping with her coworkers now first

off I'm gonna go ahead and let you know

I mean obviously we all know that

there's no bullet proof way to keep your

woman from cheating there's no way to

keep your girl from fucking her

co-workers or anyone else she wants to

sleep with if a woman wants to cheat

she's gonna cheat that's that's just all

there is to it those who listen to me

regularly know that I am a strong

proponent of keeping tabs on your

woman's phone her computer her tablet

and and her other devices with the GPS a

key logger another monitoring software

to make sure that she's not doing

anything she shouldn't be doing or

putting herself in situations that could

lead to infidelity I myself use these

strategies with my own woman I have

keylogging software on her phone her

tablet our computer I don't allow her to

be on social media she doesn't have

facebook Instagram or any other social

media yes she has agreed to this and

that brings me to a very important point

when it comes to implementing these

measures and that point is that your

woman has to want to be this transparent

just to want to forfeit all autonomy you

can't force her to do anything she

doesn't want to do and in order for her

to want to do this you have to a be the

kind of man she wants to do this for and

B be the kind of man who demands this of

her women are gonna give up their

autonomy in their privacy for just any

man and they're damn sure not gonna

volunteer it I've talked about both of

these things at length in episodes 53

and 54 of TSR live well the same thing

applies here guys in order to keep your

woman from running around on you at her

job she's gonna have to say she's going

to have to surrender to you in ways

she's not used to surrendering and

you've got to be the man who's got the

balls to put this stuff in place again

nothing is guaranteed guys if a girl

wants to fuck around on you she will


okay my girl included but you're not

gonna make it easy for her to do it

alright there's no need to give your

woman the vehicle with which to fuck

around on you with a lot of guys and

listen a lot of you guys don't agree

with this approach alright a lot of you

guys call me insecure and possessive and

all that other bullshit that women like

to call men to shame them into giving

them the space they need to cheat and

that's okay alright but there's a big

difference between being insecure and

being a territorial and if you want to

know more about that go to episode 45

but if Europe but if you are a man who

is willing to do what most men are

unwilling to do if you're a man who's

capable of doing what most men are

uncapable of doing then keep listening

and you'll be the only guy whose wife or

girlfriend who isn't fucking her

co-workers or her boss now I'm gonna let

you know upfront guys this is not gonna

be easy at first this is gonna take some

work and there's gonna be a learning

curve but you've but if you've got a

woman that you feel could be good for

you long term if you feel like you have

a woman who is gonna be good for you in

terms of a long-term partnership long

term relationship or possibly even a

wife then trust me when I tell you that

it is well worth the work and after the

adjustment period is over it'll be

second nature for the both of you and

you'll have one less thing to worry

about and if you're willing to put in

the work eyes you'll be thankful you did

in the long run so let's get to it

number one

trol her wardrobe

if you see the way that America that

American women specifically dress when

they go to work you know why office

relationships are rampant in the

American workplace we've got all these

sexual harassment claims going on we've

got dudes losing their jobs left and

right and guess what gentlemen a lot of

these dudes are getting a lot of these

dudes are a lot of the women that these

dudes are hitting on we're shit that's

designed to draw attention they wear

skin tight shit that shows off their

asses they wear skirts that accentuate

their attention show and show cleavage

and this is no accident guys women want

this attention but here's the thing

every dude hits on these women at work

but the ones that don't catch the sexual

harassment claims the ones that keep

their jobs are the ones fucking your

wives the ones fucking your girlfriends

I've been that guy gentlemen I have

fucked plenty of co-workers in my day

and most of them were in relationships

so if you want to reduce the odds of

your woman fucking her coworkers you

need to control her wardrobe that's

right guys you dictate what she wears

and what she doesn't make sure that

before she leaves work that you approve

of her wardrobe if you live with her

make sure you see what she's wearing

before she leaves if you don't live with

her make her send you a picture of what

she's wearing now a few a few of the

obvious things that you will not allow

her to wear our shirts that the shirts

that are low that that show cleavage

leggings yoga pants slutty high heels

skirts above her knees hoop earrings and

things like that I'm not gonna give you

a complete list of things that she

shouldn't be wearing because a it would

take too long and be you and your woman

both know what attention grab attention

grabbing clothing looks like this is

common sense use your instincts as a man

and veto anything she's wearing that

will draw attention from men at the

workplace there are plenty of outfits

that women can wear that make them look

sexy and professional without

advertising to the world that her pussy

is open for business if she's wearing

something that you do not approve of

make her change if she doesn't have time

to change if she tells you I don't have

time to change then say this the next

time show me what you're wearing earlier

so you won't be late now go change and

leave it at that

number two no company travel absolutely

and do not compromise on this guys no

company travel I lived in Vegas for over

seven years and I fucked countless women

who were there on business they're there

for a convention or a meeting or a sales

convention or a presentation or a merge

or whatever it is their companies do in

there and again most of the women I

fucked who are traveling for their jobs

were either married or had boyfriends

and some of them probably at both when

women work for travel guys it literally

gives them the golden ticket to fuck

around on their boyfriends and husbands

their listen they're their hundred

sometimes even thousands of miles away

from home so there's nothing stopping

her from getting dick from dudes like me

and he'd be none the wiser when she gets

home so now you guys are probably

thinking to yourselves

okay Donovan you make a good point but

how am I supposed to stop my woman from

traveling if it's her job simple do not

get into a relationship with a woman who

has to travel for work period even if

she swears up and down that she'll never

cheat or fuck around on you don't do it

because the minute you have a fight or

the minute she's ready to cheat she'll

do it when she travels for work because

that's the easiest place to do it you

don't have tabs on her then if she tells

you that you're being insecure and tries

to shame you for not trusting her just

shrug your shoulders and tell just shrug

your shoulders and tell her that she can

call it whatever she wants but you're

not gonna commit to a woman who travels

for work period if you're dating a girl

and she gets a promotion that requires

her to travel dump her I don't care how

good a woman she is I don't care how

good a woman she is because gentlemen I

can promise you that even the most

faithful women will step out on you

eventually if they've traveled regularly

for work

women are impulsive by nature they will

fuck any guy for any reason on a whim

regardless of their relationship status

that is how it is you can stay with her

if you want to but you're asking for

trouble if you do

number three no company outings unless

you are there with her my girlfriend is

an internet marketing consultant for a

big company like most big companies they

have team-building activities that they

like to do outside of work

they ride go-karts they go bowling they

they they do rock climbing they meet up

at restaurants you know to celebrate

company goals and all kinds of stuff

like that

anytime her company has one of these

outings I go with her every time the

reason for this is obvious in a non work

environment coworkers talk co-workers

have a good time

coworkers flirt and a lot of times this

is how office romances start a lot of

companies a lot of employees at company

get to at companies get together for

happy hour after work they hit the bar

go to any restaurant after work hours

and you'll see professionally dressed

men and women at the bar having a good

time talking and flirting with each

other these people work together and

this is a regular activity and again

this is one of the many vehicles that

people who work together used to use to

hook up my woman knows my woman knows

that this is how stuff works and because

she doesn't want me to have any doubts

she makes sure that I am with her on

these company outings and team-building

activities and the reason for this is

because I told her that's how it's gonna

be now she didn't have a problem with it

because I groomed her properly again

episodes 53 and 54 and she wasn't

surprised when I told her that was a

requirement and in all honesty I

probably didn't have to tell her but I

did anyway because I never leave

anything to chance but you definitely

need to tell your woman that if you're

gonna be with me then I'm going to

accompany you to all work-related

outings and this one believe it or not

this is actually one of the easiest to

implement because if you're the kind of

man she wants to surrender to in this

way then you're the kind of man she

wants to show off anyway okay so any

woman who allows herself to be molded

red pill Donovan sharp style likely

won't have an issue with bringing you to

the company holiday party that the the

company picnic or or a company get

together outside of outside of work

again if your woman as a problem with

this then she is no longer your woman

like I said guys if a woman is gonna

cheat she's gonna cheat but that doesn't

mean you have to agrees this grease the

skids for her either she falls in or

she's gone period like I said at the

beginning guys nothing is guaranteed to

keep a woman from

cheating on you with her coworkers but

if you want to drastically reduce the

odds of her running around on you like

this in this way these things have to be

implemented because if they're not it's

not a matter of if guys but a matter of

when she starts fucking one or even more

of her co-workers people may call it

cynicism they may call it insecurity

I call it realism and territorialism and

doing what's necessary to protect

something I've invested a lot of time

and a lot of work into I'm not gonna buy

a company and then hire a shitty work

force to run it and I'm not gonna give

my woman the freedom to engage on

infidelity on any level and neither

should you

thanks for watching

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