Womanese 101 Part Two: What she says vs. What she means (Episode 313)

I’ve said before that when a man takes the red pill and digests it, it’s like he gets superpowers. He gets “x-ray vision” meaning he can see through a woman’s good girl ficad. He becomes “bulletproof” meaning he becomes impervious to the wiles of a woman….he isn’t affected by female beauty one way or another.



Well something else he gets is the ability to decipher the words of a woman. He now has the ability to translate what she’s really saying. So when a woman talks, he sees what she means in the subtitles because he’s now fluent in womanese. I talked about this on The Red Man Group a while back

Anyone who’s watched this show for any amount of time is aware of the undeniable truth that what women say, and what they mean are two very different things. And because women act, think, and are motivated by the same things, they use the same jargon to bullshit people around them and I’ll give you a few personal examples.

A girl I used to date, we’ll call her Amy, I talked about her in Red Pill Origins Volume 2: the worst heartbreak of my life, said to me “I don’t have sex unless I’m in a relationship.” Well, she cheated on me more times than I could count and she had a kid at 13 years old by a 31 year old who ended up in prison for impregnating her...I’m pretty sure they weren’t in a relationship. So most of the sex she had were outside of relationships making what she said patently false.

Another girl I used to fuck in Vegas who was a cocktail waitress and later became a stripper, and btw cocktail waitresses are just strippers in training, she told me that she was looking for a guy who treated her right and respected her. I did no such thing. In fact, I did literally the opposite. I called her names, I cursed her out, I once kicked her out of my house because she started crying about some dumb shit I don’t remember, I flirted with other girls in front of her, I mean I disrespected this chick at every turn and the bitch could not get enough of me. I ended up having to block her number because she wouldn’t leave me the fuck alone. She finally left me along which means she found another guy who probably treated her worse than I did.

The point is that most of the time are utterly incapable of telling the truth about their intentions, feelings, thoughts, or actions. There are many reasons for this which is an entirely different show, but women cannot bring themselves to tell the world exactly what they mean and what they feel.

So much so that they’ve developed an entirely different language that only they can understand which is Womanese. WOMEN understand womanese, most Men don’t. For example when a woman says “I want to find a guy who makes me laugh” women know that this means “I wanna find a hot guy who fucks me like a porn star and has a sense of humor”. Men think she actually means she just wants a guy who makes her laugh and acts like a clown in front of her with one liners and bad stand up comedian jokes then wonders why she doesn’t wanna fuck him.

I know there are a lot of guys listening to this who are utterly clueless about this mysterious language called womanese so today Uncle Donovan’s gonna give you another lesson in womanese 101 and translate a little over 30 of the most common things women say when they actually mean something else. If you wanna listen to or watch part one, go to donovansharpe.com and look for episode 238 where I translate I think 22 or 25 womanese phrases…..good episode there, #238.


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a man who's an a-plus if one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b- at everything get this

through your thick skulls ladies fat

girls are gross you don't want to lift

weights because you're lazy just keep it


you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

it's a man Donovan Sharpe and welcome to

the 313 edition of TSR primetime your

nightly dose of Redpoll truth

wisdom and awareness let's get to it I

have said before that when a man takes

the red pill and he fully digested it's

it's like he gets superpowers

he gets x-ray vision meaning that he can

see through a woman's good-girl facade

he becomes bulletproof so to speak

meaning he becomes impervious to the

wiles and lies of a woman he isn't

affected by female beauty one way or

another at least on some level well

something else he gets is the ability to

decipher the words of a woman when they

come out of her mouth after having

digested the red pill he now has the

ability to translate what she's really

saying so what a woman talks he sees

what she means in the subtitles because

he's now fluent and what I like to call

one of these I actually talked about

this phenomenon on the red man group

awhile back now anyone who has watched

this show for any amount of time is well

aware of the undeniable truth that what

women say and what they mean and what

they do for that matter are two very

very different things

and because women act think and are

motivated by the exact same things they

used the same jargon to people

around them and I give you a few

personal examples a girl I used to date

will call her Amy I talked about her and

red pill origins volume two the worst

heartbreak of my life I'll never forget

this she said to me I think it was like

two weeks after I'd met her she said to

me I don't have sex unless I'm

a relationship well any cheated on me

more times than I can count

and she had a kid at 13 years old by a

31 year old who ended up in prison for

impregnating her I'm pretty sure that

when they were they weren't in

any sort of relationship suffice it to

say that most of the sex that Amy had

was outside of relationships making what

she said patently false no surprise


another girl I used to with in

Vegas who's a cocktail waitress and

later became a stripper by the way

cocktail waitresses are quite literally

just strippers in training any woman who

works at a strip club says I'm a

cocktail waitress eventually she's gonna

be a stripper they don't hire ugly girls

to be cocktail waitresses gentlemen if

you're hot enough to be a cocktail

waitress you're hot enough to be a

stripper it's a it really just comes

down to whether or not you are

comfortable taking your clothes off for


and most women when push comes to shove

they'll do what they have to do anyway

anyway she told me that she was looking

for a guy who treated her right and

respected her she said I'm not gonna be

with any guy who disrespects me and

treats me poorly I didn't know such

thing in fact I did literally the

opposite I called her names I cursed her

out in front of her friends no less I

kicked her out of my house because she

started crying about some dumb I

don't remember she is bitching about I

flirted with other girls in front of her

okay I mean I disrespected this chick at

every turn and the bitch couldn't get

enough of me

she couldn't I ended up having to block

her number because she wouldn't leave me

the alone now she finally left me

alone which means that she found her

other guy who probably treated her worse

than I did shehram kane says bottle

service girls or prostitutes of training

I fully agree with that because there

are plenty of bottle service girls who

would also offer other services just go

to the Sapphire strip club in Vegas and

you'll know exactly what I'm talking

about and I'm pretty sure that's not the

only one anyway the point is that most

of the time women are utterly incapable

of telling the truth about their

intentions about their feelings about

their thoughts about their actions there

are many reasons for this which is an

entirely different show

but women simply

cannot bring themselves to tell the

world exactly what they mean and exactly

what they feel so much so that they have

developed an entirely different language

that only they can understand which I

referred to earlier as woman ease now

women understand woman ease but most men

don't for example when a woman says I

want to find a guy who makes me laugh

women know that this means I want to

find a hot guy who me like a

pornstar and maybe has a sense of humor

men actually think that she really just

wants a guy who makes her laugh and act

and what he ends up doing is he acts

like a clown in front of her running

these cheesy one-liners bad stand-up

comedian jokes and then wonders why she

doesn't want to him I know there

are a lot of guys listening right now

who are utterly clueless about this

mysterious language called woman ease so

today you guys are in luck uncle Donovan

is gonna give you another lesson in

woman ease and translate a little

actually I'll be gonna translate 40 of

the most common things women say when

they actually mean something else if you

want to go and listen to part one go to

donovan sharp calm and look for episode

238 where I translate I think it's

somewhere like 22 or 25 woman nice

phrases good episode there episode

number 238 on Donovan sharp calm beating

at patreon.com forward slash Donovan

sharp so tonight is part two of woman

ease 101 and I've got 40 this time

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far as back water is concerned we are

one month out from Canelo vs. triple G

Canelo Alvarez versus Gennady golovkin

mmm of course that flight goes down on

Saturday September 15 2018 in Las Vegas

flight time is gonna be an 8 Pacific

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o'clock in the morning so we have both

committed to that go to you late

broadcast but I absolutely love talking

to Ed about boxing he was a professional

heavyweight boxer at one time he held a

record of 13 and 1 I think with like 7

knockouts his last fight was against the

son of one Tommy Morrison that's right

Tommy the Duke Morrison star of rocky 5

and Tommy Morrison was actually I think

he was a heavyweight I think it was the

WBO heavyweight champion at one time but

of course he had substance abuse

problems he contracted HIV and I think

he died back in 2013 34 30 actually did

a really good documentary on him it's

called Tommy you guys should definitely

check that out but cannot overseas

triple G one month from today at

Lattimore and I are gonna do a breakdown

of the fight right after that ends if

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thank you guys for tuning in I will see

you guys in just a minute again if you

have an example of one of these as far

as something they say versus something

they actually mean give me a call nine

one four two oh five five three five six

let's hit the phone lines

area code three one four you're on live

with Donovan good yeah I can hear you

just fine buddy yes that's exactly where

I hate you and then I've done pretty

well I want to give you a message that I

did because you've been used to be a lot

over the last couple years I'm actually

on the road right now right outside of

Amarillo Texas on my way to Vegas oh yes

all right man so so let me ask you this


what made you pick up and move to Vegas

well I've had kind of a long Reptil

transition just because when I was

initially introduced to it a friend of

mine told me about it so it didn't

digest it fully it took the relationship

that I was in for a couple years to

really have a manifest and though I

think I lost it

mr. slam if you're still there I cannot

hear you can't hear you anymore

he probably rode into a bad area

probably rode into that area

mr. slam going once going twice call the

show back mr. slam I want to hear the

rest of that I want to hear the rest of

that story

so mr. slam is on the road right now

just outside of Amarillo Texas and he is

on his way to Las Vegas Nevada Wow Wow

listen man up listen I'm trying to tell

you guys and listen maybe this this is

just my own personal experience but any

man who is new to the red pill if you

don't have any kids if you have no

direction in life if you're thinking

okay I've got all this red pill

knowledge where do I go to hone and

cultivate it the best city to do that in

as far as I'm concerned is Las Vegas

Nevada yeah I mean the reason I am where

I am today is because I lived in Vegas

for almost nine years I lived in Vegas

for just over eight years I had to calm

down a little bit so I ended up moving

to Reno and now I'm here in Philly but

when I lived in Vegas man that that

galvanized that solidified my red pill

truth I think I've got mr. slam back on

the line here all right mr. slam you

back with us

mr. slam you back with us hello ah crap

I can't hear him I really wish I could

hear him yeah he's probably he's

probably in a bad area I'm gonna mute

you mr. slam in case you're you probably

have a bad connection so I'm gonna mute

you and actually you know what

listen get a call to show in about five

minutes make sure you have a few more

bars okay yeah

the call dropped okay 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5

6 is the number a call if you want to

get on the show hopefully mr. slam gives

us a call back let me hit the let me hit

the chat here real quick before you get


freelancer iran had said yep selling

more blank than an animal shelter I mean

I imagine he's probably talking about

ass the jack man good to see you in here

rules here at Dead said Camello and his

Mexican beef problem right right there

was actually a player in the NFL he was

a defensive end for the Houston Texas AI

Texans I don't remember what his name

was but he got popped for he got poppy

pista tested positive for clenbuterol

which is the same drug that Canelo

Alvarez has failed the drug test now

twice for and he used that excuse he

said listen I went to I went on vacation

in Mexico they have clenbuterol in the

in the burgers and that is the reason

why I tested positive for clenbuterol

and he won his appeal and so Canelo

Alvarez and we actually actually had a

discussion with this a discussion about

this with Ed Lattimore when you Turell

does have anabolic properties but but

but athletes use it to cut weight and

for whatever reason it's on the banned

substances list I'm sure that there are

other scientific reasons and I'm sure

listen listen I take Clint Clint beuter

all actually took 20 milligrams this

morning so I use clenbuterol to you know

make sure I you know stay cut and all

that good stuff you know make sure to

cut weight cut body fat but that that's

against the boxing rule so good comment

there by rule 0 dead rule 0 dad says

you're getting too muscular I don't like

you too big yeah what women say what

they mean yeah exactly

that's what she said she says I don't

want to lose you to another younger more

attractive woman that's exactly right

911 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call let's get in to it let's go to the

first one what she says when she says

don't judge me what she means is don't

hold me accountable for my bad decisions

you ever watched the Maury Povich Show

and the girl comes out she says you

don't know me or girls like to say only

god can judge me don't judge me bla bla

bla bla bla

well women really do believe that they

are above reproach but they don't like

to be they don't like to be judged

negatively okay you've got four kids by

three different niggas don't judge me

bitch no we're gonna judge you the

reason why people are judging you is

because you are making bad decisions

right so when a woman says don't judge

me only god can judge me what she's

trying to do she's trying to circumvent

that judgment she's trying to circumvent

that judgment for bad behavior that

listen women say this all the time

when she says I would never him

what she means is I would totally

him again and and I'm gonna get into

this just a little bit later because

I've been told I'm not sleeping with you

tonight and nine times out of ten I end

up the girl if the girl says I

would never him of course she means

she would him here's the thing man

if a girl doesn't wanna a guy she

doesn't she never says I would never

him and I'm in and again I've got

plenty of examples there if a girl would

never a guy she's not gonna say

well I would never him then just

doesn't make any sense that's just not

how girls communicate so if a girl says

well I would never him well that

means that she would totally him

girls have sued girls have said that

about me well I would never Donovan

dude nine times out of ten I end up

those girls it's all the same

here's another here's another one he's a

nice guy

what she means I don't want to him

girls don't want to nice guys

gentlemen right they don't want to

listen here's another one

he's a good guy translation I don't want

to him girls don't need nice guys

anymore they don't need good guys


the reason for that is because of the

government is because of the culture and

a lot of guys always say well why do

nice guys finish last it is because our

culture not only glorifies single

motherhood it cultivates it if a woman

has a kid out of wedlock

even if she is completely destitute poor

etc she's entitled to free health care

free food free room and board so if a

woman knows that she's gonna be taken

care of regardless of her

regardless of her decisions for sexual

decisions decisions they're going to be

irresponsible people ask all the time

why are women all these bad boys

and where they haven't all these kids

because there is no there's no deterrent

back in the day if a woman had a kid out

of wedlock

she had the scarlet letter her parents

would ship her out of town the kid would

be put up for adoption of the kid would

be an orphan that's just how it was

these days it doesn't matter oh you're

pregnant again you got your third baby

then Oh congratulations girl

I can't wait I can't wait to see what

the future holds the government quite

literally rewards this bad behavior and

this is why nice guys finish last

let's set the phone lines area code

seven to seven you are on live with

Donovan go ahead darlin what's going on

hey what's up Braun who am I talking to

how you doing hey it's Michael Dennin

Chancellor Mike in Tampa what's going on

brother I tried to hit you up yesterday

and I just kept losing connection it was

so funny I was laughing and you're like

I think he just wants to listen to the

ship yeah I thought it might be you

because I saw the area code 727 and I

remembered the last four digits of the

number so what's going on man well I

wanted to add something in matter of

fact the reason I was listening in the

show just got off football all this and

shown you said they don't want to

the nice guy good guy um so I want to

add this as maybe a companion to all the

rollo tomasi and Strauss to those books

this book is called no more mr. nice guy

written by dr. Robert a Glover he has a

website on a Glover I believe com yes we

talked about that under mr. nice guy

and it says right on the front of a book

a proven plan for getting what you want

and love sex and life and he talks about

prioritizing your wants and needs to

becoming the first priority so these

guys are really nice guys and their

women don't want to them and he

starts talking about you need to do what

you want instead of trying to please

them and fix their problems and I think

a lot of the ways that's what Rollo

Tomassi is talking about frame you

prioritize your wants to need you

establish your frame and you're doing

things you want to do like going fish in

a poker night or working out or joining

the softball team and then your women

won't you sir right just wanted to add

that yeah listen

good call Mike and thanks for

Collin and he makes a very good point

and I did an episode you guys all know

and I forget which episode number this

is but I've written an article on Negro

manosphere calm that pertains it is to

this called why you shouldn't give a

about a woman's needs in bed well

this goes to the whole mr. nice-guy

thing women cheat on men who paid too

much attention to their needs in bed I

was on with tho show yesterday and a

woman called up the show and she says

well you know it needs to happen as guys

need to consider licking a woman's

until she orgasms bitch please get the

out of here

what am i what am I supposed to do after

that what you're telling me you want to

after that no your ass is gonna

roll over and go the to sleep right

women adore men who are unabashedly

selfish this is this is during sex and

non sexual encounters you don't give a

about a woman's needs in bed and as

Rollo Tomassi says make yourself your

own mint you make yourself that your

mental point of origin have a me first

attitude oh my god that's so selfish yes

it is and this is what it takes to be

successful with women it's just like

Mike and Tampa just said no more mr.

nice guy means not giving a about

her needs you take care of you first

then you worry about what she wants

later if it fits into your plan Floyd

Mayweather before the Manny Pacquiao

fight of course I was on Showtime they

have that you know they have the

specials you know running in the loop

and this and that in the other and I

remember during the documentary there

was one time there was there was one

clip where they caught him and where he

was talking about his his lifestyle and

I remember him saying he said I'm a

selfish he's like and all

you guys can go yourself he's like

you I'm taking care

of me he says me first and everyone else

that is the true embodiment of an alpha

male and nut listen trust and believe

nobody cheats Floyd Mayweather had a

what he wants he does what he wants on

his own terms here's another reason why

women don't like nice guys why they

don't nice guys shout out to Rollo

Tomassi who's in the chat and light and

self-interest that's it there you go see

this is funny man Rollo comes in and he

upstages me makes me look bad

enroll oh my guest bailed on me tonight

so I guess I'm doing the show solo

tonight but here's another reason why

women don't like mr. nice guy and this

is something that Alan Roger curry talks

about a lot as well women don't like

nice guys because they're afraid to be

upfront about what they really want men

when they approach women they give women

the impression that they're going to

take care of them that they want a

relationship and nine times out of ten

that's the that's usually not the case

when you approach a woman you're not

approaching her because you want a

relationship at least not in the

beginning you're approached because you

want to her and women don't respect

men who aren't upfront about what they

want about what they want

lar see calls this the mode one approach

now the mode one approach is like hey

going up and whispering to a girl I'm

gonna the out of you sometimes

it works sometimes it doesn't it's not

listen it's not what it's not what I

would do but listen man I can vouch for

its effectiveness a lot of people have

had success with the mode one approach

the point is is that women were spent

listen even if a woman respects a man if

a woman rejects a man she respects a man

who takes the mode1 approach you know

what he came up and talked to me didn't

waste my time he was not afraid to put

it out on the table listen I'm not

looking for I'm not looking for a

relationship I'm not looking to get

married I'm not looking for kids I'm not

looking to take care of your kids I just

want to right women respect that

even if they don't want to even if

they have no interest in you

guess what at least they respect you but

guys who come at him with this hole well

I'm gonna take care of you and oh you

know you and they're like why do you

want to take care of me you've known me

for 12 minutes know you're fake you're

too nice you have an ulterior motive and

agenda if you want to just say you

want to don't come at me like a

nice guy this was why when she says he's

a good guy he's a nice guy

translation I don't want to him

here's another one this is a good one I

want it to take things slow translation

I don't want to you

until the guy I really want rejects me

it's so funny I oh my god I have

so many girls in Vegas

whoo and it's funny like I'll be with

her that night and she'll be getting a

text message and I don't give a

she's somebody else whatever

cool I'm getting might let me and

already busting it out whatever and they

always most of them always say listen

you don't have know anything to worry

about look I'm not waitin oh it's a guy

who kind of wants to talk to me and I'm

like well if you like I'm texting back

she's like well I kind of sort of like

him but he's not really my type right

that's the guy she's telling I want to

take things slow why because she's

guys like me if you meet a girl

and she actually gives you play she

actually gives you the time of day you

guys exchanged numbers you're talking

you've been out on a couple of dates and

you haven't her

she has someone else girls are

always someone don't get it

twisted don't let girls say well I'm

gonna be celibate for six months no

you're not gonna be sold it sweetheart

you're niggas like Donovan right

Kevin and sales those are they listen

those are the guy she's the guy

who is texting her every day hey good

morning beautiful hope you had a good

day text me to get home so I know that

you so dude you got home okay hey I want

to take this thing to the next level I

wanna take things slow translation I

don't want to you until the guy

really want stops me then all of

a sudden all of a sudden right to his

surprise she says you know I don't want

to come over tonight I want to have sex


it must have worked no what happened was

is Donovan found another couple of girls

and replaced her in the roster and of

course because girls never want to be in

a relationship but they can't be alone

that's when they're ready to speed

things up so when a girl tells you she

wants to take things slow she wants to

take things slow until the guy she's

is done with her here's another

one I referred to this a little bit

earlier I'm not sleeping with you

tonight translation I definitely want to

you but I don't want you to think

I'm a I've had a lot of one-night

stands and most girls well if you want

to I do do you meet a girl at a

casino you buy a couple of drinks should

play some blackjack you play some penny

slots hey what room number are you I'm

in 211 okay

going you right but if you actually

meet a girl like if you meet her on

Tropicana or Fremont Street or Las Vegas

Boulevard or whatever and she's actually

into you and she's actually digging you

a little bit

you take her out you're escalating you

cancel you can see that you can see it

coming out of her pores that she wants

to you and you don't mention it of

course because you know you're not gonna

see there and say hey look we're gonna

have great sex tonight

no you're going to imply it you're going

to escalate you are going to try to

her but a lot of girls know the dude the

girls know dudes that have that game and

halfway through the day every single

time roll it's a bad scene nailed it on

the head translation I'm thinking about

having sex with you exactly

halfway through the date her is

wet and she knows she wants to me

right but she doesn't want to look like

a so she says oh I really like

this guy and I really want to him

but I don't want him to think I'm a

hey by the way we're not having sex

tonight sex is out of the question well

I don't know half the time I end up

him anyway sometimes I'll get a

blowjob out of it but that's all that


when a girl tells you unprovoked and a

lot of the stuff is unprovoked by the

way that that's the one great qualifier

if a woman tells you unprovoked in the

middle of a date I'm not sleeping with

you tonight Rolla nails it on the head

it means she's thinking about

you that's why she talks about

you hey by the way just while were off

you know just random thought I'm not

sleeping with you tonight

that means she's thinking about sucking

your dick that means she's thinking

about being on her back with her legs

open while you pound the piss out of her

she doesn't want you to think she's a

so she's gonna try to beat you to

the pass it's plenty of oh here's

another one I love this one I don't

normally do this translation I do this

all the time once again but I don't want

you to think I'm a so you're out on

a date with a girl and she says I'm not

sleeping with you tonight

now me listen I'm a physical

right like I asked a little

dude I don't even

when a girl tells me that I'm not

sleeping with her I know she wants to

right so I said yeah come back I've

got a goldfish collection or I've got a

really cool biggest high-rise

ice a little bit dude I used to live in

a ridiculous apartment overlooking the

strip right hey I've got a great view of

the Vegas strip come check it out then

you know then you can go home okay she

already knows I'm trying to her

right so I get her back to my place we

have a couple of drinks she's on her

knees I her

blah-blah-blah-blah-blah right so after

we get done

we're having our after our after our

after sex our post-coital cigarette and

whiskey she comes out you know I don't

normally do this yeah you do right you

just don't want me to think that you're

a not only that she's trying to

stroke your ego I don't normally do this

but you're special that's why I did it

with you

rollin nails it again he says oh we're

not having sex tonight that means sex is

on the table roll is good at this he's

very good at this yes what a girl says

she doesn't normally do this

that means she normally doesn't

otherwise she would not have done it I

don't normally sleep with guys on the

first date sweetie look man I get it

like I girls like you all the time

like I can so accurately predict what

you're gonna say and do it's almost


I'm just horny that's really about it

let's um let's switch gears here what

she says he cheated on me well what this


it could mean one of two things I

cheated on him or he cheated on me

because I cheated first right here's the

thing guys women and I've said this

before any time a woman talks about her

ex I have never heard a woman take

accountability for the demise of her

relationship I've never heard a woman

say I've never heard a woman say hey you

know what me and my husband me about me

and my boyfriend broke up because we

were just too young we both screwed up

we were too young we went our separate

ways no no no no it's always he was a

turbo alcoholic and he gambled away all

of our money and he had a cocaine habit

he was strippers and prostitutes

and he and he hit and he hit and he was

abusive right oh and he cheated on me

it's never the case girls have so many

more opportunities to cheat it's

so you mean to tell me that every single

guy out there is cheating on their woman

gets their guys that cheat on their

women I used to be one of those people

okay that's that's exactly it

the problem is is when a woman tells you

that he cheated on me she's either lying

or she cheated on him I've talked about

this before I think I did an episode

called five half-truths women tell so

you're out on a date with a girl and you

like each other and she says yeah my

last boyfriend he cheated on me so I

left okay whatever you let it blow over

your dumbass believes her so then you

guys are dating for a few months and

then you find out that she some

other guy like oh yeah you know I hooked

up with you know Kevin and sales you

know and you're like wait a minute that

was in October weren't you still with

your boyfriend in October like well yeah

okay so you cheated on him you didn't

tell me that you cheated - no I told you

he cheated on me so I left that was the

truth you see how she does that never

believed a woman when she tells you that

her boyfriend cheated on me it's never

listen it's nepotism

it's either never true or it's because

she cheated first men don't have the

sexual options that women do so your

last 12 boyfriends cheated on you is

that it got it and you stuck around for

11 years yeah yeah tell me anything uh

here's a good one

this one is to save face when a woman

says we ended things mutually that means

he dumped me women listen women never

like to admit that they got dumped right

they know that you'll go back and say

whoa wait a minute didn't you dump

Christy she says you ended things

mutually the boyfriends not you know

listen man if he's like me I'll be like

don't that I dumped her dumb ass

right so she'll cover herself and say

well we ended things mutually a woman

will never admit that she got dumped

unless of course it's by an alpha and

even then they have a hard time

admitting it oh here's a here's another

good one I'm not like other girls

translation I am like other girls what I

want you to think I'm

different girls know that they are

exactly the same gentlemen this is how

they are they know that they're exactly

the same but they don't know how to they

don't know how to separate themselves by

cultivating their quality by cultivating

their quality trait we're not looking

for girls who are different in unique

we're looking for girls who are

effeminate who are faithful who are

loyal I don't give a if you're not

like anybody else

dude feed me me and stay loyal

that's it that's all I need I don't need

anything unique I mean because it is I

don't need that I'm not like other girls

sweetheart you're not special you're not

a snowflake you're not a unicorn oh here

we go here we go I'm one of the guys

translation I'm a any girl who has

all guy friends or hangs out with guys

more than girls is a the only

reason why women hang out with more guys

than girls is because they want that

attention and they love to broadcast at

all I'm one of the guys I was over at

Todd's house playing call of duty we're

watching the Padres on TV we're you know

drinking beers oh I can go shot-for-shot

on tequila night I'm one of the guys no

sweetheart you're a they're not

they don't hang with you because you're

good at call of duty or supposedly gonna

call it duty they don't hang with you

because you can go shot-for-shot with

them on tequila night they hang with you

because they want to you and you

know that's why they hang with you

but you want us to believe that you

believe that they hang with you because

of your sterling personality no

sweetheart it's your tits and ass

that's it they want to you here we

go when she says I hate girls

translation I'm a I don't know why

girls don't like me

translation girls don't like me because

I flirt with their boyfriends these are

the same women who talk about the fact

that guys are easier to be friends with

the girls now here's the thing any woman

would tell you that men are much easier

to get along with than women and they're

absolutely right dude 100 percent of

women a hundred percent of women even

feminists will tell you if you ask them

look straight up

All Things Considered our who is easier

to go along with guys or girls any woman

would admit that to you right but a lot

of girls try big they try to use that

excuse to be one of the guys well why

are you one of the guys I don't know

girls just don't like when I hang with

them why don't girls like when you hang

with them because you flirt with their


because you're dirty macking you're

trying to your girl you're trying

to your girlfriend's boyfriend's

that's how that goes I don't know why

girls like me of course you know why

girls don't like you because you're

flirting with their boyfriends and they

know their boyfriends are taking notice

yeah we listen we like we like

easy and if she's giving you if

she's giving you the the impression that

she's gonna you then yeah I'll show

some interest here's some rapid-fire

ones before the first break here oh wait

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Chet here Oh

Rolla says he wants me to send him a

leak I don't have a when my guests

canceled on me I didn't I didn't do a

Google link Rollo but I will definitely

yeah Rollo was in a Rollo and I are in

sort of a Twitter beef with this

Christian woman

unbelievable unbelievable

stupid bitch rule zero dad says mode 1

hey 1 its crew mode 1 hey want some

mode 1 hey there's our friend want some

oh my god yeah a our seat listen hey RC

would definitely he'd laugh at that

because that's pretty much what it is

like mode 1 is rolling up on a bitch be

like yo you got a nice ass you got some

nice tips I got a big dick let's do some

that's what mode 1 is

man listen if you don't listen a lot of

people try to bad-mouth mode1

you're like don't get it twisted if you

ain't got a lot of time like if you're

on vacation somewhere you don't have

time to wine dine in 69 - bitch look

bitch I'm on vacation you're on vacation

I live in Albany you live in Albuquerque

what's up

that's mode one man that's mode one

freelance Ronin says black women call

that one the 90-day rule that's 90 days

of blowing and banging Pookie and

junebug and trying to pin the baby on

you three months later right rule zero

dad says 90 90 to 90 days a holdover

after arraignment great this is great

Rollo Tomassi says I think of you as a

brother I consider sex with you to be

incest Wow

that is I swear to god Rollo is

real I know how he comes up with this


he also says Kevin and sales is getting

a lot of play dude Kevin and sales gets

all the ass dude

Kevin and sales gets all the ass we're

deaf eight ninety says more or less in B

Kevin don't be nice guy Jim exactly

exactly Rollo says cheating equals

reason plus opportunity every time dude

every time man I roll again I

was so crazy back in college translation

I'm in my epiphany phase and I want a

beta me I want a beta who believes I'm a

changed person god damn this guy's this

guy's full of it god dammit I wish I'd

kept then Google link open man

oh that's a good one Sherm cane so how

do you know that girl translation I see

competition this is man you guys are

good at this freelancer on it

says I'm a wanted a woman of God

translation I'm banging the preacher or

I want to bang the preacher or the

Deacons this is great man rule zero dad

says I'm saved translation I rode the

carousel forever but I wanted you guys

are genius this is great

God did dude I'm glad I didn't have time

to really think about this I just came

up with the first 40 that came to my


are killing it oh this is

brilliant oh this is awesome dude

Captain Crunch 420 asks with woman 'yes

can one decipher overheard female gossip

to gain an edge inside a social circle

circle you absolutely can you absolutely


now you can't listen you can't let him

know that you know what's really going

on but yeah yeah rule zero dead set rule

zero dad says listen not hating on mode

one cutting to the chase listen mode one

is not for me right but that isn't to

say that I sit there and waste thirty

minutes trying to talk to a girl I'm a

pretty good judge of character

I'm very perceptive when it comes to

human behavior I can usually tell if a

girl wants to and when she doesn't

and if I get the idea that she's not

looking to I get the out of

there I get out of there mode listen

mode one saves a lot of people a lot of

time that's for sure that is for sure

okay let's move it along here let's go

to and let's let's go to the next one

this is a good one these are rapid-fire

we should start seeing other people

translation I'm someone else

let's try an open relationship

translation I'm someone else we

need to talk translation I'm

someone else we should break up

translation I'm some one else

listen if a girl is someone else

she will never say I'm someone

else again women are incapable of just

saying what they mean in meaing what

they say that's it if she's

someone else she's never gonna come to

you and say Donovan I'm someone

else no she's gonna say well let's try

an open relationship or we need to talk

or or we should start seeing other

people we just take a break no they can

never just tell you hey listen you know

what I cheated on you right you know

what this actually reminds me I'm

actually started I've actually started

watching bachelor in paradise and it

actually makes me think of my favorite

character of all time on any bachelor

ever a bachelor otherwise

my man Jordan okay so Jordan hooked up

with this girl and Alise on the island

well this other girl I have already

forgotten what a Gordon and Jenna Jenna

came to the island Jordan was

immediately smitten right and he didn't

make any bones about it

he didn't try to hide it like she walked

on beyond he was like oh

Jenna saw that Jordan was digging her so

she says hey Jordan you want to go out

on a date

yep they went out on a date their french

kiss and everything is good riding on

horses in the sunset music playing in

background right this is this is where

it gets funny so now everyone's like oh

my god what's Jordan gonna do with Hanna

lease like he's gonna talk to her like

what's going on and normally guys would

listen guys are guilty of this - girls

what girls will string a guy along okay

they'll never tell him what's up guys

will do the same to a girl but we're

usually a little bit more straight up

not too much more but eventually we're

just gonna say look I'm seeing someone


Jordan was not here for that he sat

Annelise down and said look check this

out I just went on a date with Jenna the

date was awesome what listen

Anneliese was a girl that he really

liked like they were dude they were

kissing Annalise is talking about him

being a husband like this this bit just

33 Jordan is 26 he's a male model

there's no way he's there's no way he's

ready but she's all in love because

Annalise is way past she's already hit

the wall she's not that attractive she

has a great body but that's about it but

Jordan told her the straight-up truth

the date was awesome we had a connection

and by the way I told her I'm giving my

rose but if it doesn't work with you

I'll give you my rose because you

deserve it Jordan had no issue with

being just straight-up with her it's

like he was completely oblivious to the

fact that it was going to crush her and

that Elise is sitting here listen to

this like oh my god I can't believe he

is just telling me this girls always say

they want guys to be honest until a guy

is honest with him then they're like oh

my god he was such an asshole well it

wasn't that he broke up with me it's the

way he did it no sweetheart it's that he

broke up with you when LeBron James

chose the Miami Heat

over the Cleveland Cavaliers back in

2010 they burned his jerseys and the

bronze itself Benedict Arnold then they

asked people why'd you guys act like

such idiots well it wasn't that he left

it's how he left

no it's that he left never in the

history of mankind has anyone who has

ever been broken up with if a girl came

to me and said Donovan if Devon were to

come to me and say Donovan look it's

over I'd be pissed off about it I would

never come on and say you know what

Devon dumped me tonight but you want to

know something she handled it the right

way you know what you know I can look no

no I'm gonna come on baby Devon that

that bitch

she left ah she's Kevin

in sales I knew it that it or not I'm

taking the high road right every single

time it's not how he broke up with you

it's that he broke up with you

so Annalise is pissed off but guess what

she wanted an honest man Jordan kept it

100 with her women never ever do this so

props to Jordan once again for keeping

it 100 with Annalise this was

unbelievable yes yes yes yes oh wow Rolo

sums us up he says women say they want

honesty but they never want full

disclosure this is interesting so if you

were ever to go to a woman to say hey

well you know what sweetheart I cheated

on you right I wanted to be honest but

you know I cheated on you if you want to

leave that's fine right well I'm glad

you were honest well what's her name how

many times did you do it Natalie they

don't want full disclosed they don't

need that full disclosure but now they

want it very good point Rollo very very

good point here's another one I don't

want to ruin our friendship translation

I don't want to you I'm super busy

tonight translation I don't want to

you I love you too dad oh my god on G

translation I don't want to you

when a girl says she wants to you

when a girl wants to you she

doesn't say I want to you and if

she doesn't want to you she's not

gonna say I don't want to you she's

gonna say like I don't want to ruin

our relationship I'm super busy tonight

I love you to death right I think

somebody said something

somebody that somebody said something I

think it might have been freelance

dammit I missed it I was gonna tie it

right into this I was gonna tie it right

into this and I totally

missed the boat here rule zero dad we're

growing apart equals branch swing in


Broca's exactly are you guys are good at

this Sherm cane says so what's your

girlfriend going to say translation I'm

going to sleep with you anyway this is

great oh this is great oh this

is awesome

Rolo says I need to take a break from

each other

translation there's a guy I want to

but if it doesn't work I want to come

back I want to come back to you

again Rolo nails it again a woman who

wants to you will not confuse you

exactly if a woman wants to trust

and believe she's gonna make it clear

she wants to but if she doesn't

want to she's gonna be a little bit

ambiguous but she's not gonna tell you

she doesn't want to because she

wants those relationship benefits listen

you're taking you're taking care of all

of her non-sexual needs and she knows

the reason why you're doing that is

because she is because she knows that

you think that there might be a chance

for sex but if she tells you there's no

chance for sex then she runs the risk of

losing those non-sexual benefits girls

want to be they want all of them relate

all of the benefits of being in a

relationship without actually being in

one which means sucking dick and put now

this is good you guys are good at this

here's another one this is a good one

hi hate you translation I will

bear as many of your children as you

wish friend which means I really want to

you right listen man the opposite

of love isn't hate the opposite of love

isn't difference if a woman hate you

she loves you see here's the thing man a

woman when a woman doesn't give a

about what you're doing or who you're

doing it with she doesn't love you


but if she hates you she loves you but

she's really really pissed at you so if

the words I

truly hate you comes out of her mouth

that means she'll dude that means she

loves you more than anything she just

happens to be really really pissed off

at you right now let's go to the phone


area code 408 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hey what's up Donovan

this is Armando aka you down with OPP

brother my call yeah man hey man thanks

for they appreciate that and basically

everything that you said really sums up

Rollo's the the medium is the message

essentially where women will never

really tell you their true intentions

but actions speak louder than words

right I just want to put my two cents on

that and very relevant keep doing your

thing Donovan man you're you're changing

lives - man so appreciate that thank you

appreciate that Armando thanks for the

call yeah just like you said the the

medium is the message and we say it all

the time actions speak louder than words

but they're still niggas out here taken

women at their word if a woman says so I

really like you want to be in a

relationship with you but she's not

you she wants to be in a

relationship with you but she doesn't

want to you she's not she doesn't

like you like that she doesn't like you

like that Rolla says a buddy is the

same for a guy as an emotional wow this

is good listen at this rollo tomassi

says a buddy is the same for a guy

as an emotional tampon is for women all

the sex with no emotional investment

versus a healthy emotional investment

with none of the sex god damn Wow

I swear to god that dude blows my

my medicine dude I'm gonna

plagiarize that I think on a pledge I

think I would have pledged dude that is

a rock-solid I'm gonna tweet that out

and I'm gonna credit roll oh that's


I got wasn't a UH a guy listen a girl

who's a buddy for a guy is

literally the same thing as a guy who's

in the friend zone for a girl all the

sex none of the emotion all the emotion

none of the sex I love the parallel Wow

very good very good let's go to the next


don't even think about anal sex

translation please me in the ass

now here's the thing the the thing is

this guys you have to understand that

this is if she says don't even think

about anal right now if she says it

unsolicited that means she wants you to

her in the ass that's what that

means but if you're joking with her and

like hey you know I'm gonna you in

the ass oh don't even think about anal


well that might mean she wants you to

try right

like that's what that means sometimes

let's go to the next one I don't swallow

translation I swallow for guys I am

aroused by and I don't swallow for you

listen every girl swallows and listen

every girl is willing to swallow every

girl is willing to endure anal sex but

they're not willing to swallow for every

guy they're not willing to endure anal

sex for every guy right she can suck a

bunch of guy's dick chicken let a bunch

of guys into her but anal sex

blowjobs to completion swallowing semen

she does that for the guys that she is

aroused by guys that she is truly

viscerally aroused and attracted to and

buy so when she says I don't swallow she

means I don't swallow for you that's

what that means

there you go rule 0 dad nails it alright

let's let's check the chat here now it

looks like I'm having some internet


all right well I'll power through it at

least you guys can hear me

you guys listen I know it's kind of

buffering I know it's kind of buffering

right now wait I mean like it's

buffering on my end can can you guys

hear and see me okay because for

whatever reason whenever I think I'm


um when I think I'm having internet

issues you guys are always like it looks

looks fine on my end so I don't want to

I don't want to enter the I don't want

to talk about something that's not

happening just let me know guys okay

yeah real and says it's loud and clear

over there again I guess it's my shitty

ass $180 a laptop computer that is that

that's having trouble connecting so yes

Rollo again nails it says talking about

anal with a woman outside of sex is

never productive you have to have her

worked up in them in the moment to do it

right don't ask a girl

don't listen don't ask the girl hey can

we have anal sex tonight or hey we're

gonna have anal no the best way to get

anal sex out of a girl is to press the

head of your against her asshole

she's either gonna let you her in

the ass or she's not either way it ain't

the end of the world this is just how it

works okay so we are getting a little

bit a little bit of the a little bit of

a buffer but um my internet issue should

clear up its prime time out here in

Philly it's just about eight o'clock in

the eight o'clock at eight o'clock at

night here on the East Coast

I'm still waiting on that router that I

was promised by Xfinity that's supposed

to give me one gigabyte of speed but for

those of you who are patreon supporters

it's not gonna buffer on the replay all

right ah here's a good one this is the

inverse perk this is the this is the one

that that's the inverse D inverse

projection men are intimidated by me

translation I am turned on by

intimidating men I say this I've said

this before a sort of dating hack that

you can use when you're out on a first

date with a woman

ask her what kind of woman are you when

you when she answers your question she

is literally telling you what kind of

man she is looking for what kind of man

she wants and needs they don't know that

they're doing it but this is what

they're doing right so if yes go cut up

a woman are you well I'm responsible I'm

level-headed I'm goal-oriented I'm

disciplined these are all masculine

qualities that she wants in a man so

when a woman set now on the other side

it works the same way men are

intimidated by me know what she means to

say is that she has turned on by

intimidating men same with this little

statement I am a strong woman well what

that means is I am aroused by strong men

anthony 4:13 says use cat seven cables I

think I'm using cat 3 or cat five so I'm

not actually looking to do in using cat

seven cables okay all right little tech

support there on the on the on the TSR

live end one thing I could definitely

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next level all right that rule zero dad

says don't call cat or Pat Stedman I

have no I've actually heard of Pat Pat

Stedman I don't really know much about

him I think he's that I think he goes

after Rollo quite a bit if I'm not

mistaken don't quote me on that but I

think that he and I think Pat Stedman

Steadman's always going after Rollo for

some reason or another I don't know

maybe I'm getting maybe I'm getting that

wrong now either way either way the

average cable is cat five I'm gonna

start using cat seven yeah I'm gonna

have to start using cat seven cables and

then when I get my I don't know when my

when my new when my new router is

supposed to be here from Xfinity we were

supposed to get it we called up to

upgrade our package and and and it was

you know they were like oh we don't have

it yet okay yeah yeah right so bad

Steadman is the guy that rolled his

laces that guy okay yeah so that's

that that's that's that's definitely

that's definitely the guy let's move on

when she says if I don't have to do X


sure I can meet up with you translation

I will not meet up with you listen man

if you ask a woman to meet up and she

wants to meet up with you she's gonna

move around whatever the she's got

to move around to meet up with you

right she could have plans all night

long if she really wants to you if

she really likes you if she really wants

to meet up with you guess what she will

move heaven and earth to meet up with

you never buy that oh I'm busier yeah

hey if if my friend doesn't come over

yelled no no no no no it's either yes or

no here's another one oMG that's a red

flag translation that's a turn-on what

women characterized as red flags are

things that aroused them tattoos or red

flags I have plenty of them oh my god

you have a criminal record that's a red

flag I myself have a criminal record

right oh my god he has a temper that's a

red flag three for three women it's so

funny and it's like when they're

advising their friends well I'm dating a

guy and I find out he has a criminal

record and he's got all these tattoos

and he's got a baby mama and he doesn't

have a job bla bla bla bla

oh my god girl those are red those are

red flags no sweetie yes they are red

flags but guess what

they are also turn-ons the things that

make a man a good dad do not make him a

good father and you guys know exactly

what I mean here's one I'm not a size

Queen translation I like huge dicks

women know that if they're size Queens

that means you have been by at

least a hundred right listen if

you if you say I like big dicks this

means this means you've had a lot of big

dicks well guess what there are a lot of

guys with big dicks out there they're

just art so if you a lot of guys

with big dicks that means you have

a load of guys

I'm not a size Queen bitch you are a

size Queen Sherm cane says OMG you're

crazy translation I'm wet this is great

this is great

Rolo says if it's 2 a.m. you've been

drinking and she says let's go get a

burger a pizza you were not getting laid

that night exactly oh that's good

I've never had that happen to me before

like I've never had a girl hang out with

me and say hey let's go get something to


no we now she will say that but I have

her two or three times before

then and we're both hungry and of course

in Vegas nothing ever closes ever but if

you haven't her and it's 2:00

a.m. and she says yeah let's go get a

burger a pizza or a milkshake or

something or let's go to a casino blow

off some steam not getting the

no sir when she says I'm in an open

relationship translation I cheat

he can't he knows it and can't do

anything about it it's funny I've I've

dated or I so many girls who tell

me oh yeah that's just my boyfriend or

my husband I'm like wait what you're

being that no no no no no don't worry

we're in an open relationship and I just

laugh right no you're not in an open

relationship and and here's the thing

guys here's the thing what you have to

understand is that there's no it an open

relationship only benefits women okay if

a man and a woman want to be in an open

relationship the girl is gonna be

a bunch of guys and the guy is

not that's just how this is I remember I

read one article I think Kevin a banya

sent it to me about a girl and a guy who

were in an open relationship and in the

article it says lisa has three partners

right now but Paul isn't currently

sleeping with anyone

yes she cheats on him and there's

nothing he can do about it because he

doesn't have any options I'm in an open

relationship that's a way for women to

talk about their cheating talk about

their infidelity without actually

calling it cheating anytime a woman says

they're in an open relationship here's

how you stick a shiv and that ass is he

sleeping with other women you've got her

because if he says because if she says

yes he is sleeping with other women that

means that she's not attractive enough

to only for him to only be her

if she says no then her little

arrangement goes from an open

relationship to her just around

on him so if a woman ever says I'm in an

open relationship really is he sleeping

with other people you got her you got

her when she says oMG I just love his

energy and his aura translation I want

to that one's pretty simple

here's another one oh my god her tits

are south bank translation I wish my

tits look my curse bitches are all the

time it's so funny flat-chested women

talk all the about bitches with

fake tits okay listen here's the thing

man here's here's one thing that I

figured out very quickly people shame

what they cannot have they just do oh

look at that he's driving a Lamborghini

I would never drive a Lamborghini what

what's the insurance on that thing no

idiot you would drive the Lambo if you

could don't hate on what other people

have people want Instagram always hatin

dude when I post pictures of Devin and

you guys know Devin side Devin's got a

hot body I make no bones about

it I get haters coming out of nowhere oh

she's a prostitute she's an amateur porn

star she's gonna leave you because you

objectify her no you hate on what I have

because you can't have it it's just like

turd flinging monkey making fun of my


oh you're so masculine look at you you

only you're staying in shape for

no dude

you wanna be me but you can't be me so

you make fun of me that's some

disingenuous ass just like when a

woman shames a woman for fake tits bitch

you want her tits and you know it

outta here with that nonsense

when she says I am so done with him

translation if he calls me I will

him again the opposite of love isn't

indifference the opposite of or I'm

sorry the opposite of love isn't hate

the opposite of love is indifference if

she if her if his name is still in her

mouth if she's still mad about what he

did or he didn't call her he texted her

or he cheated on me and I can't believe

he did that I'm so done with him

guess what if he calls you you're

throwing away the condoms you want the

semen the outta here with that

oh here's another good one follow your


translation the hot guy you have

your eye on it's so funny women always

talk to their they always get

advice from their friends they're

in a relationship they've got a

boyfriend they've got a husband well I

really I really really like Steven I

really love Steven but there's this guy

at work who's in the sales department

his name is Kevin and he makes me feel

special and it just seems like a good

guy and that's not the other and her

girl says you know what you deserve to

be happy

follow your heart follow your heart just

means another guy but never once

did she say listen divorce kit or you

know divorce your husband leave your

boyfriend no no no

follow your heart means cheat the

god the hot guy you have your eye

on that's all that means

follow your heart get out of you with

that you are so controlling and

possessive oh my god

translation you are making it difficult

for me to t women cheat in the margins

and if you know what your girl is up to

all the time every time

if you quiz her on where she was what

she was doing and who she was doing it

with she'll call you controlling and

possessive now the only time a woman has

a problem with you asking her question

like questions like these the only time

a woman has a problem with you quizzing

her on her whereabouts is when she wants

to cheat if she if she really loved you

and wanted to earn your trust right if

she really wanted if she really wanted

you to know that she is faithful if she

really has no intention of cheating on

him just my problem sharing these

details with you but when a woman wants

to cheat she'll tell you that you're so

controlling and possessive why so that

you'll back off which gives her the

margin in the room to cheat so when a

woman says you're so controlling and

possessive what she's really telling you

is that you're making it difficult to


you know it's funny what a woman breaks

up with you

she says I will always love you

translation I will never you again

on the flip side of that if a woman says

I will never talk to you again

translation I will you whatever you

want Oh God we're gonna end this with a

few rapid-fire same meanings here when a

woman says I need to find myself

translation I'm gonna a lot of guys

and a short period of time when a woman

says I need some me time what she means

I'm gonna a lot of guys in a short

period of time when a woman says I need

to take care of me what she means I'm

gonna a lot of guys in a short

period of time listen women in and it's

so funny now a lot of women will say you

know what I'm gonna go through my whole

phase but they never but they never say

that to men right I remember I did a

consult with one guy and he says yeah I

met this girl she says I was gonna go do

I was gonna go through my whole face

this year until I met you she did that

to make him feel special wow you you

mean you you decided to forgo all that

dick for me you must really like me nah

bitch she played you she played you

thankful thankfully for him he's doing

much much better now what's at the chat

one last time I like that shirt gain one

OMG her crazy translation I'm wet yep

freelance Ronan says open relationship

translation he is openly caught rule 0

dad says it should be called open for

her relationship dude open relationships

only benefit women dude 10 times out of

10 the only benefit women dude I've

never dude I've never heard about of an

open relationship where the guy was

getting more than the girl was

getting dick

whoo Rollo Tomassi says I'm a Nepali

relationship translation I live with two

thirsty betas who fight over my

when I look for alpha Bulls on the

weekends oh my god you guys are

good at this this is great

Sammy B says she's probably wearing a

push-up bra translation her tits look

great right dude women and men do this

oh he's probably on steroids yeah you

wish you were on steroids because you

wish you look like him look try to

qualify somebody success okay he's on

steroids he looks good you wish

you look like him and you do it too if

you had the balls to do it

I know I would Robbo says women would

rather be objectified by an alpha than

then I felt then idealized by beta you

got that right

women would also rather share an alpha

than to have a beta alter themselves I

think I actually read that on the

rational male comm yeah listen rule 0

dad says the single friend is always a

nightmare absolutely every time

and every time every time

chase LeBeau says can we get a PDF of

Woody's oh my god very very good show

very very good very good suggestions

they're a very very good input bye you


excellent excellent show that's gonna do

it for this edition of TS r primetime my

thanks to my callers Armando of course

Mike down in Tampa shout out to Rollo

Tomassi for making an appearance in the

chat I will see you guys tomorrow night

at 7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific thanks for


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