Women are miserable because they can't have it all for free (Episode 327)

Today’s women are so spoiled and entitled that they subconsciously believe that they deserve the best of everything all the time just because they’re women. American culture teaches girls that all you have to be is female and they’re entitled to anything and everything they want.



The problem is, it doesn’t really work that way. Yes, they are given advantages simply for being born a female but the world doesn’t reward women with anything of value if they don’t work for it.

They get attention on social media for posting pictures of their tits and asses but that attention is not only hollow and easy to get, it’s not from the men they REALLY want attention from.  Then they turn around and complain about where all the good men have gone.

Well what they don’t realize is that getting the attention of a man of value takes work….and lots of it. But girls want their attention without having to work for it or increase their value. They want their cake and eat it too and at the end of the day they can’t have it both ways and that’s why they’re fucking miserable.


Ronnie Coleman eight-time mr. Olympia

and in arguably the greatest bodybuilder

of all time

can barely walk without crutches this

dudes had six surgeries on his back and

knees and has to eat a handful of oxy

every day to keep the pain from making

him pass out he pays a high price for

his success the point is that nothing

comes free guys there is always a price

to pay and listen that price doesn't

always have to be money it could be your

time it could be your health it could be

your well-being your marriage your kids

might even be your life today's women

are so spoiled and so entitled that they

subconsciously believe that they deserve

the best of everything all the time just

because they're women American culture

teaches girls that all you have to be

his female and they're entitled to

anything and everything they want the

problem is doesn't really work that way

yes they are given advantages simply for

being born a female but the world

doesn't reward women with anything of

value they don't work for it women get

attention on social media for posting

pictures of their tits and asses but

that attention is not only a hollow and

easy to get it's not from the men that

they really want attention from then

they turn around a complaint about where

all the good men have gone we've all

heard it before well what they don't

realize is that getting the attention of

a man of value right let's go ahead and

qualify that a man of value that takes

work and a lot of it but girls want

attention without having to work for it

or increase their value to get it they

want their cake and eat it too and at

the end of the day they just can't have

it both ways and that's why they're

miserable so today I'm going to

point out a few of the most ubiquitous

situations where women think they can

have it both ways for free my opening

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yours today it is Monday September tenth

2018 and the NFL

I guess unofficially opened yesterday

yesterday was the first full slate of

NFL games of course the season started

this past Thursday on the sixth where my

Philadelphia Eagles bested the Atlanta

Falcons 18 to 12 kind of a defensive

struggle listen I'm not dead I'm not

gonna come on here and say oh I knew the

Eagles will win I really thought we

would lose that game yeah Julio Jones

gashed us but we were able to keep we

were able to keep them out of the end

zone pretty much the whole time I forget

who scored the touchdown but they were

all able to get into the end zone one

time and in the end it was Julio Jones

who caught the ball way out of bounds of

course giving the Eagles the win so a

full slate of NFL games yesterday had a

lot of fun I mean I completely got my

ass handed to me in fantasy I think I'm

down by like 80 something points so

basically Todd Gurley Robert Woods and

the LA Rams defense have to score me

like 187 thousand points for me to tie

the score so it looks like we're gonna

take an L

in week 1 of fantasy as a matter of fact

the second time la1 I started oh and

three so there is death there still hope

yet the sports world of course today is

a buzz about the Serena Williams

meltdown to make a long story short


thought that a call was incorrect she

started going back and forth with the

chair umpire she threw her racket

she started going back and forth with

him she was assessed a game penalty or

something like that she basically she

basically came unraveled that wasn't

really and listen I didn't really have

an issue with any of it but where at

what I had an issue with was she's

clinging to this whole sexism thing

right the reason he did this to me is

because I'm a woman and that's 100%

false listen man this guy I think his

name is Carlos Ramos the guy's from

Portugal listen he's an asshole he is

but he's an asshole to everyone he

penalized Novak Djokovic twice for the

same things

he's penalized Rafael Nadal he penalized

Andy Murray back in the 2016 Summer

Olympics out there in Rio this guy's an

asshole to everyone and Serena Williams

would have you believe that the reason

Ramos was so hard on her is because

she's a woman and nothing could be

further from the truth listen guys this

is what women do when doesn't go

their way when she becomes completely

unraveled they start to cling to all of

the normal arguments during that rant

she says how can you do this to me I've

never cheated I have a daughter

the does you having a daughter have

to do with anything right like any time

you're in an argument with a woman when

a woman is being completely irrational

she starts to bring in all of these

other elements that have nothing to do

with anything

you're an asshole you blah blah

blah blah blah wait a minute why am I an

asshole I just told you the sky was blue

right that's the problem with you guys

you guys want to beat up whoa wait whoa

what Sarina nothing had anything to do

with your daughter but again the reason

she'd mentioned her daughters because

she wanted sympathy please have mercy on

me I have a little girl please have

mercy on me I'm Serena Williams Oh what

you're not gonna have mercy on me well

you you did that because I'm a


Serena's full of she is absolutely

full using Serena is the greatest woman

she is the greatest female tennis player

who ever lived no doubt about it but she

was a hundred percent wrong in this


ruch has made the manosphere news he


got his latest book entitled game taken

down from Amazon and I think they banned

pretty much all of the rest of his books

as well hang on I need some water there

we go mana mark my mouth is already

starting to get dry here anyway yeah

yeah ruch got his books banned on Amazon

and so and it appears that they haven't

really given him a reason as to why they

have taken his books down listen I'm not

gonna compare myself to Russia was just

bigger than I'll ever be but I remember

a while back I used to have an I had if

I had one Amazon affiliate account

before I opened up this one and they

they caught off my account and they

didn't really give me an explanation

well the reason why is because I'm

Donovan sharp right they went to that

they went to the website nests at oh

that's that's what this guy represents

okay very good so they told me I was in

violation of terms Terms of Service they

didn't give me any explanation they just

took it I think I'd like two hundred and

fifty dollars and Amazon Commission's

what's really sucked because you know

getting Amazon basically getting an

Amazon gift card for $250 that's as good

as cash because I think I buy pretty

much everything on Amazon well they did

the same thing to Roush and the reason

they the reason they took his books down

let's keep it real guys because he tells

the truth about women

he tells guys how to pretty girls

he tells guys the keys to the the the

vaginal Kingdom right and girls would be

quick to say well there are no girls out

there writing about how to manipulate

men sexually well of course you guys

don't you don't have to manipulate men

sexually now there are books out there

that encourage women to manipulate men

financially but even that doesn't take a

lot of brains all you have to be is hot

and willing to give blowjobs and you can

pretty much make ninety five percent of

guys out there do anything but for the

rest of the five percenters that's when

it gets a little bit tough and i have

yet to see a book that even comes close

to talking about how to seduce or

bamboozle guys like me it can be done

don't get me wrong I'm not gonna sit

here and act like I'm the world's

greatest smartest red pill guy we can be

got it's not gonna be easy but the fact

that Roush has now written he's written

a good probably over a dozen books and

this is this this is a first book in a

long time I think he spent two years

working on it it was in the top 1000 on

Amazon they took it off they took it

down just like that and the reason they

did it is because he's Roush that's all

to it yeah CJ 80 says it's still on

audible yeah yeah it's on audible for

now until they get wind of it so that's

that's that's the way it is sharp assist

chain chiming in saying it's not fair

you know what's interesting I was

actually at TGI Fridays watching the

match with Devon well not when the when

the whole thing went down I didn't hear

what was happening all we saw it was

Serena Williams losing her yeah

during that ran she's like it's not fair

it's not fair

listen man listen say whatever you want

all Serena had to do was keep her cool

right she didn't really do anything

agree she didn't really say anything at

Regis but she kept on and she kept on

the guy gave her one penalty she kept on

guy gave her two penalties she kept on

so finally he said get out of my

face that's a game penalty so he did it

to herself that's all there is to it

there's no one to blame but herself no

one to blame but herself Yeah right she

even said I'm a mother right exactly

what the does you having a mother

have to do with a tennis match like get

the outta here not running in that

nonsense okay now to the announcement

the big announcement got a few things to

announce number one starting next Monday

September 17th 2018

TSR prime time goes back to being TSR

alive and will start at 10:00 a.m.

Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific again starting

next week Monday September 17 2018 ts

our prime time goes back to being TSR

alive and the start time will be 10:00

a.m. Eastern 7:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific and it's gonna

be five days a week it's gonna be Monday

through Friday at 10:00 a.m. Eastern

7:00 a.m. Pacific I'm not married to the

time I'm open to moving it around but

I've done a lot of research asked a lot

of opinions and this appears to be the

best time for me I'm trying to grow a

live audience I'm trying to brand myself

as the guy most red pill aware men are

guys who are looking to learn about the

red pill listen to in the morning so I

want to be your I want to be the morning

cup of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness I want guys to sit at work you

drive to work you're sitting it you're

sitting at work for an hour here let me

open up my phone and listen to TSR live

hopefully I'm gonna try to make the show

an hour and a half to two hours I can't

make any promises

because it is I mean even now like doing

a 45 minutes show too and listen I like

the talk but coming up with 45 - 45

minutes to an hour of content guys it's

not listen it's not easy I'm not asking

you feel sorry for me I'm just letting

you know that it is very ambitious to

try to do an hour and a half to two hour

show by yourself I'm gonna try to get

some other people involved obviously I'm

definitely gonna be the main guy you

know listen my imprint is still gonna be

on the show

but we'll see how it goes my guess is

that it'll probably stay there

indefinitely but like I said I'm trying

to grow my live audience I'm trying to

be the morning I guess I'm trying to be

sort of the world's the world's first

morning red pill you know radio guy I

don't really know I don't really know

what to call that the next 10 ounce mint

software-wise I am going back to

crowdcast now before you guys lose your

minds just relax all of the bugs have

been worked out I've spoken with psy I

spoke with oh god I forgot her name


I spoke with sighs spoke to his

assistant I've tested everything a

hundred times all of the bugs have been

worked out so you can watch me live on

the crowdcast app or on my website and

this is for iOS users as well that's

where we had the problem guys this is

gonna be crystal-clear high-definition

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had the buffering issue before with

crowdcast never had that the issue was

is that iOS users couldn't watch the

show for whatever reason they just

hadn't worked out that bug which is

weird because their app was on iOS but

that's neither here nor there but now

you can watch and lit you can watch and

listen to the show here's another thing

you can also listen to the show live

even if your phone is in quote sleep

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computer so what you're gonna do is

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again I do this to keep the trolls out I

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was the one that was one huge issue I

had with YouTube is I just get a bunch

of trolls in there all the time you guys

know I have a weakness for trolls yes I

know I should be more emotionally

immature but trolls get on my nerves

because they're cowards and I I just

don't have I don't have much patience

for cowards and you know trolls are

cowards oh that that's just how that's

gonna go

so also starting on Monday September

17th I will no longer be streaming to

YouTube or Twitter or Facebook I will

only stream to my website via crowdcast

I normally what I do you guys know this

I'm doing it right now

I stream the first 20 minutes or so 15

20 minutes or so to YouTube Twitter and

Facebook and and listen as you guys know

I'm already unless that I'm already

getting warnings right last week and

this is funny this is what this is this

was the straw that broke the camel's

back last week I was trying to come up

with a way to broaden my audience so I

thought to myself you know what maybe I

can get away with streaming to YouTube

right one of my accounts one of my

YouTube channels is eligible for super

chat so let's increase the revenue let's

stream to YouTube get all the super

chests and delete the videos so nobody

will know not one and a half hours after

I had that very thought I got two

warnings from YouTube your content has

been moved to adult I got two warnings

both of them said we've looked at your

content and we have marked it as adult

right got two videos that marked 18 or

older and it won't be long before I get

a community strike meaning I can't

stream live you get one community strike

you're already on a list I'm

already on the list

so rather than fight it rather than play

the YouTube game like deleting videos or

marking them private you know or moving


I'm not getting involved in that

nonsense guys I'm gonna do my show I'm

gonna drop the mic you know and I'm

gonna go on with the rest of my day no

muss no fuss no emails telling me my

channels been taken down or that I'm in

facebook jail for 30 days or that I

can't post on Instagram anymore or

anything like that so starting next

Monday the only place to watch or listen

to to TSR live is gonna be either on

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this will be the last week that you can

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if you want to come to Donovan sharp

calm or download the crowd cast app

crowd cast app it's very very very

simple to use also I am moving to a new

studio gentlemen I spent a little over

$2,000 on hardware got a brand new Mac

computer on the way which will stay in

the studio I didn't buy it to goof off

on this this new Mac computer is for the

sole purpose of TSR live and nothing

else is completely dedicated to the show

I got new software of course that being


I got it I got a brand new higher

quality mic I got new monitor so the

show is gonna have a brand new look and

a brand new field now the content is

gonna be exactly the same still gonna be

raw still gonna be real it's gonna be

what you've come to expect from donovan

sharp but the show is gonna look better

it's gonna sound better the chat

software's gonna run a lot smoother you

know and you don't have to have your

screen on to listen to the show you

don't have to worry about passers-by at

work or anything like that you can

listen at work not drain your battery or

burn through your data so there's gonna

be a much Barracks better experience for

you guys all the way around now I want

to make one thing clear here guys

all of these changes and all of these

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so I want you to know that that I'm

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line with donovan go ahead hey I'm doing

good move your mouth a little closer to

the phone you're sound like your mom a

little bit I can hear you now okay not

too much man what's on your mind and I

wanted to say

I was listening to like a podcast a

while ago where a guy was talking about

like like women and he was talking about

the difference between like how men we

talk about material things and women

they talk about feelings like he was

like he was talking like he was saying

like how the difference between men and

women and like how to attract women just

like talking about healings and things

like that and I wanted to say like you

know it's crazy how he said like how if

anything it was crazy how women like

please like me is about the things they

like like if you need them like that it

does I think and what he's trying to say

is that the way to attract women is not

to talk about your feelings but rather

to make women right but rather to make

them feel when you're with a woman and

you make her feel excited right you make

her feel passion you make her feel lust

after you make her you keep her on her


women women don't often remember what

what you say to them on the first date

they remember some things but what they

remember the most is how you made them

feel and if you make a woman fall all

right there you go and if you make a

woman feel excited if you keep her on

her toes if there's excitement if

there's if there's mystery if there's

intrigue she will never forget you how

do I usually like them they feel like

they're the only person I feel like they

thought like well yeah yeah women are

when they're very solid Cystic like this

and it's funny one um one trick I used

to use like on a first date I used to I

used to use like fee and you have to

wait for the right time when you know

I'll be having a good time with the girl

be viable with or whatever and I'll just

kind of turn it'll be like you know what

and it's got a crazy how this how we

just kind of worked out right like I saw

you at the grocery store and now here

we're having a great time it's almost

like it was meant to me and that girls

like oh my god I feel the same way and

she's all yours because you made it seem

like it was this serendipitous twist of

fate that the two of you

Mette and kyle you know and and the

cosmos was the reason for you that you

guys met women would love to think that

every that everything is meant to be

that everything is preordained I met you

for a reason it we it's our Delta - I've

said so many so many girls you

know what I think I think you're my

destiny and girl dude they just eat it

up they're like wait a minute doesn't

unamed oh I'm just talking about today I

think today like your mind doesn't it's

kind of a push poll thing next-level

game but yeah well you give a woman you

gave women the feels man and they will

never forget you man trust me Johnny

Sain is like this is that's the essence

of the game you have to learn how to be

confident to say some really agreeable

and when they reason Tatian

available shake they feel for that

really you know what I'm saying

loose in the game like it feels that

agreeable and they enjoy it if you

got going it's well it's not necessarily

saying agreeable things to women when

you speak to a woman when you're out on

a first date your intention is to make

them feel something listen it doesn't

matter you can if dude it doesn't matter

if you piss them off if you make them

happy if you frustrate them if you make

them feel intrigued if you make them

feel mystified it's all about the feels

feels feels just make sure that she does

not feel bored with you even if you say

something that completely pisses her off

it doesn't matter you're still now

obviously that's not something you want

to do on a first date but whatever you

do with a woman well whatever your words

or actions or whatever the case may be

your intention is to make her feel

something well well thanks for the call

Eric you for oh call it any time let's

go to the next caller area code two to

nine you're on live with Donovan my man

Shauna Timbo what's going on oh wow

looks like Sam Darnell just through

eight-foot Sam Donald through a big fix

on his first NFL pass goddamn hey you

know what Jameis Winston did the same

thing so let's hope he doesn't turn out

like him so what's going on John how you

doing man I'm good man I just wanted to

call in bro I always listen to the topic

and uh yeah man what's what homeboy was

just talking about you made some sense

where you cleared it up for him but you

know I was thinking the same thing as

you were saying it telling like you know

women want to talk about their feelings

no they don't want to talk about them

they just want they

you want if they want me to lit up right

and it's so funny you were talking about

the same stuff like you're my destiny

and all that stuff and they want to

believe oh it happens for a reason

one thing that I've been hearing women

say there's here's a here's an argument

they often throw out I find to be so

common it's almost like a blueprint

that's stored in their nervous system

okay and well I just want to love you

for who you are something like that

some sort of vague vague projection I

love him for who he is and that's what

matters and I said okay let's take that

and run with it if that were true that

means you literally have so many options

around you all the time and vice versa

right because we would follow with who

the person has I know there there's what

I call the Flint and the lighter okay

okay and if you don't have a flip in

your lighter that sparks something to

get her attention there will never be

interesting anything to know who you are

and they fight that to the nail man

but it's true listen it's the truth

listen man in I did an episode a while

back called three reasons why women stay

with four get back to abusive men and

one of those reasons is that they feel

something okay she's scared and she's

sad and she's depressed and all this not

in the other but again and again this

doesn't obviously I'm not advocating

beating women but people always wonder

why does it all just leave him well it's

because she still feel something for him

she might be scared but she still loves

him but one thing she is not is bored

listen the one thing you do not want to

make a woman is bored I listen women

would rather be in an abusive

relationship than a boring one because

you feel something in an abusive

relationship you don't feel anything in

a boring one absolutely yeah we talked

about that a little bit as far as like

remember the conscious mind the Omkar

yes oh yes absolutely yes I remember

that vividly he doesn't yeah she doesn't

want to have to consciously try to

construct things to make herself feel

like she's having a good time knows he

wants it or see what's the or see that's

the organic presentation right this is

why girls are detractors of game they

don't want a guy can I actually talk to

a guy about this today

don't want to they don't want to know

that that you listen to Donovan shark

they don't want to know that you read

the game by Neil Strauss but but they

would love to believe that you just

naturally approach them oh it isn't and

I do night Shawn I talk about this all

the time

I always say isn't it funny that we

happen to be at the same coffee shop at

the same time and they they always

fought like no girl has ever told me

well that's not that much of a

coincidence because I'm at the coffee

shop no they're always like oh my god I

know like what are the odds I'm like oh

my god another man just fallen for this

that's gonna believe it was meant

to be and it's bad for your day my gun

don't get me started

well I wanted to address I want to

address one thing use your topic okay

are they women being visible and you're

right you just all have cake eat it too

mentality right and when women resort to

okay there's an argument going on a

topic at hand and there's an argument

and I find and I've had this happen with

several women but they can't stand it

because I'll stay ice with them and I'll

stay logic that's right I'm conversation

with them I won't raise my voice I just

continue laying down points and when I

lay down analogies that drive that point

home within their mind boys you want to

see cognitive dissonance make it hit and

that's generally when they'll use a

tactic called they probably know what

it's called but this is what they're

doing within psychology it's called the

cognitive reframe okay they're flipping

it indirectly to get away from that

content so what do they try to hit below

the belt there you go they try to say

something um I give you an example quick

I just dealt with a booking agent for a

gig that Michael and I have and we lost

the gig and she had led us that she had

canceled us she had let us know we just

showed up and we weren't on the roster

and we were supposed to so we called her

out on it we were calling it and this is

what she didn't do

so we're staying professional hey listen

we were booked blah blah blah blah blah

here's what she does she responds with a

little bit of professionalism and all

the sudden goes and by the way also I've

been having issues with my kids and my

family hold on oh no no no no that's

irrelevant right now if I were to do

that you would call me out on it so

guess what bitch I'm calling Elleni we

did and she got more and more lit

this is what happens do they try to take

a cognitive refrain to pull you off the

tracks of logic and if you take the bait

you're done victim for gas fighting

you're done you're absolutely done

listen this is exactly what Serena

Williams did with with Carlos Ramos she

tried to say oh this isn't fair I didn't

do anything

I'm a mother I have a child Serina what

does that have to do with you breaking

your racket and be reading the referee

what does that have to do with anything

know what that had to do with was

trained it now that might be a little

bit different but women do this on

purpose they know that they don't want

when women resort when anyone resorts to

name-calling or they try to hit the hit

below the belt that what they're doing

is their admit you've already lost what

what women do is the equivalent of what

Mike Tyson did to Evander Holyfield Mike

Tyson was outclassed by a Hollifield

he would listen he was gonna get knocked

the out event dude he dude Mike

Tyson was maybe three minutes from being

on his ass again so he decided he wanted

out of the fight what did he do he tried

it once Evander got away he tried it

twice and disqualified himself right now

it is it is a little bit different but

the point is is that when you're in a

fight that you know you can't win you're

gonna try to disqualify yourself well

this is what women do they know that

they don't have a chance against logic

especially if you had that on your side

so when you say the sky is blue she's

like well like you say well the sky is

blue look clearly you can see that we'll

know this guy's green how about you look

up in the sky what color is the sky well

that's what's wrong with you guys you

know all man abusers a blue sky all

abusive men love love skies that are

blue and if you take the bait you're

done all you got to do a smirk on her

and laughing you both know she's lost it

yep and that's the refrain that's the

flip right there and use that bossing

analogies great so think of for Gaza

when I understand the cognitive reframe

think about Tyson being trying to he's

been backed into a corner get on the

ropes yep

and wasn't gonna do you know is he's

fought yes no he thought to what I do I

bite the ear that's right women when

they know they're back into a cognitive

corner they will flip and bob and weave

and try to divert to a whole nother

jumping to throw you off your sentence

really stay I stay logic don't let him

Gaslight you and don't let him bite your

ear Lynn and gonna bite you you know

it's funny I was actually watching that

fight listen I was watching that

fight and listen I grew up in the 80s I

was born in 77

so Mike Tyson what he was a superhero

dude the first Tyson fight I ever watch

was on a bee seeds while ABC's Wide

World of Sports this is before

pay-per-view and it was it was it was

his very first title fight against my uh

against Michael Spinks so Mike Tyson is

this twenty year old kid from the

Catskills and at this point I think he's

like 26 and Oh with 25 knockouts or I

don't know maybe even more than that

but Mike dude he threw and I remember it

was it was it wasn't even close he put

away Michael Spinks and I'm in a minute

and a half

he used eight punches to knock him out

that was it youngest heavyweight

champion of the world at 20 years old

and of course we all saw the knockouts

dude razor ruddock he told people he's

gonna make him his girlfriend so I still

wanted to believe that we were we were

gonna see that superhero Iron Mike Tyson

that we saw back in the 80s that was not

the case after the first round I was

like oh no dude Mike is in trouble like

Evander's quicker I don't know now

Holyfield was on steroids at the time

but whatever I'm not I'm not gonna get

into that that's probably that the pro

Mike Tyson but he was outclassed men

Donna I want to get your advice on

something real quick all right let's see

Ron I'll let you run after this one uh

okay I've been dealing with a woman

lately and we you know we've been

hooking up for a while it's a great time

and I'm always honest with every woman I

said listen not exclusive you do what

you want I do what I want yeah it's all

good we teach other with respect and you

know we like Jackrabbits I give you

that alpha energy you give me that

femininity and then we bounce it and

everything's been fun all of us recently

I cut it off and I was done you know

he's kind of like you know I want to

move on to some other women I don't have

to deal with this anymore and I want you

I want your listeners men to think about

this I want to get your advice on this

she will call me every now and then and

she'll say things like you have

conversation and she'll start and then

she'll say well you know I can't wait to

finally get back and trip and fall on

that dick again something like that and

I'll go and I'll keep it very cordial

and say us no that's that's not going to

happen anymore

right and though she'll go well I don't

know I think once I get around you I

think that this probably going to end up

in my mouth

so I got to think about

something deep what is that was a dude

saying that to a girl what is it was a

chick who said no we're not gonna have

sex we're done and the guy started

saying stuff like I don't know once I

come around I'm probably gonna I'm

probably gonna take that right

exactly right

you know you know it really it depends

on the circumstance right if it's a guy

like me and and oh god that's not that

it's tough here here's the thing right

number one I would never if she called

me right like if she called me I might

play joke right because if she's calling

like if we have if we've been

for a little while and then we stop

and then a month later she calls

me I know she probably wants to

right maybe if my pipeline is wrong

maybe if I'm between women maybe I'll

throw out some bait right and and so

I'll say something to this effect bit I

can't wait to you know slip trip and you

know and you fall on my dick or some

like that should be like yeah don't

really know if that's gonna happen I'll

be like I don't know like once you get

around me I think my dick is probably

gonna end up and if we end up in your

mouth and she'll probably play coy

she'll probably say something like no I

don't think it'll happen I don't know

why don't you come over and we'll see

right like that's how I would play it

but that's me okay we're five percenters

that could never ever happen yeah

especially if he called her if he calls

her and says hey so what are you doing

making small talk

I can't wait the slip trip in my big

guns up in your the girls be like

oh my god you're exactly hang up the

phone yeah this is went on on four

different conversations it's usually

towards the end of the conversation and

it gets subtly brought up and I just go

hey listen uh you know I'm just going to

be on that we're not gonna do what they

say friends which we can know each other

but it's - and I I think women hate it

dude I think women hate it if you say to

them listen I want you to move on it

really finds somebody else yeah I think

they hate that no no no no


even though little hold on wouldn't

happen no no hold on son they they they

hate it on the outside but remember what

didn't we just talk about if this was

off their conscience it's AIT's their

subconscious yep on the outside she's

pissed off that you keep giving her the

block but Sean I promise you those

panties are soaking wet because

she can't get you any more

right women want what you can't have

Here I am throwing myself at this guy

and he still won't take the bait oh I

want to him so bad dude and a

friend of mine had a great point of what

you just said there he said when you

turn down a woman's sexuality dude think

of it like fighting a war and your most

powerful cannon just got taken out and

the soldiers are coming you're done yes

the woman's sexuality is our most

powerful ace and old Cannon and when she

uses that and that doesn't work there's

nothing else that's going to override

that's right that's exactly right

oh wait a whit man and take a selfie and

listen women respect that women don't

want to be with men that they can

sexually manipulate listen women want to

be with men who are sexually attracted

to them but women don't want men that

they can control with their sexuality

those are the guys they cheat on but

guys like me guys like you listen

sweetheart listen do you think you're

the first 10 I've banged this week no no

no like you're a 10 I like you

doll but that doesn't mean I'm gonna

go take out a second mortgage so

you can move in no no we're just

sweet dude I can replace you I can't

believe I don't believe with 12 of with

12 of you like I live in Vegas like

there's 50 of you walking all right

that's the that's the attitude you have

I'm talking to girls and they loved and

respected they might not like it but

they respect it up I'm proud to say to

this day I get to buy a woman a

drink at a bar you've got me listen I

got me by the way that'll happen oh god

listen man I'll tell you what dude I

could probably buy a car a junk bucket

with all the drinks I bought

wave it over the years but but I will

tell you this after I found the red pill

I bought a few girls drinks I'll admit

to that but after a while you don't buy

any drinks yeah I tell them I

what you'll get a song out of me and

then we're gonna make out the parking

lot and we'll see what goes from that's

it that's right that's gonna get if you

don't like it cool you can bounce cool

right because because we've got five

more okay all right who's next take a


that's how it works Shawn thanks for the

call man thanks for dropping wisdom as

always my friend absolutely brother yes

sir take care Shawn in Tampa dropping

the knowledge as always yeah he's right

he mentioned on he mentioned it on my

show the other day and you know if it

pisses off her her conscious it-it-it

it turns on her

subconscious and of course vice versa if

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let's hit the chat see we've got going

on tonight all right yeah this weekend I

was I was sick

pretty much all weekend my managed to I

actually managed to rally and and do

that roundtable but actually I turned

the corner today so I'm feeling a lot

better I'm not quite at a hundred

percent like I want to be but I'm a lot

better than I was yesterday so so I'm

certainly certainly glad to be certainly

glad to be back in the chair I didn't

get much done this weekend so I've got a

lot of catching up to do of course I've

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so shout out to sharp assist in the

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CJ 80 the black crow in the house good

to have you guys in here Cap'n Crunch

420 said Serina pulled that John McEnroe

yeah John McEnroe was it he was a maniac

but people expected that from John

McEnroe right he's from New York

you know he's kind of mouthy it's kind I

was yes sweet editor also says the crowd

booing Naomi Osaka didn't help matters

either no no it did not

and the thing is is the thing is is that

like Naomi Osaka was robbed of that

victory because no one's even talking

about her today they're talking about

Serena Williams and did she lose her

and would she have won the match

had things not had it had things not

occurred that way so I don't know Elissa

it was unfortunate situation but it is

what it is freelance said they shut down

guy King stream midstream was crazy

goddamn spin says if it was

adult would we see some titties I don't

know man he's fit like I said man as

soon as as soon as I started to

entertain thoughts of crawling back to

YouTube again for just a little more


YouTube quickly reminded me why I am NOT

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listen I'll use YouTube every now and

again as a utility obviously I used

YouTube to to store to store my videos

for my patrons my patreon and of course

I've got all that backed up

so if YouTube were to shut that dog got

everything all backed up so you gonna

want to worry about that yeah sweet

senator said Arnold through a pick six

yeah welcome to the NFL kid so it is toe

it is sharp assist says she's fishing

horny that's funny that's funny all


let's get to it let's get to the topic

at hand there are a few things that

women want right there are few things

that women want they want they want

their cake and eat it too

well the first thing they want is they

want a career and a family to have it

all so women the playbook is for women

to go to college get a degree and start

a career right no time for marriage no

time for kids I'm gonna focus on my

career they want a family in kids this

is what they want they really do want

family and kids like their biological

their biological hardware it's telling

them to settle down with kids but that's

not politically correct to say out loud

so they build their career they do what

feminism tells them to do then at 33

they find a beta male they marry him and

have his kids so she's got it all right

she's got the career she's got the

husband she's got the kids

well TV and movies oftentimes show women

who work these high-powered careers they

work 12 hours a day they come home full

of energy there are the world's greatest

parents they cook and clean like a

professional chef and they have more

they have more than enough energy later

on to let her husband her for an


and she wakes up and does it all over

again and lives happily ever after

here's what really happens

she works eight hours a day and she's

exhausted before she even leaves work

she has to pick up her kids from school

or from daycare

she's got to stop by the grocery store

to pick up chicken for dinner she's got

to take little John into karate lessons

pick him up later she's got to make

dinner while dealing with her other

three kids running around

and then she's got to help them with

their homework do the laundry and all of

the other household chores

well what about dad Donovan isn't he

supposed to help with the chores doesn't

he pitch in sure he could pick up the

kids from school maybe stop by the

grocery store to pick up that chicken

but even then there's just too much for

a working mom to do then at the end of

the day when the husband wants to

she says she's either too tired or has a

headache and guess what guys she's not

lying she's not bullshitting who the

hell would want to suck dick after a day

like that right you're getting yelled at

by your boss you're in traffic you can't

find it you can't find a chicken with an

expiration date past today and your

husband expects you to suck dick we

complain about women who say that

they're too tired to have sex and most

of the time guys especially she's a

working mom they are now that's no


this is feminism's fault but you cannot

have it all ladies if you want a career

cool if you want a family cool but you

can't have both without either of them

suffering you can have one or the other

but you can't listen and I've heard this

before I've heard this before

you can't serve two masters it doesn't

work that way okay if you want a career

and a family your family is gonna suffer

if you want a career and a family your

husband is going to cheat because you

don't have the energy to him

Oh all men are dogs my way you know my

husband my next-door neighbor

well why did he her when's the last

time he got has you guys had sex from

April well that's not too bad of 2017 oh

you haven't your husband and a

year and a half and all men are dogs

because he went and her neighbor

bitch he's got blue balls and the reason

you're not mister because you're

working 80 hours a week if you want a

career in a family your kids are not

going to get good parenting ladies if

you want a kit if you want a career and

a family your work performance is going

to suffer because you've got taught

because because you've got Tommy's bad

grades Alison's 20 or

and Alison's 20 year old boyfriend on

our mind right women are miserable

because they don't realize that even

though they can have both one or both

will suffer like I said you can serve

one master you can't serve them all

something else that women would love to

have their cake and eat any too is

a bunch of guys then settle down so

girls go off to a four-year college they

dudes into the triple digits they

get a useless degree again they're not

thinking about marriage

right don't date around they'll hook up

with guys they'll go to the club they've

got a ladies night wing Thursdays or

whatever they'll hook up with this guy

or that have a few one-night stands they

experiment sexually right they have

threesomes they do girl-on-girl that you

asked two mouths they go and the

football team they go and the

basketball team to get it out of their

system then after a decade plus of

taking random dicks they think they can

settle down with one guy and fall in

love well here's the problem with that

the problem is that the more Cox a woman

takes the less likely she is to be able

to pair bond meaning she becomes less

and less capable of sexual loyalty

because her vagina has been exposed to

too many dicks ladies you can't have it

both ways I actually had a conversation

with with somebody about this on the

pre-show right he actually referred to a

conversation I had on the air about the

percentage of the percentage of a

woman's soul and a lot of people like

say we'll wait a minute even if a

woman's sport Fluxx her way through her

you know through her teens and 20s

surely she can settle down well how many

is too many I don't know 15 five think

of it like this the first man a woman

ever the first man a woman ever

has sex with has 100% of her soul she is

in love with him she's para bonded with

it's the first guy she's ever had sex

with the second guy he gets 50% it's

still a pretty good chunk she can

probably listen you still haven't you

still have a chance for a long-term

relationship the third guy she

okay 33% that's a lot more than most

people have still have a chance for a

long-term relationship can probably

still pair bond the fourth guy again now

we're getting a little now we're getting

to the danger zone

right now you have 25% of her soul but

she might be thinking about guy number 2

or worse guy number 1 so guy number guy

number 4 has to worry about being

cheated on by guys number 3 - and

definitely one so let's go on up the

ladder let's say she's 26 guys

now you have won 26 of her soul do you

think a woman can hair bond after she's

26 guys what about 54 you have

154 of her soul that's nothing 1 over 50

for whatever 1 / 54 is that's the

percentage of your soul of her soul that

you have right we're not I mean we're

not into the double digits anymore guys

were into micro fractions this is the

way it works with regards to pair

bonding every guy every man a woman

allows to enter her body she gives him

the part of her soul that's left over

he's not and it's not 154th of the whole

it's probably 150 fourth of one half of

that that's the point you ever wonder

why in this this is this is for this is

for the ladies ladies never wonder to

yourselves when you're in a relationship

with an awesome guy but you keep

thinking yourself why am I not in love

with him he's a great guy why am I not

happy why am I still thinking about Tim

why am i why am I still thinking about

Kevin and sales well the reason is that

you've taken too many dicks you can

disagree all you want to but at some

point one dick isn't going to be enough

this is why girls characterize their

marriage as the last guy I will ever

as though it's a bad thing you hear

girls say it all the time boom Stacey's

getting married you mean that's the last

guy she's ever gonna I don't know

that tells you right there she's not

ready I don't know maybe she is maybe

she isn't but girls have it in their

minds to experience everything all the

time especially when it comes to sex you

can't a bunch of guys you can't

a bunch of guys and then settle

down but if you do both well like most

girls do settling settling down and

actually being happy that is a luxury

you gave up when you guy number 5

oh my god Donovan five guys I don't know

that's not that many no no no no bruh do

the math you have 20% of her soul that's

nothing man women are miserable because

they thought they could 300 guys

and still fall in love

but what they don't realize is that

innocence the innocence and emotion have

literally been out of them years

ago this is why you're seeing a lot more

wives with thousand tears guys if

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18:21 man-made calm if you guys want to

chime in on tonight's topic if you have

a story or an example of woman not being

willing to pay the price for anything

give me a call nine one four two oh five

five three five six and join the show if

you disagree with any of my assertions

give me a call - like I said I'm open to

having my mind changed it's just not

gonna be easy I'm open-minded to a point

just don't come on the air and be

foolish because because I will then slay

you like I slayed I forgot what his name


talk about Derek Jackson uh you know

he's good for the black community nigga


out of here don't be like that guy

I forgot what that guy's name was

already don't be like that guy 9/11 for

two of five five three five six is the

number to call or depth eight ninety

says I came up with a phrase yesterday

while I was on the plane he says quote

men treat women as equals women treat

men like children when men treat women

like subordinates women treat men like

men 100 percent agreement you are the

captain she isn't the co captain she

isn't the copilot you were the captain

she is your subordinate you were the

pilot she is the stewardess she is the

flight attendant you are the captain of

the ship the Jolly Roger

she is a deckhand you are the engineer

of the train she is the bitch that

serves the drinks you understand what

I'm getting at women are not even close

to being a man's equal in a relationship

I was talking to Steve the Dean Williams

on my show yesterday or as actually with

Steve the Dean mattoni Maceo says what I

always say sweetheart this isn't a


this is not a relationship this is a

dictatorship obviously it's a

relationship but you have to go into it

with a dictators

mindset granted not every situation is

going not you're not gonna rule every

situation with an iron fist you're just

not gonna have to women will acquiesce

nine times out of ten but you need to go

into every relationship with a woman as

the dictator

women might not like it sometimes they

might do they might even curse you out

they might even dude

they might even threaten to leave and

they might but guess what

they will respect you and as long as a

woman respects you she has a chance to

love you you are a dictator well said or

deb 890 yeah good quote very good quote

Hanshin 305 says treating a woman like

an equal and holding her who to a high

standard will cause a woman to accuse

you of emotional abuse yeah right

emotional abuse is characterized by

women as a man not telling her she's

beautiful all the time

he emotionally abused me What did he say

he told me if I get fat he's gonna leave

that's not emotional news we heard those

are called standards another thing that

women want their cake and eat it too

they want what's called a faithful alpha

I'm actually gonna take a page out of

the book of alpha male strategies a

faithful alpha girls want a guy who's

tall great-looking he's ripped washboard

abs 17 inch dick great smile sense of

humor square jaw five o'clock shadow

drives a Lamborghini makes six figures

who every girl wants to now there

are plenty guys out there like that but

here's the thing they want these perfect

men to also be faithful women do not

understand that high-value men come with

a high price they want other women's who

want their men because it validates

their choice but then they want this man

they want this perfect man that everyone

wants to stay faithful guys listen in

there is no such thing as a faithful

alpha movies and television love to

present these alpha dudes who only have

eyes for one woman and who only flux one

woman even though every woman wants to

him I'm here to tell you ladies in

the real world it doesn't

work that way if hot girls throw

themselves at a man that high-value man

is going to those girls it is that

simple girls want to be able to have

this mythical man who they never have to

worry about cheating and it doesn't work

that way listen there are costs to

everything that is worth keeping I

talked about this in episode 2 in

episode 229 if you want to be in great

shape you got to live in the GEMA B and

not C about your diet if you want to be

rich you have to sacrifice a good

marriage and be absent from your kids

lives I talked about that at the top of

the show you don't live a balanced life

if you're if you're wealthy that's the

price you pay Michael Jordan we listen

arguably the greatest player ever

Michael Jordan was a lunatic he's a

maniac he punched teammates he

gambled he was a nutjob Bill Belichick

is a Looney Toons

Tom Brady we all hate Tom Brady's a

family man no no no Tom Brady is not a

balanced individual that dude is

obsessed he is borderline unhealthily

obsessed this is what has gotten him

five Super Bowls and eight tries you

can't be balanced people say you have to

live a balanced lifestyle if you live a

balanced lifestyle you live an average

lifestyle women want all of the benefits

of having a five percenter without any

of the costs if you want a man of value

ladies you are going to have to work

tirelessly to keep him you're gonna have

to constantly because if you

don't another girl will you tell him no

I've got a headache just one time or I'm

on my period just once he's gonna go out

and he's gonna smash on their take

an Advil and take his dick if you've got

a headache if you're on your period suck

him off or let him you in the ass

that's the price you pay you're gonna

have to deal with other women flirting

with him openly you're gonna have to

deal with other women trying to him

you're gonna have to deal with his exes

trying to get Adam you're gonna have to

look your best at all times so other

women don't catch his eye high-value men

comment a high price ladies well women

think these men should come free and

easy they think that these alpha males

should be loyal to them and only then

without them even trying because he says

he loves me they're miserable because

they learned the hard way that men with

options are gonna exercise those options

far more often than not which isn't what

they see on movies in television

oisin 3:05 this is interesting since the

plain jean ordinary woman wins over the

loyal alpha I would agree I would agree

and you know what plain Jane also

realizes she realizes it's gonna go out

and other chicks and Plain Jane is

alright with that as long as long as

Plain Jane listen again I talked about

this in the 10 side chick Commandments

right I'm not gonna go through them all

but some women most women don't listen

they don't want you to cheat they want

you to know that you can write they want

they where they want to know that you

can because that validates their choice

listen man and Devin tells me this all

the time she says look if you cheat I

don't want to know don't tell me if you

are aren't just don't do it she says

just do me these favors don't get anyone

pregnant don't her here at home

don't catch any diseases that's it right

and don't get caught if I don't catch

you if you don't get are pregnant if you

don't catch any diseases right if you

don't do it here I don't want to know

out of sight out of mind Plain Jane

knows and understands that Plain Jane

knows that if her alpha boyfriend or

alpha husband is 30 minutes late from

work for the third time that week maybe

he's somebody else maybe he's

not as long as he goes to sleep with her

every night and again when when men

cheat we do it first sex and sex alone

we're visual creatures just because

alpha dude goes out and you know

you know Susie at work doesn't mean

doesn't mean that he doesn't still love

his wife of 17 years and four kids it's

just about it's just about sex and plain

Jane knows and understands that as long

as and as long as loyal alphas not

sloppy as long as he doesn't put it in

her face

case in point Oh Jay and Nicole Nicole

knew OJ was other girls she knew

he was other girls he's oh Jeff

uh Kim Simpson where OJ up as he

came home and bragged about it he

literally threw it into Cole's face I

had four blonde bitches tonight I can

replace you in a minute cuz I was just

over it

what's-her-name's house well Nicole

eventually got tired of it she went and

Marcus Allen yes she him

Oh Jay found out about it any damn near

cut her head off right all aj had to do

was just keep his affairs private Nicole

knew he was getting on the side

wouldn't a Cole's pregnant listen o Jays

an alpha male all the white girls wanna

know Jay

listen I'm pregnant go do your thing

just don't do it here don't let me catch

you don't bring home any diseases and

don't get any don't get any don't get

any other women pregnant that's all he

had to do not this nigga was steady


so Nicole Wynn took matters into her own

hands and he eventually took matters

into his own hands and it ended up

costing them both in the long run

plain-jane understands this very good

comment by Hashim 305 very good Gordon M

890 says your girl is the MVP by telling

you that she's the MVP but it's it's

like if you've seen her facial listen

the thing about Devin is that Devin is

Devin is definitely a realist it's funny

I remember having this conversation with

her when she gave me I guess these three

or four rules

it was completely rational she says just

don't and she says I don't want to know

if you are or if you aren't just don't

get anyone pregnant don't you know don't

kill don't bring any diseases home and

don't her here don't just don't get

caught out of sight out of mind if I

don't know about it don't tell me about

it bla bla bla bla bla that's how it is

the last thing that women want to have

it both ways

I keep saying women want their cake and

eat it too and I think that's probably

you know it's not really the but I mean

I mean women do want their cake and eat

it too but you know the transitional

phrases really aren't working for me

tonight the last thing that women want

to have both ways there we go I could

have said that three other times but hey

I'm not a professional here I'm trying

to be credit for masculine traits women

want people to respect them as strong

leaders innovators deep thinkers

intelligent people etc they want credit

for masculine traits without any of the

costs for example strength physical and

mental strength or both masculine traits

a strong man has a strong a strong body

and a strong line women don't have

strong bodies or minds but that's what

makes them women strife conflict

experience that makes men attractive

that's also what makes women

unattractive but women want to be

respected as having the same kind of


men here's another example leaders

leaders get all the credit and all the

accolades but women want no part of the

negatives they want all the credit when

things go well but they don't want to

take the fall when go sideways on

her watch that's part of being a leader

they don't want any part of that another

part of being a leader is making hard

decisions which women are all lerczak to

they don't want any part of hard

decisions they want credit when that

hard decision gets rewarded but when

goes sideways now they don't want

to make that hard decision why because

it might get up

you're the leader that's what you're

supposed to do here's another example

innovators women don't innovate anything

but they want respect as innovators

they're not interested in doing they're

not women aren't interested in anything

but themselves guys innovators have zero

social lives why because they're

innovating and not all of their

innovations are successful right

Elizabeth Holmes the whole theory knows

fraud she thought that she was this

innovator turns out she scammed

everybody look her up Elizabeth Holmes

Sarah knows she claimed to have come up

with a blood testing kit that only

required trace amounts of blood to give

accurate blood tests but the studies and

the proof of these blood tests were

coming from regular blood samples

she literally lied and swindled I think

she swindled investors out of 750

million dollars she was hailed as the

female Steve Jobs the woman's scam to

sauce can come up with all she did

is say hey we can test blood we can give

accurate blood tests with just a little

bit of blood like with just a pinprick

no sweetheart you need the regular

volume of blood she fooled everybody

here's another example deep thinkers

right being a deep thinker requires deep

thought and time guys women aren't deep

thinkers there dude

women are more shallow than we are they

think this is funny

women think that you want you want to

know what makes women think that they're

deep fingers clever Facebook memes right

they think research is watching a couple

of YouTube videos or reading Huffington

Post article masculine traits are very

rewarding but they take hard work

females aren't interested in hard work

guys they're only interested in the

reward they want the benefit

without the cost there's no such thing

as a superwoman or a Wonder Woman any

woman who has a kick-ass career is a

terrible mom yes I'll say it again any

woman who is an executive for a fortune

500 company a managing partner at a law

firm a junior partner at a law firm or

just a lawyer at a law firm is gonna be

a terrible mom

if woman is making six figures she

doesn't have time to be the mother that

she needs to raise good strong

well-adjusted kids it's as simple as

this guys this is why the best nuclear

family dynamic is the man as the bread

won't breadwinner the mother is the

caretaker dad works 10 to 12 hours a day

to provide for his family and mom stays

home and takes care of the kids and the

home no dad's not gonna see his kids

much but that's the price he's willing

to pay to provide his wife and kids a

good life men are designed to do this

women are not there's no such thing as a

successful household with a stay-at-home

dad and a working mother there's no such

thing as a happy family where the mother

has a high-paying career and all this

other noise doesn't work that way now

people would be very quick to point out

well Donovan we see these families all

the time both parents work and the

family's successful wrong answer you

idiot these families are riddled

with all sorts of issues and scandal

right they're straining listen they're

straight there straight a teenage soccer

player daughter is having unprotected

sex with a 27 year old college dropout

which means mom will have to pony up for

another abortion and their son is one

more Facebook post away from shooting up

at school now obviously that's an

extreme case but the typical American

family where mom is either the

breadwinner or the co breadwinner and

has some sort of high-powered career

that that requires sort of work 50 plus

hours a week okay that has issues that

are pretty damn close to this families

are dysfunctional because women think

they can be supermom with a career women

have a choice they can either be it

listen listen you can either be a great

mom or you can have a great career but

you cannot have both

there's no just again there's no such

thing as a Wonder Woman or a superwoman

doesn't work that way you're just a

woman and you can't you listen you

simply cannot

do the things that men can do no matter

how much you tell yourself this stuff

and they know it's the truth they're not

trying to convince us that they can do

what men do

no they're trying to convince themselves

and the more the more they fail to

convince themselves that they can do

anything we can do better

the harder the bush so can women really

have it all of course they can they can

have the career they can have the

husband they can have the kids the house

the dogs that can have all that American

Dream nonsense

but it comes at an extremely high price

and at the end of the day most of them

discover that having it all isn't worth

having kids that resent them for not

being around or having a husband who

cheats on her with a more feminine

docile woman and a four figure mortgage

they can barely pay alright let's check

the chat here one last time all right

let's see her or depth 890 says hater

love Trump at least he tried to cover

him up stormy Daniel Elmo yeah

why Milan yeah right exactly

right Mike okay listen Donald with John

Donald Trump was wrong for

stormy Daniels he was he was even

wronger for getting caught like listen

man there are a lot of guys out here

probably more than we realized who can

multiple chicks that's not the hard

part the hard part is multiple

chicks without any of them knowing about

each other that's not an owl I'm

five different girls right now

yeah but you got a slash window

or you got a slashed eye or a broken

window he got bitches showing up at your

job you're not an alpha male you're just

a guy a bunch of dudes who

sloppy about it Massey says they

probably have an agreement where he does

what he wants yeah he probably does

probably does listen women would rather

share an alpha than have a beta all to


freelance Ronan asks I wonder if our boy

blaster ever hooked up with stormy

Daniels I hope not

or animate 90 says quote if it was up to

women since the beginning of time the

human race would still be living in

caves freelance Ronin echoes my

sentiments as women think social media

slick talk makes them deep oh my god

yeah they're but they're about as deep

as a kiddie pool Hashim 305 says even

the lady who's the CEO of PepsiCo said

women can't have it all she caught a

bunch of caught a bunch of for

saying that - yeah yep that's the way it


that's gonna do it for this edition of

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