Women cheat a lot more than Men + Most Men are not your friends (Episode 325)

Conventional wisdom says that men cheat more than women. The world would have us believe that the average man, cheats more than the average women. “Men are dogs” “Men are cheaters”



But the manosphere has figured it out. We’ve figured out that not only do women cheat more than men, they cheat a LOT more….it’s not even close.

Wives and girlfriends cheat on their husbands and boyfriends multiple times with multiple men. Do I have statistics or studies? Nope. Am I there to see every man who fucks her? Nope.

So how do we know women cheat more than men? COMMON FUCKING SENSE


a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's a man

Donovan sharp and welcome to the three

hundred and twenty-fifth edition of TSR

primetime your nightly dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness later onto

the show I'm gonna tell you guys why

most men are not your friends but I'm

gonna start off with exposing a lie

that's been given way too much credence

for way too long now conventional wisdom

says that men cheat more than women the

world would have us believe that the

average man cheats more than the average

woman men are dogs men are cheaters this

is what everybody tells us but the


has figured it out we have figured out

that not only do women cheat more than

men they cheat a lot more than men it's

not even close wives and girlfriends

cheat on their husbands and boyfriends

multiple times with multiple men do I

have statistics or studies nope am i

there to see every man who fucks her

nope so how do we know women cheat more

than men common fucking sense guys and

the thing is women know they cheat more

than we do but this is another inverse

projection tactic tactic to deflect the

attention from themselves onto us to

cover up what they're doing what they're

up to but the way they skew things to

make it seem like men cheat more than

women is actually quite brilliant but

I'm gonna explain how they do this so we

can see all this so we can see this

bullshit tactic for what it really is so

when women say men cheat more than women

they're not talking about Joe average

who works at XYZ company making $45,000

a year you know drives a Toyota Camry

lives in a one

apartment the men they're really talking

about or your top five percenters men

who are in a plus at one thing men with

razor-sharp game and seduction skills

men who have an elite physique men who

are rich men who have power and

influence men who have celebrity these

are the men they're using for their

accusations but they're not qualifying

that way they're not qualifying this

accusation that way all they say is that

men cheat more than women but what

they're leaving out is that the men who

do all the cheating our top five

percenters men with infinite men with an

infinite number of men with an infinite

number of options with women okay those

are the guys that are gonna cheat but

let's flip this on its head and talk

about the top five percent of women in

terms of looks do top five percent of

women in terms of looks cheat more than

top five percent of men fuck no yes they

cheat but not as much you want to know

why because 9s and 10s

don't cheat with average joes they okay

they don't cheat with the bottom 95% of

losers out there guys they don't cheat

with the blue pill betas they don't

cheat with everyday dudes they cheat

with the top five percent of men

celebrities professional athletes rich

men powerful men nines and tens know

that they're a commodity they nines and

tens no there are rarity most women are

fat nines and tens are not so they're

not giving away their pussies to just

anybody only the best of the best

get to fuck nines and tens on the

regular so if a nine or a ten is gonna

cheat on her boyfriend or her husband he

is 100% going to be a top five percenter

so score one for the ladies on this one

the top five the top five percent of men

probably cheat a lot more than the top

five percent of women but here's where

they lose the argument the bottom 95% of

women cheat a hell of a lot more than

the bottom ninety five percent of men

the reason we know this is because women


far more opportunities with men

regardless of their sexual market value

female 9s and 10s get more opportunity

with opportunities with men than male 9s

and 10s get with women the disparity

isn't why because again we're talking

about the top echelon here right but

it's substantial enough to know that

female 9s and 10s have more options than

male nines and tens let's go a little

further down the scale

female sevens and eights get far more

opportunities with men than male sevens

and eights get with women again male 7

and 8's do okay but female sevens and

eights or fielding offers almost

constantly guys the gap here is much

wider than nines and tens a seven or

eight walks out her door she's getting

hit in the face with dicks as soon as

she walks up shit what the hell was that

that was a dick they get hit with dick

as soon as they're in there as soon as

as soon as they step out of their

apartments they're getting hit with the

dick pack here at dick they're goddamn

getting beat the fuck up know that black

eyes she has isn't from domestic

violence it's from getting hit in the

face with cock two minutes after she

steps out of her place let's go a little

further down for everyone opportunity

mail versions of fives or sixes get with

a woman with women female fives and

sixes get fifty yes gentlemen it is that

much more all these ugly bitches we see

on dating sites on dating apps getting

offers those are the female fives and

sixes of the world

those are your tinder hoes you're plenty

of fish bitches a male five or six might

get lucky every once in a while but

female fives and sixes get exponentially

more dick simply because they're females

and men are far less discriminant about

their sexual partners as far as through

as far as male threes and fours go

they're getting zero offers they're

getting zero pussy these are the in

cells of the world gentlemen most of

these men threes and fours probably

virgins but female threes and fours

that's right even they're getting dick

not as much as five sixes and sevens but

they're getting infinitely more sex than

male threes and fours because male

threes and fours are getting zero sex

the bottom line is that females cheat

more than men because they get more

offers they have more opportunities a

male nine could run game solid game on a

female six or seven that's not

guaranteed pussy guys he could still

fuck it up because sixes and sevens get

so many offers one slip-up and it's a

rat but if a female seven just walk up

to a male seven and said what a fuck you

think that male seven is saying no fuck

no he's beaten that pussy down so while

the top 5% of men cheat for more than

the top 5% of women the bottom 95% of

women cheat a hell of a lot more than

the bottom 95% of men as a natural

byproduct of their shove the sheer

volume the bottom 95% of women outnumber

the top 5% of men men don't cheat more

than women because there aren't enough

of us to keep up with a ninety five

percent of the women who are out there

this is basic math gentlemen a female

five has far more opportunities to cheat

than a male five and it's as simple as


you had all these factors in the fact

that far more women have the opportunity

to cheat than men do the fact that there

are no fat ugly studs well there are

plenty of fat ugly sluts running around

the fact that females have zero impulse

control when it comes to cheating they

see a new shiny cock ooh they're all

enamoured the fact that men are far less

selective than wit than women meaning

there's much more male there's much more

thirst on the male side it's obvious

that women cheat more than men more of

them cheat and the ones who cheat cheat

more it's not close guys also keep in

mind that women are much better at

hiding their cheating for every story of

infidelity we uncover about any given

female you can bet your ass there are at

least seven more we have no idea about

we hear about their cheating because

they hide it better than we do so we

assume they cheat less women cheat more

than men guys don't let these sluts out

here tell you any different more thing I

could definitely say about the

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yours today

it is Wednesday I'm sorry it is Thursday

September 6th 2018 and gentlemen the NFL

season is upon us

my Philadelphia Eagles are kicking off

the season against the Atlanta Falcons

right down the road here at Lincoln

Financial Field listen we're probably

not gonna win that game I don't expect

the Eagles to win tonight Alshon Jeffery

is gonna be out this week and next week

he's our best receiver

Nigel burr Adam our best linebacker

since Michael Kendricks went well

actually Michael Kendricks is not on the

Browns anymore you got busted for

insider trading be that as it may Nigel

Branham is not playing listen we have we

have the best roster one of the best

rosters in football but our key guys are

still not there and of course Nick Foles

is is starting a quarterback yes he was

the super

MVP he went on the run of a lifetime but

guess what the best quarterback is

number 11 plus the Falcons were

eliminated by the eagle actually the

Falcons eliminated themselves if Julio

Jones doesn't fall down on in the

endzone then he beats Jalen Mills for

the game-winning touchdown he falls down

he gets back up the ball goes right

through his hands you never see that

from Julio Jones so listen if the Eagles

pull it out great

if if we don't it was what I expected

but I listen man I am super psyched I am

man I've been ready for football since

the end of the Super Bowl man I was been

in football withdrawal for a while the

Colin Kaepernick commercial is going to

play of course we all know about Colin

Kaepernick signing the deal with Nike he

is going to be the new face of their

just do it campaign of course this is

all good this is all you know the

national anthem protest police brutality

you know the the shooting of unarmed

black men by white cops etcetera etc you

know the interesting thing is how

exactly I was actually thinking about

this today when I was back when I was 18

years old I had just turned 18 years old

and I was able to vote in my very first

presidential election right after I

turned 18 this was back in 1990s back in

96 that was in my he goes in my I was in

my freshman year of college actually no

no this was in like this is my sophomore

year college anyway it was Bill Clinton

versus Bob Dole well listen it was

obvious for me I'm a black man I'm a

college kid fight the power right like

I'm a Democrat voted for Bill Clinton in

the year 2000 things started to change

for me a little bit but I was still you

know my political beliefs still still to

the left right I wasn't an extremist I

was probably a male feminist I don't

think I identified as one but obviously

things were different back then voted

for Al Gore 2004 things changed and I

have voted Republican every single time

after that yes gentlemen I did not vote

for Barack Obama twice I voted for John

McCain God rest his soul and I voted for

John Kerry Oh John Kerry fucking hell

man what the fuck's the guy's name Mitt

Romney okay the point is is that a

person's politics when they're young has

a potential to change drastically when

they get a little bit older so Nike at

this point listen man like he knows that

they're doing Phil Knight

that they're doing but I think they need

to understand and hopefully they've had

this discussion yeah they're gonna get

all the social justice warriors they're

gonna get all of the all of the young

hit hey fight the power where the

hipsters blah blah blah blah blah what

happens when these kids turned thirty

right what happens when they're 35 what

happens when they start making more

money my political views changed when I

started making more money right when I

was young I was broke right tax the rich

give to the poor equal you know you know

the clothes the you know clothes the the

you know the rich get richer what I'm

making seventy five grand a year making

125 grand a year taxes are too high

right and then of course you live a

little bit longer your views change Nike

is banking on the fact that the people

who are going to jump on this political

campaign are gonna have the same

political views five ten years from now

let's hope their get let's let's hope

they're let's hope their gamble pays off

shout out to Kevin in New Hampshire

TSR towers newest patron Kevin from New

Hampshire thank Kevin Kevin from New

Hampshire rather welcome to the family

he is affectionately known as Kevin 603

if he got nicknamed him Kevin in sales

so Kevin and sales is now a part of TSR

TSR towers but welcome to the family

Kevin good to have you and hopefully

we'll have you in here for a good long


um yeah yesterday was a crazy day guys

had to take Devon to the dentist she

called me from what she called me from

her car she's like I'm crying Donovan

gotta go to the dentist one of her

fillings fell out and then then then

like a quarter of her half of her tooth

chipped off or something that effect and

her nerves work suppose so it was

excruciating pain so I was behind on

show prep but I got show prep done but

maybe about 45 minutes before my show I

started to get nah I started to get

nauseous I started yet I started to

radiate heat I have no idea what it was

maybe it's because I'm getting old

listen man I mean I'm 41 years old man

going through menopause maybe that's

what that was but I had to take a sick

day yesterday and hopefully the the

substitute the substitute patron the the

substitute patron stuff you know made

its way made its way to you guys lady on

bail still hasn't reported

to the Pittsburgh Steelers and it is far

more likely than not at this point he's

not gonna he's not gonna play in week

one even if he walks in the door

tomorrow and nobody knows what he's

gonna do because apparently a lot of the

guys were like yeah listen lady UN's

gonna be here on on Wednesday he didn't

show and now guys are actually starting

to speak out against lady on Bell his

own teammates marques Pouncy is calling

him out Ben Roethlisberger quasi calling

him out right this is almost like the

Kawhi Leonard situation when Kawhi

Leonard didn't want to when Kawhi

Leonard you know opted to talk to work

with his doctors rather than listen to

the Spurs doctors and of course we all

know how that ended he ended up getting

traded to Toronto he simply wanted to go

to the Lakers and he decided that his

time was over

well his teammates got got on him about

that so we're in Kawhi Leonard territory

here with Le'Veon Bell listen at the end

of the day I had the first pick in the

fantasy draft and I'm glad I took Todd

Gurley first like it was literally five

minutes before the draft doesn't you

know what I don't trust lady on Bill

this time yeah he came into camp last

year six days before the season started

don't think that's gonna happen this

year so whoever took Leigh be on bail

it's definitely hurtin but I got Todd

Gurley starting this week Burt Reynolds

died today at the age of 82 Burt

Reynolds is definitely known as one of

the man's man actors you know he

probably he's probably in the same vein

as maybe a John Wayne Steve McQueen etc

etc so listen they all die in three

threes first it was Aretha Franklin then

was John McCain and now Burt Reynolds so

Burt Reynolds is gone 82 years old I

think he's probably best remembered for

Smokey and the Bandit he's million other

movies he's also you know he's also

known for having been married to Loni

and Loni Anderson blonde bombshell big

blonde hair huge tits you know blah blah

blah blah cheated on her all that stuff

big announcement big announcement

regarding the show this coming Monday so

September I can't do the math whatever

17 September 10th Monday September 10th

there's gonna be a big announcement

regarding the show a lot of changes guys

I've upgraded but dude listen I've

upgraded my saw

I'm upgrading my hardware upgrading my

software changing that may be changing

the show structure a little bit not

changing the content I'm definitely

going to keep it raw and real but

sweeping changes coming for for the

sharp reality franchise and and I think

this is gonna help everybody involved so

so stay tuned for the big announcement

for the show on on Monday if you want to

chime in on pardon me if you want to

chime in on female cheating or if you

have a story about how you know that

most men are not your friends right man

whoo dirty Mackin men trying to fuck

your girl behind your back things of

that nature give me a call nine one four

two oh five five three five six if you

disagree that women cheat more than men

if you disagree that most men are not

your friends and they won't try to sneak

fuck your girl behind your back give me

a call - and as always trolls feminists

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over here in just a minute and let us

head to the towers and see who is in the

house of course sharp assist letting

everyone know that we are live that's

good to hear and excellent all right

okay yeah Yosef Israel said good good

evening ladies and gentlemen yeah man

and he was quickly reminded that no

ladies here you done with OPP says and I

think that's Armando if I'm not mistaken

you down with OPP I think that's Armando

he says women cheat more than men

because of their high pergamus nature

yeah that you know that that there could

be a reason

me reason swayed senator says any woman

can be a slut if you catch on the right

day hell yeah dude I fuck dude I'm gonna

tell you what man I'll never know for

sure I never really know for sure but I

would I would venture to say that maybe

six out of ten women

I fucked while I was in Vegas were

either married or in a relationship

dude bitches cheat man and I said list I

say this all the time you learn a lot

about you learn a lot about women when

you get cheated on but you learn a lot

more about women when you're the guy she

cheats with okay let's see rule zero

dentists Kevin in sales yeah welcome

Kevin in New Hampshire see JT says

toothache shuts you down no fun dude I

remember years ago man I had it was

excruciating tooth pain I was eating

fucking advil like it was skittles and

my dude my tooth my tooth hurts so I

couldn't even do anything I had to get I

had to get my I had to get my tooth

pulled on a Sunday night come to find

out it was my wisdom tooth so that was

an easy decision

half of my tooth was gone like I didn't

realize that I broke off half my tooth

so all the nerves were exposed that's

what the pain was ridiculous it was

unbelievable my god tooth pain will

absolutely fuck you up man absolutely

fuck you up rule zero dad says he will

eat a Diablo sandwich in honor of Bert

the man hell yeah

officer Tryon says most men want to keep

you down when you begin to succeed keep

them out of your life and only except

people who want to help make your own

life and there's better yeah good advice

good advice SPN says I joined at the $8

level I didn't see any pre-show you

missed it man it was it is right there

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I posted the posted link made it

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Eastern 3:30 Pacific Standard Time let

me just go there and make sure that it

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come on come on come on yeah there it is

right there there it is right there so

yeah just make sure just make sure

you've got the right right window open

yeah the pre oh yeah yeah the pre-show

isn't here it's not here on my it's not

here on my website actually do it in a

secret YouTube account I make it I make

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see the link there let's see what else

we got here

rule 0 dad says that's a hood traffic

stream not hearing any of that noise you

need nobody put yourself in a mission my

dog is barking probably because she sees

another dog on TV read bill bro says I

think to blame women's hypergamy

hypergamy for slutty behaviors giving

too much credit to these bitches these

bitches will fuck a fat janitor where

the fuck of it yeah that's you know a

lot of times that's true just it just

you know depends depends on the


depends on the situation Lorenzo getting

into Brazilian Jujitsu very good Kevin

talking about ah Kevin given Eid


book no one gives a shit about you is a

must-read I'd have to check that out

good shit man yeah his name is Armando

that's what I thought man that's what I

thought good good good good good good

excellent so Marc do I making an

appearance back in the towers as most

men are not your friend because men have

an innate dominating instinct they want

to dominate over other men so they can

bring home the maximum amount of

resources possible when they do that

they achieve reproductive success they

have higher value and they are respected

relatively more than ones who lose they

have to dominate over other men some win

some lose um no you're wrong on that

we're talking about men here in 2018 men

and 2018 don't want to dominate other

men they don't want to be dominant they

wanted they want to tear dominant men

down your premises your premise is off I

understand what you're saying you're

talking about maybe back in the 14 maybe

back in the may be back in 14 18 but

that's not the way it is in 2018 men are

not trying to dominate any men any any

time a man is a threat to another man

here at 2018 they do their level best to

sabotage them that's not dominance

that's cowardice very good it's been

says I'm impressed with the show not

patreon I listen I love patreon patreon

allow patreon a loud patreon allowed me

to have my show man this is the only

space where I can actually do what the

fuck I want to do so mark Dewey says

women use a man's sexual drive to

manipulate men especially for men as

Louis and be if a man can control a

sexual drive and think with the upper

head he will win every time yeah that's

the problem samarth even high value men

sometimes Hubbell have trouble thinking

with their upper head yeah yeah but

you're right you're right

Johnny wants to know Donovan should I

let girls I talk to her date that I'm

red pill aware no don't do that because

a lot of girls know about the red pill

as far as they're concerned you're

you're not really yourself oh you're one

of those red pill make town guys so

you're just running lines and cheesy

this no girls want girls want girls

would like to think that it happens

organically and there's nothing

manipulative that we're doing here all

we teach here in the manosphere the red

bill is how to become more attractive to

women that's what we do it's the same as

Cosmopolitan magazine yes Kevin Wow

Kevin nailed it

he said act a non verba hell yeah and CJ

80 nails it nails it on the head first

rule Johnny never talk about Fight Club

absolutely listen dude don't even talk

about the red pill to your homeboys man

like dude talk about the red pill with

other people it only leads to disaster

only least a disaster sharp assist

reminding you that there is one hour

till kickoff very good Miami Jays

already talking shit

who will win this sip will do who will

in this synthesis Matt I swear to god

dude that's gonna be funny read bill bro

says I disagree with the whole a man is

never your friend bullshit I had a legit

friend put his shit on the line with

literally nothing to gain and we fuck

chicks together and had each other side

chick so that whole premise is false

dude no dude you're wrong because the

name of the show is why most men aren't

your friends right come on you gotta

fucking read don't come in here telling

me you don't come in here telling me I'm

wrong don't come in here tell me I'm

wrong based on the title part of the

title is why most men are not your

friends and listen the fact that you

found a guy who put his life on the line

for you great but this isn't this isn't

called why all men are not your friends

this is why most men are not your

friends so check yourself on that rape

bill bro says yeah I don't talk about

the red pill I understand it's hard but

shit you got it listen no you don't

listen no no no no no no no no no no

don't talk about that listen I was

actually on the phone with my brother


and he's telling me how he's just now

figured out that he can't talk like he

can't not only it's not like he

identifies the red pill specifically and

his converse because he's a professional

chef he works in kitchens he just got a

new job

he can't even act red pill he can't even

have red pill opinions without he ain't

even he can't even be red pill listen

man listen we're in 2018 man times have

changed no you don't have to try talking

to people about the red pill is never a

good idea ever the only people who

digest the red pill are people who seek

it out and most of those guys don't

digest because it's too real for him

don't go out dude don't be a jehovah's


don't be one of these christian zealots

who's on fire for god hey let me let me

let me tell you about the red pill don't

do it it's a bad idea man it's a bad

fucking idea Oh red pill bro says wasn't

talking about she was talking about the

guy in the jet oh my bed my bed I

roasted him Johnny says as a rapper I

don't know how to keep I don't know how

to keep being red pill don't want to

come off as a blue pill how do I keep my

red myself red pill as a rapper dude

easy just continue to

listen man rap music is really the only

consistent red pill music there is out

there right dude NWA doctor dude those

niggas were red pill before before

anybody thank you

Ice Cube motherfucking ice-t do the

old-school DJs and MC those niggas were

all red pill if you're a rapper if you

wrap it about real shit yeah

that's the way it needs to be 911 for

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call let's go to the phone

lines Miami J is on the line with

Donovan what's up brother what's going

on brother have to kick off nice yeah

man I'm dude I'm psyched I think we're

gonna lose tonight but you know what I'm

excited anyway so yeah I'm picking the

faggot anyway well I call things you

just mentioned somebody on the tab

mentioned how you can't tell your boys

about the red tail right so I figured

given the show topic I wanted to real

quick cover the three topics why most

men are not your friend women cheating

yeah and while you don't tell your

friends with one story let's do it so it

actually plays into the guy that just

tried to call you out on buddies you

know giving up the platform or whatnot I

had a buddy of mine in the army I'm not

gonna obviously say his name but anyway

he went through basic training together

we went through AIT Combat Medic school


we got stationed together we go to Iraq

together right best of friends like we

would do any we would have done anything

for each other we got back I took him to

Las Vegas so uh you know bunch of shit


come maybe a year later we're still best

buds were roommates everything my scent

bad this is one of my better scent oh by

the way oh you're dating a stripper

oh I started dating a stripper I by the

way single mother of two Oh God double

win triple whammy yeah yeah what's up in

there - man listen I did what any

strippers they all had kids we've all

been right of course most men who listen

to red pill content we've all been I

mean right the guys who have never been

there don't need red pill contests right

anyway there you go so I'm dating this

girl with a for about a month she's

staying over at the house a lot her kids

come over every once in a while or

whatnot and I start to notice my buddy

he starts to kind

with draw and you know anytime we talk

he just asks about her and I'm well you

know I was out here mother fun but you

know III honestly I didn't give it that

much thought I just heard on a maybe he

has a little crush on her or something

she's a stripper every manner aside have

to go yeah of course then I have to go

to a training exercise for a weekend and

she tells me hey I got a you know since

you're not gonna be in town I'm gonna go

see my sister in North Carolina okay he

got the training exercise off and he

tell he you know he killed all of it

yeah I'm gonna go see my dad in Indiana

all right whatever I don't even put two

and two together sure

come to find out when I get back from my

training exercise she apparently felt

bad after I got back and told me the

whole thing yeah this guy drove from

Georgia to North Carolina picked her up

took her to Indiana God knows what the

hell went down in the end he fucked her

obviously and then they both came back

of course of course right and you know

she tells me she tells me all this I'm

like what the fuck I don't even know if

I should be mad at her mad at him what

the hell I should do I go to confront

him i yelling at him he tells me about

everything and this dude starts acting

all heartbroken because she told him

that they weren't gonna say anything oh

my god yeah I'm talking period he starts

coming at me like yeah I'm fucking

pissed to fuck that bitch let's go burn

all her shit you know oh yeah listen I

fucked a girlfriend and she's the

manager she told em hmm exactly

needless to say I dumped her immediately

horse about two weeks later I left the

house for San Antonio I transfer basis

okay and you know I still kind of kept

in touch with him through Facebook or

not I guess I forgave him back in the

day nowadays I just would have just

punched him in the face right um then

two weeks after and this is where we're

going to the fifth part of the whole

thing okay I actually end up proposing

to the girl same one cuz I'm thinking

all him Wow

I love her blah blah blah god it was so

fucking stupid

anyway she thankfully she said no

goodbye then only guy that left we all

know she's hard to forgive misses shit

or trippers right I was just some guy

that fucked her for a month and left

so anyway I'm heartbroken and the rest

is history but now we come to maybe a

few months ago and I I don't really talk

to him but I see his post on Facebook

about him giving his wife a back rub or

a foot massage and talking about how

he's all about his wife happy wife his

love of this shit and I just dropped the

subtlest hint I'm like hey bro how you

been I kind of like just touch base with

him and you know trying to get him out

of this funk I always did like the guy

item eight you should really read this

book the rational male okay I come I

find out through somebody else that he

ended up reading like two chapters of

the book I go to look him up on Facebook

he's got me blocked this motherfucker

oh my god I mean yeah you're absolutely

right bro most men as much as you may

think you know them in the end will rule

you or a people is a hell yeah and by

the way in what was the guy's name the

other guy's defense aired him out he was

actually that was in response to a red

pill bro that was in response to

somebody else somebody else said all men

are not your friends so I assume that

yeah but listen you know me man I shoot

first and ask questions later it's

always been an issue of mine so well my

man I have no problem correcting myself

but yeah listen men will dude dude pussy

is the great equalizer that listen there

to that there are absolute callin coward

needs to say there there there there are

two things that make really smart men

really dumb is money and beautiful women

that's just how it is unbeliev

you know what it cuts through any bond

that you think you made out with a buddy

of yours my dude my friend had never

fuck a girl he's my best friend

dude I believe the strongest bond to men

can develop happens on the battle that's

right any better and will tell you the

same that's right you have your

ride-or-die boys those are your boys and

this guy was my boy we went to combat

together he did I mean God bless him the

guy saved my life out there every ham

dude piece of pussy shows up it's over

yep that's what happens men

oh it is bro that's how it is anyway man

yeah yeah absolutely yeah man listen you

and I are texting you and I are texts in

anyway man if if the Eagles get down by

three touchdowns I'm going to turn off

my phone so I don't hear anything down

by three first BAM well

listen Devin's we're in Devin's weren't

stripper heels and some little slinky

things so one half time I'm gonna be


so okay tonight listen tonight is

literally sneaking bubbles make me a

steak and give me a blowjob and this is

after now I soon a novocaine is wore off

so hopefully you know but you know I

don't care chill chill chill dude she

needs to do you the man Miami jail we'll

talk soon right later bro Miami Jay in

the house giving a unbelievable story

man unbelievable dude a piece of pussy

dude I'm telling you man I'm telling you

a piece of pussy will end even the

strongest relationships well let's get

to it let's get to the rest of the show

here I'm gonna tell you guys why most

men are not your friends one of the most

important things a man can do in his

life is to build bonds with like-minded

men especially those of us who are red

pill aware now the reason for this is

because the average man who is clueless

about the true nature and tendencies of

today's women cannot be trusted

and at the end of the day they those

guys are not your friends when I thought

about the friends that I had before I

took the red pill it dawned on me at one

point that most of the time I was cock

block when most of time when I was cock

blocked by women it was by my friends

I'd be chatting up a chick and every so

often one of my homeboys would come over

and inject himself into the

conversations and tongues sometimes they

would even try to flirt now I didn't

think I had a problem with it at the

time but it really was it really was

happening right like that's that's what

was happening big time the thing is guys

I don't have the balls to confront my

friends about what they were doing which

is something I obviously have zero issue

with doing today it is sad

but very very true that most men are not

your friends I'm gonna give you I'm

gonna give you guys three reasons why

number number one and it is exactly what

Miami Jay just said the vast majority of

your male friends will abandon your

friendship for a piece of pussy guys

listen man we all hear stories about

girls who fuck their boyfriend's best

friends or women who have affairs with

their with their husbands best friends

listen we talk shit about women for

being epic sluts right and shitting

wearing and shitting where she sleeps as

we probably should but a lot of us don't

place responsibility on the best friend

yes women who engage in this lace inches

they deserve to be chastised they

deserve to be shamed they deserve to be

held accountable but the spotlight also

needs to be shined on the man involved

it's honestly guys it takes a special

kind of betrayal to stick your dick in

the woman of your best friend now the

questions that ensue after all of this

comes to life is it comes to light is

how could she do this how could he do

this right like those are the questions

well the answers to both are pretty

simple she did it because she's a woman

and women are sluts it is in their very

nature to have sexual intercourse with

the men that they are aroused by title

of that man be damned best friend or

otherwise the best friend the boss the

boyfriend's best friend neighbor

mechanic doesn't matter if a girl wants

to fuck she gon fuck regardless of what

circumstance that man happens to be or

not be yet this is just how women are

the answer to the second question is

that he was never your friend to begin

with yeah you guys may have been through

some things together just like Miami Jay

said they were in combat together he

saved his life you guys may have known

each other for a while and so on and so

forth but any man who fucks your girl

dude he was never your friend to begin

with and if he ever thought he was he

knew as soon as he saw your woman that

he would have no problem destroying your

friendship should she ever make herself

available to him sexually guys if you

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18:21 man made calm the second reason

why most men are not your friends is

that most men are secretly envious of

men who are doing better than they are

if you're living the red pill life you

are doing better than most men including

your friends right okay don't give you

lip service by telling you you know your

shit they'll tell you're kicking lifes

ass bro

but even though they know what they're

saying about you is true

this often harbors an undercurrent of

jealousy and undercurrent of resentment

at some point they'll start to tell on

themselves with covert offhanded

comments about your success they'll say

things like well she wasn't that hot

right when you show them a picture of

another girl you fucked that week

they'll also chalk your your success up

to luck statements like yeah you gotta

admit you're in the right place at the

right time that's why you fucked that

girl in an attempt to marginalize your

discipline and your work ethic when it

comes to women it's only a matter of

time before their envy boils over now

their jealousy usually manifests in one

of three ways number one he makes one

too many offhanded comments and you

finally take exception you call him out

on it which escalates into a shouting

match or a physical altercation number

two will start to distance himself from

you and if you're paying attention

you'll probably know why number three go

sabotage you like talking shit about you

to your mutual friends trying to fuck

your girl hating on your lifestyle guys

listen and I can't stress this enough

men like this are extremely dangerous to

men like us okay

these men are dangerous to guys like us

and it would behoove you to keep these

guys at a difference when at a distance

difference when you identify their true

motives trust and believe

yeah rule zero dead says takes a special

kind of thirst to go ho before bro

there's so many dude there's so many

bitches out here man why are you trying

to fuck your best friend you want to

know why guys fuck their best friend's

girls for the same reason guys hit on

girls at work because it's easy right

you don't want you don't you don't want

to you don't want to endure not endure

guys have approach anxiety right when

you work with someone you don't really

have to approach them you worked with

them for you know two and a half three

years sometimes even longer than that

you don't have to introduce yourself you

don't have to put your balls on the line

right when you're trying to Matt when

you're trying to sleep with girls at

work you can kind of make it look like

you're not and kind of sneak it in there

not if you're walking up to a bitch on

the street hi

I'm Donovan yeah my name is Tabitha you

were to listen you were there to make

sure that she understands in no

uncertain terms that you are there to

try to fuck her right you not to do that

with women at work you have to do that

with women at your job you don't have to

do that with your with your best

friend's girl all of the pre-selection

all the stuff is there this is why men

tried the same guys who try to fuck your

girl are the same guys who don't talk

don't try to date women outside of the

outside of the women he already knows a

lot of guys say Donovan like how it like

I've got the circle of friends and a lot

of Murphy mail how do I fuck him don't

try to fuck them man if you haven't fuck

somebody now you never will go out and

talk to fucking girls quit being a bitch

get over your approach anxiety easier

said than done but you can listen you

got to get out there and do it this is

lazy the third and final reason why most

men are not your friends they trust

women more than they trust men our

entire lives guys we've been told that

women are made of sugar spice and

everything nice we all know the rhyme

we're taught that females are natural

are naturally virtuous and trustworthy

and should be given and should be given

the benefit of the doubt in any and all

questionable situations because of their

honesty and overall wholesome goodness

on the other side of that coin we are

taught that men are inherently

untrustworthy inherently evil

we're told that males aren't this is

directly and indirectly

we're told that men are natural con men

con artists and putting your trust in

them will only lead to trouble most if

not all of the sentiment is endorsed and


my single mother's men who are raised on

single mothers have a built-in distrust

of men because of their upbringing and

to be fair it makes sense if your father

walked out on you and your mom is a kid

you'd have a hard time putting trust

another men I get it but when the mother

drills into our head that all men are

not to be trusted it does a lot more

damage than she realizes she knows that

they're trustworthy men out there but

because she was hurt

she's gonna put that in her kid since

she has no idea that she's literally

crippling him this is where that

something I was talking about bro there

about this today a lot of a lot of black

women save you date white girls you hate

yourself no if you were raised by single

mother you hate yourself why because

single moms teach their sons that all

men are evil all men are bad all men are

inherently inherently untrustworthy so

the kid looks around says oh wait a

minute I'm a male I'm a man I'm bad

that's where that self-hate starts

sulfate is perpetuated by single moms

anyway what this kind of thing does is

it creates an entire generation of men

who trust women more than they trust men

why else do you think men are simple for

women at the highest rate in history

guys think about that had three listen

think about this had three kids with

with three different dudes fuck those

niggas for leaving her high and dry he

finds out that her boyfriend stopped

paying her phone bill fuck that nigga

he's doing her wrong little do these men

know that girl with three kids cheated

on all of them and the woman who stopped

paying hers her cell phone bill did so

because he found out she was fucking her

ex the point is is that any man who

trusts women more than they trust men

are not to be trusted and they are never

your friends guys again you may have

good times with them you may have some

kind of trust with some kind of trust

you guys may have been through some shit

but at the end of the day he if he

doesn't trust you as much as he trusts

his girl it's only a matter of time

before he shows his true colors in the

end the only person a man can ever truly

trust is himself making friends with

like-minded red pill we're men in this

day and age guys it's nearly impossible

this is why we have things like the 21

convention and even if you find one

there's no guarantee that he wouldn't

slip back into his blue pill ways should

the right or wrong woman

get her talons in him it is very

important to build strong bonds with

other like-minded men but it would be

equally as unwise to put your trust in

men who don't see the world the way it

really is the world the way we do all

right let's hit the check one last time

ah sir try on

do you like criminals by the Westside

Connection brah I tell you know why

listen to that track today

listen Westside Connection bow down read

bill fucking album dude right pill to

the fucking core Matt dude uh oh my god

man yo do you like criminals god damn

bitch I'm from the wild wild west

god damn it with men I was listening to

that today Westside Connection westward

hosannah is another good red pill song

same album rule zero dead says they get

angry at your assertiveness and pursue

you with passive-aggressive bullshit

yeah yeah they do Johnny says how often

should I

how often should I pursue a chick I

fucked in the beginning feels like if I

don't reach out she won't either then

she doesn't like you that much right

this dude you are the prize man like was

if if she's not chasing you then leave

her fuck dad and if you have problem if

you in if you're having trouble leaving

her you've got that scarcity mentality

she's the only girl your fucking right

go out and fuck multiple girls that way

if one's not acting right and go fuck

somebody else how often should you

purchase it pursue her only when you

want to fuck you haven't heard from her

in a week eh be at my house at 5 o'clock

today if you don't respect she doesn't

respond cool cool read bill bro says

most guys are sadly ho before bro ya

guys are always like bros before hos but

they'll be quick to fuck your girl rule

0 dad says men are mean and scrawny

that's funny

that's gonna do it for this edition of

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