You don't have to trust a woman to love a woman

If you give your woman any modicum of trust, it is inevitable that she will betray you. Trust isn't as necessary as one might think when it comes to your woman. The reason for this is that women are hardwired to self destruct when left to their own devices or "trusted" to do the right thing.




You don't have to trust your woman to have a good relationship with her (Negromanosphere article)


coming up on the sharp reality why Trust

isn't necessary for you to having good

relationship with your woman CSR life

starts right now

TSR live this chick told me that her and

her friend to hook pictures at a

restaurant or a store or or wherever and

her friend would save those pictures and

not post them to Facebook or Instagram

or whatever other social media so on the

day she came to see me she would tell

her husband that she was going with her

friend to the place they took the

pictures and she'd wear the same outfit

as she did in the pictures so while I'm

blowing loads in her face her friend is

posting pictures of the two of them and

tagging her in those pictures knowing

that her husband who of course his

Facebook friends with both of them will

see them and assume they're together

and doing whatever it is they want him

to believe that they're doing your man

what's up guys that your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of TSR

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is Thursday September 28th 2017 man

September is almost over

good lord I remember I remember I went

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weekend sad day in the world yesterday

Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday at the

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Crystal Harris you know the funny thing

is is Hugh Hefner always I mean he

always married I mean you know he didn't

marry all of us Playboy Bunnies but yeah

he definitely had an affinity for the

blondes with the with the fake tits and

I can't say I blame him but I mean

listen the guy I mean dude Hugh Hefner

lived 91 years he I mean he he'd she

really and truly changed the world I

mean he was he's I mean he's he's one of

the first guys is one of the pioneers I

put naked women out on the forefront I

don't know I could I could be wrong but

we all know about Hugh Hefner and Larry

Flynt who founded penthouses but you

know he lived to be 91 years old and the

dude was still getting ass all he was

dude he probably honestly he probably

got laid yesterday before he died to be

quite honest with you but yeah my hat's

off to Hugh Hefner definitely definitely

an American Hero maybe not in the way

maybe not in a traditional sense but

Hugh Hefner certainly had the adoration

of men and women alike he had no regrets

man 91 years old he he he he had access

to the highest quality ass on the

regular up until we kicked the bucket so

my hats off to Hugh Hefner who passed

away yesterday at the age of 91

the NBA Draft Lottery is getting a

they're getting a bit of a makeover so

what the what the Board of Governors

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lottery is they have decided to change

the bottom team in other words the way

it used to be it used to be the worst

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team with the with the worst record

would have a 25% chance of getting the

number one overall pick

and as a result teams would take in

other words they would lose games on

purpose or they would or they wouldn't

put themselves in position to win and my

Philadelphia 76ers became professionals

at this because we've acquired I mean I

can't remember the last time we didn't

have a number one overall pick

anyway the NBA does not want the the NBA

doesn't want this they don't want teams

resting players to tank they don't want

they don't want teams to be not

necessarily purposely losing games which

we all know that they're doing but they

wanted to put this tanking thing to an

end so the way it works now is it's now

it's the bottom three teams and they all

split a 14% chance of getting the number

one overall pick so apparently that's

opposed I mean it the funny thing is is

they're kind of reverting it to what it

was I don't know maybe 25 30 years ago

so who knows the more things change the

more they stay the same I don't know

anyway let's uh let's go ahead and get

to it let's go ahead and get to the

topic at hand which is which is that you

do not have to trust a woman it's a

Louisville woman communication has

always said to be the most important

element within the context of a sexual

relationship between a man and a woman

well this is well this is somewhat true

on a very low level and in different

circumstances and that's not what this

show is gonna be about I'm not I'm not

gonna go into what communication is

necessary it's really not as necessary

as the so called relationship experts

would lead you to believe okay

this whole communication is the most

important thing in a relationship wisdom

it's also repeated by your friends and

family to really make themselves sound

like they know what they're talking

about but when they stop pretending to

be relationship experts even though

their own relationships are dumpster

fires they turn around and say things

like actions speak louder than words so

then you think to yourself well which is

it is it actions or is it words it's a

communication or is it actions it's it's

a complete contradiction

well Trust is trust also falls into this

category and as it turns out Trust is

even less necessary for red pill aware

men to have a good relationship with a

woman yes you heard me not parsing my

words Trust is unnecessary for red pill

went for red pill men to have good

relationships with women and let's go

ahead and clear this let's go ahead and

clear this up here right out front I'm

not talking about trust in a woman I'm

talking actually about D trusting a

woman not to fuck around on you if given

the chance I'm not talking about

trusting her with your money or trusting

her to make decisions at least that's

where but that's not we're talking about

in today's show I'm talking about

trusting a woman not to take someone

else's dick when she's with you so

everybody out there looking to splinter

looking a splinter the arguments into

ten different kinds of trust and

different degrees save that we're

talking about trust than a woman to be

faithful I think I think I think that's

assume but I like to get that stuff out

of the way for people who like to people

who like to be referendum gangsters


Trust has always been touted as one of

the main building blocks of us of a

solid relationship and a solid

foundation but but guys that that's not

true it's not true for red pill men or

blue pill man and I'll get that I'll get

and I'll get to that shortly but guess

what and it's true for women either

there are plenty women out there who are

in love with men who cheated on him all

the time okay she listen she doesn't

trust him one bit but she still loves

them it's a little different for it's a

it's a little different for five

percenters in this regard a man can't

stay in love with a woman who cheats on

him all the time that's obvious look any

woman who's boyfriend or husband know

she's getting dick somewhere else might

stick around for any number of reasons

but after a while he just can't love a

woman who isn't faithful to him that

that's just how it works we're very

territorial if we know someone else is

sticking out sticking their dicks on our

woman and then eventually we fall out of

love because we like to possess a woman

we like to we like to we like for her to

belong to us we like her to be our

property but what but men with red pill

awareness mmm we have a natural instinct

to not a natural instinct but well it's

a natural instinct now because we've

we've sort of we've drilled these this

ideal this this this ideology door ahead

but we have this instinct to never trust

a woman to be faithful on her own we

know that given a chance

our women would cheat on us if they if

they knew we wouldn't find out we know

that our women are attracted to other

men okay we listen and we acknowledge

that because we know it's the truth

they're there listen they've got eyes

they've gotten needs etc etc and if you

have red pill awareness long enough you

learned to live with the fact that you

will you will never completely trust a

woman that you're in a relationship with

you know that names you know that nine

times out of 10 as a red pill aware man

you know that nine times out of ten she

would cheat on you if she knew she would

get him if she knew she could get away

with it guys these are hard truths to

admit and acknowledge to her selves but

nobody said living the red pill life was

easy all right to live in to live in a

constant state of mistrust when it comes

to your woman is something that we as

red pill aware males have accepted

as a necessary evil post red pill

awakening you guys can deny it all you

want you guys can say well that's not

that listen listen once you take the red

pill it is impossible to trust women to

stay faithful once you know all that you

know about women what their true nature

is what their motivations are the

opportunities you can never fully trust

a woman no we don't like it like this

and we damn sure what we damn sure don't

want it to be this way but again if

living the red pill life were that were

easy then every man would do it every

man would be a red pill aware a meal

we'd all be five percenters which means

none of us would be and then after years

of these things constantly running you

know in the background of our operating

system there comes a point where we

learn to live with it it becomes second

nature and a little while after that it

doesn't bother us anymore at least not

that much it's become part of who we are

as men now when we get to the point

where we accept it and we live with it

long enough to the point where we don't

even think about we're acting on

instinct at that point we can love a

woman while it well not having one ounce

of trust and her ability to stay

faithful to us okay again if if you have

if if you're a red pillow we're male and

you practice game and red pill game and

the red pill life if you live the red

pill life long enough eventually this

starts to sink in and the fact that you

know the fact that you know your woman

won't stay faithful to you if you don't

keep her in line that's drilled into our

head it doesn't it doesn't really bother

us that much and the way of course the

way we mitigate these potential these

potential infidelities is that we put

certain things in place to minimize and

hopefully eliminate situations and

circumstances that could lead to

infidelity and and listen I've talked

about these particular measures at

length in episodes forty-four 53 54 and

94 and I've been ssin and I've mentioned

those things here and there and a few of

my show so you guys definitely need to

go and check those out if you want to

reduce the odds of your woman running

around on you that's episode 244 53 54

and 94

far too many men guys who trust their

women are the first and the quickest to

get cheated on and guys the vast

majority the time they're blindsided by

it they don't even they don't even they

don't even see it coming

dude tells his homeboys that his girl

goes to the bar every Thursday I'll give

you a couple examples

dude tells us homeboy is that his girl

goes to the bar every you know every

Thursday night you know because a girls

night out because he trusts her not to

do anything stupid another example is a

man allows his wife to get a personal

trainer at the gym because she's

convinced him that she needs to work her

core well unbeknownst to either man

dudes girlfriend fucks the bartender in

the storage room every Thursday night

and the married man's wife is fucking

her personal trainer who by the way she

failed to tell her husband that he was a

man which we all know is no accident

both trusted their women and predictably

both women cheated but here's the thing

guys and here's an ironclad truth if you

give your woman any modicum of trust it

is inevitable that she will betray you

let me repeat that if you give your

woman any modicum of trust if you give

her any leeway if you show her that you

trust her if you tell her that you trust

her it is a mathematical inevitability

that she is going to cheat on you and

and when I say trust your woman I mean

allow her to put herself in situations

that could easily lead to cheating male

personal trainer girls night out at the

bar at the club going to happy hour with

her co-workers after work at center etc

guys take a look around and we can see

that all women aren't quite literally

hardwired to destroy themselves if left

to their own devices and by destroy I

mean destroy themselves with dicks okay

they they are not women are not to be

trusted in any circumstance when they

are around men work the coffee table the

coffee shop the grocery stores the gym

anywhere she sees men on the regular she

cannot be trusted they've listened

they've proven this to us for decades

now granted she's human and she's a

woman and she's gonna look and again

remember guys our women

are gonna be attracted to other men just

like we're gonna be attracted to other

women but that doesn't mean you have to

grease the skids for her pussy to get

pounded by someone else's cock under the

myth of trust in this day and age you

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why God created viagra I want to tell

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do ap says I'm not I'm not really

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you often find guys that women use trust

to give themselves room to cheat you

guys have I heard a girl say this if we

don't have trust we don't have anything

how about this how can you love me if

you don't trust me

here's the hard truth guys women use the

trust myth that give themselves room to

cheat on you alright if you question why

she's going to lunch with Steve at the

office every afternoon she'll hit you

with you don't trust me the reason she

asks you this and questions like it is

because she wants to marginalize your

valid concern so that she can continue

the behavior that will eventually lead

to her fucking Steve in the parking lot

on her lunch break everyday okay as a

man in a committed relationship guys

make no mistake about the fact that you

have every right to know where your

woman is what she's doing who she's

doing it with etc etc and if you don't

approve you have the right to veto her

activities so I'll give you an example

let's go back to Steve at the office so

you find out your girl's been to lunch

with Steve every day this week okay she

tells you she's going to lunch with him

again today well here's how this

conversation needs to go whether it's

whether it's via text or conversation

she says I'm going to lunch with Steve

today you say to her well you've been to

lunch with him every day this week she

says well is there a problem with that

your response yeah that's a big fucking


you're not going to lunch with him

anymore then she says he you can't tell

me what to do I'm a grown-ass woman I

can go to lunch with whoever I want your

response cool go to lunch with him but

if you do we're done and leave it at


another half truth out there designed to

scare men into putting their foot down

is that women don't respond well to

ultimatums what that means is that if

you give her an ultimatum it'll blow up

in your face and she'll end up leaving

my response to that is let that bomb go

off and let that bitch walk guys life

and relationships are ultimatums okay

you have choices and so does she and if

you let her know if you let her know the

result of her impending choices she will

be fully aware

of the consequences of her actions and

that way if and when something happened

she can't fall back on while I didn't

know all right you listen you give your

woman a choice she can either stop the

behavior or not if she doesn't she's

gone simple as that

it no she does the right thing and she

stops going to lunch with Steve you have

now established that you can and will

check her if the situation warrants it

but more importantly guys more

importantly you've shown her that you

don't trust her and she's still around

knowing that you don't you let her know

that you don't trust her you don't you

let her know that you don't trust her or

her judgment all right

but she's decided to stop the behavior

because she doesn't want to lose you now

if you trusted her you'd let her

continue these lunch dates with Steve

but you don't trust her not listen guys

no man does any man who says well my my

wife has been to lunch with Steve at the

office every day dude all of his

homeboys are gonna look at him like dude

like you don't see what's up no no I

totally trust no no man trust his wife

okay but you're the one who voiced your

distrust you instructed her to stop and

she heeded your command the mark of a

solid relationship in that regard and

that is the mark of a solid relationship

in that regard and you are nowhere close

to trust in your woman guys women love

men they don't trust all right but they

also love men who don't trust them if

he's the right man I have to make that

distinction they love men that don't

trust them if he's the right man meaning

a five percenter who has red pill

awareness and knows how to handle women

chicks can say all they want that they

can't love a man they don't trust or

that they can't love a man that doesn't

trust them but it's never true and they

all know it women use trust to shame you

too to tamp down your natural instincts

that'll urge you when something isn't

right that's why they're called

instincts women know as well as anybody

that trust doesn't even close the

necessary in a relationship they only

say it so they can get away with


one thing that I always say that I've

said time and time again is that women

cheat in the margins they cheat during

times you wouldn't expect them to and

they cheat during circumstances where

they could explain they could explain

themselves out of it in other words

plausible deniability like it's not

obvious that she's cheating but she

could have been doing something else

that's what I call the margins and guys

a lot of these girls they're fucking

pros at it alright in episode 57 I

talked about four techniques that women

used to set a future cheating and unless

you know that they're coming listen you

wouldn't be able to tell what she's

doing now sure guys if she said she's

working late or if she goes out with her

friends on a Friday night and doesn't

come back till the next morning

listen you listen you know she's up

under somebody getting banged out like

you don't have to you have to you don't

have to be a red pill aware male 2 know

that but in 2017 guys women are

professional cheaters and these days

they do it in the margins let's go the

the lunch date situation the the lunch

situation was steep at the office that's

not a good example because most men red

pill or blue pill would definitely

suspect that something was going on

where females really get diabolical is

when they do things like run to the

store for 45 minutes stop by Eric's

house get fucked for hit get fucked by

him for 15 minutes shop is shop at the

store for 15 then come back home I see

that shit happening all the time and

guess what guys I've been both dudes in

that situation I've been the dude

fucking her on the way to the store and

I've been the dude getting cheated on

when she was on her way to the store so

I know this happens because I've been on

both sides of that equation they also

like doing things like taking pictures

in places they tell their men that

they'll be at at a specific day and time

before they actually get there the the

little snippet I you guys heard in my

introduction on my on my desk in in the

introduction that was what was in the

introduction then what they'll do is

they'll post it on social media for him

to see while at her side dudes house

getting fucked in the ass and he's none

the wiser and I talked about that

specifically in episode 83 other

strategies women like to use is texting

apps to keep in touch with dudes there

fucking on the site so rather than

texting from their phones where there is

no record of it she uses these texting

apps that aren't tracked by her provider

all she has to do if he gets suspicious

is delete the app guys guys listen there

are there are a shitload of other ways

that women use technologies to create

the margins she cheat on men but you

guys get the idea

listen if listen do a Google search

clever ways women cheat and you will be

shocked at what you see even for today I

shit you not the only way to discourage

this behavior put a keylogger on her

phone this way whatever c-types on her

phone you'll see and make sure she knows

you've put it on her phone if she won't

let you drop her a woman who will not

allow you to access her women who will

not allow you access to her phone is a

woman who doesn't really want to be with

you and a woman who wants to cheat but

not get caught that's why she doesn't

want you near her phone ladies if you

want to be with a man okay and did you

want him to trust you and not suspect

that you're fucking around you're gonna

have to give up all out sauna me all

right you got you're gonna give up your

privacy if you're unwilling to do that

then a man of value is gonna be

unwilling to commit to you guys

long-term and this is funny men like a

lot of girls a lot of girls out there

are with dudes that they know they're

lucky to be with but years down the line

when they're wondering why he hasn't

popped the question or why he has an

astronaut ache the relationship to

another level

she's always confused but the main

reason is the main reason is he doesn't

trust her he sees her on her phone all

the time he sees her leaving the room to

make phone calls he sees her he sees her

tilt her phone so he can't see it when

she's texting when she's texting her

when she gets a text men like this

ladies don't commit to women who won't

allow themselves to monitor to to to get

their activities monitor on their phone

no he will never trust you especially if

he is red pill aware nor should he be

but if you get Maxis to your phone you

can at least show him that you're

willing to be kept in line now if she

does let you have access to her to her

phone if she does let you put a

keylogger on her phone once again you

have shown her that you don't trust her

but she's staying with you

again this proves that you don't have to

trust your woman within the context of a

sexual relationship with her aunt listen

and I'll say this definitively any woman

who doesn't give you complete access to

her phone her computer her tablet and

all of her devices is a woman who isn't

ready for your long-term commitment

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all right very good

Alex Garcia's channel appreciate you

doing the show let's get into it

hey Alex Garcia good to see you in here

regular listener mr. mink

what's up Donovan really appreciate what

you're doing thank you I appreciate that

Keith and Alexis today is a national

holiday for third wave intersexual

intersectional feminist a bunch of buzz

cut beauties with septum pierces how

piercings howling around a bonfire

shredding copies of Playboy's I haven't

heard or seen that but is is that a

thing like is that really happening like

are thise like are these bitches really

happy that you haven't like dude Hugh

Hefner one like duty was fucking bitches

until he was almost a hundred years old

like what's there to celebrate fuck out

of here Jason Vaughn says you have to

take and accept women for the way they

are otherwise you'll be fooling yourself

yeah yeah listen man women are neither

good nor bad

they take the day they take the they

take the shape of the container that

they're put in Jason Vaughn says you

can't change them accept them or leave

or leave that's the way I do things well

yeah that's the way you have to Alec

Alex Garcia says alpha fucks bethe bucks

Oh cocoa pebbles couldn't help herself

her bitch ass got banned Thank You sharp

assist i fucking hate women in chats

well it's so funny women never the women

always invade these chats for no other

reason but to get attention oh thank you

guys my pussy's dumb bitch shut the fuck

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Coco fucking pebbles fuck editor

Derren Brown says 23 are watching an 18

watch the video like the video

absolutely guys if you come in like the

video gotta like the video Jason Vaughn

said just like thanks for their mind

appreciate that do a pieces

relationships are all about trust and

communication between teammates right


Jason Vaughn a relationship this isn't

oh wow Jason you are apparently not

Jason Vaughn do ap do ap I I hope that

was a softball question but to answer

your question I'm gonna answer it the

way it should be answered um the answer

is no a listen dude like when I'm

fucking a woman and she's my main chick

it's not a relationship it's not a

partnership it is a dictatorship and

relationships are not all about trust

and communication between teammates I

think that was a mod question that was a

very good question Theo ap absolutely

not man communication between teammates

and all that trust and all that warm and

fuzzy stuff that's what women that's

what men and women like to say to make

themselves feel better about the fact

that it's not really like that yeah okay

yeah he said it was tongue-in-cheek got

there I go getting all serious all right

yeah he was good that was dug at Zeke

yeah absolutely man

um yeah dude you guys have to understand

that you when you when you're in a

relationship with a woman she has done

she has to understand in no uncertain

terms that this is a dictatorship now

there's no need to be a Fidel Castro

there's no need to be a Fidel Castro

about it there's no need to be stupid

about it but dude you're the captain of

the fuckin ship you are the pilot of the

plane you are the engineer of the train

she is the copilot she is your first


she's the caboose or whatever the fuck

you want to call whoever the second

commander is on a fucking train you make

the calls man you make the decisions

it's it's good to commit the only time

it's good to communicate with you or

when and I'm not saying don't talk to

him in an order around you do this you

do that but the communication when when

women say well it's good to communicate

what they really mean is compromise when

they say well my man isn't communicating

with me will you guys talk all the

fucking time well what's the problem

well he's not doing what I say when

women say that communication is the most

important part of a relationship the


that they're talking about is

compromised they want to be able to they

want to be able to bitch and complain

and for you to and for you to keel over

and do whatever it as they say yeah fuck

that heathen don't like says I subscribe

to that Iron Fist mentality you're

goddamn right you are goddamn right

heathen deluxe also says fear baguettes

respect you are goddamned right

absolutely right 100% that's the problem

with women these days men like they're

not women are women aren't dude women

aren't physically afraid of men anymore

listen all women know that we could

crush him inside of 5 seconds but they

don't respect a man's physical strength

anymore because if we so much as say I

might want to touch you then you know

they could holler rape or domestic

violence it doesn't matter what it is we

gotta hold off the jail dude I had a

close call with a woman one time and I

think I talked about our back on episode

22 or 23 well I was saved by my fucking

phone like I recorded the conversation

long story short I tried to end things

with her she tried to fake a pregnancy I

made her take I made her take two

pregnancy tests of course she pissed

negatives okay obviously wasn't pregnant

and so I was like all right fuck it I'm

done and so she called the cops and said

yeah someone's beaten me and so I

managed to I managed to avert that

particular crisis I just took out my

phone and I talked her off the ledge and

got her to admit that it was a you know

that that it was a false accusation and

then she was arrested or detained I

don't even know if they took her to jail

but yeah men like that this is why women

aren't afraid this is why women don't

respect me because they are not

physically afraid of us anymore it is

what it is it is what it is

moving along women use trust to set up

future cheating and I alluded to this

earlier in this particular episode when

I was talking about episode 57 when you

first hook up with a girl you it's weird

you inherently trust everything she

tells you and I'm not sure as to the

reason for this but something about the

newness of a relationship you know the

great sex the company of a brand-new

female it tends to

our guards substantially and women know

this so they take full advantage of this

by lying to set a future cheating so

I'll give you a quick story and I talked

about this again in episode 57 but I'll

go ahead and I'll go ahead and tell

alive I hooked up with the chick a while

back when I was down in Vegas and it

took a few days for me to fuck her we've

been out a couple of times to that point

we'd been to the movies one night then

we had lunch at a casino a couple days

later well a few days later she came

over and I fucked her six times in one

night and the reason I know it was six

times is because I've ran out of condoms

I mean I and and I didn't know until we

almost fucked again and we saw we are

out of condoms anyway early on she told

me that she that she slept a lot and

took a lot of naps okay she said she was

she said that she was nocturnal or she

tried to describe it that way now I

didn't think anything of it because I

liked her the sex was great and the

quasi relationship was do well

fast-forward one afternoon I left her

place after fucking her a few times that

afternoon and on my way home she kept

texting me to see if I was home yet

nothing out of the ordinary you know

because she did this a lot and normally

I text her when I got home and you know

she takes back okay baby I'm gonna take

a nap or something like that then I

wouldn't hear from her for a couple of

hours well this time I got suspicious

because she had texted she started

texting right after I left so I called

her when I got home straight to


so my alarm bells go off immediately so

I drove over to her place and when I got

there I saw a red truck in her driveway

she was fucking someone else so when she

called me later and told me she was

taking a nap I asked her if the dude in

the red truck was helping her sleep and

at that point she knew the jig was up

and obviously I ended things with her

this chick used afternoon naps to

explain away her disappearing act so she

could fuck mr. red truck and guys again

I never suspected anything because she

told me she slept a lot at the beginning

of our hookup relationship whatever the

hell you want to call it women do this

all the time they use the beginning of a

relationship when they know everything

is new and exciting for the both of you

they use that opportunity to tell you

the lies that she'll use to explain her

future absences and because she does it

when you trust her the most guys

you never see it coming this is a

strategy that women have been using

forever when you when you first hook up

and you're fucking all the time and

everything is dude the sun is shining

food smells wonderful everything is

great she's telling you all this stuff

and yeah I believe you I believe you and

that stuff kind of sinks in because you

trusted her at the time she told you so

when you first hook up with the girl pay

pay pay pay very close attention to what

she tells you in terms of what our

tendencies are chances are those

tendencies are gonna come up later she's

gonna use that to cheat on you so we've

talked about should we talked about

trust shaming women use trust shaming

techniques like I said earlier to throw

you off the scent and to shame you into

ignoring your basic instincts so I'm

gonna go over a few ways on how to how

to deflect trust shaming so women are

well aware at this point guys that a man

who truly trusts them is a man they're

gonna eventually cheat on all right but

if you're the kind of man who actually

calls her out who actually calls her out

or checks are on bad behaviors that

could lead to cheating they take it one

step further and they and they try to

shame you to make you feel guilty so

that you'll keep your guard down so she

can stay under the whole radar so let's

go over let's go over a few things to

say a few things that she would say and

that we've all heard in the past and how

to respond to those so the first example

we've heard this before if we don't have

trust we don't have anything your spots

then I guess we don't have anything and

so she'll say you don't trust me you

tell her I don't trust anybody

guys you're telling her in this

particular instance indirectly that you

don't trust her when you say I don't

trust anybody she won't take it ass

personally but she still she'll still

know that you don't trust her now at

this point she could say or she can go

but if she stays she still knows you

don't trust her which is exactly what

you want the second advantage with Steve

example so after you've stopped after

you've told her to stop going to lunch

with Steve or whatever it is she's doing

that's conducive to cheating she'll say

oh my god you're so unsecure you look

her right in the eye say no I'm territor

an accusation of jealousy or insecurity

is her way of trying to loosen she's

trying to loosen you up so she can do

she wants to do okay but there's a

difference between being jealous and

being territorial and women know the

difference and again you guys can go to

episode 44 to hear me talk about this at

length that's a very very good episode

women love territorial men they hate

jealous and unsecure men so by telling

her you're territorial which I can

guarantee is something no man has ever

told her before that's that that starts

to remove the jealousy and insecure

label she tries to assign as she tries

to assign to you in her own mind example

number three oh my god you're

controlling you say to her I control

everything in my life including my women

and if you don't like it you can leave

guys that statement will soak her

panties gentlemen women adore men who

control them so long as he's the right

man okay you can't be a beta schlub you

got to be the right man women like being

controlled by the right men but if you

didn't establish dominance and

high-value from the start she's not

gonna respond like she should all right

dude if you live in your mom's basement

you eat Cheetos you fucking jerk off and

play video games all day you can't tell

her I've control everything in my life

include my women she'll be like what

women what online women your fucking

blow-up doll your online girlfriend even

if she even if she does see you as the

dominant force in the relationship if

you've established that she is still

gonna shit test you with the you're

controlling accusation so like I said in

my response don't deny it

simply acknowledge it then tell her if

she doesn't like it she can leave

example number 4 and this is my last and

final example oh my god your possessive

well your response with a confused look

on your face after she calls you possess

if you say you're just now figuring that

out again you're taking her accusation

and turning it into something silly as

if as if as if she should know this by

now she's been with you long it like

you're just now figuring out that I'm

above I'm a controlling possessive son

of a bitch if you are a man of value

your woman doesn't want you not to care

what she gets up to

she wants you to be possessive because

if you aren't you don't care about it

which means you're not gonna be around

for long she uses the possessive

accusation to make sure you're still

invested in the relationship she does is

for one of two reasons if she's dealing

something she's dealing with a five

percenter she'll use the possessive

accusation to make sure you're still

interested if you're a blue pill guy

she'll use the possessive accusation to

to to give herself that margin to cheat

your possessive no I'm not you can you

can go out with your friends and your

male friends you know who all workout at

the gym and your personal trainer for

happy hour with your coworkers who know

no problem at all not possess if I

totally trust you when you say no I'm

not if you defend that that dude that

opens up a can of worms and that's

ultimately gonna end that's gonna

ultimately lead to the end of your

relationship that's it never ends well

in the end guys Trust is far from

necessary to have a good relationship

with a woman as far as a five percenter

goes as far as red pillow where men go

the more you trust her or the more you

tell her you trust her the more you show

her the less respect she'll have for you

and before you know it she'll be using

that trust to get fucked in the ass by

your personal trainer you can bet on it

women know that men who trust them in

these kinds of situations are weak

fucking men they know these men do not

have the balls to tell him to stop women

know women know these weak-ass men are

afraid to put his they're afraid to put

their foot down because they're afraid

of confrontation gentlemen this is

unattractive and will make a woman cheat

on you the first chance she gets if

she's not cheating already too many it's

so funny too many guys too many men out

here try not to be that guy who doesn't

trust his woman and it's funny when I

was down in Vegas when I was living down

at Vegas you know me and my buddies we

get together start drinking beers we'd

always be talking about this or that and

inevitably we'd start talking about our

women and when we talk about trust I was

always the first to say something to the

effect of all I don't trust my woman as

far as I could throw her and it never

listened it never ceased to amaze him

all right like they they always wonder

how it they always wonder how it is that

girls stick around when they if the girl

knows I have zero trust in them I'll use

my ego I'll use my woman as an example

dude my girlfriend knows I don't trust

her and even

more importantly she knows why she knows

she can't be trusted without supervision

okay guys she's been with dudes who

don't have a firm hand and she's walked

all over him just like every other girl

has done with every other guy showing

and telling a woman you don't trust her

shows her that you have a good working

knowledge of the way women work and that

earns her respect no they're not gonna

like it all the time guys but in the end

if she is completely honest with herself

and she wants to be with you badly

enough she knows it's for her own good

and she'll do whatever it takes to

she'll do whatever it takes to make sure

you stick around all right very good

all right guys um let's see you mice

okay there we are gonna say my screen

froze up I was about to get it's about

to get crazy here all right guys well

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