You'll never be the biggest or best she's ever had, but you CAN be the man she never forgets (Ep. 300)


Many men are insecure about their penis sizes or love making skills when it comes the women in their lives. And who can blame them? Most women have far more sexual experience than the men they belong to. No, you'll never be the biggest cock she's ever taken or the best lover she's ever had, but you CAN be the most unforgettable lover she's ever had. I'm gonna give you 3 simple steps to accomplish this.




Does penis size matter and does the blue pill world even want to know the answer?

Average penis size matters



what's up everybody it's your man

Donovan sharp and welcome to the sharp

reality introductory podcast now for

those of you who aren't familiar with

who I am and what I do I'm a longtime

contributor for return of kings I've

been writing for the site for about

three years and during that time I've

written about just about everything from

women sports I've talked a little bit

about the racial components of game and

I've even told several of my own stories

regarding my failures with women the

list goes on and on I told my buddies

all the time I could talk about this

stuff for hours and so I decided I'll do

a weekly podcast now what the sharp

reality is going to provide is a little

bit different from most red pill or

manosphere related material out there

now sure we're gonna cover all the

basics we'll talk about girls game

fitness etc but we're the sharp reality

will separate itself is that I'm going

to give you guys real-world accounts of

my personal experiences with all of this

stuff for example I about a year and a

half ago I did an article about the very

real dangers of letting a damaged woman

into your life now that topic had been

written about and talked about at

nauseam but I talked about my own

experience with a girl who fucked me

over so badly I lost my car I lost my

job my apartment I dropped out of school

started doing cocaine popping pills and

I ended up having to live with a couple

of her drug addict friends because I

didn't have anywhere else to go I was

basically homeless it's a it's a hell of

a story and I'll certainly fill in all

the details at some point on a future

podcast but the bottom line is this guys

I'm not gonna sit here and bullshit you

about something I read about somewhere

or something somebody else did or tried

I'm not gonna waste your time with

theories or thought experiments I'm not

gonna bore you with things like how to

pass shit tests how to approach women

how to be confident bla bla bla now

don't get me wrong here

that stuff is important and you have to

have a good foundation and you've got to

have a really good handle on those

things to start living a better life but

there's plenty of great information on

all that stuff you can find it on return

of kings the Russia forum rucifee calm

the rational male illimitable men you

can find this stuff anywhere and

everywhere so I'm not gonna be another

PU a podcast everything I discuss here

will be things I've actually experienced

personally most things I'll talk about

will be about the things I've gone

through myself the good the bad and the

ugly I'm not gonna leave anything out to

make myself look better or less

embarrassing I'll talk about what worked

what didn't the lessons I've learned

that changes I've made because giving

men honest accounts of my successes and

my failures has a greater impact

something else I'll do is take questions

from you if you guys have questions

about fitness game girls relationships

finances anything you can think of that

applies to you as a man and helps you to

kick life's ass send them to me I'll

answer them as best I can

based on my personal experiences nobody

else's now again I'm not a fitness

expert or a financial guru or anything

like that but I do make my money work

very well for me I'm in great shape and

I do great with women so if I can answer

your questions or at the very least

point you in the right direction great

if I can't I will make sure that I find

someone who has personal experience in

whatever you're asking about whether it

be a close friend of mine some of my

fellow writers at return of Kings or

even a listener one way or another I'll

find a way to get the answers and we'll

all learn something I take tremendous

pride in the fact that I'm a self-made

man everything I am today is because of

me and me alone nobody taught me how to

approach and handle women nobody taught

me about being financially shrewd and

how to save money because like a lot of

you out there I was raised by a weak

father who literally didn't teach me any

of that stuff now I certainly don't hold

it against him

but I knew I had to figure this shit out

on my own now it took a little while and

it certainly wasn't easy I made a lot of

mistakes had plenty of setbacks and a

lot of embarrassment but I stuck with it

and eventually everything came together

with the help of the manosphere I

learned how to sleep with pretty girls

and and do it consistently through trial

and error I taught myself how to manage

and save my money I also eventually

found the discipline to whip myself into

shape after weighing over 300 pounds and

I'll talk about that in a future podcast

as well so to wrap things up here guys

the main reason I'm doing this is

because so many men out here are fucking

miserable you can see it in their faces

as you walk by them driving their cars

at work what have you I was in that boat

six seven years ago and at the end of

the day we're all on the same side here

guys I'm almost 40 years old and I can

honestly say that I've never been

happier sure a woman never belongs to

you it's just your turn of course her

parents don't have a problem with me

being black she's past the wall get your

fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

so you got drunk at a frat party then

fuck the football team they're not a

rape victim sweetheart you're a slut


welcome to the 300 submission of TSR

primetime your daily dose nightly dose

rather of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Monday July 23rd 2018

and yeah guys this is episode 300 it is

it's it it is very hard for me to

believe that I've done 300 of these it's

it's when when I started this thing out

I remember and of course you guys just

heard the the introductory podcast there

I remember when I started this thing out

I remember thinking I just wanted to do

this as sort of a weekly podcast so at

first I did it every Tuesday then I was

doing it every Tuesday and Thursday and

before long I was doing

everyday I was doing it almost every day

then of course on Labor Day of 2017 I

decided to I decided to show my face for

the very first time my show took off

shot itself into the stratosphere and

and the rest is history

so but but again it just it when I say

that this was supposed to be just a

hobby of mine it is it is inconceivable

at this point or at that point to think

that I was how can I put this that I was

gonna have 300 episodes 300 have been at

this for I've been at this for two years

a little over two years actually and of

course I've been writing for return of

kings of Negro manosphere calm for a

combined four combined six plus years so

I'm certainly happy to be here and again

guys I'm not here without you guys for


without your support without your you

know with without your positivity guys

TSR primetime certainly would not have

made it we all remember the the YouTube

debacle and of course I had I certainly

had a contingency plan in place for that

no doubt about that

but even then at that point in time even

though I had a contingency plan in place

I didn't really know that the show was

gonna continue with the success well the

show has become more successful than I

ever thought possible and so here we are

in episode 300 of TS our prime time

we've gone through a lot of changes

we've changed the times we've changed

we've changed the graphics I've upgraded

the studio I invest the money right back

into I invest the money right back into

my studio so it listened it's great to

have you guys in here for episode 300

and listen here's to another 300 more

hopefully hopefully we'll get another

300 episodes in so congratulations to

you guys this is this listen this is

what this is as much your accomplishment

as it is mine and I'm not just saying

that this really is without you guys I

certainly would not be here there's no

doubt in my mind we are streaming live

simultaneously on Facebook Instagram

YouTube and Twitter an area code six

five one I see you in the in the clock

it's you in just a second

face Facebook Instagram YouTube and

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calm however you are watching wherever

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I greatly appreciate the fact that you

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is the number to call if you want to get

on the show area code 6 5 1 you are on

the line with Donovan go ahead Donovan

sharp how do you get the motivation and

creativity to do shit to your girl and

do it right and what I mean by that is

if I'm getting late on the regular it's

kind of scary for me to like want to

push the envelope like I won't put my

thumb for ass I want to lick her ass I

want to do anal cuz of like she says no

I'm gonna get shut down and when you

doll butthurt about it like oh no she

doesn't like that sure so how'd you get

the motivation do it and do new things

right like handcuffs and I'll play

eating pussy looking at handcuffs or

whatever yeah listen let me ask you this

let me answer your first question you

said how do you get the motivation are

these things you want to do umm that's

the second part of it is the creativity

yeah yeah what I do but it's also kind

of hard to want to do when I'm getting

laid once or twice a day everyday yeah

that makes sense well listen if you want

to do it you don't really need

motivation and you're actually you're

doing what you're doing what's called

ETF 42 English Oh ETF 42 is a former

viewer of mine who seemed to be

clairvoyant in the way of the show he

always sort of jumped the gun and talked

about the show this one's real simple

here at area code six five one if you if

you want to do those things and if

you're getting laid

you know once or twice a day she's gonna

let you do those things and I don't want

to get into some long diatribe or

anything but if your value is high

enough and your girl and your girl wants

to believe you you don't you can get as

creative creative as you want but the

two things you must do number one don't

ask permission and number two just do it

don't ask her hey can we do a my know

you press the head of your cock against

her ass and if she doesn't give you any

resistance let the good times roll if

you want a likert now I'm not really an

ass licker I'm not a pussy licker but if

that's something you want to do do throw

her down on the bed pull down our

panties open her legs like the pussy

like the ass again as a man you have to

understand that you're in charge in the

bedroom she's the one being penetrating

being penetrated you're the one doing

the penetration right so a

woman will always like it's it's a

coquettish dance so to speak on the

dance floor the man leads the woman

follows it's the same thing in the


whatever you're doing whatever you feel

like doing just start to do it and again

I mean obviously you're not gonna do

anything she doesn't want to do if she

doesn't want you to fuck her in the ass

trust me she'll make that very very

clear but if there's something you want

to do just do it don't talk about it

don't ask about it if you want to get

handcuffs or if you want to get wrist

and ankle restraints dude bring them

home when that be like yeah we're gonna

try these at some point well when are we

going to try it I don't know depends on

the mood I'm in it might be tonight

might be from now but it's definitely on

the table right all right well I got my

own problems in my own head so I get

worried about when she thought it says

no or get I get resistant make sure like

in my head call all right thanks

no listen listen listen later right

listen listen to the rest of the show

cuz I'm gonna address this directly

during the show like I said you can't

you you kind of jump the gun man you're

taking away from my shows value of

course I'm talking ton and the

tongue-in-cheek but stick around listen

to the show we're gonna address that

directly thanks for the call man airy

code 2 2 9 let me go ahead and I'm gonna

take one more call before you get into

this here eerie code 2 2 9 you're on the

line with Donovan go ahead hey Sean

what's up brother Sean in Florida Sean

attempt on 300 yeah Thank You Man thank

you it's taken a while to get here but I

appreciate it man thank you absolutely

well yeah I just want to call in as far

as like the last guy that called in I

would just tell him like like you said

man if your value tied up dude you just

do whatever you want like Patricia

O'Neill said if I like you and you love

me that's a perfect game show that's

right and you basically because if you

love the girl too much you need treat

like a porcelain doll you won't want to

shove her face in the pillow fuckers

it's really hip ask her can't ask for

permission that defeats the purpose

that's right I was right up hey man hold

your frame and take it listen again it's

just like it's just like I told that guy

but what a lot of guys they make them

they make two mistakes number one they

ask permission and number two if they

get rejected they never try it again

dude you think I fuckin you think every

girl I've tried to fuck in the ass has

has let me fuck him in the ass of course

not dude some girls are scared of that

shit no no

I got and I'll try it two or three times

but if she doesn't want to she doesn't

want to but guess what a lot of those

girls I try again maybe a week or two

later and she was down for the cause

that's the first the first thing they do

is they ask permission hey can I fuck

you in the ass or can you suck my dick

no that's that is coming from a position

of neediness if you want her to suck

your dick push her to her knees grab her

hair and stick your dick in her mouth

yeah that's what you do if you want a

pucker in the ass press the head of your

cock against her asshole and let the

good times roll she'll be turned on more

about the idea that you're making her do

this in the actual activity itself it's

so interesting Shawn you my god right

women love listen women I love this shit

they want to be women crave structure

they crave a demanding presence they

don't want a guy to ask permission or to

pander to her no they want a man to make

her do these things bed great great call

Shawn I appreciate you calling in 9 1 4

2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call

let's go ahead and get to the topic at

hand a lot of us most of us actually are

in relationships with women on some

level you know a lot of us have wives

girlfriends you know fuck buddies

friends with benefits you know we all

have we all have different relationships

with with different women of varying

degrees a lot of times a woman will tell

us oMG you're the biggest cock I've ever

taken or that was the best sex I've ever


gentlemen let me be the first to tell

you it is never true unless you are

honest dude listen I can't even qualify

that statement um listen you will never

ever ever be the biggest cock she's ever

taken you will never be the the best or

greatest lover she's ever had listen

unless your dick is in the top 1% in

terms of size unless you've had women

into the double digits tell you that

you're the best that she's ever had

your girl is lying to you now for the

rest of us for them for the rest of the

99.9% appreciate the shout out there

Captain Crunch 4:20 on three on episode

300 for the rest of us we will never be

the biggest or the best she's ever had


average woman has had four more sexual

experience than the man that she's with

let's do some simple math the more sex a

woman has had the more oversized cuts

that she's had right if she fucks enough

guys she's got a buck a few that are in

the top 1% in terms of size right and

and guess what if she fucks guys into

the double and triple digits eventually

she's gonna run into a few guys that

make her shake make her squirt give her

my numbing mind-blowing eyes rolling in

the back of the head orgasms she's gonna

run into the guys like that the more

guys the more men she sleeps with the

more likely it is she will have fucked

she'd been fucked by bigger cocks and

guys who fucked like porn stars this is

just how it is but because you will

never be the biggest or the best she's

ever had you can be unforgettable and

I'm gonna give you three very very

simple ways to be the UH to be the man

she never forgets she's gonna be the man

she talks about before she talks about

the biggest cock she's ever had the guy

who fucked her the best and I'm and

again I'm not this is not just tongue in


I'm being dead ass serious about this so

at this time if you are watching on

Facebook Instagram YouTube or Twitter

come on over to donovan sharp com to

watch the remainder of the episode again

my facebook Instagram YouTube and

Twitter audience my girl was making

shrimp she's making bacon-wrapped shrimp

tonight and I can already smell it holy

holy shit anyway again Facebook

Instagram YouTube and Twitter audience

come on over to donovan sharp com to

watch the rest of episode 300 of t sr

primetime thank you guys very much for

tuning in and I will see you guys here

in just a minute all right very good

excellent let's get a shout out to my

Mod Squad here shout-out to Manish I

think I'm pronouncing that correctly the

jack man appreciate that

sharp assist congratulating me on

episode 300 absolutely I still can't

believe I'm doing Emma sewed 300 I never

I don't listen it's not like I could

quantify my success it's not like I set

out and I said well you know what I

wonder how many episodes I'm gonna do

with this no you don't even think of

this stuff you just hope that your shit

is good enough for people to listen and

and give credence to you know you just

you just hope that people listen to you

and and and take heed your advice you

never you never ever think that it's

gonna get to this point and 300 episodes

is really I don't know comparative to

like a guy like Rhoda meson episode like

4000 not bad man not bad for me to do

300 episodes in in just over two years

and again like I said this is just as

much my accomplishment as it is yours

guys trust and believe that Captain

Crunch 4:20 in the house appreciate the

shout out even deluxe Terrence 101 Fred

aw sorry ah sir tryin I'll never be able

to pronounce that correctly us are

trying if you would give me like the

linguistic breakdown so I don't fuck up

your name every time charm came Sammy B

I am Legend yeah buddy Joseph Israel in

the house Darcy Mills and Darcy Mills

man I got I got a I got to give you a my

bad man I remember the I think I

remember the first time I ever

encountered Darcy Mills I was actually

in a red man group and I thought Darcy

Mills was a woman because of the way he

was talking but Darcy I mean listen if

you're a woman then you have clearly you

have clearly you've got me fooled but my

guess is that you're probably a dude now

he's definitely a dude so my bad on

Darcy Mills for calling you a woman

listen man if I roast you on the air and

I can and I'm wrong I'm not I'm not

gonna be that meat it's gonna be like

well oh don't give it none enough if I'm

wrong I'm wrong I'm not gonna I'm not

gonna sit here and act like I didn't do

anything Robert that's that's ridiculous

Miami J and the motherfuckin houses

congratulations let's keep it rolling

very good Miami oh by the way Miami Jay

and I are gonna be starting at the the

TSR towers 305 fantasy football league

this football season definitely looking

forward to that definitely looking

forward to that the Silver City piranhas

and by the way guys I am the I'm a

four-time champion my friends and I got

that I got the hardware and the graphics

to prove it so looking forward to that

good to see Miami Jay in the house

alright so the first thing that you need

to do as a man to be unforgettable to a

woman be the man she never forgets stop

caring about her needs in bed I've

talked about this several times I even

did an episode called four reasons why

you shouldn't give a shit about her

needs and

I wrote about on a Negro manosphere you

guys know how I've talked about this

right I'll use my own woman for example

Devon right you guys know Devon she's my

girlfriend she's hot beautiful blah blah

blah blah blah guess what when I fuck

her I don't give a shit if she likes it

or not and there are two million reasons

I don't give a shit number one I know

she's that bigger and better than me

like I'm not under any impression that

she hasn't taken bigger cocks I'm not

under any impression that there aren't a

few guys who haven't fucked or better

than me guess what I'm not gonna worry

about that why because it's something I

can't control

okay now here's the thing my biggest far

above average but I'm not a top 1% err

I'm not a porn star right I don't let

the biggest she's ever taken I don't

fuck like a porn star don't make her

squirt all over the place right I don't

have control over that and you know what

I'm not gonna read articles about

kamasutra and you know liquored this way

and and what does some other shit just

just a bunch of the erogenous no no no

no fuck that no no I can't control who

she's fun she's had bigger and better

cocks it doesn't matter but because I

can't control that the second reason is

because I know that sex isn't the most

important thing to a woman even if

you're only fucking her even if she's

just a side chick ah fuck bunny friend

with benefit even if you're just fucking

her women care less about sex than you

do women care you know what women really

care about regardless of their status to

you they care about how they feel when

they're with you they want to feel safe

they want to feel like they're having

fun they want to feel like you're

attracted to them and I'm gonna get to

that later if the sex happens to be good

as far as she's concerned that's just an

added bonus

how listen I'll tell you a quick story I

actually knew a girl the second I

actually knew this girl in Reno she was

an older woman I think she was like 46

years old she said she was 42 she's

probably 46 decent looking decent decent

looking woman

anyway she she was fucking this fireman

his name was I don't well his name was

Bart right and she talked about like she

talked about like he had a two inch dick

and the sex was terrible

but guess what when Bart dumped this

chick she went absolutely crazy dude she

followed him to California dude she

stalked him she Facebook stalked him he

had to call the cops on her right now

that's an extreme example but I told you

that to let you guys know that sex

isn't important to women as it is to men

it's important but not as important as

it is to men now as far as Devon is

concerned I don't care if she likes when

I fuck her I listen if she likes if she

likes when I fuck her great

if she doesn't great now now I'm not

gonna be a disingenuous I'm not gonna be

a meathead and be a fake rent hill we're

about this yeah if she tells me damn

Donovan you really fucked me good just

know I'm not gonna sit here and tell you

that it doesn't give me a temporary

slight mood elevation it's bleeding it

doesn't last long but it's there right

you know you kind of you know pop your

call a little bit yeah you not beat the

breaks off that all right but I mean you

know I'm human but I don't wait for

those compliments guys now I don't fuck

her and then get all butthurt when she

doesn't tell me the sex is great well

how did you like it

no I'm dude I'm not that guy I assume

that if she opens her legs for me again

that I'm not terrible and that's good

enough for me

as long as I'm satisfied so the first

step in making yourself unforgettable to

a woman stop caring about her needs

in bed don't eat her dude if you don't

want to eat her pussy don't eat her

pussy don't do don't rub her clit when

you fucker don't listen don't do

anything that doesn't keep your dick


now if eating her buzzing keeps your

dick hard fine but if you don't want to

do it don't fucking do it don't don't do


a woman will never ever ever punish a

five percenter who is selfish as fuck in

bed never show bitch and moan when a

beta male doesn't please her in bed when

a beta male is is Unseld is is selfish

in bed oh my god you're so selfish you

know what she's gonna do she's gonna go

fuck a five percenter who doesn't give a

shit about her needs in bed but guess

what she won't say shit to a five

percenter and she won't keep coming back

for more I guarantee it stop caring

about her needs in bed and you will be

unforgettable the 300th episode of TSR

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strategies he puts in place to keep his

woman in line his mindset etcetera

etcetera solid-gold interview I think

it's about an hour and a half definitely

get over there and check it out alpha

male strategies minister

jab illimitable ban kyle trouble Ryan

stone Richard Cooper the list goes on

and on

dude I'm homeboys with all these guys so

head on over to patreon comm ford slash

donovan sharp to get your hands on the

kind of content that can and will change

your life if you've got a story about a

woman telling you that she's the that

you are the biggest and best cock you

have that she has ever taken call the

show nine one four two oh five five

three five six I want to hear your story

and so does the audience step number two

to make yourself unforgettable to a

woman if you don't have a 20 inch cock

and can't fuck like a porn star do

whatever the fuck you want to do to her

this is just like area code 651 was

talking about earlier and what Sean

backed up demand that shit from her

don't ask her do it if you want to fuck

her in the ass don't ask her just fuck

her in the ass press the head of your

cock against her asshole and press if

she's down for the cause she will offer

you little to no resistance if you want

her to swallow blow your load down her


don't tell her all right I'm gonna swell

you gonna swallow it know if she's

sucking your dick in you want her to

swallow that man juice you fuckin shoot

it down her throat if you want to give

her ass to mouth dude take it out of

here dude take it out of her ass stick

it in her mouth now

protip this is what I used to do this is

actually really fucked up and I'm

probably going to hell for this but what

I used to do if I knew I was fucking a

girl for the last time or if I just

wanted to get or if I just wanted to get

rid of her I would give her ass to mouth

because any girl AB listen the very

first time that I give a girl ass to

mouth that's the last time I fucked her

you want to know why do you think I'm

gonna kiss a girl again who sucked a

dick that had just been in your ass

hell no so if I knew I was getting ready

if I knew I was getting rid of the girls

like you know I'm gonna do this kinky

shit to her fuck her in the ass asked

him out and every single one of them

just act like that's porn star like Oh

taste I'm glad I'm tasting my ass yeah

bitch I'm never calling you again anyway

do whatever the fuck you want to do and

if she's not down with that find a girl

who is gentlemen there are plenty of

girls out here who will do whatever you

want whenever you want if your woman

doesn't do absolutely

everything you want that she's got to go

or she moves down a rung in your

rotation if she's your main chick make

her your side chick if she's her side

chick make her your fuck buddy if she's

your fuck buddy

fucker once every two weeks just make

her you know make make her make her a

pinch-hitter sure mccain says no ATM

I've done that plenty of times and I've

never fucked her again now listen listen

I've said it before guys most girls they

don't like anal sex anal sex is painful

at worst uncomfortable at best it

literally does nothing for women there's

certain women whose g-spot or whatever

it is is closed they're like oh I like

when you fuck me this makes become okay

whatever fine whatever a lot of girls

don't like swallowing either

dude dude sperm is salty and slimy it's

warm and depending on the diet of the

dude it can probably taste bad right now

as far as Devon knows as far as Devin

goes guess what she knows I could easily

replace her she knows I could go out and

get pussy literally any time I want

dude I won't even have to run game I can

just download tinder get on and get on a

dating website I won't even have to

spend the time now I've never done

online dating before but she knows that

if I did I'd be up to my eyeballs in

pussy Devin hates anal sex she does and

sometimes I'll even Caesar I'll be like

yeah I'm going back to her tonight she'd

be like oh god please down she does not

like it's funny because I'll tease

around be like yeah I'm going back to

her by god you better not but guess what

she doesn't like it but you want to know

something when I press the head of my

dick against her asshole she offers zero

resistance I get it in every single time

if I want to blow my load down her

throat I'll tell her swallow and she

does it without hesitation every time

every time so the second step to being

unforgettable to a woman is do whatever

the fuck you want to her be unabashedly

selfish nothing listen nothing goes near

her pussy except your dick don't eat her

out don't rub her clit don't try all

these kama Sutra erogenous zones and

graphs and shirts now fuck dad no no you

fucker you blow it you blow loads and

her ass do whatever it is that sexually

satisfy you that satisfies you fuck what


do what you want the third and final

step to making yourself unforgettable

and this is actually quite a simple

quite a simple quite a simple concept

that's just a three-step process we're

already on step 3

Miami J says that protip is classic says

now she's around Champaign says she says

she's a hold on wait a minute there's a

conversation going on here about no very

good Oh Oh Miami J says he's a four

straight season defending champion oh

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we got our

yeah yeah yeah oh it's it's it's it's on

it's definitely on yeah we're starting

the we're starting the the TSR towers

305 fantasy football league we'll

probably tweak the name but yeah Miami J

is gonna be heading that up and we're

letting 14 guys in so if you got and I

haven't played fantasy football in

forever I won I won the very first year

I played from 2007 I played from 2007 to

2012 so in five years I won four titles

so I won the first time I played I won

the first season I played the second

season I played and I know I'm getting

off track here the second season I

played this was the season after Tom

Brady threw 50 touchdown passes when the

Patriots with 18 and one got upset in

Super Bowl 42 by the Giants this is when

the this is when the Patriots had Randy

Moss they were loaded I drafted Tom

Brady number one overall what happens

Bernard Pollard of the Kansas City

Chiefs hit some low Brady up for the

season by season was done the next three

seasons I won three times in a row so

yeah so between myself and my image a we

have eight titles seven in the last

seven years so this should be good this

should be good yes there it is

email Miami Jay at Miami 305 j at if you guys want in on this I

definitely can't wait I haven't played

fantasy football in a while mainly

because and it's funny because I think I

don't have time no I do have time a lot

of people spend hours on their fantasy

football team but guys like me and Miami

Jay we consume sports all the time we

already know I don't have to look up

injury reports I already know who's hurt

because I listen to ESPN Radio all day

I'm watching you know I'm watching

pardon the interruption I'm watching

around the horn when they don't have

Kate Fagan or Sarah fucking Spain on I

can seem sports 24/7 so I spend maybe

six seven minutes on my fantasy football

fantasy football game

so that should be a lot of fun email

Miami J at Miami 305 at Miami 3 mi a 305

j at

we got 12 slots available me and Miami J

our numbers 1 & 2 we're looking for

we're looking for numbers 3 through 14

anyway number 3 the third and final and

this is the fun way and I you listen you

guys know all about this you make her

desirable by any means necessary not I

meant to put any means necessary not any

means possible little typos everything

here's what I mean guys women let me get

set here

women want a lot of things from their

men they need a lot of things they want

they need security they need value they

need social proof they need social

status they need a strong male a man who

needs to put on man who can put her in a

place they want it all but the thing

they want them most what women want

above all by a landslide

male desire Gemma teller-morrow

of sons of anarchy delivered do

delivered a red pill line that will live

that will live forever her and some

young girl we're talking about all you

know I you know I just want to be loved

she said women don't want to be loved

sweetie we want to be desired

women want to be wanted they want to be

lusted after women want men to want to

fuck them I think it's off all they want

about what they require in bed my man

has to go down on me my man has to be

unselfish my man has to do this my man

has to do that but if she thinks for one

second that he's not as attracted to her

as she is him the world stops and it

gives her a complex I didn't episode

with Alan Roger curry good God was

probably a year ago now and he and I

talked about we were talking about the

concept of not caring about a woman's

needs in bed now AR see and I we differ

on some on minor aspects of game but not

giving a shit about a woman's needs in

bed we are a lockstep on that so during

that episode I gave him two scenarios a

and B to kind of illustrate what I was

talking about and before I get into that

I'll put it to you like this good sex

for women is great right okay she's

satisfied but if the guy isn't satisfied

that's a failure as far as she's

concerned if a woman is listen if a

woman is being completely honest with

you not being a feminist not

grandstanding for my man I said yes have

a 12-inch dick and he's gotta even know

if woman is being completely honest with

you you talk to the average 26 year old

slut who's fucked 78 guys you give her

two scenarios scenario number one I'm

talking to the 27 year old sluts I'm

talking to you sluts right you that's

the average slut out here give her two

scenarios scenario number one the guy

beats the fucking brakes of you dude he

is pounding your pussy as hard as he can

he's blowing loads in he's blowing loads

all in your face he's have an orgasm

after orgasm can't believe it but you

don't have an orgasm scenario number two

he gives you the best sex you ever have

your squirting your silence shaking oh

my god squirting Peyton the walls with

female condom I can't believe it soaked

in the sheets but he doesn't come ten

out of ten women would take scenario a

over scenario B they can talk all they

want about how that how they love

orgasms and they do orgasms are great

for both men and women but they care

much more about the man's satisfaction

she could have the best sex of her life

she dude she could paint the walls and

silent no but if the guy says well this

was all great but I didn't come that's a

failure now she's got a complex now

she's thinking herself holy shit is he

not attracted to me did I did I smell

bad and my pussy I mean am i bad in bed

like all of these things are going

through her head I've got uh if you guys

go to my website donovan sharp com you

go to pod mix there are oh how can I put

this it was a girl I was banging her

name was Michelle

this chick dumped and dude I used to

beat the brakes off this chick this

chick dumped me she ended things with me

because she thought I wasn't as hot for

her she thought I would

dude go to pod pics and read read the

text message right you'll see it listen

I don't know I mean I like fucking her

but I mean it did take me like a half an

hour like 45 minutes or so to blow my

first load so

No maybe maybe I didn't like fucking her

as much as I thought I don't know listen

to this guys I used to give her orgasms

galore and she was a silent chick I get

my orgasms all the time all that stuff

but she ended it because she wasn't

giving me orgasm since at the rate I was

giving her orgasms it gave her a complex

that it took me a half an hour to blow

up my first load sometimes more when she

was orgasm in every five six minutes

right if a girl doesn't think you're

satisfied if a girl doesn't think that

you were a teraz attracted to her she is

you dude that's gonna give her a complex

she's either gonna check out or she's

gonna start doing shit to make that


now when Devin and I first met she was

attractive enough to get my attention

right but in one year within one year of

knowing her I turned her into what I

wanted her to look like the first thing

I did I told her go to hit the tanning

booth and get tan lines it's a turn-on

of mine I like women who have sexy

slinky tan lines she she goes to the

tanning booth once sometimes twice a

week puts on the bikini she has I call

it a flush bikini so even when she's

naked she still looks like she's wearing

a bikini I love that shit right and by

the way every the last you I want to say

three or four main chicks that I had the

last three in Vegas that I had made him

do the same thing this is what I

required now some girls are like well

I'm not doing this so guess what no


she got downgraded if you were my main

chick now you're a side chick and if you

were my side chick okay now you're just

somebody fuck every once in a while okay

if you're not a side chick you go back

to a fuck buddy you know I'm saying like

listen we'll keep fucking I'm not gonna

I'm not gonna fuck you on the regular I

might hit you at 1:00 or 2:00 in the

morning when my pipeline is dry or when

I struck out at the club or on the strip

but other than that you're not a

priority anymore but as far as Devin is

concerned i made her wear slutty clothes

she owns an entire wardrobe of slutty

clothes and you guys have seen this you

guys who follow me regularly you guys

have seen this clip a hundred times but

I'm gonna play it again listen and watch

Ezz I'll use my own woman as an example

when she goes to work she looks

professional she never ever ever shows

any cleavage she never wears high heels

and all of the dresses she wears to work


down to her ankles she does this because

I told her to she understands reasons I

require her to wear certain things and

she's well aware of the reasons why I

don't let her wear certain things even

though she didn't understand it guess

what because I said so that's why you

can see maybe 5% of her body her face in

her hands that's it and maybe her ankles

depending on the shoe she's wearing now

when she's at home and it's time to

drain my balls only 5% of her body is

then covered up and I talked about this

at episode 85 take a listen and watch

the next thing she did is I made her my

slutty clothes guys listen no

exaggeration guys my girl owns an entire

since we met since since I met her she's

bought I don't know something like 15 to

20 pairs of thongs

she's got all kinds of sivan lingerie

she's she's got a few pair of heels

heels she'll never win I mean she'll

never wear them outside and I mean she

can barely walk in them in the first

place one of those heels is a pair of

clear stripper heels that strippers wear

on stage yes those kinds of heels guys

she's got all kinds of slutty clothing

she but listen guys she bought so much

we had to make a spreadsheet to keep

track of it all to keep them in rotation

to make sure she didn't wear the same

thing twice her were the same things

more than once to keep it fresh okay

she's bought certain kinds of jewelry

you know wrist and ankle restraints

anything and everything I told her to

buy she bought when I fuck my girl I

want her to look like a porn star that's

the look I want guys she's and that's

exactly what she does she's got the body


Devin has the body of a porn star she

dude she has unbelievably shapely legs

she has just enough like she doesn't

have them like her legs are not muscular

but she has just enough of that you guys

know what I'm talking about where the

where the quad is you can tell the quad

sticks out just a little bit and it's

just feminine enough but you can tell

it's nice and shapely beautiful shapely


unbelievable last huge tits listen

anybody who follows me on social media

you guys know what kinda body she has

right she's got the body of a porn star

so guess what she's gonna look like one

when I fuck her at least half the time

at least

half the times we fucking probably even

more than that even more than that she's

at least wearing heels if nothing else

okay she gladly gives me what I want

okay she does this to keep my dick out

of other chicks do this with your woman

if your value is high enough just like I

was talking just like I was talking

about with Sean he actually took the

words right out of my mouth if your

value is high enough and she wants to

keep you from sticking dicks from

sticking your dick and other chicks

she will oblige but she won't do it

unless you tell her to guys and listen

if you're into BDSM if you're into that

Dom bit that diamond sub thing right

like my man like my man Texas on the red

man group dude do whips and James you

know do wrist and ankle restraints do

nipple pinchers do you if you're into

the porn star look just go to my social

media page and copy that if you're into

school girl look dude tell her to get a

tell her to put her hair in pigtails and

you know get her some problem glasses

and a plaid skirt and knee socks

whatever it is you want you tell her to

do it you demand that she do it your

woman wants you to look at her like a

piece of meat gentlemen your woman wants

you to drool when she walks out looking

exactly the way you want her to look

your woman wants you to objectify her

she wants all of these things guys but

if you're not man enough to demand it

she's not gonna do it you can't be like

well it would be nice if you wore the

thong to me once in a while or why

haven't you worn those sexy panties I

bought for you three Ballantine's days

ago no fuck that tell her this go put on

the stripper heels slather as much red

lipstick as your lips can hold put on

that slut collar curl your hair put in

the hoop earrings and meet me in the

living room in five minutes where you'll

deep throat my cock until you troch then

I'll hate fuck you into submission then

I'll blow my load in your face your

woman's pussy will start leaking right

in front of you but it won't be because

of the upcoming sex guys her pussy is

getting wet at the thought of your cock

getting rock-hard when you see her walk

out your woman wants and needs these

things from you gentlemen but what she

wants the most buy a fucking land

slide is your sexual desire if you tell

her exactly what will make her

irresistible to you if you tell her

exactly what to wear and how to wear it

if she knows this is gonna make you want

to drag her into the bedroom and fuck

you till you're both sweaty she won't

hesitate to comply and she'll do it

every single time gentlemen I'm here to

tell you this is what she wants and


Devon does this all the time you guys

know and if listen I put them listen I

put the stuff on social media so you

guys know I'm not full of shit you guys

listen you guys heard the beginning

episode I told you exactly what the fuck

I was gonna do and then I did it

so when things between you and your girl

end and she's talking to her friends

yeah she'll talk about the you know the

biggest cock she's ever taken right

she'll talk about the best sex she's

ever had and listen girls talk about

this stuff all the time they're winning

this is what they do we talk listen we

talk about that stuff as guys right but

when she's talking to her girlfriends

about that ex she's definitely gonna

bring you up she'll say well Shawn had

the biggest cock and Kevin and sales

fucked me the best but I remember this

guy Donovan man like all he wanted to do

was fuck I remember one weekend he

fucked me four times Friday night three

times Saturday than five times on Sunday

the guy was a walking boner he's like a

machine and get this he made me wear

stripper heels and all kinds of

see-through dresses and shit porn girls

and strippers where and the guy just

couldn't get enough of me I never had to

worry about not turning him on I never

had to worry about him getting limp-dick

like Steve Donovan made me feel like a

woman I always felt like he was gonna

whip out his cock and bang me at any

time anywhere man those are some good

times I wonder what he's up to next

thing you know she's hitting you on

Facebook talking about so how you been

like I said I'm not the biggest or best

defens ever had not by a long shot

right and no I don't care to know the

details but I know I'm not the biggest

or the best I know some guy out there

dude listen I know there's some guy out

there who's got a dick who's twice as

big as mine that's been in my girl this

is just how it is I have control over

that and I don't give a shit I know

there's dude I know there's guys out

there who have made her squirt all over

the place don't give a shit don't care

kids not something I can control

I don't I don't lay awake at night

worrying about it fuck it like I said as

long as she opens her legs for me again

I'm not terrible and that's good enough

for me that's the way it goes but when I

turned Devin into my personal porn star

slash stripper she knew she had the keys

to my loads if she comes out look in the

way she knows I want her to know she

knows she's getting a load in her face

she knows she's getting a dick in her

ass we went on vacation it's you know

it's interesting we went on vacation and

by the way I record an episode I forget

which episode actually recorded an

episode in Hawaii but on vacation dude

we fucked so many times we had to start

camp we actually started counting they

made a joke out of it gentlemen I fucked

her 30

one times in five days I fucked her five

times in the first 48 hours matter of

fact it was five times in the first

forty three hours because we spent five

hours on the plane flying from Phoenix

to the island guys listen

true story man my knees were bleeding

from all the fucking right like my knees

were skimped up they were bleeding head

but had to put band-aids on my fucking

knees I ended up I ended up having to

pull her to the end of the bed and doing

stand-up doggy for the rest of the way

that's how much we fucked so if things

go awry right she'll say yeah this guy

was the biggest in this guy with us was

the best but Donovan fucked me more

times than I've ever been fucked and he

was always ready to fuck Donovan was the

one man who told me to wear exactly what

he wanted me to wear no other guy had

been with has ever been so specific and

so demanding when we first got together

she used to say well my gee mr. de

mandypants I'm like yep sure em and she

fucking loved it

and this is interesting she told me

that's the most hot that's the most

frequency that she's ever had sex maybe

she's lying maybe she's not thirty-one

times in five days that's a shitload at

six so I might actually believe her on

that one but if I find out somebody

fucked her more times than I did and

that period of time dude I'll tip my cap

to the fucker game recognizes game man

I'm not mad at you I tell her all the

time you look hot in that see through

this or micro that now get on your knees

you've got work to do so to recap to

recap on the three steps to make

yourself the one man she will never

forget step 1

stop caring about her needs in bed step

2 do whatever the fuck you want to her

without apology or permission step 3

make her as desirable as humanly

possible by any means necessary you do

those three things and guys I can

personally assure you your woman will

never forget you all right let's go to

the let's go to the shit here oh shit

man where's my hang on a second

I need to be able to scroll up and I'm

not alright

oh there we go all right I couldn't find

the scroll up button I was like what the

blood all right excellent excellent

Captain Crunch 4/20 says keep it simple

TSR read Billy yeah that might actually


yeah listen send in your listen send him

your fantasy football name things I'm

listen I'm not good at naming this stuff


dude it took me like a week to come up

with the show the sharp reality Jesus

fuck all right let me scroll back down

yes miami jay says gets that internal

dread complex going nothing could be

further from the truth my friend

straight up

yes yes yes yes yes yes Sherm cane says

it's that line that separates the quads

from the hamp good oh dude God Devin's

legs are unbelievable

dude when she's wearing the stripper

heels or when she's wearing whatever

heels I tell her to wear it like oh my

god it's fucking great it's fucking


freelance Ronan says women talk about

everything they want yet they still end

up marrying beta chumps what they say

and what they do are night and day

that's read bill one on one brother good

comment miami jay says by the way i

found that doing scenario B once in a

while or once in a blue moon can be a

good thing to keep your value above hers

okay okay yeah dude shrimp Kane was

right it's that line that separates the

quads from the fuckin hammies yes Devin

has that she has the best fucking legs

oh my god and when she wears heels oh

Jesus oh yeah yeah yeah freelance run

and said you have to command women to do

those things the blue pillars make the

mistake of begging or trying to

negotiate women to do it

yes Rollo Tomassi famously says

attraction can't attraction is

non-negotiable attraction could be

neither negotiated nor mitigated Miami G

says and while she's having that

conversation she realizes she's an alpha

Widow absolutely absolutely well that's

gonna do it for episode 300 of TS r

primetime thank you all for making this

show what it is

here's to 300 more episodes I am now

going to eat bacon-wrapped shrimp and

watch The Bachelorette thanks for

watching guys I'll see you in twenty



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