YouTube shooter Nasim proves American women can't handle real world consequences

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On April 3rd, 2018, 38 year old Nasim Aghdam opened fire at YouTube Headquarters because YouTube shut down her channel. She injured 3 people before committing suicide. But her rampage points to a larger issue that's plagued America for quite some time: AMERICAN CANNOT HANDLE REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES



Aghdam's actions, though extreme, are indicative of the typical reaction from American women when they don't get their way. 


An open letter of apology to American women (Return Of Kings article)


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apologize perfect so now that has all

been updated which brings me to

tonight's episode now this is gonna be a

very risky episode for me because

YouTube is involved okay

I'm obviously broadcasting on YouTube

YouTube pays me for Google Adsense they

obviously they they give me this

platform to do the show you guys can

contribute via super chat YouTube pays

me be a super chat etc etc but I want to

let everyone know in case the YouTube

powers-that-be are watching obviously

this isn't meant to disparage YouTube in

any way right YouTube just happened to

be at the center of this controversy

which one twit which which really proves

my the larger point and that is that

women are ill-equipped to handle

real-world consequences for their

actions guys this could have happened

anywhere this could have happened at

YouTube this could happen to Burger King

this could have happened

you know XYZ corporation doesn't matter

it just so happened that YouTube was the

platform you know what was the center of

this of this particular this particular

I guess we can call it a tragedy anyway

so just to give you the particulars 39

year old youtuber former youtuber now

deceased now see mag dum rolled up to

YouTube right shot three people then she

shot herself she's dead now to the

people she shot we're women they were

all random people to the people she shot

were women they were released overnight

I guess they were just flesh wounds she

shot one man one guy he entered the

hospital in critical condition he's now

been upgraded to serious condition and

it looks like he's gonna pull through of

course like most mass shooters she ended

up turning the gun on herself well the

reason why set out to Jimmy sunshine

with the $10 donation via the TSR

contribution link WWE stream labs

comport slash Donovan sharp appreciate

the support there Jimmy sunshine the

reason she's shutdown the reason she

shot up YouTube is because she hated

YouTube now why pray tell would anyone

hate YouTube well why would anyone hate

YouTube because YouTube shut down our

channel okay now now

question is is why did YouTube shut down

her channel because she was she was

posting videos of stolen animals being

cooked alive animals being skinned alive

like all kinds of cruel things being

done to animals of course her channel is

gonna shut down you think AT&T; you think

Verizon you think McDonald's wants their

ads on those videos hell no YouTube did

what they had to do and for the record

guys and I'm not just saying this you

know just to cover my ass here but I

understand why YouTube has to

demonetised certain videos listen guys

we can bitching them we know they do

monetize my videos you know what they be

monetize the videos but they left it up

there a lot of guys like the bitch a

complaint oh it's censorship and this

and any other no not exactly because if

they do monetize your videos that's one

thing if they take you down then maybe

you have a gripe but you can't you can't

have it both ways guys you can't bitch

about YouTube well they do monetize my

they do monetize my my videos no you got

the you got the yellow dollar sign so

that means you're getting some ad

revenue dude sometimes I'll watch the

videos where I have the ola dollar sign

where it's limited to no ads I'll click

on them and they're still ads now one of

those ads it was interesting it was a

woman talking about anal lube for anal

sex I said I'll be goddamned

I'm dead serious she says hey guys want

to go with the backdoor you need a

silicone product I said okay so these

are the kinds of ads running on channels

like mine completely understand it man

dude again you don't want Johnson and

Johnson or Microsoft running ads on a

channel like mine are you kidding me

dude they don't want to be associated

with stuff like that not in today's

climate and here's the thing YouTube

doesn't really care about Vee about the

content that's put up on their channel

as long as it makes money right they

don't really care so guess what the

advertisers dictate what they do if

McDonald's and Burger King and Microsoft

and Apple are gonna say hey look don't

put our shit on this on these channels

guess what YouTube Google has to oblige

if they want to keep those advertising

dollars coming in right so I'm not gonna

sit here bitch and complain about

censorship guys I'm still on the air no

I'm not making as much money as some

other youtubers who do quite the

opposite of myself but I still got a

channel I still got a platform so I'm

not listen I'll bitch and I'll complain

about this and that any other but at the

end of the day there are other ways to

make money doing this like with patreon

you know donations consultations things

of that nature you know that being said

I still make a pretty good living you

know on YouTube so there's my


there's my brown nose and for the day

but I'm not again I'm not just saying

that I really feel this way I actually

mentioned this back in the I think it

was episode 70 something about why

people shouldn't really worry about

getting their channels and or not their

channels but some of their videos do

monetize this makes this makes sense

most of the consumers are women and if

women decide to protest against a

company because they saw an ad on the

sharp reality guess what they got to

pull those ads they want those ads they

want those ad dollars coming in I can't

I cannot I cannot blame them for that

shout-out to Mattie ghost with the

twenty dollar super chat he says I was

chatting with this broad she says a dude

that was looking at her was ugly I told

her it doesn't I told her it doesn't if

that guy is confident and doesn't care

she got quiet for 45 seconds hilarious I

started with that's actually a pretty

good story man that nigga ugly anyway so

this crazy chick got her channel shut

down and listen let's do a little bit of

background on this chick listen she was

a vegan right

OGG Dom was a vegan and if we've learned

anything about vegans and that lifestyle

they're all fucking crazy all vegans

they've got some shit with him

she was also it big big into PETA right

you know the the animal activism this

chick was the typical left-wing virtue

signaling steal from the rich give to

the poor globalist loon from California

right welcome to the like nothing

surprising there I was actually I was

actually kind of surprised that she was

from San Diego because a lot of people

in Southern California tend to lean on

the conservative side not listen

California is a blue state there's no

doubt about that but there are pockets

in Southern California like Orange

County I don't know if you guys have

ever anyone who's familiar with Orange

County California that's a big-time

conservative like stranglehold if you

watch the presidential election and you

see California's all blue and they break

it down county by county you'll see

Orange County that's a red that that's a

red area anyway Arlo surprised because

most of the social justice warriors from

the state of California they're all up

north around

very anyway so her dad warned the cops

right her brother warned the cops she

runs away from home she jumps in her car

she's driving to YouTube they reported

her missing on Monday well yesterday

morning at 2 o'clock a.m. I assume this

is Pacific time

they found her sleeping in her car now

she's already in San Bruno California or

around about San Bruno California but

the roughly thirty miles away from

YouTube's campus so they did what any I

mean listen you see a woman sleeping in

her car they're gonna do what any good

cop would do you know they knock on a

Rend oh hey what's going on what's uh

what's the story y-you know what you

know what's going on here why you why

you sleeping in your car

so they woke her up and she's like oh

you know I had some family issues that

I'm going through and you know I just

drove north to California to come out

here and find a job nothing suspicious

there right a random woman asleep in her

car estranged from her family and she's

gonna tell you she's looking for a job

asleep in her car at two o'clock in the

morning in a parking lot now

they ran a check they saw her on the

missing son missing-persons report so

they called her family to let them know

that she'd been found but during that

phone call there was no mention of her

hating YouTube there's no mention that

she might have a gun there was no

mention that she might be dangerous and

that she might be going to youtube to

shoot him up so the cops let her go

and listen her father and Brian Oh her

brothers been all over TV oh we tried to

tell him well did you because when the

cops told you that they had found her

that was your opportunity right then and

there to be like yo like my sister's

dangerous she's gonna go and shoot up

YouTube you guys might want to detain

her he might might want to search her

car nope they let her go had that been a

man guys guess what they would have dug

deeper they would have dug deeper that

had that been a man had Nassim not dumb

been a man he'd be in jail already now

she legally obtained this semi-automatic

weapon I don't know what kind of weapon

it was that she used to shoot it up but

the point is is that she was asleep in

her car at two o'clock in the morning

and she she was on a missing-persons

report and because she told him up I had

a fight with my family I'm here for a

job okay

no problem we're just gonna leave it at

that nobody said anything everything is

all good they just left it at that so

what does she do a few hours after her

encounter with the cops

she goes to a shooting range to learn to

fire the gun guys all the signs were

pointing to this woman being crazy about

to do something bad but because she was

a woman they left her ass alone a woman

asleep in her car with a gun in her car

they didn't search her car they just

bought her story all right cool see you

later if this were a man under the same

circumstances they would have arrested

him in his car when they found him

sleeping in at that morning okay

shout out to big Samoan with the $2

super super jet he said these hoes crazy

bro yeah absolutely

they would not have believed his story

because despite the fact that women lie

all the time to everybody about

everything okay cops never believe men

right cops always take women at their

word but they never take us at our word

that was mistake number one then they

would have searched his car and as soon

as they searched his car would have been

game over he'd be alive and the three

YouTube employees would not have been

shot that's what would have happened but

because she was a woman

they took her at her word under all of

these suspicious circumstances mix Suk's

three people aren't dead because of the

pacification of the cops

she's dead I don't know if you're a

little bit late to the show but but

she's the only one that's dead

the two women she shot they were

released overnight the one guy she shot

the one guy she shot was um he was in

critical condition but then she or but

now he's been upgraded to serious

condition I just want to make sure and

get that get that out there

Miami Jay with the $2 super jet says

quote I dumped her and she flipped Kevin

in sales right so there's Kevin and

sales works at YouTube right he probably

looked out the window and so he's like

oh shit I see followed me all the way

the fuck here I gotta get out they get

him on camera what happened yeah I

fucked her for three weeks and told her

is over so she flipped out right

Stefan Robinson shutout with the $1.99

super chet says love you weren't

appreciate that mm-hmm here's the thing

guys this this was the most hilarious

thing about this entire story she said

that she felt that YouTube was

discriminating against her let me repeat

that a woman in America said an American

company was discriminating against her

now that brings me to my larger point

this isn't about Nasim Dom this isn't

about YouTube this is about women and

their privilege and not being able to

handle real-world consequences for their

actions bitch you were broadcasting cats

being skinned alive little puppy dogs

being boiled alive what did you expect

to happen

what'd you expect him to just give you

slap on the wrist nah dude she started

raising she started raising a stink

about it when they demonetized her

videos they didn't even shut her down at

that point she repeatedly did it and

then they finally shut her down then she

lost her shit drove up the San Bruno I

shot up the place women get away with

all kinds of shit in this country they

get away with committing they get away

with committing egregious crimes and

when they get caught they're either let

go excuses are made for them they're not

prosecuted and when they're actually

found guilty they're given the lighter

they're given lighter penalties I tell

this story all the time was watching

dude watching a show called live PD with

my girlfriend

back in December of 16 right girl in

Phoenix all of a sudden switches lanes

when she sees a cop cop pulls her over

because that suspicious traffic behavior

pulls her over right runs her license

this girl had three warrants out for her

arrest her driver's license was

suspended and she had cocaine and

crystal meth on her they let her go they

didn't arrest her if that was me in the

car they'd arrested my black ass you

better believe it and she was still

pissed off that they told her cuz I said

listen we're not going to arrest you you

guys can look this up it's on Annie it's

called live PD okay three warrants

suspended driver's license cocaine

crystal meth right they didn't arrest

her listen you've got all this shit with

you but we're not gonna arrest you but

we're gonna have to impound your car

this is what women are used to women get

away with showing up for work late or

drunk or high or not at all but they

keep their jobs despite poor work

performance being a distraction fucking

all their co-workers but if they make a

sexual harassment claim the guy is gone

that's female privilege they get away

with breaking traffic laws guys you see

it all the time most people who just

blatantly run red lights run stop signs

women they get away with hitting men in

public we see videos of women hitting

men in public we see it all the time now

every once in a while we'll see a video

of a man striking back right

but women feel like they can do this

because they are almost never punished

for for bad behavior

females are never held accountable for

their bad behavior ever they're never

held responsible for anything they do

oh they're giving all the credit and all

the accolades when they actually luck

out and get something right but when

they fuck something up every excuse

Under the Sun is made for these bitches

and then they usually find a man to

blame we're gonna get some more on this

in a bit because I'm really gonna I'm

really gonna bring this thing home gotta

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the Falcon black with

with the two euros I think that is he

says excuse number one I'm on my period

exactly woman goes and shoots up the

place with an ak-47 well listen miss

so-and-so is on her period so we're

gonna give her a pass that's called the

pussy pass that's called the pussy pass

that's how it works

moving right along here anyway like I

was saying 134 people watching thank you

for the support women are almost never

punished for anything they do guys on

any level but the minute they are they

lose their shit like nah seem odd Dom

did reacts we listen we've seen videos

of women in family court

attacking lawyers attacking bailiffs why

because the judge didn't give her full

custody and child support the fact if

she's fucking eight niggas at her place

and has run and crack running a crack

house but somehow she didn't get child

support bitch you're lucky you're not in

jail we see them lose their shit in the

checkout line at the supermarket when

the cashier won't honor their expired

coupons we see videos of this stuff

we've seen them at listen we've seen

scores of these videos we see anima TAC

uber drivers over dumb shit and they're

never prosecuted or direct or arrested

even though there are 24 witnesses its

witnesses and 16 camera phone videos

women are so fucking spoiled that they

get an attitude when they don't get

fresh chicken fucking McNuggets from

McDonald's or cookies you guys seen that

video of the girl who looks like a

chocolate chip cookie bitching and

complaining about not having fresh

chocolate chip cookies like that's the

kind of women we're dealing with

shout out the freelancer with the $2

super chat excuse number two she was

temporarily insane well that wouldn't

fly in court because your honor women

are insane all the time right


now a lot of one of the one of the

pervasive sayings as far as feminism is

concerned is anything you anything you

can do I can do better yeah

that's bullshit guys women can't handle

what it is to be a man

they can't handle they can't handle the

masculine burden and this shooter proves

it women can handle all of the good

things that come with masculine

qualities they can handle the praise the

glory of the money and all the rest of

that but when it comes to paying the

price the other side of being strong and

independent can't handle it they go

crying to their mommies or their beta

orbiters or they go shooting up the

shooting of the you know whatever but

Donovan most mass shooters are men yes

and what they all have in common is that

they are bad with women every one of

these mass shooters Elliot dude I mean

Elliot Rodger he's the main one Andres

Lubitz or Andres Lubitz who flew

Germanwings flight whatever into the

side of a mountain like these dudes go

on shooting sprees because they're not

good with women all right yes their

motives may be a little bit different

from one another but none of them are

good with women that's the common


can you imagine what kind of a world

wheel with we would live in if women

couldn't get laid if women couldn't get

laid at the rate they do there'd be a

lot more female shooters lack of sexual

options and lack of success with women

with women that is always an underlying

cause with shooters Nicholas Cruz got

dumped by a girlfriend dude kids are

going into high school shooting places

up because their ex-girlfriend dumped

them that's just how this goes and now

we come to the Internet this is the

risky part of the show Don else's game

saves lives

Nicola Levin says mass shooters who are

men are betas absolutely absolutely so

now we come to the Internet right this

is where this all began on the Internet

guys women can do and say whatever they

want and they get left alone dude

Twitter Facebook Instagram

dude man hating channels they talk all

this shit about men

need to be hung in the village square

castrated eradicate do they talk all

this shit about men all the time

meanwhile guys like Minister Japp

Tommy Sotomayor those guys are steady

under fire

steady getting their shit taken down

women are protected on the Internet

men are not women can attack men they

can Doc's men they can swap men they can

do whatever and say whatever they want

but they still get to keep their

platforms and guess what guys that's a

good thing and the reason why is because

their rights are protected by the First

Amendment so they should get to they

should get to say whatever they want and

they do but men we do not we put a toe

out of line we are but guys I got my

Twitter page shut down over a

conversation I had with a woman who was

calling me names we're talking about

tattoos it was actually in response TV

to the video that I did after the whole

bachelor after the whole bachelor

situation and and she was talking about

tattoos and this then the other I went

back and forth with her I used the word

women with tattoos have promiscuous past

and she could teach to call me all kinds

of names she ended up reporting me I got

my channel taken down right like she was

the aggressor she called the names I

defended my position I get my Twitter

page taken down I didn't swear it didn't

call her names but the fact that I

pointed out that women are just virtuous

perfect creatures who can do no wrong

and a female was offended by that I lost

my Twitter page shout out to rob Cruz

with the $5 super Jets still supporting

keep dropping that knowledge appreciate

that Rob

females could do whatever they want on

any platform TV the Internet you name it

they've got Hart Bloch now granted

listen listen we as men yes we do bitch

and complain yes we talk about it

amongst ourselves and we vent to you

guys but we look for solutions guys we

adapt we adjust we find another way to

accomplish the same goals to get the

message out but this chick claimed

discrimination and censorship in a

country that literally hands the world

to women on a silver fucking platter

cuddles them from birth never holds them

accountable make excuses for their bad

behavior facilitates that bad behavior

and then absolves them of said bad

behavior claims discrimination women get

away with such egregious behavior all

the time they expect to get away with it

all the time and when they don't they go

batshit crazy because they just can't

believe that they've been disciplined

now see mock Dom could believe her too

her YouTube page got taken down that in

her wildest dreams that never happened

she probably thought she was gonna make

money on YouTube for the rest of her


39 years old banking on a YouTube

channel right this is how women think

but her dumb ass didn't really her dumb

ass actually got punished and she didn't

know how to act oh my god I'm a woman

how could they do this to me

now as far as the male the masculine

burden this is the world we live in is

it fair that man hatin bitches out there

that spew all kinds of hate about men

get to keep their channels no it's not

because what it's not changing that

guy's men as men we understand this this

is the world we live in we adapt

now in a Facebook or Twitter fight what

do women always do they go and report us

because they feel like they didn't get

the last word or they didn't feel like

they won the debate women don't like to

adapt they don't like to think their way

out of situations they like to whine and

bitch and complain until they get the

until they get their way and most of the

time guys they do men we adapt we think

of new ways to accomplish the same goals

guys if my channel gets shut down and it

probably will at some point I'm gonna

have to think of something else I'm not

gonna go shoot up YouTube again what did

she expect happen Oh miss MS nog um

you're here with an ak-47 here let's

reactivate your channel you kidding me

women don't read women do not handle

rejection or discipline well because

they have not been raised - so when shit

hits the fan when shit doesn't go their

way they like to run to youtube and flag

channels and report youtubers and go to

Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and

get peoples pages taken down but the

minute the same shit happens to them

they don't adapt they don't try to think

their way out of a situation

no they react like the spoiled petulant

children they are and they self-destruct

and anyone who is within their blast

radius goes down with them every single


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haha okay oh uh mix Suk's oh my god sue

say okay sue say Mike sue say shut up

with the five dollar super jet just keep

doing your thing sharp FYI beta Donovan

should have oh my god here's how to be

good with lemon just buy him flowers

tell him you love him on the first date

always tell a girl you love her on the

first page you'll love you forever got a

bunch of characters here in the towers

all right let's see who was in the house

tonight nice lively crowd tonight 159

people watching appreciate the shoutout

Miami Jay was first shavar 1983 said she

is evil I don't think she's evil she's

just a woman again this is how women

react when they don't get their way I

think every woman would react this way

if they didn't get their way this is

just how it is man this how it is guys


yep mr. pirate brain says see women

can't handle adversity no they cannot

mr. old spell writers has got a feeling

this is about to be the best episode of

the week it could be the best and the

worst we'll see what happens

shut up the tum Eugene says finally

after months I caught a live show all

the way from sa I guess at San Antonio

keep up the good work Donovan

so wait senator rightfully points out

women cannot handle pressure or

adversity they mentally breakdown yes

every fucking time men every time

a Miss Elliot shout-out to you

Tom asks where the pre live chats again

yeah Tom they're on my facebook facebook

live and Instagram so just do a search

on Facebook or Instagram for Donovan

sharp and that's where you'll find me

screen says went from school shoot at a

YouTube shooter retro fan says Donovan

you've changed my mind on girls with

tattoos I see the light bro it's it it

is it's it's just one it's one of the

most amazing con jobs that women try to

play on men dude women God I think it's

what the last 15 10-15 years I remember

back in the day if a woman had a tattoo

that was taboo whoo she's got a tattoo

stay away from her but now every girl

has tattoos well guess what every girl's

a slut right that's how it works

shout-out to Amos Elliot with the $10

donation he says women never face

consequences especially as kids

dude can catch an ass whoopin any day

but not today it's blacked out he says

we wonder why they're so reckless with

their words and actions that's exactly

right women are not dude women are not

equipped to handle adversity because

they're not trained to as kids this is

how this goes listen what did we expect

to happen guys we tell little girls that

they can do no wrong we we indirectly

tell them that they are better than boys

by by by by by telling little boys that

they're inherently flawed if little

Johnny over there has too much energy we

got to give him ritalin to settle him

down well why is little little Johnny

has to take special medicine because

he's not acting like a lady he's not

acting like a little boy should no man

little Johnny wants to go outside and

fix cars he wants to paint he wants to

ride horses he wants to do all that


shut up to Cory Burke's with the ten

dollar super Chet appreciate that you

guys are awfully generous tonight thank

you blackballed at 40 says wasn't she

from Iran um I don't know listen she was

born and raised in the US this is why

she reacted this way so maybe she was

from Iran but she's lived in America a

lot longer than she's lived in Iran

because if she was an Iranian girl she

wouldn't be on YouTube

in Americanized Iranian role right this

is just how it is man she was

Americanized it doesn't matter where

she's from many don't matter where a

girl is born Uganda Iran doesn't matter

Brazil Ukraine whatever when they come

to America they become Americanized all

of them

no God here we go come on guys and I'll

put the Islamic terrorist stuff that's

come on guys going to get me put on a


MS Elliott says probably atheist


Nocona levin says it's eternal pussy

best that works all over every

establishment takes the pussy pass yes

we take Visa MasterCard American Express

Discover and the pussy pass

that's when it's evident sales was

tearing that ass up hell yeah dude yes


synthesis annette's it says women get

away with killing kids yes

like women kill their kids dude I

remember Susan Smith years ago in South

Carolina drowned her five kids call the

cops and says yeah this black man killed

my kids Nana's skin man that a sketch of

this nigga in ten minutes

they had already do they had a wrestler

it did they had arrested a dozen niggas

but where they finally figured out that

she killed her kids the pussy pass man

yeah she does have a mullet that was

gonna fucked up as for life when deep

one points out

freelancer net says look at all of the

molestation cases where women get

probation for touching kids man I'm

telling you dude same crimes listen if a

man touches a little girl guys he's got

to go to jail man like if you're a man

you can't molest girls you can't rape

little girls right like you can't do

that well women do the same thing to get

probation retro fans has too many double

standards I agree now gone 11 says the

double standard is the standard oh my

god they got 11 then why is it that when

guys sleep with a lot of girls they're

studs and when girls sleep with a lot of

guys they're sluts

because women aren't designed to fuck

around you know those five dead porn

stars right yeah yeah that proves that

women shouldn't be fucking around

stupid bitch okay

simply deep 1985 making a making an

appearance haven't seen you in here in a

while either that or I've been paying



okay let's see who else Oh oops Falcon

black guys I am NOT good with foreign

currency Falcon black just let me know

that that was pounds so British pounds

two British pounds from Falcon black my



Sith says women can be as violent as men

yes absolutely

absolutely Tracy well says this is why

Hans anti simp Anderson doesn't want a

female president he'll the Beast would

have destroyed us already man you ain't

kiddin you ain't kiddin dude got ten

fucking Hillary Clinton Jesus Cory's

thinking we didn't put her in a White



yeah well like I was saying about what

SIF said yes women are so much more

violent with violent than men because

they can be listen we as men we can do

far more damage we're bigger stronger

bla bla bla but women are more violent

because they have permission to me a

woman can go up and hit a man she's not

spending time she's not spending 72

hours in jail

Charles merchant says hey Donovan your

stuff is being read by many trolls they

run to Reddit to rebut you I did not

know that hold on man hold on ha ha this

is great oh shit oh shit I gotta look up

all this is great I can't believe this

shit hold up I'm gonna look up Donovan

sharp ha ha this is gonna be great you

got to be kidding me with this shit



okay well I don't know maybe I'm on the

wrong site the first thing that comes up

is illimitable man because I did a radio

appearance with him a year ago or one of

many actually but ya see Bart send me a

link man I'd love to see dude I love to

see what people write articles about me

like I've listened I've googled myself

Donovan sharp and Donovan sharp is this

is not the other love I love that love

that shit

love that shit JJ Redwood good to see

you in here

Oh darky McDow nails it and social media

disappeared tomorrow women would go

insane oh my god you are not kidding

fucking hell man


Nouveau 11 says look at the look at this

last dude who got shot six times and

women putting out mad video seeing this

guy basically deserved it but one video

put out by a man about women are dropped

faster than a shit through a goose

yeah so it is been this is how it is yep

darky McDowell their overgrown children

with boobies yeah yes

Oh dark yes yes I know I know I know

their pounds not euros I'm I'm ignorant

in that regard

dan effin dizzle good afternoon good to

see you in here as well

t William says he read an article where

she said YouTube was censoring her cunt

dude like you still have your channel

man like get the fuck out of here


freelance Ronan says Donovan's women's


sounds like 95% of the white women at my

job dude my girl tells me this all the

time she's like oh your girl voice is

that it ah

not all girls sound like this and I'm

like yeah they actually kind of do like

you twill I don't know I'm like you do

my mom does my sister does like all

girls sound the same I know maybe it's a

West Coast Vegas thing but when I was

out there they all sounded the same

listen that's the real secret to game is

because they all sounded the same it's

like triggered a response like oh my god

you're trying to hit on me yes put your

phone number in it's like they didn't

know how to hit they do they didn't know

how to act oh my god oh my god oh my god

oh dude I swear to god man like don't

get me wrong man fucking hot girls it is

it's amazing it's great I did it for a

while but guys listening to these

bitches talk dude like honestly man it's

like you wanna suck you wanna shoot your

fucking self in the face man it's like

Oh God Jesus Christ like after you fuck

her and she wants to talk I'm like god

damn I'm not horny anymore now I got to

talk to this bitch


Bryan Washington says Donovan please

come up with a voice for Arthur in

accounting Arthur an accounting might be

beta Donovan I think that's who that is

see Kevin in sales is fucking Arthur's

wife right masculine with the $2 super

10 yeah Kevin and sales is fucking

Arthur's Arthur and accountings wife and

before they go to the hotel the fuck

they go to Billy the cocaine dealer to

get some nose candy going on that's how

that works

Amos Elliot asks don't cops

automatically arrest the man in any

domestic violence situation yes unless

of course you have video or audio

evidence that suggests otherwise I was

in that very situation that one time I

was fucking a girl I tried to break it

off she told me she was pregnant I went

to her place made her piss on two sticks

I said I made her take two pregnancy

tests she pissed negative signs I was

gonna leave she says don't I said I'm

out of here she picked up the phone she

says yes I'd like to report a domestic

disturbance my boyfriend is choking and

slapping me my hand to the man it's all

true in 15 minutes they got to the and

it probably didn't even take him that

long but between the time they got there

and the time she made the call I took

out my phone turned out I don't know

what came over me I turned on the audio


I said look what can I do to make this

go away

maybe she said let's just stop with all

this bullshit I said okay that's all

well and good but there's no need in

lying about me beating and slapping you

right like why would you lie about that

I don't know Donovan I don't know why I

did it I just don't want you to leave

that was all I needed so when the cops

came they asked her what her version of

the story was first I was very careful

not to say anything didn't make any

quick responses again this is a white

girl there are two large white Las Vegas

police officers in the room and me the

big black guy I'm bigger than both of

these guys right so if I do hear dude if

I do anything threatening I've got eight

slugs in my chest right and now I become

a statistic and the people black lives

matter and marching for me right didn't

want that kind of action stayed cool

when they asked me what my version of

the story is I put but guys this happen

to the fucking letter I put both my

right here I said officers I'm gonna

reach for my phone I'm gonna turn it on

is that okay

one of them nodded I reached for my

phone turned it over and played the

audio recording and that was that she

got now she got arrested for making a

false police report but my guess is that

she probably didn't spend any time in

jail they released her on her own on her

own recognizance and that was that um I

actually talked about this entire that

the whole ordeal that I just told you

about I talked about an episode I think

it was 24 how I narrowly escaped a false

domestic violence charge but that's how

it goes the standard operating procedure

in any domestic disturbance is to

automatically arrest the male that's

what happens and that all dude that

almost happened to me man she called up

the cops and said I was choking her and

slapping her and they came right over

Wow chase Volvo said eight shots minimum

to centre body mass absolutely dude one

of my best friend's was the new york

city cop for almost 30 years dude that's

where they're supposed to shoot they're

supposed to put you down and listen

listen a lot of these a lot of these

fake-ass niggas Pro black ass niggas

they don't like when I save this shit

but guess what it doesn't matter what

color you are if you get if you don't do

what the police officer says if he tells

you stay in your car but you get out

because you feel like you have something

to say they have the right to put your

ass down man like dude I put up a record

dude I put up I was watching I was

watching the show this documentary oh my

god the fuck was it called man Flint

Michigan Flint right it's a it's a great

documentary I think it's on I think it's

on Netflix Flint Michigan is basically

like Detroit it's Detroit lights the

poor man's version of Detroit and they

taught in these cops are I mean dude

it's just it's a deplorable place of

course we all know about the water

crisis and this black cop they're a part

of what's called I think the so there

was a new police chief that was hired

and he decided to put together like a

task force Flint town Thank You Sharples

says so yeah it's called Flint town so

he puts together this this task force

and he gave it some witty name like cat

like a cat team or a court or whatever

it whatever it was and so and so what

happened was is they're getting ready to

pull over this guy right they turned on

the lights

the guy who drives all the way to now

he's a block away from his house way

you see the blue lights you pull your

car over immediately nope

this nigga drove all the way to his

house so a black officer and a white

officer get out with their guns drawn

because they don't know what's going on

with this guy so they put this kid in

the car they said listen we're gonna

arrest you I put this recording up on

Instagram he said why didn't you pull

over the guy was like well I thought it

was my right to go all the way home he's

like nah man he's like you need that

he's like you and this is the black guy

talking to another black guy but talk to

the this is the black police officer

talking to the black guy he says look

man if an officer tells you to do

something is that why do you think I had

my gun drawn because you didn't do what

I told you to do when you see those

lights you pull over we don't know if

you got drugs guns women knives we don't

know what you got so he told him he's

and then he said this whoo this is what

was profound this is what I put on

Instagram he says now what would happen

if you got out the car and I'd put that

I put some slugs in you then what then

people be all over the news but you got

your mom but talk about my baby diamond

you know the cops not maybe not know

your baby did die because your baby

didn't do what the fuck he was supposed

to do don't give me this not don't don't

give me this nonsense about cops

shouldn't be no cops shouldn't be

killing unarmed black men but guys don't

get the fuck out of your car act on a

goddamn fool either if a cop asks you to

reach for your license and registration

you put up both hands tell them what

you're gonna do and do it what if I had

set up all of sudden and reach for my


I'd be dead I wouldn't even be here

right now do what the cops tell you to

do I don't want to hear dude I don't

want to hear any of this I don't want to

hear pee I don't want to hear niggas out

here talking about this Donovan sharp

isn't lost ass nigga talk about you have

to have your license and registration

and order and your taillights you got

damn right I do I know what I'm dealing

with out here not trying to be a fucking

statistic to prove a point fuck dad fuck

out of here so anyway yes the standard

operating procedure is to is to arrest

the man in any and all domestic

disturbance situations that's how that


and a ride

yeah I don't know me too Eric Bradley

says swift thinking ah dude I don't know

what it was man I have no idea what it

was it just it just came over me as we

say goodbye to our Instagram audience oh

she was a single mom oh my no she wasn't

she couldn't have been oh yeah yeah

Jesus Christ

dan effin Dylan says he could have been

leading them to an ambush that's how the

young man got popped up in Sacramento

wow I didn't know that

did not know that I'll have to do some

research on that

Eric Bradley says I was pulled over with

a blunt I didn't have to fool the cops

didn't even search me they let me go in

the morning so I got a do men don't do

don't get out here acting the fool man

yes listen there are racist cops out

here yes there are like this is the

reality right we as black men we are

more likely to be shot than any other

race or class of human in the United

States don't give him a fucking reason

to put you down man it's ridiculous

Reginald of says just do it they say

they only need a reason the goal is to

go home alive not to the damn morgue bed

or slab not fucking complicated couldn't

have said it better myself

so tricks a lot that's actually pretty

funny fucking name 'search excellences

I'm all about compliance but I realized

they could still gun me down dude that's

what I'm saying

they dude they could span you can do

everything to the letter they will still

put you down but guess what if you don't

they definitely will Mike dude don't

beat it don't be getting into arguments

with cops man sitting there with the

cops well y-you know uh no no that's a

lose-lose situation my friend dude what

the fuck you're told

give me or tell him what you're gonna do

before you do it I'm gonna reach I'm

gonna reach officers I'm gonna reach for

my phone

is that okay that's what I did

Grand Admiral game says juice isn't

worth the squeeze now I agree I agree

well that's gonna do it for this episode

of TSR live my thanks to rob Cruz with

the $5 super Chet max SUSE with the $5 I

got five British pounds from a couple I

can't read that name

Amos Elliot with the $10 donation Cory

Burke's with the $10 super Chet that a

Mattie ghost with the $20 super chat

Tracy Wells with the $5 super chat mask

you lion with a $2 super chat thank you

guys very very much for up for tuning in

and if my channel is here tomorrow I

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thanks for watching

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