Zach Smith says that he told Urban Meyer about the 2015 domestic violence incident which means that Urban Meyer will likely be fired at Ohio State University which is a travesty. Doctore joins me to discuss the latest developments in the Urban Meyer scandal that has rocked Columbus.



Urban Meyer says he failed on media day dealing with Zach Smith (ESPN)

Former Ohio State coach Zach Smith tells ESPN: Urban Meyer knew of domestic violence accusations in 2015 (ABC News)

Courtney Smith: People around Urban Meyer knew of domestic violence allegations (ESPN)



what's up guys it's ferment what's up

guys it's your man Donovan Sharpe and

welcome to a special Sunday edition of

TSR sports talk obviously what has

dominated the news here in the last in

the last few days or so is of course the

the situation with Urban Meyer up in

Columbus up at up at Ohio State

University did he know didn't he know

should he be fired so of course the the

world the world is abuzz with excitement

you know obviously the the 24-hour news

cycle certainly allows us to talk about

this ad nauseam

so listen joining me to talk about this

is a man ilysm certainly doesn't need an

introduction my good friend Doctore

we obviously we do our we do our Sports

Talk you know shots from the pillbox so

we've done that now for a couple of

years it's been a couple years since we

started that thing we've been sort of on

and off with it I've changed location

since then he's changed location since

then when we foot when we when we first

started this thing I was living in Reno

he was living down in Phoenix now I'm in

Philly and he's in Seattle

so hopefully here within the next few

months we get everything stabilized we

can start to do this we can actually

start to do this on a on a regular basis

and and and do this thing a little bit

more consistently

Doctore man how you doing brother a

quick point of order of my man Donovan I

was in Tucson Arizona

Oh Tucson my mom went with her don't let

all my University of Wildcats get me

lying out there because I'm a wildcat

for sure and I'm a Tucson in for the

past 26 years and now up and see how

trying to get my mind on it get it

settled but yeah so listen just uh just

for a quick if you want to know where to

docs him if you want a doc stock touring

he was in Tucson but go ahead in you

please well you know Facebook and Google

I saw are all working with the

government now and it would Stoughton


already already spilled it good so you

never know whereas in degree with

industrial complex is going to come to

come for both of us is the co for others

so what a lot of meat on the bone here

and you know I've been thinking about

how to approach this because this came

on my radar about a day after broke Bret

McMurphy broke the story on Facebook and

has been at nauseam post on social media

ESPN and the various mainstream

publications from alternative

publications like Deadspin to the New

York Times so the Columbus Dispatch Dan

Patrick all the folks have have taken up

the mantle Miss Rich Eisen and but I

want to do is go back to the source

materials and and and as I was thinking

this morning I wanted to approach a

couple of principles here okay the first

thing I want to think about is we can

separate two things and come to

different conclusions because two things

can be true but one thing and I think

the two questions are here is the

credibility of Courtney Smith is a

victim who and the Quran and whether or

not we should and then we go into what

urban knew what he didn't know and what

is responsibility is going on what he

should shouldn't know and that's a

gendered grievance industrial complex

boilerplate right there and I'll get

into that but I want to I want to be for

all the folks may not be who may be just

getting familiar with me I was red pill

before the term was around this was back

in the 2000 I go back to Warren Farrell

my my Maya her gender dynamics my my

Jedi Master was not a great guy like

Rollo or even Arusha but Ross Jeffries

back ah yes Roz one of the OJS Amanda

look yeah

so no linguistic programming all I'm not

good at that the general principle so

diplomate Pol Pot Warren Farrell writing

for the U of a wildcat

and writing for a boy Sherman and the

various areas of the manosphere when it

comes to the red pill block from right

to big town to to to things of the

approach these from the sports

perspective to inter-gender dynamics is

your name dynamics in general and so my

bonafide are as you know are above

approach on this so I have to look at

this from the first perspective is the

first question we have to answer is

Courtney Smith and I'm going to come out

and no answer in terms of say Courtney

Smith checks off all the boxes as a

credible victim okay alright so in other

words so I was going to say so just so

we're clear you believe what Courtney

Smith is saying I believe what what

she's saying and because it not just

because I believe what she's saying what

do we say in the manosphere what do we

say in the red coat community never

believe what his red community writing

that is that always be courting right is

he recording you have cooperating

evidence okay so as I see it this is not

elusive in us Elissa Innes his rubric

sponsors ex-girlfriend yes he's not

someone who got chucked by a by a high

sexual market value male witch witch

witch witch cure program is higher right

this is not Tiffany Thompson the the

stripper who's trying to get all her

friends to suborning perjury essentially

from all our friends and Thompson for

those of you who don't know are that

that's that's Ezekiel Elliott accuser

she accuses iki Oh Elliott Zeke was

never charged but yet he still served a

five she still served a six game

suspension right she's not Tiffany


she's not the young lady who dis accused

LeSean McCoy right now in those cases

the men had paper trails in many cases

or there was collaborating evidence to

prove that these were false accusations

okay so we have to apply the same

standards here Courtney Smith did not

try to sandbag this she's not using this

for any sort of personal gain although I

think she's trying to go after

wrong person that's urban - yes when

you're a victim sometimes you want to

lash out too much play let's just go

back and look at what the evidence says

what's the police early mm-hm

she kept going back to the Kalia

she got pressured by people who were

maybe friends of hers like like girl

Bruce yeah okay so who's a grandfather

but all the incentive structures were

there for her to remain silent right

today right in terms of there was no

incentive structure for her to do this

unless it was true I mean she was the

wife of a coach who was on an uptick on

a career track who comes from football

Royals right oh hi Ohio State man yeah

right so he was making 340 thousand

dollars last year I don't know how much

he's making in previous years but

coaches wives are de menthe they I know

I know a lot of coaches both high school

and college and pro level coaches wives

you've gone to that life you are

you've been screened for loyalty that's

right all right that's exactly ready for

being a quality human being a quality

person not just by the coats and cells

but all the people around them okay so

everything tell me - and and and they

just look to the evidence you have the

text messages yep you have the videos

you have the fact that Zack Smith's

attorney had their divorce documents

concealed or filled ex parte right

that's right um you have Zack Smith

saying and here's a text from mom right

the workers post and I'll include

everything to the post in terms of his

okay sure right like you could have left

that but he does have some good

reporting here so here's one of the

texts from Zach the Courtney just know

that now I will find you when you're out

I will come see producer with I will

fuck him up to the point that no one

will recognize him and other things

right him telling on himself when she

says you grabbed my neck and puta Konya

and he's like I know I'm sorry okay so

this guy I saw his video of what he said

because gotta hear both sides a story

sure I saw his video

of his of his his interview with ESPN

with right and he just like a crackhead

trying to trying to make a case people

looking down looking away yeah Zack

Smith came off as very non credible and

listened to be clear I am in the same

boat as you

I believe Courtney Smith I believe that

what she is saying is true did she

embellish a few parts of the story and

maybe but the fact of the matter is it

actually said this the first time I

talked about this listen even though

Zack Smith has never been charged with a

crime or arrested or anything let's not

sit here and pretend that we don't think

that he is a wife-beater he's of court

listen even if we had never seen the

bruises of course he's a wife-beater and

just like you said all of the incentive

structures were there by her to me there

you go right like we knew OJ was a wife

beater we're not gonna sit here and

pretend that that net that he was that

he was some angel so so um um in your

camp I believe Courtney Smith

i'ma and I don't believe Zack Smith I

believe that he abused her and I Mele

and I believe what she says yeah so the

next question comes up is what Urban

Meyer know when do you know it the

question that's been Manning about mom

but one question that people aren't

really going to ask and as you peel back

this onion and this thing's has so many

layers right now thing react to all of

it today but the general questions that

I want come from approach to a red pill

perspective and from a perspective of

someone who understands how the djinn

degree with industrial complex worked

and how they worked in the job material

case in Europe whereas oh very good good

parallel here here are the two questions

that you have to have what was Urban

Meyer supposed to do when you go men to

that's one and two will Shelley Meyer be

and leave and and what standard are we

holding the women to remember let's go

back what does the evidence tell us any

any responsibilities that were that were

that we're ascribing to Urban Meyer and

from the other male coaches

administrators we're ascribing these

responsibilities men in power based on a

leap of faith

because Courtney Smith says she's

assuming they knew right but why

evidence say the quadrille evidence says

I was talking with women with Y rain

okay yes exactly I was talking with G

Smith wife I was talking with this one

assistant coach his wife's name is

Lindsay I was talking with Shelly Meyer

right and I won't put this out here

right here because they will say well

Shelly Meyer she had to have spoken with

a liar about this and I think I

necessarily true I know where you're

going yet it might not necessarily be

true because Shelly Smith Shannon Julie

Mayer might be the epitome of a red pill

wife in that bingo trying to give her

husband plausible deniability listen man

there you go man and here's the thing

and I believe that Urban Meyer and

Shelley Smith probably had a


it probably had conversations long

before this even happened before he

probably back at Bowling Green then to

Utah they had they have a spoken /

unspoken agreement that if any shit goes

down that aligns with the social justice

narrative domestic violence rape sexual

assault do it and if any wives or

girlfriends or whatever reach out to you

and tell you about this do not tell me

and the reason why is the reason why is

so that Urban Meyer can say Shelley did

not tell me now now here's where I'm

gonna go at this Zack Smith told Urban

Meyer about that situation he told him

he told the interviewer from ESPN yes I

had it I had a talk with him he also

said something that was that that was

very pertinent he says I told him what

he needed it out zachsmith told her band

Meyer what he needed to go there's her

plausible deniability

okay so Urban Meyer knew about the

incident but Zack told urban that he

didn't hit her he told Durbin listen

I've been I might be charged with

domestic violence or I was charged with

domestic violence and but I didn't do it

urban so what's urban supposed to do now

he's got an assistant coach who has just

told him that you're charged with

domestic violence okay

and he's telling you that you're

innocent so what's he supposed to do run

to the cops

what's urban why are gonna do presumed

guilt so a coach is supposed to presume

guilt and run to the cops and

launch an investigation contacted by the

way and this is where an area else is

we're not to cut you off but there's no

good this is where this is where bourbon

is kind of inoculated back in 2009 one

incident was first reported look the

first thing you're supposed to you're

supposed to go to your superiors that's

exactly what he did he went to his

superiors there you go okay

disappears handle it he's like I'm gonna

look a right hand new is in comportment

with his principles right right okay and

what he's supposed to do in terms of

reporting as an administrator so we did

what he was supposed to do okay um the

police were contacted now is there any

evidence that he obstructed police no no

of course not there may be any evidence

that he was interviewed and obstructed

justice or told other people to not talk

to police or obstruct justice right oh

there is no there was not no I Papa

there but it comes out then we got some

serious serious pause well yeah the

proof is not the current bail situation

look Scott drew 20 15 years ago oh yes

with the Patrick Patrick Dennehy yes the

Carlton dance and yes I miss you yeah

okay now if we get some evidence on them

then we're going to have some serious

problems yes

nothing there to suggest that at this

point right so at this point what an

Urban Meyer do what's all the legitimate

authorities were contacted and a couple

wasn't counseling his role is in and a

friend there you go

him and Shelley were trying to help the

couple okay and is the subtext it's just

in here that he should fire Zach Swift

at that point well then who wins okay

right axe most is out of a job

now he's angry he's gonna blame Courtney

if that's right the abuse is going to

escalate the kids are not going to be

able to eat because they're had no food

of the table because she's not working

coaches wives do not work no they don't

they don't have to okay where they work

where their husbands are there you go

okay it is a it is a space you have to

sublimate your if you are a sports why

particularly in a in something as

itinerant as coaching or in a school

like say tennis or whatever like mirka

better or whatever you have to sublimate

your career right

and you have to follow where your

husband is okay so she wasn't working so

does anybody win these are the questions

that aren't being asked what was evan

supposed to do and I think what it goes

back to is this moving of the goalposts

that you see from the gender grievance

industrial complex right whenever it is

why I say is that is that their agenda

is always to is anything short of a

media firing or immediate suspension

that media termination is is you're

promoting sexual assault or you're

promoting domestic violence right and

listen to this how do we see with with

with the Joe Paterno situation well

unlike unlike Zack Smith Jerry Sandusky

was no longer lost already yeah mr.

Vaman historian okay Jerry Sandusky was

no longer on Joe Paterno squad when

these molestation occurred right okay

Joe Paterno had no power no but Jerry

Sandusky and what he did and his comings

and goings anymore all he had the power

to do is when he heard something in 2001

he went to his superiors as herb Meyer

there you go right and it's now again he

went they superiors the superiors did

not go to the police right Graham

Spanier tip yeah Graham Spanier Tim

Curley and I always forget the last

guy's name but yes you're exactly right

here's a here's another good yeah leap

the in it's interesting this this ties

right into the the the interview that

that Zack Smith did with ESPN the

interviewer asked him and it was so

funny the interviewer was trying to ask

him why urban did or didn't do these

things and it's clear listen it's

clearly inter the ESPN they have an

agenda to push they all men are bad but

what won't listen it listen that's fine

but listen you're asking you're asking

the interview subject you're asking the

interviewee why he thinks somebody else

didn't do something no man like that

that's what I'm saying that's not that

it's not gonna be admissible in the

court of law but you know what you know

where that is admissible

that's admissible in the court of public

opinion but but that's that's beside the

point Zach Smith didn't take the bait

here's the thing he asked him well why

didn't even investigate I'll tell you

why he didn't investigate and Zach told

him to because that's not Urban Meyer's

job okay the cops investigate the school


Urban Meyer coaches and wins national

championships not only that Urban

Meyer's not a judge a jury or an

executioner he is a coach right again


told herb and Meyer about the about the

alleged about the alleged incident he

told him coach I didn't do it know if he

had said listen Courtney called the cops

I did it i strangle their I choked her I

beat or whatever then Urban Meyer at

that point would say well listen dude

you're probably gonna be charged you're

out of here but zachsmith told him hey

look coach I didn't do it so again and

again these guys are these guys are not

mean he had him down at the University

of Florida right so you mean to tell me

that you wouldn't take you wouldn't take

a long time colleagues word for it now

listen maybe urban thought he was guilty

maybe he didn't but he but that but but

zachsmith told urban I'm not guilty

you can't go to the cops based on based

on an allegation that was denied by the

person being alleged of crimes you just

like you just can't do that and I'm

gonna answer your question I'm gonna

answer your question right now Doctore

because here's the crux of the situation

the reason why they're coming after herb

and Myers head here's the thing Zack

Smith it was already fired right Urban

Meyer found out some shit about Zack

Smith and fired him that's why they

asked him about it on Big Ten media day

right but here's the thing that's not

enough blood for the social justice

words that's not enough blood for the

for the industrial for the the grievance

industrial how you say it all the time

but gender yes the gendered grievance

industrial complex it's not enough blood

for them because who that dude who the

fuck knew who Zack Smith was before

before we found out that he got fired no

no no no no they want to go after the

big fish Urban Meyer did everything he

was supposed to do

but now that they figured out but now

that they have figured out that Urban

Meyer knew above allegations back

omitting still again Zack Smith hasn't

been charged but Zack Smith lost a judge

lost his job that's what's supposed to

happen right no they never want the

little guy to get fired they want

after the big guy and that's why this is

a hundred percent bullshit I was going

back and forth with someone on Twitter

or with someone on Facebook who said

will Urban Meyer knew about the

situation so he should be fired the

guy's a mmm I want to say something but

I'm also streaming this to you through

YouTube so I gotta be careful but again

that is the typical that is the typical

you know boilerplate social demand by

the way he's a black guy who's married

to a fat black woman so we already know

where his head is that as far as as far

as I'm concerned and listen if you if

he's out there watching this he's

welcome to call him like I invited him

but his response was ya know so it

almost makes me think that his wife had

ahold of his Twitter his bat life had

ahold of this Twitter account but this

is the way people are thinking if you

know what I'm saying like don't you yeah

right don't you don't you call but but

that's that's the problem

if urban and you said this I'll never

forget this a year ago you said it's a

part of the shared responsibility if one

man commits a crime against one woman

every man who knows this man by 30

degrees his aunts cousins granddaughter

sisters nephews neighbors husband if he

knows about it and and he is in a

position of power or notoriety then he's

got to go down even though he has no

idea what the situation is about Urban

Meyer was simply the head coach who was

informed he followed all the protocols

but because but because Zach Smith isn't

a big enough name that's why they're

going after Urban Meyer that's exactly

why they're doing this yeah it's it's

what I called it the goal is to bring

governance feminism's goal is to either

bring masculine institutions to heal and

to utterly destroy them yep okay yeah so

if you know they came that they had a

small spiders nickname and a couple

years ago yes but he cut somebody loose

very early player and it's ER and hold

on it turned out that that player was

venom one it turned out that that player

was a victim of a false domestic

violence accusation and guess what I

don't even know that he didn't get

drafted she didn't end up going to jail

so who ends up losing their right

exactly so it's one of those things what

we're doing is we're with the self thing

that's happening it's a subtle mission

creep okay yeah that it's one thing to

ask the war

if you have a CEO the boss and the

manager you're responsible for

responding to your employees behavior

right okay and you may be liable on a

company level after the fad financially

okay you are not morally responsible

after the fact

what we're doing is making coaches

morally responsible and responsible

after the fact for the behavior itself

and that's what we get into a dangerous

mind you spoke of wanting the big fish

right right

and how Urban Meyer had fired Zach Smith

and nobody knew who Zach Smith was until

every minor firing right right

so no good deed goes unpunished let's

take you back to our brows and something

that is always lost there you go all


in 2012 he found out in early March that

a rapist was on his team okay

it took him not six months not eight

months not forwarded not not a year not

two years it took him three weeks to

kick that rapist off the team Kevin

Elyot yes Wow before the good weeks or

four days before the guy was even

arrested okay right and he was arrested

and he doing 20 years right here he was

a rapist he was guilty of raping three

to four cuz the bail of a serial rapist

yeah eyebrows not color for this guy

nope he kicked him off the team okay so

what do you do you move the goalposts

right that's right and because

technically it was a nobody listen

here's the thing because Tevin Eliot was

a nobody he didn't lose enough right

never mind Matt listen he went to prison

he's serving 20 years in prison but

because he never achieved financial

notoriety because he wasn't like this is

what feminism likes to do they like to

take from people they like to go after

your livelihood 7 Elliot was never gonna

get chewed he got convicted of rape he's

gonna be in prison until he's you know

40-something years old but again that's

not enough blood they want to go after

someone who has a lot to lose well Art

Briles got he got the 42 million million

dollar buyout from Baylor and my guess

is that they were gonna do that anyway

but but again that wasn't enough blood

they don't want just the conviction they

want they

seven Elliott's uncle's his cousins his

brothers his football coaches football

dude they'll probably go after Josh

Gordon at some point at some point down

the line cuz John wait a minute didn't

Josh Gordon go to Baylor come to think

of it Mike Singletary went to Baylor

somebody I'm sure somebody probably told

him why didn't he go to the cops when he

was with the San Francisco 49ers they

want to go after all the big fish that's

all this is about just like you said to

bring masculine institutions down right

and it also the irony of governors and

codifies much the feminist imperative is

that you have a duty to it tries to

codify it speaks of women being

independent and being strong and being

equal but at the same time tries to

confer upon men a duty to protect that

goes back to the days of chivalry and

paving or anything yeah that's why I say

feminism loves patriarchy when it's

served their serves their purpose

okay and that's what they're saying here

with with with Urban Meyer with this

thing with our brows that is that he

didn't have a tea he didn't go on a

crusade cutting off head right exactly

so but the second question I think that

we need to also get into is speaking of

we we always like to ascribe ages

unlimited agency to man but not to women

so we know the fact that Shelley Meyer

do about this right have the text

messages right so John Mayer is also

part of the College of Nursing and so

we've been we had we've had me to think

of the continuing mission by the way

she's a medical professional okay this

is a medical and have a mental health

issue so if you're talking about salida

with a duty to report she would be it

who has a greater duty to report Shelley

Meyers right or Urban Meyer it would be

Shelley Meyer that's right right right

if they're any nurses and doctors or

social workers in their call in because

yeah by the way I was gonna say people

right yeah I was gonna say I've actually

been counting up all the totals we're

streaming this live to three YouTube

channels streaming this live to my

website on to Facebook channels we've

a total of a little over 170 people

watching so people are definitely

interested in interested in this but but

what Doctore was gonna say if you're a

medical professional first responder

haul in if you disagree haul in we want

to hear from you we wanted to be with

you listen man it listen it might be

better teachers I have friends that are

teachers I have instructors I have

friends that are instructors that have

wives of the teachers okay in that if

there's something happening at the high

school levels of schools the Scholastic

level particularly you have if you're a

teacher and you find out or you see some

indicator that there's some abuse going

on you have a mandatory duty to report

either to your superiors or to the

police or you will go to prison that's

right that's right that's almost like

being an accomplice and I've spoken with

a friend of mine I'm thinking it that

what we should do is start having that

standard apply to collegians or to

collegiate staff

okay take them out of that but the

feminists do not want that because they

don't want a paper trail they don't want

a real investigation they want these

nine yes they want the board of public

listen they want the court of public

opinion it's all you have a little bit

of a legal background am I mistaken or

or you know more about the legal field

than most people who are not lawyers the

the for those of you who aren't and I'll

give you I'll give you the perfect

parallel the court of the in the court

of law right in a court of law the

standard of proof as far as in the

criminal court is guilt beyond all

reasonable doubt in civil court the the

standard of proof is the preponderance

of the evidence and what that states the

preponderance of the evidence or clear

and convincing right which which are one

in the same so what that means is that

if the court finds that it is far more

likely than not that the plaintiff is

guilty then they find for the defendant

is guilty they find for the plaintiff

this is why Oh Jay was cleared in

criminal court but why he was found

liable for Nicole Brown and Ronald

Goldman death in civil court they said

okay well he was proven innocent with

beyond all reasonable doubt but we all

know that it's far more likely than not

that Oh Jay committed these murders and

that he's in him of course they held him

financially responsible to the tune 233

million dollars here's why feminists and

you nailed you hit this on the fuckin

head man feminists don't want

investigation they don't they want just

like you said they want title nine

investigations they want this tried in

the court of public opinion because the

standard of proof in the court of public

opinion is that it is it is more likely

than not that he is guilty and the

standard isn't even that high it's if we

think he's guilty he's guilty there you


or a lower my bed because just just for

a subtle point of water because I know

this and lawyers out there very

convincing and proponents and there's

two different things okay - of evidence

is fifty point forty nine is fifty point

one one forty nine point nine okay all

right just the smallest little clear and

convincing is about seventy to

seventy-five percent sure I'm sure

okay so that's in bit to pretty sure and

somewhat sure are two different things

obviously right and very sure almost to

medical physical servitude that's beyond

a reasonable doubt

like you said they don't want even the

standard of civil court because of the

civil court you have the right to

question your accuser that's right I

don't want that no they don't they don't

want they don't want it they don't want

you to face the accuser that's why

that's why there are rape shield laws so

you can file a false domestic violence

or false rape claim he gets his name

drawn out in the mud but you don't you

get you get protected by the rape shield

law is this this is bullshit yeah but we

haven't addressed a bit so I want to go

back to Shelley Meyer okay okay and by

the way I think she's a really she's a

rare appeal wife but oh yeah that said

when it comes to responsibility I want

to know if she's going to be put on

administrative leave they're gonna go

after urban but what if it wasn't if if

he goes down she's got to go down right

right well sure you gotta go down verses

for doodles right if you're going to

hold somebody responsible if you're

gonna hold somebody responsible and this

is where the specter of the mission

creep of title nine is coming back to

bite this could come back to buy a woman

in the behind okay because by the way

you know peddanna I'm in favor of what

your original intent was that you're not

supposed to be denied it

here's an opportunity but over the past

five or six years because of hospital

weaponised with the Dear Colleague

letter under President Obama the metal

Justice Department with Ross russlynn

ali they trend transmogrify title nine

into a rape law there you get a domestic

violence law and that is any woman on a

college campus that has been either

sexually assaulted or has been the

victim of domestic violence or assault

is by definition being denied an

educational opportunity okay now here's

the thing Courtney Smith is not a

student no she is it oh my god yes isn't

there use you see that in the held of

title nine come into finally the moment

the domestic she's not a student no

she's not for she was not he's not he's

knowledge he she was denied as a an

education opportunity she's denying that

he she's alleging that a member of a a

staff member on the athletic department

beat her within the context of their

marriage oh my god that is a police

matter there's a mayor of matter for

internal discipline in terms of whether

he's employed by the university anymore

it is not a timeline issue because it's

not involve a threat to students because

who has access to any way I mean it

could be one thing if he would be

women's gymnastics coach you don't want

you don't want a domestic abuser he

certainly was one of that nastic right

anyway know what he's dealing with man

who could all whoop his ass

right okay so where's the pattern on

implication I'm lost but this is what

happens we we see it in political

discourse yep with the mainstream media

MSNBC CNN even Fox News to extent and

also other folks the media is actually

parroting when it comes with Trump

Russia stuff and it's nonsense their

parity the military-industrial complex

and they're talking points and like

uncritically and the public is calling

them out on it and likewise

you've got the

you got the sports media parroting the

gin degree with industrial complex

because the path of least resistance

because if you know the other direction

you're not going to have a job right and

similar structures are built in to

parents so so you see Brett McMurphy for

all the good reporting he's done he's

calling Brenda Tracy and saying she was

gang-raped in 1998 okay with nobody's

ever asked the guys who were involved

course not because they were never

charged okay there you go you know I

don't you don't know sorry because if

they do that then now you have to listen

to the other side of the story that's

the problem

they only want one side of the story

nine one for 205 a lot three fight no no

are you there can you hear me yeah I

hear you okay there we are 911 for two

oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to get in on

a conversation over two hundred people

watching between Donovan sharp calm

twitter facebook instagram and of course

my three youtube channels we are

discussing we're discussing the Urban

Meyer situation up in Columbus Ohio

Urban Meyer has been placed on

administrative leave because he

allegedly knew about a domestic violence

situation that had happened involving

his assistant coach Zack Smith and his

wife Courtney Smith I'd actually like to

to shift gears here and and talk about

the Courtney Smith interview and and

here's the thing and this is why I

haven't seen it oh well it's it's

actually pretty good and listen I

watched the Courtney Smith interview and

this is actually why and listen you can

look at her and tell and tell that she's

telling the truth not to say that women

aren't good Liars but just like you said

she didn't have reason to keep here's

why here's why I here's why I feel she's

a credible witness because when she came

forward with these out or came forward

when when she talked about this stuff

back at 2009 when when he was down with

Urban Meyer at Florida she said that she

was pressured by his friend his family

she was pressured by Urban Meyer's

attorney I think she may have even said

that Shelley Smith or Shelley Smith

Shelley Meyer had maybe I don't agree

time to freeze it what there you go okay

her reminds nobody know you're probably

freeze was a fool that's your friend and

uh-uh ruler hehe the former attorney is

right okay God okay gotcha and so they

told her so they told her look if you go

to the media

he'll never coach again and you won't

you want to know something they're

absolutely right but here's the problem

you chose not to

you chose to drop the charges you had

every reason listen don't listen here's

the thing and this is wit listen this is

your choice you got a decision to make

at this point Miss Smith you can either

go to the if the truth means that much

to you if it really was that bad if you

really were afraid for your life then

you would not have dropped the charges

okay so the consequences are guess what

now you don't have that $300,000 a year

paycheck coming in now you have to fend

for yourself and people may think well

that's not fair well sweetheart listen

every for every sequence there is a

consequence so now you have a choice to

make you can either stay there and

continue to receive the alleged abuse or

you can keep your mouth shut and keep

the checks coming in I want to point to

a 30 for 30 then I just because of

depression which in 2009 2015 2009

that's exactly what happened right but

it was right seemed like it was a long

time and there was an argument or

somebody going to still she called the

cops though right she called the cops

she called the cops and she was gonna

press charges and then she hit her broom

or a remark did what he was supposed to

do there you know Mom you know he told

some theories and whatnot but that abuse

right there was more look more like a

scuffle Nash sir someone's being shoved

to the side

sir that's one level right over the next

few years probably an Escalade in 13

2014 it escalated and she filed for

divorce three whole years ago okay all

right he didn't go to the media until he

started goofing around and yes cheating

on her

yeah granted you know sir yeah in terms

of I'm going to fuck up the guy that

you're with right right and it's now see

here now see here at Nesi here's the

thing man

we all want to paint Courtney Smith as

some poor victim guess what man he

listened he said in those text messages

I'm gonna fuck up the guy you're with so

guess what sweetheart he wasn't the only

one get inside pussy you were getting

side big too you know what I'm saying

like again and she says well he cheated

on me and it's not any other okay all

right that's fine but you cheated on him

too well it was because he cheated first

well what's it gonna be sweetheart you

can't listen you can't you can't choose

when to hide behind your moral compass

you chose to drop those charges I don't

care what the reason was you felt you

felt that you were in danger enough to

call the cops

you called the cops people pressured you

and you succumb you sit came to that

pressure I don't know if that's a word

so let's I'm gonna point out a 34:30

that I listen to I don't know if you I

don't know if you've I don't know if

you've listened to this I listen to the

ESPN 30 for 30 podcasts and they're

actually quite good but they dedicated

the entire season 3 to this yoga guy by

the name of Bikram Chowdhury this was

literally a smear campaign against a guy

who had allegedly raped five or six

women these five or six women went to

the Los Angeles they went to the LA the

the Los Angeles District Attorney's

Office they they all told their stories

Vikram's bit Bikram Choudhury was never

charged with the crime of rape or sexual

assault and because of that he SPN has

decided to run the smear campaign let me

tell you a story

the main one who came forward was a girl

by the name of Jill Waller she went to

this teacher training you guys should

definitely check out this this podcast

so she went to this teacher training she

was 18 years old you know he got

permission $10,000 she's and I think

they're in Las Vegas

here's how this escalate this is the

first one to come forward this is

unbelievable so it had been it had been

talked about throughout the female

teacher trainees that Vikram had a

tendency to hit on the girls right like

yeah Bikram gets touchy and he gets

drunk blah blah blah blah blah okay fine

well Jill was a good-looking 18 year old

fresh-faced girl from Canada so Bikram

summons her to his room what does she do

she goes to his room she goes to his

room he's like oh you know I need a

massage so of course everything you know

things are escalating he's like yeah I

need a massage further and further up my

thighs pretty soon he's he's toner I

need you to stroke my dick right whether

she did or not doesn't matter he didn't

he did they didn't have sex that night

right apparently Bikram had fallen

asleep but she stayed there the entire


she didn't leave she stayed there the

entire night so finally she goes down to

the teacher training Vikram gets her

outside and says look listen what

happened last night wasn't my you know

it's something that'll never happen

again I was drunk I was horny bla bla

bla bla bla listen man like I'll give

you I'll give you the teacher training

I'll endorse your yoga studio and the

teacher training is done just please

don't tell anybody don't go to the cops

Jill Lawler had a choice she can either

accept Vikram's apology or she could go

to the cops guess what she chose to do

Doctore she decide to accept his apology

guess what happened Bikram now Bikram

summons her to the room again multiple

times it keeps escalating she keeps

going to his room finally the story she

told he kept pressuring her to have sex

pressuring her to have sex she didn't

leave because she was scared that she

would lose her ten thousand dollars in

her teacher training and never be able

to teach yoga

her exact were and I'm paraphrasing here

she says well I may as well I might as

well do it because if I don't write like

who would believe me

so she fucks Bikram and Sheik and she

characterizes that as rape I guess that

was the only time she fucked him so he

didn't he did not have sex with Jill

Lawler against her will she might have

been pressured to but guess what as a

woman you can say no that is your choice

years later Jill Jill Waller he liked to

do it what what they like to do is they

try to they try to contextually remove

women's ages boom right when it's agency

and culpability and their

decision-making years later Jill is all

hurt and she's all scandalized and all

these mental problems that come with

being raped but which is basically

regret sex listen Jill Waller cheated on

her boyfriend she fucked Bikram

Chowdhury and she felt she felt guilty

about it this is why when she went to

the DA's office in Los Angeles they

didn't charge him with it because he

didn't force her to have sex sweetheart

you sucked his dick of your own free

will and volition you fucked him of your

own free will and volition you could

have gone to the police and reported him

you didn't so you ended up fucking him

that's what happened he didn't rape you

years later Doctore she goes to India to

find Vikram's cousin right

Bikram finds out somehow the cheese in

India he summons her to his yoga studio

in India where she fucks him again and

the interviewer says oh my god so he

assaulted you in India and Jo Wohlers

like yeah dude

Doctore that's not rape man that's

regret sex that is that is a man who has

power over a woman

years later because you feel like a slut

because that's what you were a slut now

you want to come out with all these

other women who had regret sex with with

the Alpha Bikram challenging oh yeah now

all of a sudden he raped me nah he raped

you because now he's worth millions now

he's out of the country right now

because there's a warrant out for his

arrest because he evaded taxes but if he

pulls off this bankruptcy the arrest

warrant is probably going to be removed

which means he can come back to America

and that's the reason why yes being

dedicated an entire season of 34:30

podcasts on a smear campaign and you

want to know something dude people

aren't stupid man they don't understand

that these social justice wires are the

minority all they've done is make Bikram

Chowdhury millions more dollars all

because of regret rape get the fuck out

of here with that the point is as

Courtney Smith had a choice the very

first time zachsmith put his hands on

her she she went to the cops she did the

right thing but she withdrew those

charges she dropped those charges

because I was pressured whatever excuse

it was that was your choice you didn't

have to but you did I don't feel sorry

for you yeah you know I I would be a

little bit further at the court in Smith

on that I don't like her going after

Overmeyer like no that's a money grab

but you and I can agree to it yeah you

and I can tell you wouldn't come we can

have common ground on that we can agree

to disagree on on the form apart because

a lot of this has to be fleshed out a

lot of the onion has to be peeled right

okay but I'm not gonna fault her for

giving him a second chance because there

are people that do something once and

they don't do it again sorry um

despite what the domestic violence

industrial complex which says once the

better are always a bad friend sometimes

people get into a fight and it never

happens again

that's right sometimes somebody commits

a robbery and it never happens again

sometimes somebody commits a rape as a

youngster and it never happens again

sometimes somebody drives drunk and it

never happens again so for her giving

him a second chance the feeling she was

trapped all the circumstances felt like

she was trapped and trying to do the

best thing for a family when she was

pregnant so you know I would but the

bikram thing yeah we've seen that a

million times i wouldnt ously call this

woman Joyce well I was fishing was

sprung she was one guy and he had that

effect awful

and it was a super alpha man

yeah well what you cut you loose then

you want to yeah you want to go ahead

it's an active predation so but we see

these things playing out over and over

again from America's perspective our

eyes are wide open

yeah and once again man that's great

being being on with you yeah absolutely

942 oh five five three five six we'll

probably be on for another what 10 15

minutes before we wrap this thing up

something else that I wanted to get into

as far as Courtney Smith was concerned

and listen to listen now I will agree

with you she she actually talked and

this again is what made her very

credible but which makes her a very

credible victim she described she says

look she's like I didn't think it would

happen happen again if you're abused by

your husband or a partner for the first

time you honestly believe that they

won't do it again you think that you can

change them and it listen she's living

proof that he doesn't do it again then

she goes into the shaming tactics oh

well he was controlling and he isolated

me he controlled our finances sweetheart

he was the one making all the money

right like dude like like again Retin

Orban Meyers red pill Shelley Meyers red

pill Zach Smith has obviously read mine

yeah what's mine is mine yeah there you

go there you go and it wasn't and Zach

Smith wouldn't play in that right he's

like listen I'm gonna fuck bitches on

the side you're gonna stay home you're

gonna have my kids I'm making the money

if you don't like it you can leave like

it again Courtney wasn't stupid right

she knew that zette well I don't know

with all the domestic violence

allegations you would think that she

knows she's gonna get the kids right and

and and again she I guess listen

obviously Courtney Smith doesn't

understand that the court systems are

heavily skewed in favor of women you

could be a drug-addicted prostitute the

courts are still gonna give you the kids

and not the husband who has a solid

stable home and makes good money

apparently she didn't really because she

didn't really feel that way and here's

another thing if she leaves Zach Smith

will there go the paychecks too man so

MA I also have another question - in

let's do what happened with some of the

some of the wives some of the husbands

there you go of these other one that she


nothing because they're not urban on


coach there's a coach called Brian well

no no we seen coaches try to get hired

and have problems in higher for example

limbo click the vocally

is the wife of Brian Boling ok ok we

also see people who are part of who who

also part of the broader the Baylor

coaching staff and they're having

problems getting higher too unless they

fall on their sword right well and and

adopt the mantra on top Lamont Republic

I've seen a couple coaches go on public

key and listen I believe the Jews well

please let me have an approaching job

and I will say everything the gym degree

with industrial complex was a very good

address maybe multiple aiming is the

wife of Brian Baldwin consider one of

Meyers most loyal staff members and

here's what he got he goes back up

fifteen seasons Bowling Green Utah

Florida and Ohio State Wow

horny well Zach trying to max trying to

make me look crazy because that's what

Shelley is saying he that's what shall

he say he's doing

Lindsey her urban just said that denied


Courtney I hope over is long that

Lindsey key doesn't know how he doesn't

know what to think Courtney I don't

really I don't really care you know

that's what Courtney said he says yeah

don't worry don't worry about herb so

they were discussing this matter I was

what's going to happen with what is

Lizzie Bo Pelini do really is she

remember she worked for Ohio State right

you guys welcome in title nine yeah is

he a planner timeline is this quite a

guess they had but but we see with the

Genovese industrial complex that there

is a scorched-earth policy yes they want

yeah remember it's like it it's like

what was that uh what was what was it

from the untouchables I want him dead I

want his family yeah that's right was

kid dead right all of it man you know

what the people that's responsible you

want everybody around and as you say

it's right dad

terminate it and not able to pursue by

the way have you heard they get a

coaching job

no don't do don't say that too loud man

are you kidding I didn't hear about that

i I didn't I just heard about it

something that I saw in SN yes I

remember he I remember he got like a

coach I think it got like an offensive

coordinating job for a CFL team and then

12 hours later they fired him because

the Twitter the Twitter outrage happened

right exactly so let's see you know what

I'll actually look this up though

finally get a new job with the it's a

bit but guess where it is in Italy he's

coaching football in Italy yes wow man

oh my yep ex Baylor coach Jesus dude

this guy yeah machine 305 just pointing

it out dude this guy Hestia this guy is

so ostracized that he's got a coach in

do they even know what American football

is in Italy like I don't even know I've

never seen something 20 or 30 years ago

about them trying to grow a tomato it's

one of the few European countries where

it's sort of a minor foothold the

episodes being hired because it's

nowhere near stock since then but he

will coach the wealthy for in the

American football team an Italian team

located in Florence and all this has

some pretty good symbolism because

forest is where all the goggles are and

his career the 50 bends around so yeah

that's that that's that's that's it for

our brands we'll listen he's a

multi-millionaire like many many times

over so he's you know I mean he listened

he made he made big money we made as a

failure yeah he made him pay that and

here's the thing man like were a bailer

would have loved to have kept him but

they could they they just couldn't so

wrap this thing up man at the end of the

day this is this we are trying to fire

the the the medias tried to get Urban

Meyer fired based on something he may or

may not have known listen Urban Meyer

didn't put his hands on anybody Urban

Meyer didn't domestically abuse anybody

he didn't rape anybody an assistant

coach told him about a domestic violence

allegation that he denied right then and


Urban Meyer went right up the chain he

did exactly what he was supposed to do

here's the thing the reason they want

Urban Meyer fired is because they want

the blood they don't did they don't care

about the truth

Zack Smith losing his job that's not

enough blood they want to send a message

that it because you want to know what

kind of precedent this sets

Doctore because here's the thing a

players let's say an assistant trainer

let's say she just decides to end

somebody's career but let's say she's at

Florida State University let's say the

assistant the the the the the wife of an

assistant trainer text the wife of well

let's go Texas A&M; Jimbo Fisher let's

say Jimbo Fisher's wife gets a text from

the assistant graduate athletic trainers

wife that he that he put hands on her so

if now it's so now okay now she can go

to the media and say yo I think that

Jimbo Fisher knows about a domestic

violence accusation now they have to

fire him based on what somebody said and

again the title nine investment she

wouldn't even be title nine because

she's she's the wife title 9

investigation say that a person doesn't

even have to be arrested or convicted

which which and of course this is an

abuse of power man women are abusing

this power so basically any woman can

make up any kind of story and say that

she told a coach and say that she told

the coach his wife doctor a let's not

forget there is no there is no oh my god

how can we put this Urban Meyer did

exactly what he was supposed to do she

didn't tell herb in my early Urban Meyer

heard this to the great yes he adhered

to the protocol but because good here's

the thing informed before you wrap this

up I don't want it too far down the road

before you before you decide here but

what I forgot to say is that or I should

have said earlier is that what people

are me and this is how the gender group

industrial complex about any control

over there we cloud your mind okay

clouds people's mind is long ago

protocols were established for secrecy

of these type of allegations right so

not everybody gets to find out okay

names are redacted things are kept


from our wave shield laws so our Maya

can't just do a FOIA request right get

all this information right because the

police particularly when it comes to

matters of sexual violence domestic

violence whatever had varies depending

on the department a very strict protocol

as to what information they can release

and to whom Wow

yet we expect we expect a college coach

to have Stano like power and what goes

back to is what Rolo said is that the

ones who present themselves most in the

white night and that's what reminds

Christian himself has never hit a woman

blah blah blah

which for the most part agree with but

still he's put himself out there as that

guy they're the first one they come

coming but they come calling for every

single time by the way Hashim 305 says

Jimba I didn't even know about this

Jimbo Fisher is divorced his wife was

cheating on him with Taylor Jacobs what

I didn't know do you remember that you

meant listen remember the first trio of

receivers at the University of Florida

was Jacques green Ike Hilliard and

Reidel Anthony that was when Danny

Werfel the Steve Spurrier fun and gun

then years later it was Taylor Jacobs

rachet Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney right

yeah so apparently I guess Jimbo Fisher

was on that I guess

Taylor Jake I don't know how that would

I don't know how that would work because

I didn't know that that that he was

everyone yeah he was on Florida State

step but but listen I'm looking I listen

I said

Jimbo Fisher Jimbo Fisher's wife Taylor

Jacob so maybe she cheated on him with

Taylor Jacobs years after he went pro

second man named as yeah basically this

was goddamned I swear to god these wives

listen man I mean they're sluts

they are she's she's a god yeah yeah so

apparently apparently Jacob said there

you go alpha plus beta bucks man one did

that NFL did Jesus Christ man Doctore

thank you for making the time to to talk

to us today man your your your insight

and your expertise is always welcome and

this is a good definitely good show

topic when I lever back and forth

or doing more of the Dunivant we'll talk

to you soon my brother all right man

take care all right so Doctore dropping

the knowledge as usual yeah yeah at the

end of the day guys this this this comes

down to the social justice warriors just

not getting enough blood nobody knew who

the hell's Exmouth was until Urban Meyer

fired him and zachsmith losing his job

that doesn't really that doesn't move

the needle that doesn't that doesn't

that doesn't get put on the radar nobody

nobody cares about zachsmith they they

want the big guy to get fired they want

the big fish to get fired him because

Urban Meyer Urban Meyer knew of an

accusation that zachsmith denied who

again he still he still hasn't been

found guilty even assuming that he's

guilty that's not that's not Jimbo

Fisher's fault that or Jimbo Fisher

Jesus Christ that's not urban that's not

Urban Meyer's fault so so again this is

listen man the beat goes on the beat

goes on man this is this is how the

social justice where your machine works

and listen it's gonna get it's gonna get

worse before it gets better than this

this is probably never gonna change in

my lifetime thank you for watching this

edition of TS arts sports talk I'm

actually gonna be on the air here in an

another hour and a half I'm literally on

the air with Korey

Alexander Haywood yes that Korey

Alexander Haywood that I challenged to a

debate that he did not show up for but

it wasn't because he didn't want to show

up this is actually my fault I'm gonna

clear the air with him and we're gonna

talk about the Michael B Jordan

situation with black women and why

they're hating on him so again 3:30

Eastern Standard Time

same bat-time or different bat-time same

bat-channel I will see you guys in an

hour and a half thanks for watching

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